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  1. My thoughts too. He went with England for purely commercial reasons. No links to the country, apart from a few weeks he spent there from birth. Would of had more respect for him if he thought his future was with the Ivory Coast.
  2. I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now, that Dembele isn't going to be the talent that some would like to believe. If the DR is to be believe, there is murmurings that this could be true. There hasn't even been any talk if extending his contact, even though it runs out in the summer. My worry is that England lose interest in him and he, all of a sudden, feels Scottish again Daily Record: Karamoko Dembele leaves Celtic 'disappointed' as Borussia Dortmund keep tabs on wonderkid. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/karamoko-dembele-leaves-celtic-disappointed-2312
  3. Might be wrong, but I'm sure he's another who's turned us down before. They're all coming out the woodwork now. At least Caulker committed himself a while back
  4. I fully expect Angus Gunn's name mentioned again. He is a massive England fan, so playing against them, wonder how that would go.....
  5. I think at this point, we would have finished bottom of a league a group, so don't think a play off spot would be that guaranteed
  6. Won't we stay in the same group as them for next time round?
  7. Should we look on the bright side of not getting promoted? The WC playoff birth seems too much of a mathematical equations to get a place. Also staying in league b should mean it'll be slightly easier to get a Euro playoff place than getting one in league a
  8. Don't know why, but I see a bit more of a comprehensive victory. Formation is starting to bear fruit. I say 3-0
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