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  1. Clark is in a no lose situation here. Currently stock riding high - ( what else can he do at Killie_ ( ill await flak from messers Humper and Poke for that) 55 years old- Take SCOTLAND To Euro 2020 and W/C 2022 ( very probable with current squad with decent coach/manager.and leave Scotland at 60 years old and walk into a top job down south.. In five years time he would be a Scotland and Killie Legend. He could have a Scottish based Assistant, Gary Caldwell?/ Kenny Miller? John Kennedy? Austin Guy at Hearts, etc
  2. Thats brilliant...... i thot it was a spooff but reading thru it really is a great picture.
  3. Hopefully bot.... Killie and Scotland mibee..... ( clutching at straws emoji)
  4. 62% in your country and mine, does not make a minority.... 😉 lets leave it there as this is not the thread....
  5. So you will be voting remain next time then .. 😉
  6. I think it was similar to the North East. Lefty wing Labour , antoi blairites voted yes and came over to SNP, they were enticed by Corbyn and went back to Labour and a lot of rump labour( those who were left after 2015) voted Tory for the Union. Combined with an underwhelming SNP campaign as well all us activists, who were knakkered after 6 elections in 6 years, which caused SNP voters to stay home. Just my Opinion
  7. Seeing as we are just throwing in any one now what about Shaun Maloney. Coached at Celtic and Aberdeen, he is assistant/coach at Belgium national team just now Another one Gary Macalister?
  8. Last time the 6th seat was between SNP and UKIP..... i heard of a few Labour and tories voting UKIP so as SNP wouldnt get the third.... and we ended up with that Phukkwitt David Coburn.......He made the Labour voting fodder MP's of the 80's and 90's seem intelligent... I was nt award of Catherine Stiller leaving, whats the story there? And i now think we only get 5 representatives in Scotland.now........... ( however when we are independent we should get 8. )
  9. or mibee last time at the council election, there was no UKIPPER standing..... 3-5% is there normal base....
  10. I would like to Thank @Broon2 , Jim and the WESTA boys for the excellent management and organisation of the buses from Bologna.... Top job and the 4 hours in San Marino Toon was brilliant.... We were on Bus five with Jackie Stewarts long lost son driving the bus....... Thanks Boys Great Job👍👍
  11. I thought it was good, and innovative, well done to those who made it up/sang it. New player , new song I couldnt get all the words ( Feel free to post them) its the theme to Bonnie Tylers Its a Heartache, i think.......
  12. u getting first part right at the moment, hopefully your second prediction is wrong......
  13. 49 dead now + 20 seriously ill in hospital... Appalling , unbelievable.
  14. that was good , interesting, Ronaldo was a slow started it seems.... however , both him and messi are not out and out strikers...so makes them better .... will be interesting to see this same graph in 5 years....
  15. why dont we get everyone who has a car to pay an annual fee to pay for this....... 👍 we could call it road tax.
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