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  1. Grim Jim

    2019 Women's World Cup Draw

    Thinking of tying in Rennes with the Belgium game. Will the SSC get any ticket allocation for the Women's games I wonder? FIFA are currently selling only multi-game package, and say individual game tickets will go on sale 1st qtr. next year if available.
  2. If American politics ain't bad enough... a recipe for CRAB 🥐 ...
  3. Grim Jim

    Where are you going to stay?

    Rimini for me now 😄 If that fails to hold the attention, there are lots of places around worth a day trip. Maybe even San Marino!
  4. Grim Jim

    Weather - Ball Freezingly Cold

    Freeze-drying should mean you come home looking as fresh as when you leave
  5. Grim Jim

    Music. Do you play?

    Was in Glenmore campsite pub in the summer and the folk musician there gave the kids stuff to play. I got handed a cowbell Thoroughly enjoyable night even though I was heckled... from the stage!
  6. Grim Jim

    Where are you going to stay?

    Glasgow-Dusseldorf flights are daily and Dusseldorf-Bologna are daily except Saturdays. The times don't fit, so we'll be staying over in Dusseldorf each way. In & out of Bologna 22nd & 26th.
  7. Feck me. Was away watching a film (... enjoyed it.) Had a peek on here to see what's been going on and ...an earthquake! Old firm stymied. Killie TOTL. Is it the sixties? My film BTW was a re-run of Goodbye Lenin! Oh, and aye, Accies humped by Dundee 😪 Nostrovia!
  8. Grim Jim

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    What you got against Albion Rovers?
  9. Grim Jim


    The Russians seemed very considerate in their Nations League games in picking locations closest to Sweden & Turkey who they were playing.
  10. Grim Jim

    Where are you going to stay?

    Dusseldorf Glasgow - Dusseldorf (overnighter) - Bologna each way. No accommodation booked in Italy / San Marino yet.
  11. Grim Jim