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  1. ^ True. However : Scots law came up trumps here whatever ECJ decides. Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled UK government couldn't appeal to its own Supreme court. No wonder BBC has new black out.
  2. Huge implications. If parliament rejects Theresa Mays 'bad deal' then they likely wont be bound by no-deal. BBC not reporting this ruling either However UK government losing court case under Scots law doesn't make for good headlines. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/nov/08/uk-cannot-stop-brexit-article-50-case-going-to-ecj-says-scottish-court
  3. Might be wrong : but think the seeding is done on euro nation pots. So if we go up...
  4. Haggis_trap

    Out of curiosity

    I think McInnes with slightly larger / more equally resources could maybe have pipped Celtic ? Celtic have such a big squad with depth. In addition they end up buying our best players (Johnny Hayes) or taking them back (Ryan Christie). The best thing that could happen to Scottish football is non-old firm tv winning league. A modest investment into a club like Hearts, Aberdeen, Hibs with good manager and crop of young players might *just* achieve that one day....
  5. Haggis_trap


    ^ Can't be any less pleasant than the horror show that was Scotland vs Israel.... Can never be unseen.
  6. ^ Both games utterly massive... 1) WIN GROUP. nations league play off for euros AND pot 2 for main euro2020 draw 2) 2nd Place. pot 3 for euro2020 draw 3) 3rd Place. pot 4 for euro2020 draw I would say #2 or #3 means we probably wont be going to euro2020 ? A 32 team tournament with Hampden as host stadium : really cant afford to be missing out on that....
  7. Haggis_trap


    Cheers for link. Installed this free trial and IPTV started working perfectly.... So : Now certain that Virgin Media are blocking access. <f--kers> Seems I have 3 options 1) subscribe to nordvpn ($4 a month) 2) new internet provider (but virgin fastest in our area) 3) home vpn router and use Virgin router in modem mode. think I can buy a box for £20 a configure ? kind of tempted by last option ? anyone got comments / thought ?
  8. ^ Good points. Craig Brown certainly got the most out of scottish players with 5-3-2. Worryingly McLeish clearly doesnt know his best team / formation. Though he has not had much time to tinker.... Peru / Mexico was pointless with end of season call offs then Belgium and Portugal both tough fixtures. Team really needs some confidence. Biggest problem now is that Albania away match is huge. Winning group is our best chance of making Euros ... plus nations league also decides seeding for the main Euros draw Pot 2 vs. Pot 4 would make a big difference.
  9. 5-3-2 could be a great formation for Scotland... Problem is 1) We don't have many good center halves that play that system. McKenna and Soutar (who is injured) probably our best centre backs? Both still young and inexperienced at international level though. 2) Playing out from back has resulted in simple errors being made 3) In modern game the 5-3-2 -> 3-5-2 with mobile wing backs. However I am not sure that is entirely McLeish's vision. He had an obsession with that formation for over 10 years! 4) Robertson doesn't seem to play so well as left midfielder. Needs winger to link up with. Tierney is not natural centre half. Both players better for clubs in natural position.
  10. Haggis_trap


    I like Michael Stewart. Makes some great points - but then often go to far out of way to be controversial / pick argument. He could pick a fight with a paper bag. Diplomatically agreeing to disagree is far more dignified. Faddy was hardly being antagonistic.
  11. Haggis_trap


    ^ PlusNet with GenIIPTV ? FWIW : I am now fairly sure that Virgin Media are actively blocking IPTV streams. Just opened same iptv file at work (basically a proxy server via USA) and all channels play perfectly on VNC viewer. Tempted to change broadband provider as contract is up for renewal.
  12. Haggis_trap


    Just googled - seems that Virgin Media are indeed blocking IPTV services... Any techy folk got suggestion how to fix ? VPN router ?
  13. Haggis_trap


    I also have Virgin as media provider. My suspicion is they are also blocking / throttling IPTV. Last night I could watch a few random channels on GENIPTV - but not any of the Sky / BT sport ones... Any suggestions / thoughts / ideas ? Maybe a VPN ? Or different IPTV provider with built in VPN ?
  14. Haggis_trap


    well GENIPTV is all working now... didn't change any setting. incredible when it does work. frustrating when it doesn't. though given I paid 20 euros for 3 months cant complain much....
  15. Haggis_trap


    Hmmmm.... Must be something wrong at my end. I seem to get all 12 000 channels or, on occasion, absolutely nothing. Set top box is still connected to internet as I can connect to web / google play etc. However if I try and open the file on my PC to view IPTV with VLC also get nothing. I reckon it (GENIPTV) works about 60% of the time. Makes me wonder if internet provider (Virgin) has realised what I am upto and blocked access ? Any ideas ?