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  1. There's still loads of availability in the home end right next to the TA section which will be basically all Scotland fans anyway
  2. If you don't know/can't be arsed using a VPN to effectively make the Spanish FA website think you're not in the UK then yes. After a succesful purchase you get the PDfs also as well as the RFEF app option. Best sections with availability for being almost certainly sat with 95% Scots will probably be 219A, 119A or 119 in the 2nd ring
  3. We're in Urbansea Hotel, about 20 minute walk from your one it looks like, the station is in the middle
  4. Yeah, that's the one from Atocha. We're in the posh seats 😜
  5. Our flight from Zurich arrives on the Wednesday too late to head to Seville straight away so we're staying 1 night not far from Madrid Atocha rail station on the Wednesday then getting the train at 9am to Seville, getting in a noon. Anyone else having to stay the night before in Madrid, let me know. And/or, if you're on the 09h10 IRYO train on game day, see you there!! The Countdown is properly on
  6. Oh, I'm based outside the UK, probably why I can view it. Basically the TA section has been unofficially expanded by 4 complete sections with the next couple not far off, apart from right down the front. Apart from that, elsewhere in the stadium it's almost a case of "pick your seat" with the exception of a couple of sections
  8. But you must know whether they are home end or away end tickets? At those prices via a 3rd party, presumably the posh seats in home end
  9. I'm part of the zone 121 "Tartan Army expansion" area.........
  10. Don't do that to me. 5 seconds of shitting myself until I checked the app. Present and correct
  11. Yeah, it seems like a VPN is necessary from the UK. No such worries from elsewhere in Europe I believe, at least not for where I am.
  12. I'd say the sections closest to the TA section behind the goals will likely be majority Scotland fans
  13. However you got 2 emails from RFEF, one about the app, the other offers you a download pdf option "descargar Las entradas"
  14. The tickets are available to be activated in the app from 4 hours before kick off
  15. Tickets by email right after payment. I bought 2 and had both passport numbers to hand. Probably safer to match a passport number per person
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