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  1. Fecksake. I'm about to bin this video for the crappy cartoon tombstones, but see the name Squire. I didn't know he was deid. R.I.P. Chris 😧 Theatrere.
  2. I'm tempted to post 'Porno Star' again 😬 I'll wait a couple o' haufs.
  3. Ach, too slow again. Anyway, just trying to post a straw to grasp after we have been disappointed in Moldova!
  4. Ah, but you're forgetting that if we have lost to Moldova, then we have only 3 points to drop. There is method in our madness 😁
  5. I was thinking the very same today, but not sure how we'll fare after getting pumped in Moldova and the long flight home 🤢 .
  6. Any of our players have issues on artificial surfaces if we're playing on the Faroes new pitch?
  7. Enjoying your contributions already 👍 , though I'm in an extra good mood this morning!
  8. Oanyhoo, for anyone that cares that I posted a tune wi nae tune 😳
  9. 😄 Right, more drink so... bear with me please. Hamilton Accies' ole' alma mater's motto is 'Virtue alone ennobles', so... A wee mention of virtues in verse 2 is the best I can do firstly. (Mind I almost only post tunes in my sump, so limited)... then... and finally 😕 I tried.
  10. That was supposed to be 'Together'. Am trying to get the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together". WhadImiss?
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