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  1. Right. I don't do 80's music. So here're six tunes. If anyone was listening then, they may now say "wtf, that didn't happen at all". F'kem
  2. Fair enough, I don't actually own it. It was the young guy's next door. Probably your age I do have the live one from the Barra's, which is great, and it's difficult to pick a favourite from it. I think I picked one with memory from the audience singing along (at the Barras), but went in the end for a posting of the studio track. I think it was that jangly sound that was quite distinctive though, and it comes across on the studio version more.
  3. 3rd Just to be contrary, I DO like the white Adidas top. The round badge on it looks magic. 2nd Diadora's all blue with gold trim. I'm more interested in the shirts in general, but all over, I liked that. 1st Late 60's darkest blue with round white collar. Long sleeved with big white cuffs. Looks better in black and white pics though. Honourable mention for the 1900 Roseberry. The only green we've had I think has been in a wee bit of tartan, and in the thistle leaves on the badge. Still think a wee bit of imagination could be used to reflect our scenery there? (Mind you a dreich February in North Lanarkshire doesn't cut it.)
  4. The reverse-saltire Faddy/Paris one was interesting. Imagine waiting for kick-off in that strip? You had better perform. Get pumped and you'd look not a Faddy, but a haddy. Win and look... well gallus is the word.
  5. Probably said this before, but we used to get woken up on Saturday mornings with the neighbour's lad playing this album through the wall. Wasn't that bad 😄 and give the pot a stir...
  6. a. that sounds feckin' tasty. b. start a cooking thread. c. am hoping cheese'n'onion, chillies, fatty bacon is cure not kill 😄
  7. WCTA... you need to start a Beechgrove Garden thread 🌱 ...you never know. I've always struggled with hot stuff. Possibly because the only curry I'd eaten up to age 27 was a Vesta. I still find that I can't actually taste anything for the burning sensation after a couple of fork-fulls of medium hot stuff. And it's like chewing a swarm of wasps. And then at my age there's the lower esophageal sphincter muscle problem 👴 I've only just started to enjoy jalapenos (in small doses) probably since half my tongue has been killed off, but still need a Gaviscon pudding of course. Curry-wise, I'm still more interested in getting interesting flavours out of different kormas than burning my inner worm out.
  8. True, but £60k would get you an awful lot of underpants in Bulgaria.
  9. Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up - 7/24/1999 - Woodstock 99 East Stage (Official)
  10. Are you holding the 2014 winners to account? It's surely they who need to live up to all their promises. Otherwise the result is void.
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