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  1. Was gonna post Sister Sledge, but found this instead. Soulful?
  2. I'm going for 'frontman' & drummer x 2. Scenery at ~43seconds.
  3. A pure accident, honest, linking to my last post. A Thin Lizzy song in a covid collaboration...
  4. Dunno if I can think of any metal that is enhanced by a duet or collaboration, so meanwhile...
  5. Probably the OP, so I'd better post one of hers to chill everyone out...
  6. I tried, for a couple of minutes, but Cobain was doin' my head in. I have just found out where Steely Dan got their name from though... a dildo in Naked Lunch.
  7. Jeez, that "at" thing (I can't type it without awakening another Jinn). I was busy ironing my hareem pants and got summoned here from my lamp. I had too look back and see what I missed today. Sandy Shaw and Lulu? I remember I got panned on here for posting videos of them in their prime 😆
  8. Put your nose lower down in the picture. Wait a minute... Just shutting my blinds.
  9. Thank feck for that. I was under the impression she was a Scot. Whew, I can put my embarrassment away. I must have some reverse cringe or something 🤔
  10. Oh aye, sorry 😄 . Thought I was missing something. I was off to bed soon after that!
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