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  1. To be honest, I fundamentally agree with you about chucking lager, but all this "infidel" chat is just attention seeking pish.
  2. Would take 2. How much per ticket?
  3. Kilt socks and trainers. A lighter drinking kilt is what makes the real difference though
  4. Hahaha obvious troll is obvious
  5. Altstadt in Dusseldorf, just bar after bar.
  6. You will not be alone. Shouldn't have any problems with the Swiss in any case
  7. I live in Switzerland, you'll have no issues as long as nobody involved is an atypical fanny.
  8. Aware this is a tad random, but anyone on here joining festivities from Switzerland? Self plus 1 are heading for Cologne at 9am on the 19th from Zurich, back on the 25th after the Hungary game.
  9. Wear navy??? Bring flags??? Revolutionary advice.......
  10. Yup, although ended up ticketless for our games of course. We're in block 120 behind the goals, also got an aisle seat 😂
  11. If you're sitting in the stadium, you've got nowt to moan about 😂 Got mine through as well, sadly not for any Scotland game, the resale platform was just a bit shit for that.
  12. Unfortunately with the resale platform being a load of utter dug shite, I never even got the opprtunity to buy Scotland tickets (same for lots of people I'm sure) So in order to sample a bit of atmosphere etc, me plus a mate are going to Belgium vs Romania on 22nd June in Cologne and Slovakia vs Ukraine on the 21st in Dusseldorf. Looking forward to it actually - the Scotland games will be great, but always rammed full of nerves and tension obviously. Anyone else going to either of the games mentioned (or any other non Scotland games)?
  13. Managed to get a working Captcha after 2000 attempts. Now watching that wee bar go absolutely nowhere
  14. Naw ye didnae. You've reserved a seat on trains you don't actually have a ticket for.
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