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  1. Ah well, I’ve a weekend in Budapest in November then. Mibbe
  2. Brazil were absolute hatchet men. What do you reckon five or six red cards these days? Plus Joe Jordan. And what about Billy Bremner? What a performance...
  3. adamntg

    Lyndon Dykes

    Tha thu ceart. Chan eil “j”, “k”, “q”, “v”, “w”, “x”, “y” no “z” anns a’ Ghàidhlig. 👍
  4. adamntg

    Lyndon Dykes

    Can't be, there is no letter "x" in the Gaelic.
  5. All football cancelled indefinitely. This is where I realise that I don't have many more hobbies to turn to.
  6. adamntg

    Lyndon Dykes

    You are based on the evidence we have in front of us.
  7. What are we paying these people for FFS?
  8. Where's this fucking vaccine? Put those doughnuts down and get on with it, lazy scientists....
  9. I didn’t actually mean “who said that?” Was a very poor attempt at humour.
  10. They could try and clean the windows in the food bit, thought you'd be able to see the game but the muck and grime was like something from Brockville. Other than that, and the fact they made us walk all the way round to get to our stairs because Milan fans were entering in the middle tier (even though half the people in our section were wearing Milan scarves) - oh, and the 45 minute queue to get in while two wee guys they checked ID for 5,000 people.... other than that, I won't hear a word against it.
  11. adamntg


    From a football point of view, behind closed doors would be a plus for Scotland.
  12. Hey, I just saw that Ryan gauld has scored eight goals in his last seven games for Farense. Maybe he's not a write-off yet?
  13. Exactly what I thought. Hopefully all talk of binning them is now itself in the bin.
  14. Was just a throwaway comment as Siriki’s Kevin-Gallacher-half-and-half accent. I’ve never seen him play.
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