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  1. Yes. Training before and after school, normal classes in between.
  2. Looks like we can (almost) all agree that the clubs can’t be trusted with youth development and the SFA should continue with the Performance Schools as they start to bear fruit, especially given the trifling amount they cost.
  3. I cannae see the SFA having the gumption to see something like this thru. Maybe if we get independence and the Scottish government could fund it for them.
  4. Ye cannae change yer ram just cos they get relegated FFS man.
  5. Yeah, just noticed that.
  6. He’s 18, an under 21 regular and has broken into the Chelsea first team. Edit : you mean Morrison don’t you? In that case I agree.
  7. Get him and Mikey Johnston in the next squad.
  8. "Rangers fans are known as the greatest fans in the world".
  9. It seems that the SPFL have maybe infiltrated the SFA board and the clubs just want to do their own thing for youth development and the SFA shouldn’t have anything to do with it. That’s a horrible idea. Leaving it to the clubs and their narrow self interests will see half of them drop it altogether. Clubs are notoriously short-sighted and self-interested. I’d scrap pro-youth if anything.
  10. Hazlehead Academy – Aberdeen. St John's RC High School – Dundee. Broughton High School – Edinburgh. Graeme High School – Falkirk. Holyrood Secondary School – Glasgow. Grange Academy – Kilmarnock. Braidhurst High School – Motherwell.
  11. Wouldn't it be funny if they scrapped the schools and then it turns out in three years time that the boys who came through them we're starting to appear in the national team? Ooops! It also seems incredibly unfair to the children and parents who have invested in the system. What if you were a third year and suddenly told that the high school programme you'd committed your child's future to was being halted?
  12. Belgium have performance schools and half their team on Monday came through them. Can't believe that we're going to change horses midstream again. Surely not. And surely it's not money that is the motivating factor? They cost £700,000 a year apparently, less than the average Celtic first team players wages.
  13. Maybe he could try Andy Robertson at anchorman?
  14. They might not care but you'd hope there were enough other supporters to tell them to shut the fk up once it started costing them points. And the club would definitely care.
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