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  1. Anybody here remember Hughie Gallacher? Lairdyfaeinverclyde mibbee?
  2. Ha! I never even noticed the 2nd song. I was half way through the first and thought "I'm havin' that before Exile gets here" Love live stuff, sometimes even dodgy VCR transfers. Posted this song before. My PJ favourite, but an updated LIVE version. Gotta hit the sack, so will leave youz with it.
  3. II My favourite album for years. I dunno. What tracks to pick? Not Whole Lotta Love or Moby Dick though. Love John Paul Jones on this one. From the album covers you can see STEREO appeared to be a novelty. Best with a set of headphones or wide apart speakers for Page's call and returns to himself at the end of this one.
  4. Haley is my favourite PMJ singer. Just listened to her fabulous rendition of Black Hole Sun. However, they just didn't get it. Cornell said, "No one seems to get this, but 'Black Hole Sun' is sad.
  5. What a set of pipes. And was wondering where I'd heard of Scott Bradley? On here of course... Post Modern Jukebox!
  6. I used to wonder who had the photos of a certain British PM.
  7. Scotty being trolled by experts here 😄 Or you've been at it from the start 🏆
  8. Good cover. I think I'd given up with TOTP long before then. Working with great material of course. Love the original, but still cringe that I had to put up with two lassies at school going on about how hot Steve Cockney was. And I was too shy/geeky to interject. And I was not at all cool. And they had yon feather cut hair and everything. (Or whatever it was... yon Bowie/Rod thing ffs.) They were talking like I wasn't there. Doesn't really bother me at all. Not really. Not any more. Feck, I've run out of drink 😰
  9. Brilliant! But that dude in the poloneck and beads? Woollen trousers?? Oh dear.
  10. Still catching up. Amazing how some obviously great musicians have passed me by. Gonna have to listen to some more of Richie. I'm hearing some "Hats off to Roy Harper" in that, which gives away my background, or something folkey anyway. Again, I was late coming to Creedence. Obviously too young for the first time around.
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