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  1. Our u20's record is one wc appearance since 1989 (2007) and lost all three games
  2. No qualification since 1996, pathetic. Some will say that the younger teams have no bearing as most won't make it, but it's the same pattern as the full team
  3. Ukraine win the u20 world cup. We talk about promising youngsters coming through our ranks, yet we barely ever qualify for for these tournaments, let alone have the chance of winning one.
  4. Aren't we pretty much out now? Japan on 4 points and anything for England will be the nail on the coffin
  5. Oh look, uefa (possibly) moving the goalposts so Germany doesn't get related, what a surprise
  6. Worst commentator ever, seriously. Don't know any other that constantly repeats the same facts, every match, about four/five times during the match. He always sounds like he's willing teams to score against us, just before they do so he can get the 'it was all going so well for the tartan army' bullshit.
  7. See n Ireland won again tonight. Winning the games they should be winning to have a chance to qualify
  8. It's been mentioned through the years about what certain countries are doing to produce good players, but no one ever mentions Belgium. 11 million people, fairy average League, but constantly provide good players for the national side
  9. Taylor has looked comfortable for a young lad making his debut against this lot
  10. Most are no worse than the Welsh team that got to the semi finals in the Euro's
  11. Weird game tonight. No one played particularly bad, just a bit pedestrian. Robertson and Fraser are class, Forrest did well too.
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