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  1. Not sure why this is being talked about so much. McLeish is not going anywhere, even though we (and the SFA) know there will be a terrible turnout for Cyprus game, followed by the inevitable battering by Belgium. The Nation's League really has bought him an extra few lives
  2. Shinnie has said in today's papers he doesn't expect to be called up for duty again after his performance
  3. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/sport/sport-headlines/scotland-now-in-danger-of-losing-to-fictional-countries-20190321183841
  4. According to DR, Strachan's odds of coming back have been slashed
  5. You don't seriously think he's going to get the bullet do you? We'll beat San Marino and everything will be fine again in SFA towers
  6. Plenty of more points to play for, players yet to come back, blah blah blah
  7. Yes I have 😉😄 As I say, just my opinion
  8. If course he's going to big up a call up to the journalist interviewing him, he knows it's going into the paper. Previously what I said was obviously just my opinion, but I still stand by it. As I said, he's active on Twitter and it is all Celtic an no Scotland, which I find strange for such an integral member of the squad
  9. Have a look at Tierney's Twitter account. Understand that the lad is a massive Celtic fan, but never a mention or retweet about the national team (and he quite active on there). Even when we won the nation's League, no mention of congratulations to the team, when though plenty of others were doing it. I just get the feeling playing for the national side isn't a big deal to him
  10. Some of the EPL is great, let's not get carried away. Watching a game involving Fulham/Cardiff/Huddersfield really doesn't stir my loins.
  11. Manchester evening news gave Matic 3/10 and are questioning why McTominay is being overlooked
  12. Are we now getting players crying off certain games, just incase they get injured? I might call in sick tomorrow just incase I have an accident.
  13. Hasn't Harper been dropped for the past few games too? Only played 10 mins the other day
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