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  1. I like Patrick Harvey and the Greens, the New Lass, Lorna Slater comes across well Ill probably go full green after Indy . Well SNP first election then green afterwards, if im still alive that is 😉 I really hope the turn out is over 50%, as that would be a big stick for teh Yoons to beat us over teh head with. The young vote is engaged this time like never before, so hopefully.
  2. The Twat in the Hats party for 1. 😉 Dross has said many times 'vote for the party which can beat snp.
  3. This is a SFA decision not a Scot Govt Decision. I bet if there were other teams there their mindset might be different
  4. The SFA said it was nt financial viable to get a small ammount of fans in.
  5. I put it down to the Toxicity of ALBA scaring away the soft yes and mibee naws. The Yoons are doing nothing Its all coming from our own side.
  6. Polls now have NO at 52 and YES at 48 , The Alba effect is turning people off Independence. herald today .
  7. As far as i knew this was a done deal, happening next season or year after. read about it a few weeks ago now. But i could be wrong, i often am...
  8. This year has proved that they dont need fans.. look at all the games played in neutral countries and grounds this year in empty stadiums. The businesses have seen this and realise 'home based' fans are not needed in a pure business sense. This is what they see. A Product . Chelsea v Man City or Barca v Real playing in LA/Toyko/Bangkoketc will sell out as they will market/price it such - TV will pay - viewers will watch - advertisers will pay - money will be made Fans from the home city are not needed, i am unsure what a boycott could achieve, although i am all fo
  9. Glad to see that. Unfortunate for Kamara, however assault is assault whatever causes it. 10 matches is the start, misses eurous as well. Hope Arsenal stuff them as well. imo Rangers should accept it and appeal Roofe. However i forsee both sides appealing
  10. I think last night was the first time in about ten years? that i saw Scottish Labour attack the Tories with vigour. Thet attacked the Tories more than the SNP Are they finally seeing who the real enemy is and always has been. Anas will do well after Indy .
  11. i dont think the personal abuse is necessary Thplinth It looks like you are the one showing his true colours, One who cant debate without resulting in insult. Lets keep the abuse to the Yoons. 😉
  12. As far as I know , Nicola is given a choice from 5 people to choose from for this post, they are all picked and recommended from London. So it can be said she picked Lesley Evans, she was 1 of the 5 She is paid for and employed by London, although as a Civil Servant, neutrel. ( Aye Right) Nicola has no power to sack or dicipline
  13. What is a Sture Gon Is this for real... FFS they cannae even spell
  14. Probably play him v Faroes to try and get him to score a few... Build up Confidence.....
  15. Well thats quite pleasing news, Imagine we could not pick any English Based players.... Their main striker is also based in China and he cannae travel either,...... TBH I would rather be at a full Hampden with a full strength Austrian Team... However this news will ease the pain.
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