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  1. Same for me today @thesaint. I'd checked just a few days ago and had 2 more. Can't be due to a game dropping off as that was already accounted for. They updated the addition of Turkey at the expense of San Marino on their 21-Nov-2022 tables. Looks more like the 2 points for renewing memberships are missing. Perhaps a work in progress?
  2. I dunno why, but this album has a song for every topic. No ma fault 🤔
  3. Ocht, old shit in a shiny box. But that's off topic. Nice tune 👍
  4. Oh, and that 'high up personnel' were quite often bawbags too. OK, to be fairer; not working in my interests, nor our country.
  5. Well, back in the day they used money. Over 3x what I started on as an electronics graduate and that was in the boom days for my industry, so no, I'm not feeling sorry for you. Admittedly, I'd not heard of global warming then, so wouldn't had baulked at the chance (I was trying to avoid the arms industry), but maybe young graduates still have a conscience?
  6. Tell the truth, did you not find the hotter video while searching for that one? It's what technology was invented for after all. At least according to my internet records 🙈
  7. Not seen that before, but great to know that in the future-present Billy still has some hair!
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