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  1. Not heard it before, but first half of that sounds awfy familiar πŸ˜„ Sultans of Swing?
  2. The UK government of course, made the case to the UN that the host state has no say (in the case of Serbia & Kosovo) since of course they will object. As an aside, the EU's stance in supporting their member state (Spain) almost had me voting leave or abstaining, though in hindsight the EU had to do that.
  3. Do you really want to put a name to your 'stalker'? It's only a message board. You put a message out. Some folk think it's shite, but just can't put it into words/can't be arsed. Feck it, it's only a message board. Greeks invented it with democracy. You put a token or whatever into an aye/naw pot anonymously (and if that's wrong, you can give me a Bojo emoji).
  4. Serves me right I suppose. Cannae be arsed typing all this again, but... when the album came out I watched a rockumentary in which John Petrucci took us through each song in great detail, and one after another they turned out all to be about his struggles with alcohol. When it came to this tune, he said, "It's about a vampire". Dunno it that was worth it πŸ˜„ Good night
  5. Two things. My 'comedy' link did not work and the last vid I posted has spookily vanished.
  6. Some kind of Greek goat beast (with American speling?). I've spared you their cookie monster vocals though
  7. Trying to check what I didn't play at Hallowe'en. Obviously πŸ™„ played JSBX, but not this one...
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