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  1. i have been to postal counts as a political representative in the past They empty the boxes and tidy the ballots under the eye of observers, it is easy to see the vote tallies especially if its only a binary vote... I dont believe there was jiggery pockery Scotland/YES lost because not enough people voted for it. Scotland wasnt ready ... I believe she is now....
  2. Just been on cheapest 50 euros a ticket. . no child discount as far as i can see., 4 games scheduled at Hampden. anyone got any idea who might be playing? best guess....
  3. it used to be Kilmarnock that got the guys who were no longer any use for Rangers (McCoist,Durrant etc) Now it seems the other way around... 😉
  4. i thought the final it was at Hampden as we were the higher ranked team , however i was told at the weekend that it is decided by a toss of a coin.... Now i am unsure
  5. Alan proving his football opinions are about as accurate as his political ones.........
  6. While I agree those in public office should be held to higher account, she was not elected at the time of the offences as far as i am aware,
  7. Anyone know what this is about? 28th July Seems a strange Venue for this
  8. 18 MONTHS IN THE CLINK For embezzling £25.000 https://www.thenational.scot/news/17688709.ex-snp-mp-natalie-mcgarry-jailed-for-embezzling-25k-from-yes-groups/?fbclid=IwAR3CtWSu2T10T Although she has a young child.... didnt know that is this an example made or a just sentence ?
  9. Hastie must be pretty shite then..... ive never seen him play......
  10. Thats why my visit everyday so far to Mar Hall in Bishopton has been un successful... 😏
  11. I dint know that , where was he born?
  12. Dont know if he would be able to retain the world cup in 2026, but we could give him a try,......
  13. I was sure Australia did as well, so i checked and they were. along with Denmark??WTF and Poland ... that was it....
  14. seriously... he was our top scorer a few years back....IIRC
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