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  1. I knew someone was a Dillinger fan on here, but forgot who. Where you been? My rock stuff looks lightweight after that 😃
  2. As I was typing that I couldn't remember the name of the act! Then I got a horrible feeling that I had just posted her again somewhere in the A to D... Finally remembered that I'd held off so I might have something to contribute(?) in the WEEK of "A" before the rules wrote themselves. Maybe next time around, or at "H" 😀
  3. Huddersfield got me thinking of another post-industrial tune. The Circus. Instead, this one might be better for Tidy to dance to... if you can do 7 minutes. Feck. Too long. Should have posted the shorter version. I'm getting fed up with the instrumental padding. Probably folk here feel like this when I post Dream Theater. Oh damn!!!!
  4. Ha! I mind thinking I was smart posting a tune I heard from a support act at a gig. Something about the tune must have prepared my head beforehand. The OP has posted it just a couple of weeks earlier. Doh.
  5. I think these folks poped this up a wee bit to cash in on Natalie's success with their song. I might have the versions mixed up though. Possibly about the 3rd time I've posted this as it's a favourite. No idea why. THE END.
  6. When I hear names like Dizzie Gillespie I hear them with Michael Parkinson's voice. This guy's name I hear in a Liverpool accent. Oh shit exile missed The Beatles anaw!
  7. Jeez, so that's what they looked like. I had a cassette tape many moons ago.
  8. Dubioza kolektiv were great live at G2 (the wee Garage on Sauchiehall St.). Audience was dancing from start to finish. Singer shouts out, "Anyone here from Glasgow?" and the missus jumps up by herself. Then, "Any illegal immigrants in?", and the place went mental 😄
  9. This is gonna be hard to keep up with 😍 I'm F'ing out tomorrow an'all. May have to stay up late or get up early.
  10. I'm sure he's done a few like that. I mind one at New Douglas Park for Dundee United. Good to see he's still got that in him.
  11. Right I'll go away if you let me post this. More metal that metal 🤣
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