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  1. Alex Neill saying today early 2020's I will be disapointed if we dont have one before the next holyrude Election... Next october or march /April 2020, when the horrors of Brexit have been encountered by the masses. ie the passport queues, rising prices and the weaker pound. May will be gone not long after Brexit and some new Tory Boy will appear with the full Jingoistic media behind him and the Media will be in full anti Corbyn mood and rising in the polls. The Telegraph is at it already..... The Tories will walk the next UK election, it will be like Thatcher in '82 ( Brexit= Falklands, Corbyn=Foot) Scotland needs to decide once again... The only alternative to this is the new pro european party being rumoured to be getting started by Blair , it has a £50m fund with David Milliband in place to lead it along with Nick Clegg. This is also rumoured as to why Murphy/Harris etc are being very anti Corbyn. A new new Labour .........
  2. stocky

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Snodgrass played for West Ham at the weekend, came on as sub... everyone seems to have missed him If he is fully fit and on fire, surely a starter......... Also where is Darren Fletcher.?
  3. Just moving this to the top... Can we dispense with all the daft ' mighty ' stuff and discuss all matches played at the weekend without going into each thread . It is just Whatabootery....... I quite like a thread discussing everything with ALL teams/games played at the weekend., mighty or other wise.. I was at the Killie /Livingston Game yesterday,. what a load o rubbish....... Kenny Miller got a wee bit of abuse.... very unfair IMHO, he has never done Killie any harm and was a very loyal servant to Scotland....
  4. So less than half want an Indy Vote and Indy Support rises... Good news surely..
  5. So if Celtic get thru this round they meet AEK Athens, if they win that Tie are they in the Champs League Groups or is there another round.....
  6. Brilliant more to wind up the yoons, cannae wait till Outlander comes on Cooncil telly.... some facts. All royal families spoke French, it was the language of the upper classes, Elizabeth 1st was first queen to speak English... she didnt flee, she was 5 years old FFS,she was advised to go for Political reasons... Mary was in England most of her life not France. her youth was 5 years in Scotland ( French mother) from 5 - 18 in France 18 - 25 back to Scotland 25 -45 England as a prisoner so France for 13 years or 12.5 ish Scotland for 12 years or 12.5ish ..if we get exact dates England for 20 years.
  7. stocky

    league cup

    Odds on him being Scotland's top scorer again this year. ?...
  8. They walked passed my window at 830 this morning , the gene pool is awfy low amongst them....
  9. Sitting up in bed this morning , no looking to great tho.....
  10. Peru's win tonight was their first world cup win since 78.....
  11. this might be similar but not exactly what im looking for but i have found this from Commonweal... Key points in ‘The Demographics of Independence’ include: Age remains a very strong correlator of voting intention. Voters aged 16-41 are more likely than not to vote Yes whereas voters above 41 are more likely to vote No. A significant rural/urban split has been identified. Council areas with a higher population density were significantly more likely to vote Yes than council areas with lower population density. Since 2014 there has been a steady decline in support for independence amongst SNP voters, particularly since “Brexit”. This decline has been largely counterbalanced by an increase in support amongst Labour, Liberal Democrat and (marginally) Conservative voters. Since 2014 there has been a steady decline in support for independence among voters within the C2DE social grades. The ABC1 social bracket has been largely static. Gender and age will prove important. Voters of both genders who are aged 16 to 25 years old display a consistent increasingly pro-independence trend. Males aged 25-55 are trending slightly downwards whereas the trend in males aged 55+ is static. Since the Brexit vote, support for independence amongst females aged 55+ has fallen precipitously from 37% to 22%. All other female age groups show a rising trend in support for independence. The biggest increases in support for independence are likely to be found in lower income groups. If independence support from those earning £45k+ was raised from the 2014 result of 34% to the average of 45%, the vote gap would reduce by less than 120,000. For the £25-45k income group, raising support from 36% to 45% would reduce the vote gap by over 180,000. For those from £0-25k, an increase of support for independence by 5% would close the vote gap by 400,000, more than the 380,000 vote gap in the 2014 referendum. Given the disparate nature of the various segments of the Scottish voting population an independence campaign based on targeting any one group or based on the political ideology of any one party would be highly unlikely to succeed. Conversely, housing for the elderly, well-located within communities, and occupancies and second homes, would help.
  12. a quarter of the electorate @1m people, to change the minds of 10 % of them is 100,000. a lot of work on a hard no demographic, not enough/major change to yes/no The turnout in Glasgow ( lanarkshire) and Dundee was around 70%? population combined @1.5 million, so @500000 non voters...and to engage 30% of them would bring in something like 150000 - 200000 voters, Yes only needed 192000 no-yes last time. The easiest way is to educate and engage the no voter. And we know if you are educated Politically, you are a YES voter. Dont quote me on any of these figures . its what i remember from that poll... i will look and see what i can find...
  13. There was a poll done about this, and you are correct, even if yes changed the minds of 10% , of the over 65's its really a very small number of voters, and a lot of work the easiest way , the poll said was to engage the non engaged and the could nae be bothered. I cant remember what poll or where i read it, but it was very interesting where should we concentrate our efforts sort of thing...
  14. i dont necessarily think so , most older folk have an affection for the War, Beatles, Swinging 60's etc, a sense of Britishness. Even folk in their 50's just now dont really have this... they arent suddenly going to become more British just cos they have more cash.. they might become More conservative, mibee, but not anti YES... see post above
  15. Im not so sure about that... Once you have gone to yes, you realise that all the Lies the British State have told, you realise how corrupt the whole thing is, how its all geared for the rich and privileged,i think it would be impossible to go back. It would be like an Atheist suddenly discovering that God etc is all true... Or an ex smoker going back to 60 a day... There are always exceptions, however they are few, once a YES always a YES I think...