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  1. Playing 4 venues in England in May is as close as I can see @StirlingEgg
  2. This is the only one of the away ties I'm going to (and the only one I've not been to). Just wish it was the old stadium 👴 . New one looks brilliant though. In Lisbon, they were getting 45k - 55k attendances in 2023, so won't be quiet.
  3. FFS. 23 man squad if we're lucky 🙈
  4. OK just a verb, but deffo applied to humans there. Mibbees. Possibly. Fekked if I know. Bonus point; album was Shake Your Money Maker 😛
  5. Jim doing half a shift 😄 2 1/2 mins of intro and the riff starts a bit after that. Impatient me 🤘
  6. I've been wondering that myself Ally. It explains for me the unfaltering backing for Israel, as the US is itching to do the next on their list.
  7. Then there's DEU & MAG 😁 T-shirt arrived promptly cheers, and all I care about is not shrinking it. It's lovely, and I daren't wash it before June is out 😄
  8. Can't embed this Steppenwolf cover... ...if you're interested.
  9. Each to their own sir. Which is why I know f.a. about any Sheerans 🙉
  10. I've been convinced for some time that at least 75% of your posts @DoonTheSlope are just wind ups. Away and give Ed Sheran some more of yer cash 😄
  11. Who put the 49% in charge. Strike that; stupid question 🤔 Costs? You can be bought Malcolm. So long as it's not a tax on scooters you'll be happy.
  12. My wee cousin told me she played this album while doing the ironing. Right enough, her man aye has lovely starched white shirts 👍 Not posted this for a while.
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