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  1. Lennon thought that as well.... A good draw, but not a great one, could have been worse
  2. maybe they will need to bring the England Games to Scotland as our Covid record and recovery is so much better.
  3. There was chat that he is all lined up to take over at Celtic. After the Euros But i dont see it, but then what do i know I hope not..
  4. IMO. I think a lot of YES/Leave voters wont vote against INDY when asked. Most of the NO./Remain voters wont go back to voting NO.. Yes has gone from 45% to @55% taking Yes to around 2 million No is around 1.6 million. However as i have said i dont think ALL these previous YES voters who voted Leave will now vote NO. How can anyone who knows the story suddenly vote the other way. Plus the demographics, with the majority in every age group under 50 (or is it 55) now on the YES side. @HampdenLoon You know many Leave voters and many anti Sturge
  5. Thats why it more important than ever to get a majority so we can campaign for Indy. this will sort out the men from the boys , so to speak. Some people are putting their own interests and agendas before Indy. The aulder members( me included) always had the mindset that differences and agendas are put aside till after indy , then we go our way If we dont get the mandate , then i fear a complete Blairite meltdown and continuing infighting of the SNP, in the next few years, meaning loss of govt in 2026, and 1 or 2 attempts to get back to a majority before next referendum @2040'
  6. Mr Loon , Indy is more than the SNP, you know this. Get out and campaign for it. Go on I know you want too. 👍 Mind how shite you felt in 2017...... How you felt in 2014........ Put the small stuff and in fighting to one side.. Lets get an Indy Majority in May, Referendum over and done with in September 21/March 22 Indy March '24 New Govt, Proper Govt in May '24. Lets get it done. PS. I voted for my list candidates yesterday, all went through easy and with no hassle.
  7. 2011 Both votes SNP - people mainly did this = Majority 2015 Both Votes SNP - people mainly did NOT do this = No Majority 2021 Both votes SNP- What u gonna do ? = Majority or no Majority? One voting choice has proven to work, one voting choice has proved not to work This time BOTH VOTES SNP. Dont wake up on May 6th and realise the SNP have fallen short by 1 or 2 seats. This is the last chance, for a while, a long while, Brexit has given us another bite at this. Dont blow it. 2040/45 for next opportunity.
  8. This election will be so different. Usually the SNP have lots of people - who deliver leaflets, canvass. get the vote out on day Target letters etcetc This year we wont be able to do this, ALL election material will be delivered by the Royal Mail, There will be no canvassing or voter identification,. This will benefit the Tories, as they have laodsa money and naebidy on the Ground. the SNP have loadsa membership funds but will lose out on local targetteed deliveries The wee parties will struggle here. So it sorta equals the Tory and SNP out
  9. Back on Topic here, This election is going to be massive for Postal Votes. Election Officials are preparing for this. They also expect the count to be done the day after/days after. Polling stations/Voting booths could be open all weekend. However the expectation is there will/could still be restrictions in place. Election is 12 weeks away. Can you please register for a postal vote and get as many people you know to register as well. (Yoons excluded 😉) No conspiracy theories here please. Gonna just register and vote , gonna Please.. 👍
  10. Only 44 to get 😉 How do you get the SSC ones? Also i read the Daily Record giving away a free book this Saturday £2.99 normally
  11. Well because ,as we all know how much Megritt Curran loves Salmond and the SNP. It might not be relevent to the actual texts discussed above, (im getting confised about the whole affair TBH) but she is in there stirring the shit ,of that i have no doubt.
  12. IIRC Margaret Curran is heavily involvewd in Rape Crisis Scotland . This could be the reason for some of the prevarication and obviscation But i might just be a bit Cynical
  13. Will they ... Dont believe the hype Feb 1st Scotland vacinated 34,881 people = 6.388 per million England Vacinated 280,513 people = 4.983 per million this is a marathion not a sprint. Scotland could be doing better , however lets wait and see where we are at end of March I hate the way its been made political and into a numbers game
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