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  1. adamntg

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Nope, never. Next
  2. adamntg

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Absolutely. With American owners perhaps coming in I fear the future is groundshare, merger and good night Vienna, sadly.
  3. adamntg

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Don’t be silly. 1 No way are Ayr getting promoted 2 They’ll be very lucky to hold onto him past January let alone another season after this. His contract’s up in the summer, he’ll be gone like snaw aff a dyke I know one of the English papers had Swansea buying him and loaning him back but if somebody outbids Swansea then he’ll be gone. At least I hope so....
  4. adamntg

    2020 Draw Thread

    Now it’s almost a hat trick every game.
  5. adamntg

    2020 Draw Thread

    Pretty good fixtures. Russia games are early in the season, would’ve been bad away in June. Likewise, avoided the summer for San Marino and Cyprus away. Decent chance of starting with 9 points before the tough games get going. Only disappointed there’s not a reasonable trip I could take the kids on in October.
  6. adamntg

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    Anyone who watched the game could see that was nonsense. Albania barely touched the ball in the last 15 minutes.
  7. adamntg

    The Weemin

    Respect to the women last night, gave USA a great game. Wish that Erin Cuthbert was a bloke....
  8. I pay about £23 for BT Sport and they don't even give me it in HD, it's horrible. I'd rather all the Scottish fitba was in one place then I could get rid of the rest. Simply not interested in EPL, Champions League or any of that shite.
  9. adamntg

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    Just you.
  10. adamntg

    Jensen Weir

    What Nordics are particularly good? Iceland had a good couple of years but won't last. Norway are pish. Finland are pish. Sweden and Denmark are ok, but that's all. Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales are occasionally marginally better than us, but it's marginally. Wales are a one-man team. Northern Ireland will be back in Pot 4 soon. Ireland are as pish and unreliable as we are. Belgium are a small country doing well, but even then they have double our population, a large population of second and third generation immigrants (also the backbone of the England and France teams) and even a better climate for playing outside. Conclusion : should've stuck with Strachan.
  11. adamntg

    Time for Eck to go already!

    Said it then and saying it now, should've stuck with Strachan.
  12. adamntg


    Me too. Kevin Bridges on 5th October and it's £45 a head. Although I agree that the Belgium game was ridiculously overpriced. Albania was fair I thought. I took the wife and both kids and it was £70 for the four of us in the South Stand. Snuck into the comfy seats as well, was all very enjoyable.
  13. adamntg

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Scottish Rugby has made a profit for the last few years, with a rise in income of 63% over the last seven years. Debt is down to £2.4m, significant ongoing and increasing investment made into grassroots egg-chasing. They're doing ok.
  14. adamntg

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Haughey said on the radio yesterday that there were absolutely no strings.
  15. adamntg

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Redevelop the ends, partially paid for by opening new revenue streams such as hotels, offices and shops. Hampden has a massive footprint, plenty of space for developments. Do what the FA did and borrow against future revenues from such as concerts. How about getting American football in? Also - let's make the ends two tiered and safe standing. How about doing a switcheroo and getting Glasgow Rugby in for big matches, assuming they have any?