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  1. Punished by who ? You cant choose to leave the EU and keep the bits you like (such as existing EU trade deals with global nations). I respect the fact you are euro-sceptic and we likely wont agree on this issue. However the beauty of independence is that the people of Scotland would decide their future status.
  2. Uhhhm : They are also able to do that because they are not part of the UK FWIW : Norway has extracted same total barrels of oil as Scotland. They are one of richest nations on earth. Meanwhile Westminster spunked the money for us (Thatcher closed down the coal mines / ship yards with revenue) and then they call us subsidy junkies. To put it politely : The EU is not the root of UKs many problems. That is the politics of blame which they accuse Scots of being guilty.
  3. In 2014 the plan was for Scotland to be an EU member. Indeed our future trading relationship with England would have been defined by us both being members. Though admittedly there would have be intermittent period where things were awkward as we waited for application to apply. Now : fast forward to 2018. The Brexit proposal isn't to give Scotland the same status as CH, Norway or Iceland. EEA membership would be the sensible way to unite the UK after a 52:48 vote..... Instead some elements of Tory / UKIP want entirely clean and permanent break from the EU. That means losing not just access to the single market but also 53 global trade deals we enjoy under auspices of EU membership. UK would be the 2nd country in world (along with North Korea!) to have no FTA agreements in place. Have a think about that....
  4. That says to me we really need to win our nations league group. Scotland wont be qualifying from any group where we are 4th seeds. But : we might be able to beat Albania and Israel
  5. ^ So the fuckers want parliament to have a vote now ? Brexit seems to be going well The government is about to start stockpiling processed food in case of ‘no deal’ Brexit https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/the-government-is-about-to-start-stockpiling-processed-food-in-case-of-no-deal-brexit/ Ministers draw up secret plans to stockpile processed food in case of a ‘no deal’ Brexit https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6747231/ministers-plan-to-stockpile-processed-food/ Brexit Britain: UK Gov't Stockpiling Food Supplies at Ports in Case of 'No Deal' https://sputniknews.com/europe/201807111066263928-brexit-britain-stockpiling-food/
  6. Scotland is probably the wrong team for you 😉
  7. Hi Sindre Good luck to Norwegian national team. Lovely country and fans / people - would love to see them at a major tournament again. Maybe you can play Scotland again 🙂 Had great fun drinking with Norwegian supporters in Glasgow. A few answers / ideas 1) Scotland vs England is the oldest international football fixture in the world. Historically I think Scots always valued the national team ? Prior to the 1970s beating England at football was always much more important than World Cups etc. 2) Scottish club football is dominated by the old firm (rangers and celtic). Two massive teams which are much bigger than the rest. None the less the national team has always offered something more glamorous for supporters of the smaller teams. Football is also the main sport in Scotland. 3) Politics - the national team has been a focus of national identity. Long before we had a devolved parliament the Scottish football team was a symbol of our nationhood. The UK is a kingdom of 4 nations. Scots like to remember this. 4) Geography. Scotland is a small country. Most people live within 3-4 hrs of the national stadium. Unlike Norway where Oslo is a long distance / flight from other cities. 5) Past glories. Despite a long history of failure / disappointment there have been brief moments of glory for Scottish international team. Beating France in 2008 / Gemmils goal <etc>. When we did regularly qualify for World Cups (82,86,90,98 etc it was a huge event for the nation). I think Norwegian success has always been more limited. But Scots still believe they *should* be playing at this level and qualifying for tournaments. Would love to see your article. Please post translation / summary! It is often mentioned here that the Tartan Amry is getting older! Not so many kids following the national team (because we have not qualified). Skal! Doug.
  8. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    I should be quite angry about today's events at Westminster : However the reality is the Tories have walked into a massive political trap by dis-respecting devolution. Talking down the clock and not allowing a single Scottish MP to speak before the vote was simply disrespectful - Westminster at its *very* worst. Shameful and spineless. At the next election the message will be very simple. Vote SNP if you believe in the single market and devolution. Neither Labour nor the Tories can be seen to stand up for Scottish interests. However it gets better. There can be no brexit deal without NI remaining in the custom union and a sea border. The EU wont accept anything else. At which point the SNP simply play a long game and ask that Scotland gets the same deal. Remaining in the single market becomes the sensible economic option to maintain the status-quo. The ducks are lined up perfectly. Anyone make a future case for the union / devolution will be polishing a turd Westminster votes through power grab on Scotland in 15 minutes http://www.thenational.scot/news/16285985.Westminster_votes_through_power_grab_on_Scotland_in_15_minutes/
  9. Haggis_trap

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Nice documentary. Lots of elements : the football story, the fans with the 1970s backdrop. Getting to Argentina in 1978 must have been a major undertaking / adventure into unknown for fans. Like going to the moon for an away game. Different era. About 10 years ago I was in Mendoza and took a trip to the stadium. The gates were opened and we wandered in to stand on the empty terraces. Still remember just standing there thinking of events from many decades previous. Archie Gemmils goal against Holland. An ere sort of place that deserves a footnote in the history of the Scottish nation.
  10. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Agree. We can pitch for sterling-isation (.... it is not that bad beyond not controlling interest rates). However : currency union would still be on table. A post brexit UK battered by exiting the single market would be begging for currency union. Reduced GDP and north sea oil removed from balance of payments = run on the pound. Plus repaying debt in pound sterling would in both sides interest.
  11. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Keeping £ is the sensible transition option with least disruption. Remember the £ is just as much Scotlands as Englands. Indeed BofS issued the very first £ notes long before BofE. The only downside of using £ is that we don’t control interest rates. However there are many practical and economic advantages to using the same currency as our nearest neighbor. All the other currency options have risks and downsides. None of them perfect. Once we vote for independence I believe England will want a currency union. The alternative is the £ tanks which would be destructive for both sides. Not least if they want their debt repaid and continue trading with Scotland! All said : we need to make it 110% clear there is nothing they can do to stop us using the £.
  12. Haggis_trap

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    We need a younger manager who understands modern tactics / coaching techniques. Walter Smith / Alex McLeish are dinosaurs who wont bring anything fresh or new to the table.
  13. Haggis_trap

    Bids to replace Hampden

    the new firm are a little more civilised than the celtic / ranger minkers Really pissed off with the SFA at the moment - No manager - Not going to World Cup - Threatening to obliterate 100 years of history on a whim by leaving Hampden FWIW : I dont believe for a minute they are actually going to move out of Hampden to Murrayfield.
  14. Haggis_trap

    Bids to replace Hampden

    I think this is correct... Incompetent wankers at SFA using Murrayfield to get a better deal on Hampden. Murrayfield simply not practical for old firm final - how do you segregate fans on the train ? I would be up in arms if 100 years of history was cast aside and Scottish football moved to Murrayfield (... and I live in Edinburgh!) Hampden is the historical home of Scottish football and shouldnt be cast aside just to save a few quid.
  15. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Google : Hurricane energy. Their recent fractured basement discoveries (Lancaster / Halifax) / (Lincoln / Warwick) are located just south of Clair. Estimated to hold more than 2.6 billion barrels. Maybe *much* more. Biggest find in UK waters for many years - yet hardly a mention in the mainstream UK press. Invested in them in 2014 - funnily enough after initial tip off on this board.