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  1. Sorry for this tangent... I should just have searched for "fringo"
  2. Oanyhoo, I thought I'd think of more "hot" songs. Am now searching for sauté...
  3. I know fringo . Well the first bit. Blazing Saddles was a stretch. Id've needed to hear your voice-over 😆
  4. True, but... My wee bland emoji was perhaps trying to say... Whenever someone like Kim Wilde would come on TV, its dad would say, "Her dad was Marty Wilde you know." Just like when some old codger (actually only 34 with a buggered knee) that was Manager of whoever came on Sportscene or Scotsport, and he would say "He used to be some player"........ Nope, I never had a clue what he was on about then.
  5. Was thinking of those Ex, but taking a while to get through my beat up Strat marathons
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