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  1. I prefer the north-west European archipelago
  2. My chap with a very similar voice... Paul Lynde. Dunno whether your Brent Spiner could do the villainous laugh though.
  3. 😄 Is that not the guy who did the voice of Penelope Pitstop's nemesis, The Hooded Claw? I'm not looking it up. Last time I did I got an S&M shop's website. I can recommend their whips though.
  4. I know you say 'majority' and I have seriously considered voting Green several times, but never have for fear that 'insurance' would be required. I did vote Alba this time since, in the West, there seemed very low risk this time, and I doubted Greens would pick up a 2nd. Indy is, and always has been my priority despite some tossers promoting all the parties.
  5. I'm positive you know how to post a link. I stopped visiting that site over a year ago. I suppose you are helping reduce his clicks though.
  6. Meanwhile, since I have the total list votes for the whole country, I've spreadsheeted that with 56 iterations to see what would happen: SNP 62 (-2), Tory 28 (-3), labour 22 (-), Green 10 (+2), LibDem 6 (+2), Alba 1 (+1). And if Alba were not in it and, say half their list votes went to the SNP? Their seat above would go to the Tories, feck me 😄.
  7. You got the list votes by region? I want to beat you to a spreadsheet, but can't find the figures apart from Central. Can't beat a good spreadsheet 😋
  8. Mibbee, but the so called 'Independent Green Voice' (i.e. holocaust deniers and ex. BNP) also stole 2200 from the Scottish Green Party which would have been enough too.
  9. As "Alba curious" I did lend them my list vote, but Mrs Grim almost spat the name back at me. Wouldn't touch Salmond's party with a bargepole (despite me previously mansplaining his defence case most eloquently). She never did like him at all though. Me, I go back to the 79-group and wore the angry boy band badge 😄
  10. Aye, i was half joking, but its the impression you get when more extreme views are given the most air.
  11. Labour's drop off in England to me looks like while the Blairites deserted them during Corbyn, the latter's supporters have now done the same.
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