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  1. Most appropriate thread for my new rant? Been out and about in the Highlands in a motorhome for first time in a while. Found it really difficult to find nice overnight spots to park in for free now. Last year was awfy busy with staycationers. This year it's money grabbin' bawbags that've upset me! Glen Nevis was not a surprise and the no-overnight signs in every lay-by may not be new. They look like Glen Nevis Estate have put them up. I wonder who owns the camp site there? 🥺 I can actually understand this one though, as it is so busy that there could be no lay-bys to pause in due to being hogged by long-stayers. It was a long drive though to a free nature reserve car park. Next day we spent some time cycling below Cairngorm knowing we could retire for grub & bed in the Lower Cairngorm car park we've stopped in many a time. It's massive and airy+breezy on warm days and was popular. It's now gated and you have to pay to get in. I've no interest in subsidising skiers. They say they have water and waste disposal so is effectively an aire, but you don't need to dump & fill every stop and it was almost empty. So drove down to Feshiebridge where I'd previously stayed in a forest clearing. It and every lay-by and forest car park now had No Overnight signs up. Found a bit of waste ground. Next day we surveyed other forest areas and found that a lot of pay-machines for day use have popped up. Their web site says they now do it anywhere that pays for machines & wardens. FFS this is an agency which WE OWN now charging us for the pleasure! 😡 Even those had No Overnight signs apart from a couple of places, and they of course now have overnight charges ...with no facilities. Question is why is overnight parking not allowed? Have the covid staycationers fukkt it for everyone with the irresponsible behaviour (dumping shit & litter) by some of them?
  2. For goodness sake @Heuch Moray hope you're fixed up! A lot of us now needing some kind of...
  3. In this mixed bag @exile. A 6 pager starting at 348. I didn't see anything you could pick up at Boots though.
  4. Cheers guys! 😄 Tonight I shall try Audioslave and crystal meth menthol crystals.
  5. Anyone else bring back any germs from Dublin? I seem to have some godawful covid of the non-19 variety. Underneath my generous flab, there is a tremendous six-pack with all the coughing I've been doing. Trying whisky & Zeppelin cure tonight and will be off to bed shortly. This intro is all about anticipation. That and the moothie. 1:42 of foreplay. Then it's a couple of minutes of John Paul Jones on bass, which is all anyone needs ...and a gentle outro. Might have done this before, but practice makes perfect?
  6. I missed Jon Spencer in Glasgow to go and watch some dross in Dublin.
  7. Oooft! 😄 Was adopted as a sporting anthem in 1990 (though not until 2010 in the case of the Commonwealth Games).
  8. Is travel insurance required/advised for Ireland now? i.e. medical cover. Also are there roaming charges for phones?
  9. Good to see at least one person on here knows their place.
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