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  1. Dykes comes on as soon for QPR, 10 mins later - Dykes goal
  2. Wouldn't mind Nike, doing some cracking kits for the Finn's ATM. Always good quality and decent fitting stuff too
  3. Same, think Provan's miserable analysis rubbed off on Crocker's commentary. He seems more upbeat with Ally
  4. Just seen the latest u17 squad and this young lad is in there. Seems he's a possible wonder kid, signed by Man Utd from Derby County
  5. Adams out, according to the record, so maybe Hanley back in, and McTominay and McGinn pushing further up the field?
  6. Maybe he might rest Adams after coming off
  7. On a side note, sky have played a blinder with McCoist on co-comms
  8. Gladly admit how wrong I was!!!🤣
  9. Think the lads who weren't great in the first half, really showed up in the second. Like a completely different team. Well done Steve Clarke👍
  10. Well I couldn't be more wrong🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. I fully expect Clarke to set us up exactly the same way after half time. No way we're getting two goals
  12. This is all a bit of a shambles, no cohesion, giving them far too much respect
  13. Looks like he's been called up by them
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