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  1. Keep listening, I'm not back without reason.
  2. One of those moments something just comes around ... Skeletal Blues with songs of murder. Just turn it up to ELEVEN!
  3. All's well, thanks Jim and everyone else who's kept TBNT alive. Still happy in music but you were almost spot on. Somewhere in July I looked in but never did like gospel or it's music, salvation, sandwich board preachers or syrupy Julie Andrews so left abruptly when the thread was hijacked. Music sill excites and if you know where to source, it's out there waiting for you.👍 You might not like my following offerings but hey that's what this thread is all about. After all who the hell posted Girls Aloud and do tell me Lulu wasn't in there. @exile Can I make a humble suggestion, that we keep this much nurtured thread for music? It's a refuge from argument, politics, current affairs, religion, even football!) Exactly! Thank you Exile.
  4. Turn your back for a minute and first I see is Rupert the Bear and whatever Champion the Wonder Horse is... Fine job you're doing Grim Jim. Meanwhile here's a few tunes I've been lost in.
  5. Oh he does. It was more my ignorance believing the video montage was all Girl on a Motorcycle.
  6. Halleluja is the very one I'm not fond of. It's been covered so much even Leonard began to detest it. Did you mean to say GrimJim
  7. If we do close down, remember this, nobody will outlive the Stones. Well, at least Keef.
  8. This was probably one of my better-received offerings although I remember being put straight by silverbear it was definitely not Marianne Faithful in the video from Girl On a Motorcycle. I was younger then...