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  1. Aye, and what happened afer that ... we got a Referendum, so 72+ could be a 'game changer'( from the current game) as there is precident . 65 really wont be enough, as we can get that on a -50% vote.. nothing will change with that. Aye Solidarity etc can get tae.. they are a wasted vote.... Aye and ill give you unintended consequenses, but last time, 2016 , 20,000 list votes going the other way would gave brought @75-80 Indy MSPs. Im not saying we follow what is on offer at the moment, but we need to be smarter. Maybe a second party called SIP , Scottish Indy Party will hoover up the second votes . But I dont know enough about it. All im saying is lets look at it.
  2. I think the analysis that Stu did around this was very interesting, in fact eye opening and potentially game changing. Its not so much that the Green vote will be squeezed, it will, its the fact that so many list votes for the SNP are wasted, literary 100.000's of them, due to the sucess of the non list MSP's. The snp lose out big time If the SNP voters in the areas targetted give the second vote to Stu/Wings or whoever, it could increase pro indy seats by around 15-20 , pretty significant. Game changing i would say 70-75 seats out of 129!!!! When i have time i will post the link. Now Stu has a lot of issues with many things and a lot of people dont like him, however his analysis involving numbers cant really be dismissed, he is usually pretty thourough and accurate here. and we should give this very careful consideration Next year is all about the Numbers , Nothing else really, you see how the rules have changed in DEC, we got less than 50%, etc etc , The SNP got 5 times more MP's than the oposition and still they dont recognoise that as a victory the yoons know they are losing, they are changing the rules, So we must play a different game. We must maximise our number of seats. Dont let the fact that it is Stu's Idea put you off...
  3. cannae see him going to Celtic 😉
  4. stocky


    If it wasnt fpr his (5 ? ) Goals we wouldnt be having a play off semi final game next month...
  5. is he eligible to play for Scotland....
  6. 15% of 2 million votes is enough to turn it to a win for the guid guys... 300000 votes.
  7. however the snp need more than 50% to win the referendum..more than 50% will be won to win Independence.. so... why not in election 2021 and then in ref 2021/22
  8. cant be compared no 16+17 year olds voted last week no EU citixens voted last week they combine to around 400000 people, @10% of the voting population. last poll had this combined group around 70% yes. ie 7% of total population. add that on and the game is won already. Thats why they dont want an indy ref.... YES have already got over the line. I want to wait a few years to get it up to 60% to ensure there is no doubt.
  9. He Needed Nicola then, he doesnt now.... we will be ignored , we will hear 2021 ad nauseum win that and game is on Indy ref 2 spring 2022 IMO. better chance of winning then than next year, The next year or two will be Thatcher after the Falklands with bells on.......
  10. stocky

    Play off tickets

    The E mail has Landed, £40 to renew membership before 31st Jan sale opens at 12 on Friday £15 for Israel home game (excellent i think) Sale opens at 12 on Friday However it doesnt say whether you have to buy next years membership first to get Israel Ticket
  11. Well me and the wee fella went last weekend, Plane to Milan ,Train to Turin and return that was around 120 quid all in Accom about 25 a night so all booked up and waited for ticket sale... WTF they were 89 Euros for him and 119 Euros for me, howeve I had booked everything else and I bit the bullet and bought them The stadium is pretty impressive, alothough smallish fro a club that size Aprox 40.000 -45000 Anyhoo after Ronaldo not playingthe previous game and having been substituted in the previous 2 he had started we were delighted he started played whole gamer and he Scored ( also had a belter ruled off for offside) .... a Pen in a 2-2 draw. Cue one very happy wee 8 year old.
  12. thats encouraging, your predictions on the pdst have been quite accurate , i will follow your predictions closely this time, surely tae phukk, the Tories wont win all those seats in theNorth East again
  13. IMO at the moment anything over 40 seats for SNP will be a good night. SNP should win 5 Labour and 2 Tory seats will lose NE Fife I think and also lose the Hamilton one to the Tories. Hamilton is a 3 way marginal and i think the Labour Yoon Vote will go Tory and kick out SNP. The south of Scotland and Border seats will all stay Tory, look at he majorities there...so will AYR North East will stay Blue, SNP to maybe win one. Stirling to go to SNP so imo a decent night for Scotland would be Lib 5 Lab 2 SNP 41 TORY 11 A great night would be Lib 4 Lab 1 SNP 45 Tory 9 This might change as we get nearer the day....
  14. dont want to get into your argument, but thats no right....... McBurnie, £20m, Burke £13m, McGinn£5M.......and aw the rest...,.,.,,.
  15. so did we Show will be a Belter....
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