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  1. Tories now blaming the Chinese for not telling them how bad it was.
  2. Ach, I'll away and do another sudoku. Yesterday's 'very hard' took me less than 17 minutes which is not bad. http://www.dailysudoku.com/sudoku/archive/2020/03/2020-03-28.shtml
  3. Finally got #20, and it was neither Cake nor Mint Royale. Bloody 7 is my last to get, and your advice only made me think of the Drifters.
  4. Stuck on 15 too. Also 7, 11, 14 and 20, but thanks for the clue on 8 😆
  5. Foo Fighters - Learing to Wank Again Down - Nothing in Return (Wank Away) Clutch - In Wanks Barbarella ...and as Val Doonican's mama told him when he was about knee high, wank tall, wank straight and look the world right in the eye.
  6. "Strollin' With Bone" is very suitably on "Blues Masters: The Very Best Of T-Bone Wanker".
  7. Slow & fast geological changes? You'd think geologists had never seen volcanos. There is evidence of many catastrophic eruptions similar to or larger than Mt St Helens, many datable, some before modern humans existed. See Santorini, Yellowstone or loads in Indonesia for example. Maybe even in the west of Scotland long before that. Scotty fails lesson one in geology again. Doesn't even know the difference between sedimentary and igneous rock. Not worth arguing with if he won't even try to understand the basics. Needs to go and read a real book.
  8. OK, I accept that, but my main point was that NS's actions were understandable IF she believed (or was persuaded of) the accusations.
  9. You don't need to look as far as the MSM for this. Some on here are wishing to provoke decapitation of the SNP.
  10. OR NS believed the main accuser and privately backed her.
  11. Any which way, surely Leslie Evans has to go?
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