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  1. I think the Nigeria game plus last night’s debacle will see the VAR keeper-on-the-line enforcement quietly dropped.
  2. If it's clear and obvious then VAR should have 30 seconds to notify the referee who can then look and say yes or no in a maximum of three views. If that doesn't give a decision then it wasn't clear and obvious.
  3. Aye. They’ll be there all night. Best chance keepers have is to stand still and hope the kicker misses the goal.
  4. Nah, if the defending team commits an offence (encroachment, keeper off line) and the penalty is missed then it's retaken. If the attacking team commits an offence (encroachment probably) and the penalty is scored it's retaken. * I think if the taker stutters on his run-up then it's an indirect free kick to defending team. * unless it's France at home to Nigeria.
  5. Because if the first penalty goes in then the rules say it stands even if the keeper is off her line. Looked a bad decision to retake though, she was barely inches off the line. That's never going to be enforced consistently.
  6. Double the price of EURO 2016 quarter finals tickets I got. Quite a hike. Applied for the four Hampden games and one at Wembley just for the sake of it.
  7. He was English as well.
  8. I'm sure it says in the SFA constitution that nobody called "Harvey" can play for the national team. If it doesn't, it should. (Mind you, we've already had a Nigel, a Simon and an Olly so maybe I'm mistaken)
  9. Well, only two teams have won the league for the last 34 years so it would appear that the answer is never.
  10. It's been ratified by FIFA so they would have an issue with it. The Home Nations could agree to change it, but it would need to be ratified again.
  11. adamntg

    The Weemin

    Anybody see Kim Little's sweary interview after Emma Mitchell's goal? Lol.
  12. Levein and McInnes are both good club managers. But that's where they are able to build squads and develop players and have done well at middle sized clubs. I don't think either have shown themselves to be particularly tactical astute or supreme motivators and that's probably more important in an international manager. You can't underestimate what a shambles Dundee Utd were before Levein came in back in 2006. However, we all thought Scotland wasn't his type of job, and so it proved. I reckon McInnes is the same.
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