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  1. i.e funding only available if UK world cup bid successful
  2. A new stadium in central location (Stirling) was often suggested. I can see merit in that. Though with SFA recently buying Hampden that option off table - though arguably that was always going to be outcome. The threat to move Scotland games to Murrayfield / Parkhead etc was always a bargaining tactic rather than realistic. Despite its flaws I like Hampden : - 130 years of history. One of world's oldest stadiums. Iconic. - City centre location. new grounds tend to be sterile out of town affairs - M74 has improved access massively - Ground looking much smarter following recent renovation The one obvious flaw is the distance east / west stands are behind the goal. If that was fixed it could become a great ground again.
  3. Bringing the ends in at Hampden could make a huge difference to the atmosphere. Even better would be a giant safe standing section behind one of the goals. With the SFA now owning Hampden then there might be a chance of it happening at some point in future? The sun now suggesting this might happen sometime in near future. Hampden is a funny ground. Its looking much smarter these days - when even 2/3rds full it can always feel like an empty expanse. On other hand when the stadium is full, under the lights, it has still got the old magic - can feel the history of the place. Atmosphere at Hampden for the qualifiers against Italy or France back in 2007 one of the best I have ever seen in a football ground anywhere. Though its not like that very often! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7679611/hampden-revamped-world-cup-bid-maxwell/
  4. As an Aberdeen fan I would say McKenna is slightly better than Gallagher. Though both players very similar - big physical lads who are decent enough at the basics but lacking experience at this level.
  5. Fuck them all - O'Donnell was rock solid (again).
  6. Aye - O'Donnell was rock solid defensively tonight (again). Anyone who gives him stick after that performance is an idiot. All Scottish fans should be delighted to see a Motherwell player perform at this level.
  7. Since when was Hanley a rock ? Though we had so many good performances all over park. Magic.
  8. Arguing about oil is a moot point 1) Until the UK becomes carbon neutral we still need oil. We might as well use north sea oil / gas rather than import from Russia. Its cheaper and greener to use domestic resource 2) Aberdeen is becoming a renewables centre of engineering. Offshore wind is going to be massive
  9. ^ Yeah - its utter bullshit. As Scots we should be celebrating the fact a player from Motherwell had Rahem Sterling & Jack Grealish in his back pocket for 90 minutes at Wembley. Those boys never got a sniff - Sterling even swapped wings to other side of the pitch because O'Donell was so tight on him 🤣 FWIW : Patterson is clearly better going forward but still a little raw and naive defensively. Couple of times he got got caught out against Moldova. O'Donell is the right choice for tonight. C'mnon Scotland!
  10. Well - at least that offers a bigoted explanation for the irrational vitriol towards him. O'Donnell has always been a reliable 7/10 of player for Scotland. Against England he was one of our best players. Patterson (or Calvin Ramsey) might be the future - but for now O'Donnell is arguably a better defender than both.
  11. ^ I think that will be team - except Christie will start instead of Nisbet in midfield. Should be obvious what we need to do. Keep it tight and get in their faces. Don't give them an inch. I have no doubt we will create opportunities given quality of players in our team. Just need to make sure they hit back of net.
  12. The worrying thing is that those x3 all appeared to be fit at end of Saturday nights game. So assumption has to be that it is covid related.... Patterson had a decent game on Saturday - but looked defensively raw and naieve at times. So I think correct decision might be to go with O'Donnell away from home to Austria anyways.
  13. We played well last night. Decent performance and could / should have won 3-0. Thoughts.. - Need to take our chances. Won't get so many opportunities against better sides - Patterson looks a bit raw defensively. Great going forward though. - McGinn is a huge player for us. Looked a little lost going forward once he left park. - The 3-5-2 can work when we play out from back and push up park. Tierney had more shots on target than any other player. - Gilmour is a Rolls Royce. Incredible range of passing and set plays. Brings other players into game and gets best out of them simply by being available for easy ball. Potentially the Scottish Iniesta! - Austria losing to Israel is a great results and blows group wide open
  14. The 3-5-2 was primarily to accommodate Tierney & Robbo. However Tierney is so good he can play anywhere.... As you say - it's just a system. It worked Against England. Though against smaller teams we shouldn't be tied to it. My own frustration with 3-5-2 is that Tierneys opportunity to get forward is usually limited.
  15. Great news on crowd ... The 3-5-2 is most effective when we have Tierney / McTominay to play out from the back. Long balls from back mean lost possesion, tired players and ultimately mistakes. Gilmour made a huge difference against England as suddenly the defence and other midfielders (McGregor etc) had an easy outlet allowing us to play up park and retain possession. Gilmour also potentially frees up McGinn to play further up park : which again made a difference against England. The system worked and we actually played football. This is exactly what we need to replicate in all our matches.
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