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  1. Partly agree but if James Milner can play for Liverpool so can Mcginn
  2. It's silly that trains are dependant on people doing overtime though. They should be staffed for people on rotas over 7 days. So employ more drivers and work out their weekly rotas with a 5 days working week.
  3. Sorry if it's already been discussed but I've not caught up with this thread. Chat that the young ,talented Aberdeen right back (who's name I've forgotten) has been linked with Liverpool and other clubs in England ?
  4. It's pathetic isn't it ? High courts getting tied up for maybe 2 weeks over two by privileged people with a falling out and trivial situation. Also makes headline news while so much bigger stuff is happening in the world. Sad. First world problems.
  5. You could probably argue either way in terms of qualification difficulty i.e. less countries but there were less qualifying places in the past. Today more countries but many more qualifying places for Euros/WC etc. However, there's no doubt in my mind that Scotland have fallen behind in terms of skill and talent and the rest of the world has caught up or passed us. We've shown some gradual improvement in last 3-4 years though.
  6. You must be in a drunken coma by now. Well done to you boys.
  7. Was flicking channels and watching really good music on Jules Holland. Chalk and cheese.
  8. And Australia are in Eurovision? I need to check my globe again.
  9. I've pretty much not watched it for 20 years. I've reminded myself why tonight .😁
  10. That was a unique achievement. Nowadays you can be 4th in your league and qualify to become a possible European champion. Or get knocked out and drop into lower euro competition. Total joke.
  11. Surely the simple fix is remove the basket option until the second/minute the sales go live?
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