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  1. Gary o Connors one is quite good as well as is Kenny Millars
  2. The Libs will soon have more Tory MP's in their party than Libs....
  3. Surely Squirrelhumpers........
  4. Hey guys , I am thinking of taking the wee fella to see Juventus in December, Flights seem reasonable however i would like to know how easy it is to get tix over there, Anyone got any ideas? Any help will be appreciated...... @McTeeko can you help?
  5. Ive got tix to this for the first time, taking the wee man, anyone any idea what to expect. can u get a pint? food? is it any good?
  6. without going back through the thread where does that leave us then, if this is your worst case. were we 18 at start of this year? what are we aiming for .? cheers
  7. I had to google where that was. Its Belgium for those who are as daft as me..
  8. Good work, interesting stuff Keep it up . I enjoy these.. 👍
  9. Now our most expensive player EVER CrAZY RIGHT ENOUGH.....
  10. Im presuming you mean the Rules are nonsense and not my post... 😉
  11. Commonwealth Citizens get to vote.. so guys from N.Z. Australia , Canada etc got to vote in EU ref, but French, German and Italians didnt. Irish Citizens did as well because Legally they are not Foreign....
  12. No Joe Jordan penalty v Wales therefore perhaps no Argentina, therefore no Archie Gemmells goal,therefore my son ( Archie) would be called something else... No Argentina therefore probably no national embarrassment and humiliation and self loathing and therefore leading to a (proper) YES vote in the 79 Referendum, leading us to no Thatcher and Independence late in the 1990's, No Blair, No Iraq War, No Cameron, No May and no Jonhson.. so in my alternative universe VAR in 77 would have , in the long term been a better thing..... But would I swap all that for Archie's Goal.............
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