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  1. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Your line-up to play Albania and Israel

    Think it's happening now with a sizeable support. Even with a positive result on Saturday, don't think Tuesday's game will be anywhere near a sellout
  2. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Your line-up to play Albania and Israel

    A few years ago, even if I wasn't going to a game, I would be really up for it with a week to go. Would even watch the most shittiest friendlies. Gave up watching these a few months back and with a few days to go, really think I can't even be bothered to watch these two games either. Just feel after missing out on the last qualifiers, the excitement has pretty much been extinguished for me.
  3. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Scottish Football TV Deal

    Scottish cup has gone to premier sports for 6 years. Hopefully some games will be on Freesport. On another note, I see the Swedish league have agreed a deal worth £50million a season. Even the sky deal is £50million short of this!
  4. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    James Morrison

    Gordon Ramsey for me
  5. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    James Morrison

    After the Richie-type call offs, fair play to Morrison commenting on his commitment https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/james-morrison-backs-matt-phillips-13550505
  6. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    McLeish has admitted Matt Richie has asked to be left out. Fuck him
  7. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Benelux superleague

    A Celtic league would not push our game on one bit. The teams from the other nations are not good enough (even the Motherwell Colt team comfortably best Sligo rovers) and do not have the clout to make the league any more interesting than the SPL is now
  8. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Team/crowd for Albania and Isreal

    Lucky to get 25000, apathy has really hit with the national team and a positive result away to Albania isn't a given
  9. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Supposedly, villa are preparing an £8 million January bid for Bannan
  10. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    McArthur Retires

    Being a professional footballer obviously takes its toll on the body (think it was Gary Caldwell that had to have double hip surgery) and Palace is where he earns his money. No problems with this, shame though
  11. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Ian Crocker - why have sky not replaced this guy

    Just imagine if England games were constantly commentated by a Scotsman. It really cannot be hard to find a Scottish commentator
  12. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Two assists for Fraser today
  13. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    McGinn-Villa love in on Twitter tonight, fans very impressed
  14. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Karamako dembele

    See he's been called up by England again for a tournament in France.
  15. Bobby Russell's Lovechild

    Scottish player transfers

    Think he needs to stay and prove himself in the Bundesliga before moving. Impressive stats through, 5 clean sheets in 7 starts, then they concede 9 in 2 without him