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  1. It's possibly a big part of the problem IMO. It drives people away and also devalues some of the "good" posters opinions or credibility. What's left is less posters in general and a higher amount/proportion of many good threads ruined by petty, childish squabbles and name calling. That in turn leads to less people reading the TAMB and even less commentating/posting. Hence my reference to "ever decreasing circles". I'm not aiming this at any particular individuals but just a general feeling I have from being less and less involved over the last 6-12 months. It's a shame.
  2. Anyway, that's another perfectly good football thread ruined. edit : ( I didn't mean you (above) Malcolm) - I hadn't seen your post.
  3. And that's in part caused by the vindictive and abusive posters. More abuse = less good posters. Even some of the good posters seem to get more involved in petty arguments more often (or so it seems - I could be wrong). Maybe some people need to count to 100, take a few deep breaths and and not get into childish arguments (it's not banter) ? Ever decreasing circles and less posters in general and that has now left a smaller group who account for maybe about half the regular posts daily. I used to check in here every day and read a lot of posts and reply to some. Now I may have a quick glance every few days and just skim a tiny amount of threads and rarely post.. I'm "turned off" by the unnecessary, picky abuse and playground name calling.
  4. Guys, can everyone not chill and not be abusive ? This is why I've not been on the TAMB much in the last few months.
  5. This may sound ludicrous, but I could actually see Barca and/or Real showing an interest in Robertson in the next couple of years if he continues this form. Both these clubs love attacking fullbacks and he is actually good enough already IMO.
  6. Lots of great places in Dundee these days. Thankfully, I'm not aware of any doing frogs legs (yet!).
  7. Some good suggestions from KftF but there are actually so many good restaurants in Dundee these days, So many that I've not tried many of them yet. I thought Cafe Montmartre has closed but apparently it was only briefly, which I'm delighted about as I didn't have a chance to try it and it has (or had anyway) rabbit on the menu (don't tell G-Man I said that). Mennie's (Speedwell Tavern) is one of the best pubs in Dundee. Nothing fancy just a good, old fashioned pub I've frequented since my early pub days. If you like Mexican there's a great, wee Mexican restaurant about 50 yards up from Mennie's called Mas. It's almost like Mexican tapas in that you can order lots of little dishes .Again nothing fancy but very tasty and one I've been too several times and always look forward to going back to. I'd highly recommend. Very laid back and good, friendly service. Let us know if you want more info.
  8. I thought that was excellent too. The Vietnam War one was also good but I didn't get the same sense of awe as I did from the one you mention and the WaW series.
  9. You probably have to watch it after drinking for 4-5 hrs.
  10. That sounds decent.
  11. I was pleasantly surprised. I watched it with a couple of friends and actually laughed a few times, Better than some recent years.
  12. Anyone got any decent flight info/tips/suggestions yet ?
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