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  1. To my mind one vote makes little difference (of course!) However what is the alternative to democracy ? Personally I feel obliged to turn up and vote. Spoil the ballot paper if you genuinely believe in "none of the above". Putting an X in the box says to government you are watching back....
  2. 2014 changed Scotland for ever.... Made the concept of independence and self determination main stream and acceptable pub conversation. Strangely I think Brexit has made Scottish independence more likely than ever. Tories now unpicking their precious union for us. It has been a quick 4 years, however I still believe we are on the right path. Scotlands day will come.
  3. Haggis_trap

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Feel a bit a sorry for Queens Park moving out. There is some history there too....
  4. Haggis_trap

    russia poisioning

    The real question is why the Russians wanted to knock off Skripel ? Likely he was still working as a double agent for the UK government ? Under international rules people released under spy-swap programmes, such as Skripel, are never allowed to work in intelligence again. Ultimately Syria is one of the biggest lies the west has ever told. They spent years trying to get rid of Assad by funding some dubious rebel groups. It backfired and lead to massive refugee crisis - 9 million people displaced. Russia called this behaviour out which partly explains poor relationship between the nations. One thing for sure : when it comes to Skripel we will never get the full story.
  5. Haggis_trap


    The real sub-story on Anti-smetism is that Labour party is tearing itself apart. Tabloids allegations and smears are being used as a tool by the Blairites vs Corbynistas. Same for Islamophobia in the Tories (it is Remain vs Leave struggling for control of the party). Never trust the media.
  6. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    If you want a laugh read about Ress_mogg campaigning in Fife. First seat he ever stood for in 1997. Used the family nanny to drive him around door steps canvasing in a Bentley. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/election-97-old-etonian-finds-fife-a-school-of-hard-knocks-1267755.html https://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/flashback-when-jacob-rees-mogg-campaigned-in-fife-with-his-nanny-1-4792980
  7. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    I would say any attempt to put a stick in wheels of independence has back fired 90K donated and new SNP membership packs flying out the door apparently.
  8. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Fair point. Look at reaction in media, with some assuming AS is guilty for political gain. Releasing evidence (... especially witness statements) can only prejudice a future trial. There are 2 independent issues here 1) Is AS actually guilty of criminal activity and should be charged ? 2) Were civil service correct to leak one sides witness statements to press ? Time will resolve both issues. My *guess* is Daily Record ran with leaked story because they knew no charges pressed.
  9. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Yip : the real question here is who in the civil service leaked one side of story to the press ? IMHO : Daily Record have been given a nod and wink that no charges will eventually be pressed. Otherwise they are in contempt of court and have prejudiced future trial by printing official witness statement. *IF* Alex wins his case against civil service then presumably he can recover the costs ? (all be it from tax-payer!) ... and these can be donated to charity.
  10. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Clever move - take heat off Nicola and the party. He will be back. £20 donated to crowd funder. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/alexsalmond
  11. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    I disagree that Alex Salmond is necessarily yesterdays man 1) He still enjoys high profile in the media. His role in the BBC / YouTube issue was pivotal. 2) If we get a snap election then AS (along with Angus Robertson etc) would likely fancy winning back a seat and returning to Westminster. In current Brexit climate what better way to show that independence is not dead (as Ruth would like you to believe). I think AS has perhaps been a naughty boy with behaviour perhaps not fitting of a first minister / married man. However he doesn't appear to have done anything criminal. Daily Record printed story knowing charges will NOT be pressed (.... otherwise they would prejudice trial). Someone has tried to take him down specifically because Alex Salmond has influence and they fear him.
  12. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Exactly - we are only getting one side of story which was leaked to Daily Record specifically because they knew charges couldn't be pressed. Sturgeon and SNP party can only play along with investigation (witch-hunt) given nature of accusations and world we live in. Otherwise they would be accused of cover up. Ultimately no charges will be pressed. However they will try to make sure as much mud sticks as possible.
  13. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    An important observation re: Alex Salmond. The Daily record printed details of a witness statement. Presumably this means they know that no charges will be pressed. Otherwise their actions would prejudice a future trial AND threaten to expose the victims identity. AS has been a naughty boy. However it seems certain he has done nothing illegal. The real question is who in the civil service leaked one side of this story to the press (without AS being able to reply or call witness).
  14. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Details of complaint now printed by Daily Record. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/alex-salmond-accused-touching-womans-13134675 Which raises an interesting question : Why has civil serviced leaked complaint statement to press when Salmond himself wasn't allowed to see it (let alone call witness or present his own side of events). Perhaps Alex Salmond has been guilty of inappropriate behavior. Though having read details I seriously doubt that any criminal charges will be pressed.
  15. Haggis_trap

    Indy Ref 2

    Done ? Even before anyone has heard any evidence ? Certainly someone is coming out of this smelling of roses. But if Alex believe he is innocent of wrong doing then he should fight tooth and nail rather than roll over. This might yet back fire spectacularly on those who wanted to take him out. If there was something in it then it would likely have blown up in 2013/14.