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  1. True, but to do that the BBC would have to accept Scotland is different. Cannae see them doing that...... we dont even get our own News or even our own WC foottball programme.... The British is in the BBC for a reason....
  2. stocky

    SFA cut yer losses

    23.500 sold so far i heard on Sportscene today..
  3. Well i didnt know , untill it was pointed out to me as we walked past... How can i display on here? forefinger on thumb to make an 0 , and the 3 other fingers up to show a W for White, the O becomes the P for power. u need tae google it
  4. Well did anyone watch it? I havent watched in years, is it worth switching it on for last nights episode...?
  5. Alan as usual you have everything back to front, Alan you are like the Ross Thompson of this board.... The NO campaign was the forerunner of Brexit and Trump, all based on Fear, Scare and Lies, and fake news ( Aliens will Invade Scotland etc, ) The Scots were the first to vote for it, the majority believed the lies and the scares and the right wing version of the future. . Better Together/Trump/Brexit all the same side ... The YES campaign is the complete oposite of all the Populism that is around....
  6. Nope, cannae see it. The SNP wont win an overall majority.. the 2011 was a fluke. it is not designed for that to happen...
  7. were 17-18 Yo and EU citz included here. they are not usually in a London based commisioned poll
  8. The 2 women behind him with their T shirts on making the White Supremimist Signal as we walked passed.
  9. Police saying 100,000 anyone seen an authouritive source/ back up for this...
  10. stocky

    league cup

    I wonder why the times changed, well not the times exactly, but the order the Aberdeen game was first now its the Hearts game.. If No extra time the Celtic fans will be heading homw along the M8 at same time as Dons fans driving tae Glasgow and Rangers fans coming from Central belt.. Anyhoo, Whay did they not just draw Cetic and Rangers together... the balls would have beed heated anyhoo..... 😉 Hopefully a Hearts /Dons final...
  11. stocky

    league cup

    I just presumed it was actually Mr Humper himself..... with some extra lipstick on @squirellhumper
  12. This is true and also why Indy 2 has not been announced, Nicola will wait till after Brexit and it will be a shorter campaign. A few of them are happy to force a General Election as they realise Brexit will be a maess, They are happy to let Corbyn in for a couple of years and blame him, the Tories then run back in and save the day...... they are willing to let Corbyn in for a wee while... However Corbyn sstill languishes behind in the polls My feeling is there will be no G.E.
  13. stocky

    league cup

    another idea? Play both on the Sunday either the Rangers game at Parkhead and the Celtic wan at Hampden or the Celtic game at Ibrox and the Rangers one at Hampden. Or leave Hampden out and Glasgow teams play in the other ones stadium? Going to Murrayfield would lose revenue from Football to Rugby ... Glasgow has 3 great stadiums, we could use two of them... or is that just daft?
  14. stocky

    league cup

    Have a re draw have Celtic/Rangers on the Sunday at Hampden and Dons Hearts on the Saturday... Sorted
  15. stocky

    league cup

    Naw, Fraser from his and my Clan.....