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  1. so much for my prediction Livvy 2 -1 up...... 33 mins played..........
  2. stocky

    Andew Robertson

    Good Point he would however play against better players on a weekly basis. He could go to A mid/lower team for a year of two and do a Van Dyke Do you think the same about Armstrong? is he just chasing cash? I do like your Paterson point, made me chuckle....
  3. Well who knows Mr Craig, who has a phukkin clue whats goin on.... 😉 Today I think a Hard Brexot is gonna happen, but that is just todays thoughts.. A hard Brexit will bring about an Irish unification vote IMO..... The Brits( (English ones)( the scots dont matter.), will sell out Ireland to get a Brexit A border down the Irish Sea makes sense.... ( not for me or remain Scots but as things stand, if Arleen Foster and her gang werent propping up May, they would be ignored) A deal , any dfealwill put Indy Ref back i believe, a hard Brexir makes indy more likely IMO but things could change by tomorrow .. naebidy knows... 😉
  4. Yes, but i think this is the bigger picture of the Court Case.,... ie Westminster wants to take complete control., they will remove the EU Legal condition if they win. they will remove the right for the Scottish Parliament to comply with EU law in all cases.. and i think eu citz voting are part of this..
  5. Lets get this back to the top and away from all 'The Might 'Pish thats top at the mo....... Aberdeen to win Tonight? or will Livvy spoil their day as they have done to many other teams this year... I think the Dons will do it as they will be smarting after losing to ST Jay at the weekend.....
  6. Mr Craig i am using figures of EU citz alone here.... not the wider population... ie 70% of EU citz voted NO last time..... I around 200.000 votes. I believe this hasd reversed now with 70% of EU cits wanting to vote YES. I have met two examples in a professional way that have stated this to me, they and their Families are now all YES voters, even if only teh Hisband or Wife is a EU citz. 1 guy in particular is enraged that his eu citz can be taken away from him after he voted no to ensure this did not a happen. He was Promised this remember,, he and his family are now SNP members and very active in their area....
  7. Totally Agree on both points..... however if Scotland had taken the same rules as Brexit, we would be independent in 2014 Conversely, if Westminster had done the right thing and followed the Holyrude example, we would not be going thru Brexit just now....
  8. I am not 100% sure of the second part... I thought Westminster controlled who voted, as EU citz are not allowed to vote in Westminster, even Scottish ones, this might just be because its a Westminster controlled election... EU citz can vote in Local and Holyrude and EU elections , but not Westminster. Commonwealth citz can vote in Westminster ( because by Westminster Law, commonwealth citz are not 'Foreign strangely Neither are Irish Citz) I hope i am wrong, re the removal of EU rights to vote, but i have not heard otherwise. Ie i am under the impression that the EU citz will lose their right to vote after Brexit. Holyrude was set up with European Law as a basic foundation included in its establishment, ie everything had to comply with EU Law before it could be implemented. This was done because they ( Westminster) didnt believe Scotland would be good enough to pass laws that were not EU legal. I believe this is part of the court case between Scot Parliament and the Westminster One, ie Holyrude HAS to use EU law in all Legislation. its in the founding documents. Of course Westminster doesnt want this(Now) and if it wins the court case then Westminster Law will overide EU law, Legally all Scotlands Laws have to be EU complaint, this of course is upsetting Westminster...Hence the court case I could however have all this wrong... but this is my understanding of it...
  9. 300.000 European citz living in Scotland voted in Indy ref 70%+ Voted NO as they were assured to remain EU Citz.....(200.000 Approx) That would have been enough for YES to win if they had voted the other way. However after Brexit ( n 2020 when we finally leave ) they wont be allowed to Vote, ( they are not allowed to vote in Westminster Elections at the mo) So Indy ref 2 needs to happen before March 2020 so we can get these Citizens to vote,. Current Polling is 70%+ YES a big swing from 2014. They also were not allowed to vote in the Brexit vote ,Although Commonwealth citizens were. Nearly 4 Million EU Citz in UK as a whole denied a vote on their future in the UK. Imagine we did the same as Westminster and iwe hadnt let Welsh/English /N Irish vote in our Ref...... ie citizens from our political union.
  10. 😀 nae idea Although Gerry Cinnamon might come close....
  11. stocky

    2019 Women's World Cup Draw

    On Sportscene Just before the draw they asked a player what the hardest draw and the easiest would be.. The Lassie hoped they would avoid England/Japan and Argentina..... as that would be extremely difficult...... ooops.... nae luck. Easiest had Canada Cameroon and Portugal I think.......
  12. Why would Clark go to a weeer team? 😁 Cannae see it.
  13. Killie have the best away record in the league ....... Home form not as good Rogers yet to beat Clark..... T.O.T.L. Prob a 3-0 home defeat then...😏
  14. stocky

    2020 Draw Thread

    If we win our first three (deffinately do able i believe) it will help our co efficient a lot... However some super tamber will be along shortly to give us more detail i hope...
  15. Hopefully the one that smacked the dons a few weeks ago....