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  1. Turn your back for a minute and first I see is Rupert the Bear and whatever Champion the Wonder Horse is... Fine job you're doing Grim Jim. Meanwhile here's a few tunes I've been lost in.
  2. Oh he does. It was more my ignorance believing the video montage was all Girl on a Motorcycle.
  3. Halleluja is the very one I'm not fond of. It's been covered so much even Leonard began to detest it. Did you mean to say GrimJim
  4. If we do close down, remember this, nobody will outlive the Stones. Well, at least Keef.
  5. This was probably one of my better-received offerings although I remember being put straight by silverbear it was definitely not Marianne Faithful in the video from Girl On a Motorcycle. I was younger then...
  6. What's happening, is the fat lady about to sing us out. Never seen this place so busy Surely not the time for L. Cohen with one of his last songs...He was really a happy fella.
  7. Marc ? Not long sent friends home. Told them to come back Thursday and clean up only to start all over again.
  8. Heuch Moray

    The Famous Sunshine Appeal Predictor

    Only two weeks to go. Any news if there will be a predictor this season?
  9. Heuch Moray


    Exactly. Each time I've attempted to book a flight to Montenegro connections either don't figure or the other option flying from Edinburgh results in 2 stopovers. I'm all for long journeys but taking up to 17hrs to arrive has prevented me going. Taking my second trip to Croatia, this time staying south of Dubrovnik to have easier access to visit Montenegro. Considering car hire for two days to see Mostar, Tivat and this impressive fortress: Sokol Kula. Still to look into car hire/cross border charges in comparison to going by bus. My preference is to be free to wander in my own time and not be restricted with a tour. Has anyone been to Sokal Grad above the Dunave in the Konavle region?
  10. Going out now with some free-spirited Texas twang.