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  1. And Alecs has better taste in you in the winners. 😉 Great story and delighted for you both. Brilliant.
  2. fringo

    Golfers Forum.

    Anyone going to Carnoustie ? Just played Ashudie/Monfifieth again today which is just 2-3 courses back to back along the coast. Incredibly dry, fast running fairways. I think it could be a cracker here.
  3. I think it's an improvement letting you put it in the hold. Just put your insulin (and passport etc) in your wee handbag. 😉
  4. Scotland was one of the hottest places in Europe for a few weeks (May/June?). My parents had friends from the south of France over in Dundee and they couldn't believe it. They also toured the highlands and west coast were some tarmac was melting on roads. It maybe only lasted a few weeks though unlike this long spell of good/great weather.
  5. He's almost as big a twat a Lawro who thankfully isn't featured as much as Shearer.
  6. fringo

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Very true.
  7. 1976 was the hottest period in my lifetime in the UK. Droughts across UK & Europe. 1995 (or was it 1996?) there was a heatwave around May/June but I don't recall if it lasted more than a few weeks. This has been the best and most sustained period of good weather I can remember since 1975. 9-10 weeks of good/great weather with only a handful of bad or indifferent days. Brilliant ! 🌞🌞🌞
  8. You can take normal size small suitcase/luggage bag with you (whatever their dimensions are these days) and that goes security with you like before. What's changed, as exile says, is whilst you are queuing at the boarding gate, they may then offer to stick in the hold (for free). Which is much better IMO and means the luggage holders on the plane are less crammed. If they don't offer to place it in the hold, you can just carry it on the plane as you did before. On top of that you can the the wee handbag sized bag onto the plan. I don't get why someone would want to pay priority these days apart from to save 10-15 on arrival waiting for you suitcase to emerge.
  9. It was the other way round. Cheating twat Bilic took a dive and got Blanc sent off which meant that Blanc (the captain) missed the final and lifting the WC in his homeland.
  10. Surreal moment. 2 England fans on a Scotland football forum arguing about England and supporting them. 😃 For the record, always great to see fans from other countries on the TAMB. Always welcome and improves the chat and variety of discussions.
  11. fringo

    Tennis 2017

    I agree. Makes me think of the early boxing matches in history that could last for 50-100 rounds (or more?).
  12. A friend of mine who lives in Glasgow mentioned the following were slogans/chants at the anti-Trump demo in Glasgow today "Some good slogans. "we shall over comb", "irn bru against iron cages" and "we have enough Orange bigots in Glasgow already"" 😂
  13. Brendan Rogers said something to that affect on Reporting Scotland tonight.