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  1. Fulham fans aren't happy. Doesn't help Millwall fans are commenting on how shit he is
  2. Like a shite Goldie lookin chain tribute act
  3. There is a queue on the SFA's website atm
  4. Just read on the BBC that the FAI could go into liquidation, which could mean selling their stake in the Aviva and Irish clubs not being allowed to compete in Europe! They've already had to ask for a large bailout
  5. He also said it in the herald; "People always ask me but I would love to play for Scotland. My boy was born in Scotland, my mum and dad are Scottish. "I've got Scottish blood in me so I don't think I would ever hesitate to play for them. "Hopefully the opportunity comes up, the next break is around March time and I'll be focused to try and get in on that. "Maybe I'll be able to put on that blue jersey."
  6. Supposedly, they're not now. He's said in his last interview, he has no family in Australia and parents are Scottish, so wants to play for us because his only Aussie ties is being born there
  7. Imagine constantly having to go halfway around the world to play international football!
  8. The likes of Poland and Austria will be drawn, to give England a nice bye, then we'll fail to qualify to compound it
  9. He was being slaughtered for his performance at the weekend too
  10. If I'm mistaken, he was back for the second game (which is the flight you saw him on), therefore he was fit to play when you saw him. If he couldn't be bothered, he could have easily sat or both games, but he didn't
  11. See Lyndon Dykes has committed to Scotland https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18057595.lyndon-dykes-says-ready-commit-scotland-tells-steve-clarke-come-get/
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