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  1. Gilmour allowed us to play out from back. He also allowed McGinn to play further forward. Both of which were key against Eng. No doubt that ball possession is key at international level. Tire the other team out then strike when gaps appear. Croatia gave us master class of that tonight... The answer? Better youth coaching and facilities... Same as ever since 1998
  2. That result hurts.... Truth is Modric and Perisic were class tonight. Rather than blame specific players or tactics the answer is the same as ever (... how do we create players of that class). Hopefully with Gilmour the future is bright and we are on right path. Thank you Scotland!
  3. No shame in that (much as result hurts). Modric and Perisic rolled clock back 3 years. Croatia turned up tonight and we got beaten by a better team.
  4. Aye : your not the only one. However at least we are not playing England. I am more chilled than Friday. C'mon Scotland, let's do this
  5. What happens if we win 1-0 and England get beat 2-0 ? We would then be on same points, goal difference and goals scored with England. I assume yellow cards would then decide 2nd place ?
  6. irrespective of where he caught it it is certainly odd that Chillwell / Mount are isolating rather than none of our squad. however best not dwell on that as we cant afford to lose any other players.
  7. players have been on buses / planes / hotels / stadiums / press conferences <etc> whilst I agree the whole episode is a little odd the idea of a "bubble" is a bit false. my best guess, on limited information, is he might have gone to socialise with his Chelsea pals after the game ?
  8. Chelsea boys have a night out ?
  9. We have options... 1) McGinn drop deeper and Armstrong / Christie come in as attacking midfielder 2) McTominay goes back to midfield and we bring another centre half in. Its a bitter blow, but not end of world
  10. FFS : of all our players.... heartbreak. Worryingly he must have had close contact with rest of the squad? Oddly the UEFA fantasy football app had him listed as "out" yesterday. Assumed it must be nonsense. Obviously not. Something odd : where did he get it?
  11. I think there is goals in this team. Made plenty chances in both games. Next match will be more open as both sides need to win.
  12. We should be proud that a right back from MOTHERWELL didn't give Sterling, Grealish or Fodden a sniff
  13. Has to be same starting 11. Plenty options on bench if we need a goal
  14. ^ exactly ^ This! Stephen O'Donnell has never let Scotland down. Stevie Clarke set the team up perfectly on Friday. Absolute tactical masterclass. Yet still some people question his selections. On Friday night O'Donnell had England's most dangerous player (Rahem Sterling) is his back pocket. England tried specifically to attack that left side, even bringing on Grealish on to overload the left flank. There simply wasn't a way through for them - they didn't get a sniff. On top of that O'Donnel put in a couple of dangerous crosses and had our best shot on target. To quest
  15. O'Donnell was dynamite. England targeted the left wing and found no way through.
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