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  1. Is here any chance any of this could derail the EPL gravy train? I see in the news today that Bournemouth could play in an empty stadium and still make a massive profit.
  2. adamntg

    Nations League

    Each league has their own play-offs for a place, competed for by the best placed teams that haven't yet qualified.
  3. adamntg

    Nations League

    No, that's not right. Each league has their own play-offs for a place, competed for by the teams that haven't yet qualified.
  4. adamntg


    I know. As I was reading the email I thought the prices were fair for the Nations League - then I saw the friendly prices. Insane. I've not missed a home game in Glasgow since he friendly v Argentina, but I doubt I'll be paying those prices for the Belgium and Portugal games. When will they learn?
  5. adamntg

    Scottish player transfers

  6. adamntg

    Scottish player transfers

    I disagree that 6 out of 46 is 2.76%. It’s 13.04%.
  7. adamntg

    Russia 2018

    Aye, but unspeakably ugly.
  8. adamntg

    Russia 2018

    Cracking tennis on BBC2.
  9. adamntg

    Russia 2018

    This is giving me the boak
  10. adamntg

    SNP an embarrassment

    LIke the bucket
  11. adamntg

    Scottish player transfers

    Do Dundee Utd have a sell-on? Feckin' hope so - we need it.
  12. adamntg

    Toulon Tournament

    That's what I thought. I saw him interviewed elsewhere and there's nothing wrong with him.
  13. adamntg


  14. adamntg


    Haud on - did I hear McLeod say at the start that Mexico City’s altitude is only 1000 meters lower than Everest? I was just thinking about that there and that’s patent nonsense. Mexico City is at 2000m which is 7000ft. Everest is 8000m - it’s such obvious nonsense, you can’t breathe halfway up Everest without oxygen mask. As you were.