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  1. fringo

    European Games

    Silver for Eilish McColgan !
  2. fringo

    Dell gaming popup

    Same here. All sorts at the bottom of every page to add to all the ones at the top of each page and at the side with the screen resizing and moving for a few seconds each time. Driving me crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. fringo

    Dell gaming popup

    I'm getting all sorts of pop up ads at the bottom of my screen on my laptop for last few days. Advertising is just swamping the TAMB more and more and making it very hard to enjoy it after over 17 years on here. Almost unbearable now.
  4. I'd recommend you ditch the baggy shorts and instead wear plus fours with tight undies.
  5. fringo

    Le Tour 18

    Great last 2 days racing.
  6. fringo

    Golfers Forum.

  7. And Alecs has better taste in you in the winners. 😉 Great story and delighted for you both. Brilliant.
  8. fringo

    Golfers Forum.

    Anyone going to Carnoustie ? Just played Ashudie/Monfifieth again today which is just 2-3 courses back to back along the coast. Incredibly dry, fast running fairways. I think it could be a cracker here.
  9. I think it's an improvement letting you put it in the hold. Just put your insulin (and passport etc) in your wee handbag. 😉
  10. Scotland was one of the hottest places in Europe for a few weeks (May/June?). My parents had friends from the south of France over in Dundee and they couldn't believe it. They also toured the highlands and west coast were some tarmac was melting on roads. It maybe only lasted a few weeks though unlike this long spell of good/great weather.
  11. He's almost as big a twat a Lawro who thankfully isn't featured as much as Shearer.
  12. fringo

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Very true.