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  1. stocky

    Karamoko Dembele

    What annoys me a wee bit about this, is he plays for Celtic which is full of Scottish Players, why are they not bending his ear every day Cristie, ,Broon, MacGregor, Gordon, Forrest, Griffiths, Teirney etc They should be getting him tellt......and getting him tellt every single day ...... I still think McLeish should call him up for San Marino tho......
  2. Well no really, he was in charge of a Commonwealth of the 3 kingdoms.. I know its not quite as simple as that, however One leader 3 countries under his control. England /Ireland and Scotland... and all Protestant it was only for a decade or so but it was a forerunner for the UK in 1707. But i get your point.... and to be honest, his point is actually made as well PS..Britain is an Island, i presume you meant the UK, Britain is not a country its a landmass it was formed 1000's of years ago,.... 😉
  3. Never as good as The Girvan Lighthouse... 😉 but no doubt we will be seeing a lot of '66 etc on telly today
  4. u might have tellt me that last week........ u would have made ma wee fella awfy happy..... although in Hindsight a nil nil draw didnae sound too exciting
  5. stocky

    World Cup 2030: British and Irish

    And the UK two...... Heres Hoping..... 👍
  6. if @Alan is a real person then this is him I have doubts that Alan is real tho......
  7. stocky

    An offended Scotland fan

    Im not offended but its right the picture was removed. The woman's shirt should be advertised the same as the guys and bairns is.. As a sports shirt. Right decision to remove.
  8. stocky


    Totternish peninsula. Day 1 Old man of Storr, Staffin beach for Dinosaur footprints, Kilt Rock, Duntulm Castle, FGlora Macdonalds grave ( other interesting things here as well) Uig and the Faerie Glen back to Portree, Day 2 Faerie pools near Talisker, the Dunbeg broch at Struan try get to Neist Point... amazing , further north west you can go , get to Dunvegan and turn left, keep going....... Where ya staying? I used to be a Tour Guide on Skye and i still work there occasionally with current Visitscotland job. Ask away, i will get it sorted..... I love Skye its amazing....
  9. stocky

    Where are you going to stay?

    Cool, can you maybe send me train details please... might have tae join ya on the journey..... 😉
  10. stocky

    Where are you going to stay?

    im thinking of Friday in Venice as well, go to Bologna on Sat. Not looked into Accom yet if too expensive might just get train to Bologna on fri nite... we arrive around 5pm....
  11. stocky

    WESTA 5th bus from Bologna

    can i book two return seats for this please. i have e mailed ya G
  12. The match will be remembered in our House as the First time my wee Fella has ever seen Killie lose, been following them for a year and a half. Home and Away since he turned 7.(not been to every game tho) He also has never seen Scotland win, so hopefully that duck will be broken this year.. Hearts were Brutal too watch,,,,, are they like that every week..?
  13. Aye they looked for wee affluent places that voted Tory to make wee Tory coontrolled areas. 1992 i think. To try and get a Tory or two elected. They should be in Glasgow , they get the benefits of Glasgow but dont pay......
  14. Scottish football will be worse off without him IMO.
  15. Ive noticed that as well............. do they not like being behind us/them?