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  1. Never heard of barley. The map immediately after answering that would have given the locale. Can't remember if it let you add pished for yourself. I added a couple of my own. Does nobody else joogle their wulkies?
  2. Gonna get in first with snow and aviators though... Sorry, am I too early?
  3. Continuing... Darkening skies...
  4. Grim Jim


    I'll bet you could pronounce where you were by the end of the night too. I can (slowly) work out a few cyrillic alphabet words in the Balkans, but really struggled with all the Cs and Zs in Poland. I thought I'd mastered ┼╗ywiec, but got a total blank from the barmaid. "Dwa Zivich prozy?" Nope, disgusted look. Point... two please. Silence, but the aye OK ya dick look. Where did I go wrong?
  5. Exactly. Cromwell defeated the loyalist Scottish army at Dunbar.
  6. Grim Jim

    TV Licence fee

    Yes. https://www.gov.uk/tv-licence
  7. Recorded in the Bahamas ffs.
  8. Grim Jim

    World Cup 2030: British and Irish

    Hampden's a shoe in.
  9. Grim Jim


    Use the bridge one way, but fork out for the Kylrhea ferry the other. It opens at Easter only if the weather is ok. The mainland drive from it is interesting too. If you like hillwalking, then Bla Bheinn is great. Would not recommend any Skye mountains for beginners though. I nearly ruined my day with the route I picked off it. The Sligachan hotel has 400 malts to try. The scenery in Trotternish is pretty unique. Dunno if any of these float your boat.
  10. Grim Jim

    SPL All Star squad.

    Even the SFL XI selectors didn't have this problem. http://www.londonhearts.com/SFL/sea/all.html
  11. Ha! How we laugh(?) at American schoolchildren responding to nuclear sirens in the 50's, but wtf "the Queen(1)? Are we supposed to colour her in with Humbrol grey primer matt, or what?
  12. Grim Jim

    SPL All Star squad.

    Big Ramy has set a seriously difficult or mibbe just awkward challenge here. Folk have to pick 1 player from one or more of their rivals and at least 2 from Accies/Dundee/St.Mirren. Aye ok, Ive not even attempted