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  1. Long time since I have heard such open animosity towards "them" at Hampden park... Was it because we were playing Ireland ? With whom we share a common dislike of the morris dancers. Or are people finally getting pissed off with brexit, johnson, no indy ref2 <etc> ?
  2. What is the origin of this tune ? Seems to have become a real tartan army anthem recently. My kids love it - which is odd as I remember it as being average cheesy 90s club track.
  3. Anyone selling a ticket for the West Stand ? Ideally a childs ticket but adult would do. Would like to take my youngest son (as well as the oldest). Post here and I will get back to you ASAP. Cheers Doug.
  4. Fantastic performance last night... The shift to back 4 line of defenders (4-2-3-1 formation) made a big difference. Against Ukraine in the play off we went 5-3-2 and got swamped in the midfield. Last night the extra midfielder made a huge difference (McGregor and McTominay were superb anchors). Interestingly the back 5 only seems to work with Tierney available. My theory is that he is smart enough to know when to step up into midfield as an extra man. Some big decisions for Steve Clarke - especially when Robertson returns!
  5. Ha : not massive! True story : Malloney was also a good tennis player and beat Andy Murray in junior tournament (who was few years younger) before opting for football
  6. This.... Sacking him would be a huge mistake (much like dumping Strachan was). Though no doubt the honeymoon is over. Absolute minimum Scotland should be finishing 2nd in this group. Clarke good enough good will in bank for me : however I am concerned by tonight's performance. Players need to take blame (and, to be fair, look knackered after long season). Losing Tierney has been huge. He makes 3-5-2 work. Basically keeps back 3 tight while also being extra man going forward at opportune moments.
  7. One of my favourite Scotland goals every was Malloney Vs Ireland at Parkhead. Surrounded by Irish in home end behind the goal - huge bounce when ball hit the net. Followed by Paddy's asking us why we didnt vote for independence in 2014 😂 Disclamer : Malloney went to my school and used to date my pals sister. Clearly talented player : but good example of a Scottish player who could have done more at this level. (but for what ever reason didn't). Clearly a league above Shane Duffy or any Irish player on park tonight.
  8. So much better: Christie and Armstrong linking up with striker. No long balls to Dykes. Extra man in midfield made big difference. Back 3 solid Ralston superb
  9. ^ This : Tierneys super power is stepping up out of defense into midfield / wing to be the "extra man". Opposition don't know how to mark him, and as result he is often our main attacking threat. As well as a very good defender. There is a reason Real Madrid and sniffing about KT : he is world class. Against Ukraine we badly needed an extra midfielder. This needs to come from sacrificing either the 5 man back line or one of the attackers.
  10. Aye - good post... Wales taught Scotland two simple lessons. Keep it tight at the back and get stuck in! I am a Clarke fan, but he got tactics wrong on Wednesday night. Ultimately we needed an extra man in midfield (McGregor and Gilmour got the run about all evening). Extra midfielder could have come from sacrificing someone from the 5 man back line or a striker. The reason we missed Tierney is that he is so good at stepping up into midfield / overlap on the wing at the right moment in the game. Often Tierney ends up being one of our main attacking threats - finding space at the right time with opposition unsure how to mark him.
  11. Interesting : Maybe west & north worse than main stand ?
  12. ^ this exactly... a steward scanning tickets would make all the difference to keep the queues moving. once one person gets stuck in the turnstile it holds everyone up. last nights chaos was all too predictable.
  13. That might be case. However stewards could stop them getting to front of queue (blocking everyone else getting in) before that happens.
  14. ^ yip ... Its not just pished folk running out nearest pub 10mins before kick off either. Hampden not the easiest ground to get to far many people. Anyone leaving work at 5pm in Edinburgh would have got to Hampden about 7.15-7.30pm by time they parked car and walked to ground (etc). Trains being off didnt help traffic either. The turnstiles are an issue, and the QR codes have made it worse
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