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  1. But isn't the point of the performance schools is that they get more time to play at a younger age than they would if they just joined a club. (Do the clubs do schooling as well as training?)
  2. Australia must have a shite team of they have to pluck out our castoffs!
  3. On BBC gossip, Jason Cummings has thrown a hissy and is swapping to Australia. They'll have half a Scottish born squad soon!
  4. Weren't Glasgow council making noises about helping with redevelopment costs?
  5. As good as it sounds, remember Feruz was offered a new deal when we all thought his career was fucked. I'm not getting excited just yet, but good luck to the lad
  6. Everton have given the Belgian team the option to buy him, so obviously don't rate him
  7. And got to the semis in it (and knocked out a certain opposition quite comfortably, that trounced us the other night)
  8. Just read that Cooper has signed a five year deal today with Leeds. They obviously love him there!
  9. ? Just googled him, nothing untoward comes up
  10. I see that Kosovo are now looking like a half decent side ffs.
  11. How's Danny Wilson doing in the US?
  12. Exactly, even managers we've had that supporters aren't particularly find of, still had great results/performances at home, against great teams. Jeez, not only did Levein manage to get out a great performance at home to Spain, we even had a semi-respectable performance against Brazil at the Emirates
  13. I actually think we won't beat Cyprus
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