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  1. Sounds to me like bad news for Scotland qualifying for a World Cup? We are never going to win a group these days... If we get lucky draw and finish 2nd in WC group then we still need to go into a play-off (which will be against a bunch of high ranked teams who have already done well in Nations league or WC qualifying) Sounds to me like the nations league path to World Cup is designed to ensure bigger teams like England, Italy, Holland, France <etc> have best possible chance to qualify for a world cup ?
  2. Agree. The worst thing we could do now is hold a second indy referendum too early and narrowly lose it. Which the mistake Nicola almost made in 2016.
  3. Which is exactly why the SNP strategy is broadly correct... We tried out best to stop the brexit shite show : but look what happened. In 2014 Scotland 55% UK In 2016 Scotland voted 62% EU. Scotland cant now remain in both EU and UK. Eventually the fence sitters will need to make a decision.
  4. Disagree : As a media monitor / critic he was superb. Now he is acting like Scotlands Farage : threatening to his own party and trying to split the SNP vote. He should stick as what is good at. Not a chance in hell I would ever trust him my vote. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate some of his work.
  5. basically Mays withdrawal deal with NI sea-border replacing backstop
  6. Aye - as a media monitor he was excellent. Now he is trying to start his own party and become the Nigel Farage of Scottish independence. I don't believe (or want to believe) he is a yoon-plant. However he is certainly acting like a total roaster. Number of hits gone to his head? Certainly doing the independence campaign no favours by stirring up nonsense at every opportunity : at a time when we should all be pulling together before a massive election.
  7. I hope you are right : Wee blue book was superb. Right now he is however doing everything he can to split the SNP vote. The timing (... just before general election) is terrible and hardly coincidental. Ever since losing the Dugdale case he seems to have turned his hatred on the SNP. Apparently someone tweeted best wishes to Kezia in her court case and he has gone in a huff. As you say - he is gone properly off the rails / off-piste. I certainly wont be donating to his site based on current from.
  8. I used to be a fan of Wings Over Scotland. As a media monitor Stuart Campbell was excellent. However recent WoS blogs over the last 2 monhts have changed my mind.... Why ? 1) Stuart Campbell spent a years worth of donations to site (some 100K+) on legal fee's fighting utterly pointless personal battle with Kezia Dugdale. 2) Clearly hates the SNP. Argues their current strategy of recruiting remain voters isn't working. Yet we are on eve of massive general election and support for independence has never been higher. Majority of WoS recent blogs have been carefully designed to polarise and split the SNP core vote. Stuart Campbell seriously claims the SNP leadership no longer actually believe in independence and their approach is wrong. 3) Suggests he is going to set up a Wings Over Scotland party for next general election. Again trying to split the vote? Last thing the SNP need is their vote being split (... like Tories and UKIP). He clearly hates the SNP so why would I, or any independence supporter, lend him their 2nd vote? 4) Keeps going on about Gender ID as if it is an issue concerning independence. Clearly pouring fuel on the flames because he believes it could damage the SNP. I have never seen this issue repeated anywhere else apart from WoS site. 5) Today he argues the SNP should vote for BoJos deal in return for independence referendum.... Scottish voters would (rightly) never forgive the SNP for enabling brexit. <etc> FWIW : I have no idea if WoS actually is a unionist plant. However I am starting to question what the hell he is playing at. Certainly if you were MI5 and trying to keep UK together then it would be a very smart move. Makes for interesting conspiracy theory worthy of discussion in the pub. Ultimately the independence movement is bigger than one man (who is currently acting like a bawbag cult-leader high on the large following his popular blog has). Thoughts ?
  9. 40-45K would be decent turn out for Russia! Enough to get the Hampden roar going.... A win puts us back in the mix for the group.
  10. Taking my 5 year old boy to his first Scotland game on Friday night. So hopefully there is a decent atmosphere... A double home header is always going to be tough to sell out. Unless you live in Glasgow then getting twice to Hampden in one week a big ask / cost. Surprised more folk not interested in Russia game than the Belgium match. Arguably that is the bigger game. Russia is match we can win that could put us back in contention. Belgium game might have more glamour - but seeing Scotland get beat 3-0 never fun. Even if you get to see some super stars.
  11. SNP will do great in a general election. It is obvious how badly Scotland has been treated. Lib Dems will pick up votes - but only at expense of Scottish Tories (who will rightly be wiped off map).
  12. Good question... You would hope / think there is an easy official UEFA system after the draw is made and fixtures known ? If the game is Latvia vs. Iceland then would happily sell my tickets to a supporter who is keener to see game than me. Though I guess UEFA don't wish to advertise re-seller option just yet ?
  13. Also managed to buy x4 tickets for June 23rd game at Hampden Will probably be Latvia vs Greece 😂
  14. £20 million for Ollie McBurnie ? This is a guy who cant even get in the Scotland team. Surely Edouard or Morellos would have been a better signing for half that fee ? I wish him well, but will be amazed if he gets more than 5 goals.
  15. Look at it the other way : Scotland joining EU, and making success of it, is the ultimate way to prove Brexit a mistake 😉 Lots has changed since 2014. I am certain Scotland would be accepted with open arms.
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