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  1. Wasn't he back by the second game in the double header though?
  2. Man It's think McTominay might be missing for four weeks, don't think he'll be faking that
  3. I saw a stat the other day saying him and McGinn are in the top 5 for drawing most fouls
  4. I don't think it just because he's playing in the EPL. Look at his Twitter page. He's very active on it, shitload of Celtic talk (obviously) and now lots about Arsenal (he's been saying how great the fans are recently, to him). Now look for anything about him playing for Scotland, Scottish fans, etc. Nothing at all. Even when we played England a couple of years back, no tweet about playing for us, the atmosphere, anything. But a day or two either side of the game he's talking about Celtic, so he's was active. It just seems it is no honour whatsoever for him to play for us
  5. It seems, from a few media outlets on Twitter, that Tierney was Arsenal's only decent player today.
  6. I've believed for a while that Tierney would jack in international football before 30, I now believe he'll do it a lot sooner. How the fuck Arsenal can keep their faces straight by telling the SFA not to call him and then the very next day start him, I don't know
  7. Who's to say Tierney wanted arsenal to say that on his behalf
  8. Thought it was great when we first heard we were getting Adidas, most of their stuff, however, has been pretty underwhelming
  9. Maybe, but Adidas also have quite an interest in shifting many thousands of units of Scotland gear too
  10. Anyone see the difference in Tierney's Twitter bio over his previous one when he was at Celtic?
  11. His social media always seems to me a clue about his feelings playing for us. Wall-to-wall Celtic when he was there (can't blame him for that, massive fan) and now a lot of arsenal. Never any mention of Scotland ever though, even when we reached the play off, no well done to the lads or anything. I'm 99% certain he used to have 'footballer for Celtic & Scotland' on his Twitter bio, now just has 'Arsenal footballer'.
  12. I haven't been able to find the video, but when he pulled out of one of the squads last season (then made a recovery for Celtic's next game), he was asked in s Celtic press conference about his recovery after pulling out and he gave this wry smile, that the Celtic faithful lapped up on social media (and TBF, I don't blame them)
  13. Maybe he asked Arsenal to say they don't want him to be released. Could have been a good couple of games to get his fitness up. Said it before, I still think he'll retire from international duty quite early
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