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  1. 😂 terrible and brilliant. I should stop drinking on Mondays...
  2. I was at a humanist funeral this week, so the family had some favourites of the departed played. I'll need to make a list. This theme-fitter one's a bit OTT for mine unless I go out with a bit of drama. Their first album has a beautiful song about Tremonti's mum's passing that gets played a lot apparently. Oanyhoo, on topic...
  3. Ha! Just saw your edit. From as long ago as the 70's, aye maybe right!
  4. I hate it when search engines can't handle my spelling. (I missed a 'd' on Discogs and nothing came up.) Not who I was into in '94 I guess 😄
  5. @gkm_vancouver I'm trying some variety here 😉 I doubt you'll like them any better than my usual fare, but I hope you are well now. I'm not takin' the piss, but you'd be better skipping this one...
  6. 😆 Deary me it's past my bedtime, but a strange can of orange beer has just opened up beside me so I'm stuck here for at least 5 mins.
  7. OK, I've posted this video a few times. I was determined just to post album covers on this topic, but the dog's beautiful. It is the album title!
  8. Missed that. I have no Danzig albums 😲, though seem to have acquired that tune.
  9. Helluva quiet here @TDYER63. Either the usual punters have something better to do on a Saturday night ...or they are all watching Eurovision wavin' their wee flegs 😬 So free rein to stick on some hard rock an' metal woo hoo!!!
  10. Damn! Kvelertak by Kvelertak is not on the album titled Kvelertak 😖 And who the feck is we?
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