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  1. Also managed to buy x4 tickets for June 23rd game at Hampden Will probably be Latvia vs Greece 😂
  2. £20 million for Ollie McBurnie ? This is a guy who cant even get in the Scotland team. Surely Edouard or Morellos would have been a better signing for half that fee ? I wish him well, but will be amazed if he gets more than 5 goals.
  3. Look at it the other way : Scotland joining EU, and making success of it, is the ultimate way to prove Brexit a mistake 😉 Lots has changed since 2014. I am certain Scotland would be accepted with open arms.
  4. Aye - think that is about right. Applied for x3 Hampden games. Got tickets for x1 of them - feeling pretty lucky. To be honest : also means I don't need to pay heaps of cash up front and then Scotland dont qualify Match I have tickets for could be Scotland at their first finals since 1996 (... against England). Or it could be Finland vs Greece on a Monday afternoon 😂 Reckon there will still be chance to buy tickets in a second ballot or via SSC etc. Probably lots of higher price category left over.
  5. re : EU nationals Based on 2014 result the required swing from NO->YES is 200K. There are ~200K EU nationals eligible to vote in Scotland. Arguably fear of leaving EU would have made them more likely to vote NO in 2014. It is absolutely essential Scottish government push for their rights to vote in IndyRef2.0 as they could be the difference. If UK government refuse then we request franchise is restricted to those born in Scotland
  6. Real football ? A meaningless friendly ? With 10 substitutions ? The star men missing ? No tackles flying ? For £67 ? This was a money making exercise.
  7. Doesn't look like you pay for the tickets now... Imagine there will be some kind of reseller option ? But only after draw made and you have paid for them. Anyone else know / read small print ? UEFA taking piss with ticket prices
  8. ^ I am not one for conspiracy theory... However better together knew they had won just from "pre-sampling" the postal votes. Since 2014 I have cancelled my postal vote and always vote in person. This video is an eye opener.
  9. In that scenario the SNP simply run next general-election on Independence mandate. Could even resign existing SNP MPs and trigger by-election at any time we wished. Lets not pretend Westminster hold all the cards / power : they don't. However before pressing the nuclear button the SNP need to be sure independence has >50% support. We are not there yet - but with brexit and Boris incoming its not far off. Patience! Timing is key - we only get one more chance in our lifetime.
  10. Disagree - legally the Scottish people are sovereign. So if as a nation we ever decide to end Act of Union then there is absolutely *nothing* Westminster can do about it. Catalonia is entirely different circumstance / historical circumstance and legal system. Of course it would complicated - what happens to 300 years worth of legislation declared void because Act Of Union 1707 is no longer valid ? Clearly s30 is preferable and less problematic - but its not the only route.
  11. ^ exactly : no one is suggesting unilateral deceleration of independence. however if Westminster keep blocking a referendum then the Scottish government simply run a holyrood or general election on mandate for independence. there are alternate paths around Westminster obfuscation. once the Scottish government have a mandate for independence then there is nothing Westminster can do about it. the sovereign people of Scotland will have spoken and claim of right means there is *nothing* Westminster could do to deny those wishes. of course first we need a clear majority in favor of Independence. there is no point SNP pushing hard on this until it looks like we have 50% backing for independence. the worst thing for Scotland would be to lose a second independence referendum - then the dream really is dead....
  12. The difference in Catalonia is that referendums are explicitly illegal under Spanish law. However there is nothing in UK law to stop Sturgeon holding consultative referendum on any topic she wishes. However the point of the "claim of right" (which remains valid to this day) is that the Scottish people are legally sovereign. So if Scots (collectively as a nation) ever decide the union is over then legally there is f--k all Westminter could do about it. To suggest that Scots need permission from Westminster to re-establish their independent status is an illusion : which the media like to perpetuate. S30 is an illusion, rather than a requirement. Westminster forced to admit the Scottish people are Sovereign http://blog.independencelive.net/westminster-forced-to-admit-the-scottish-people-are-sovereign/
  13. Section 30 is a smoke screen. Of course it is one path to independence. Politically and legally it is the easiest option. However : by historical anomaly the people of Scotland remain sovereign. Where as in England the crown (royal family) remain sovereign and lend that sovereignty to parliament. If / when Scotland decides it wants independence then there is *nothing* rUK can do about it. We simply terminate Act of Union 1707 and get on with it. The idea that rUK can keep Scotland against its will forever more (simply because they can) is brit-nat nonsense backed by compliant media. Go and read about the 'claim of right' - basically Scotlands historical and legal right to self-determination and a government of its choosing. Scotland only remains in UK for as long as we wish that to be the case.
  14. True - plus if the Chinese supply the smartphones then America / UK cant spy on their own citizens 😉
  15. ^ Baws. The ERG / DUP also voted against Mays deal - all be it for different reasons : however they still blocked it. Brexiters supposedly wanted to 'take back control'. Now they complain about Parliament exercising that exact sovereignty during the Brexit process. You can't have it both ways. I will ask again : you think Brexit is going well ?
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