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  1. adamntg

    The Weemin

    Virtually all narrow defeats to the top five teams in the world. 2-1, 1-0 to England, 1-0 to Canada, 1-0 to USA etc
  2. Never mind that, what's Keith Jackson saying about it?
  3. Not if the minimum seating is 40,000+ as suggested.
  4. What's Norn Iron's role in this? They making the teas?
  5. Wasn’t Sonny Blue one of the gangsters in Donnie Brasco?
  6. Fans are idiots though. They didn't like Darren Fletcher for years.
  7. Simon Donnelly wasn't even the new Eoin Jess.
  8. adamntg

    Tennis 2017

    Being best at cycling is like being World Lacrosse Player of the Year.
  9. Went to Hertha v Hannover a couple of years ago. As said above, just get your tickets online before you go. Missed one of the goals having to run to the toilet due to being able to bring beer to your seat. U-Bahn absolutely rammed afterwards, made getting on at Mount Florida seem easy. Actually, getting into the ground required a very long wait to get through inadequate number of turnstiles.
  10. Think that guy was called Steven Ferguson. Scored something like 10 goals in his first 8 games for East Fife aged 18, signed for Tottenham, never seen again. edit : actually, wiki says it's 6 goals in 11 games, he played for Woking for five years and had a spell on loan at Motherwell that I didn't know about. Then he was never seen again.
  11. Is it not the case that 350 of his 378 career goals have been against United?
  12. I was about to say that, and luckily scrolled to the bottom before repeating....
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