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  1. Can I just throw in that I'm a wee bit over thirty, but do admire Mhari?
  2. I dunno. Whaddya call it when you deliberately misspell the track title to indicate something in the music?
  3. I could've swore I'd done that one, but It was Fringo two topics ago. I must still have a crush on Ellen Barkin 😅
  4. Fell in love with Cajun music from this film. A wee taster...
  5. Bit of a shrine to Ingrid this vid. Here's looking at you kid. We'll always have Paris 😋
  6. Just as well we have more than Celtic and Rangers players to pick from then, but aye, the next NL does have some fear factor for me. Here's hoping we find some joy along the way. Doesn't blind me to the poor performance, but what about that double penalty that wasn't given? Particularly the forearm on McKenna.
  7. I've got a couple of skull smashers if the topic holds on until my head gets better. Meanwhile...
  8. I'm old enough to get that 😄
  9. I'm away to bed. Enjoy the tunes thread, but keep it doon a bit 😉
  10. Ditto. Sort of. Friday night Clutch gig in Glasgow. Was mobbed and like a fekkin' sauna. Got the(?) lurgi today. Should get hold of a test kit tomorrow.
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