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  1. Thought he pretty good in Eastenders but didn't think much of his game show work.
  2. I'm right about the glandular fever though. And a broken leg as well. And they are both called Scott, as is Scott Banks.
  3. Shite - I'm getting Scott Fraser mixed up with Scott Allan. Sorry.
  4. I heard that about his wage demands but I'd take that with a pinch of salt to be honest. The source seems to be heresay on forums.
  5. Allan had a year on loan at Airdrie, played two or three games when he came back then decided he wouldn't sign a new contract. The timeline is identical. Allan was only older when he left cos he had glandular fever and missed a year of football. I also agree that Souttar may well make it and I don't know enough about Freeman. However, Souttar could've had 100 first team appearances by now if he'd stayed at United before making his move.
  6. I should add, I have seen Scott Banks. He looks good. Not as good as Chris Mochrie, and not as good as Scott Allan looked in those handful of games at Tannadice, but he definitely looks like he has a chance.
  7. He's only played three matches for United. Is it so unreasonable for the club to turn down £400k and hope they might get to use the player for a few seasons first, then maybe get real big bucks? He's decided to do a Scott Allan. Up to him, but maybe he should look at Kieran Freeman (in 2016), Ali Coote (2017), Harry Souttar (2016) as well as Allan who left United as teenagers and have yet to set foot on a pitch for their new club's first teams? See also Islam Feruz.
  8. Anyone ever tried buying a ticket online? I'm trying to get one for game v Gent in a couple of weeks, but their website crashes when you try to register. They don't seem to answer email etc. You reckon I could buy one outside the ground?
  9. A little harsh. English but eligible for Scotland. Don’t see how that makes him a “scab” or a “cunt”.
  10. Surely this must put to bed all this shite about closing them and leaving it to the clubs?
  11. adamntg

    The manager

    He didn't actually./ Not remember that 2-1 defeat to Wales at Hampden? Nothing I've seen before or since will ever be as abject as that game. And Strachan really got them going. Still raging he got the boot.
  12. All we need to do now is close the performance schools to make sure the next generation are no better than this lot. Seriously, we need continuity. Strachan was getting there; let’s give Clarke time.
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