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  1. Errr? (Twice. I'm gonna go all Trainspotting now But the sane among us... )
  2. I've never seen the whole film. To me the 1954 underwater shots here look great, and "Feel the frightening emotions of a man beast aroused by its first sight of a woman"... Rockpile
  3. Grim Jim

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    USA '04 I thought I'd get to. Oh dear. Can't think why '98 didn't figure (apart from that I'd never been to an away game). I'll blame work or kids. I will confess that for months the thought of the openning game was terrifying. At least I saw the lassies in Rennes. That's it and I thank them for that.
  4. Am finished with this thread. I was going to watch on just for the hilarity of a penalty shoot-out, but whadyaknow, they realised they are fuccwits. Bye.
  5. Two separate memories came back to me here. ITV's horse racing used to get picked up on my electric bass guitar (gave it up 'cause I'm pish, btw). And used to awaken on Saturday mornings in our mid-terraced house with Big Country (1st album) from the lad next door. Quite enjoyed that (and now feels strangely idyllic) compared to the more recent shite that got played by the drongos late at night when we moved "up" to a semi. OK 2 good and one bad. OK maybe 3-1 as I'd get up early and crank up some Black Sabbath at breakfast for them 🤬
  6. Grim Jim

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    Eh!? I thought you were just a follower of Jack the Ripper's year of terror. Sorry
  7. Only if we didn't beat them. My back-of-a-fag-packet scribble has Scotland as won 5, drawn 1 lost 4 vs England in the 30's. (Excluding the unnoficial '35 jubilee games, or some such pish, which we won 5-2 on agg. Hurrah!)
  8. Enjoy it, but I wonder about the sound on this. Wee amps that would raise a church hall roof, but screamin' audience. Then again its a tv studio and not that big. Mash up?
  9. Some more stuff from my random playlist. (You can thank me for it later.)
  10. I know what you're saying, but in Scotland's case two were booked for that just as the collapse started. Rattled. Ref and players.
  11. Was that the one I binned with a saltire & Farage on it with instructions to display prominently?
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