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  1. This is completely untrue. He joined Utd on 20th March 2018 and was on loan to the 11th May. In those seven weeks he started 15 games, was never so much as substitute and put in some great performances. True, he wasn’t Andy Robertson or even Barry Douglas but he was a consistent performer and regular starter and most of us hoped we could find a way to keep.
  2. adamntg

    The Weemin

    Football shouldn't be in the Olympics, and Team GB definitely shouldn't be in the Olympics. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Team GB shouldn't be in the Olympics.
  3. adamntg

    The Weemin

    Oh, that's really sad. 😀 Shame it had to be a Jock that missed that penalty as well; she's probably lucky women's football isn't as popular or she could expect a Rashfording.
  4. Combination of these prices being great and the previous tickets being outrageous. My boy could see Scotland v Denmark 30 times for the price of that Czech ticket.
  5. One extra per member. I just bought 12 tickets across the three games and the total was less than I paid for one front row North Stand ticket for Czech game where the only thing I could see clearly was Schick lobbing the ball in from halfway. And even that was cheaper than my Croatia tickets...
  6. Dykes has scored twice for QPR v Man Utd. Maybe not strongest Man U right enough.
  7. Five from Sporting, four from Porto, one from Benfica and our guy who seems to be on his to play in Canada as he approaches his peak?
  8. Am I on the right forum here?
  9. Absolutely chucking it doon so it was.
  10. I had tickets for last 16 at Wembley but lost them in the ballot so there will be plenty of tickets sold. I’ll be trying to snaffle some from a scalper site if it’s at Hampden.
  11. Mine are in the Croatia end. Had a wee chat with the guy from Split who had them originally who says he’s gutted he can’t make it over. Yeah, he’s charging top whack for them but that’s the market rate I suppose.
  12. They’re for sale on I got three before the Czech game, then thought I should’ve waited and got them cheaper and now am pretty smug!
  13. Can we actually finish above the Czechs in any scenario now? Is it head to head first?
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