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  1. Grim Jim

    Portugal match thread

    I was cheered last night by a 10x better and more organised performance. Failed experiment hopefully binned, and can can finish the group off from here. Portugal are just different class to us right now, so am not getting upset about this friendly result. Losing in Israel was hardly a surprise, it was the manner of it. It's done, lesson learned, move on.
  2. Grim Jim

    Transport from Airport to Tel Aviv

    Friday's free shuttle timetable here
  3. Grim Jim

    Team GB

    I did go to a recent game, but if the lassies support this, then wtf will I be supporting if I go back?
  4. Grim Jim

    Anybody Staying in Haifa...

    My understanding is that there are shuttle buses from the centre to the airport due to the on-going railway line works. Yeah... just found Friday's free shuttle timetable here. I'll be on a later one than you Sempre.
  5. Grim Jim

    Israel tickets on sale

    For anyone who hasn't seen the email...
  6. Grim Jim

    Israel tickets on sale

    Feck, the South-east corner of the stadium pickup is a whole 1300m away from my hotel in Haifa
  7. I don't care , I love this ...
  8. Oanyhoo, something random...
  9. It means i didn't like it. But please take it as a compliment, meaning I like a lot of your other stuff. And if I'm beyond cryptic, it's just my Saturday night heid, sorry...
  10. Meh. I got roundly booed by Heugh once upon a time here for posting some Flat Eric (and a few other "tunes" too in all likelihood). . . . So I'll refrain from comment