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  1. Check other subject ‘Spanish Home End’ . It’s all there.
  2. Just for interest I also got tickets through Spanish pal. They’re for Gol Norte 115A which according to the stadium plan someone provided is with Scotland support?
  3. No. I don’t think fans should be given points for watching the game on the telly. I’m also well aware of how points are allocated. I’m trying to engage in a reasonable debate using some examples of loyalty. I’ve already said as politely as I can as have others some suggestions for awarding points eg rewarding long term loyalty.
  4. No it couldn’t. What I said is that there might be other ways of demonstrating outstanding loyalty other than just attending away games which to many loyal supporters is simply unaffordable or not doable due to other reasonable commitments. It might not be hard for you guys to get 14 points, and tbh me neither, but for many attending an away game is at the moment an unattainable dream. For example guys who pay for membership for a family of four and take them to every home game for the last 10 years or so, often forfeiting the opportunity to attend away games as a result, I personally think are worth recognizing as much as guys who are fortunate and, to be fair, passionate enough to go to several away games. Quite how this is done I’m not sure but would think the technology is available. Anyway that’s just my opinion and if you disagree with that fair enough and that’s why there are discussion forums. See you in Seville… if I get a ticket 😉.
  5. That’s a fair point which I wasn’t aware of. However it also means that there were 5 where it wouldn’t. Even if I had 20 points I’m of the opinion that there should be other criteria in certain circumstances, albeit agree points especially for home games would be the main one. The most obvious example of it not being fair, in my opinion, was at Euro 2020. Please correct me if I’m wrong but from memory it was the same 3 or 4 thousand folk who got tickets for all three games - essentially all the folk who are able to attend all or most of the away games. No effort was made to create a system whereby more members, even long term members, could at least see one game. Whilst there wasn’t a points system at France ‘98 there is a relevance in so far as the SFA tried to distribute the tickets between the members so that, I think, most if not all members got a ticket for at least one game. I’m not advocating that if you join next week you’re in with a shout but I would hope they do something similar for Euro 2020 which recognizes not just points alone. As I’ve said it’s just my opinion.
  6. Thanks and I agree that this should also be factored in. I’ve been a member without interruption since 1989 and have attended most home games and a fair few away games and tournaments. No idea why my loyalty points are at 10 ( maybe I just bought single tickets for one campaign) as I’ve been to all those games but think my overall point is still valid. Don’t know what the cut off was for Cyprus as unable to go but suspect a lot higher than 12. I just think the points only criteria, especially away points, should be looked at to reflect wider forms of demonstrable support.
  7. That’s not the case. I buy season tickets and go to every home game. I’m on 10 points and never got a sniff of a Norway away ticket… I’m sure it will be the same for Seville so I will buy home end. I understand the points system but it has become a kind of perpetuating closed shop for away games. Maybe the solution, and I have made this suggestion to SFA, is to allocate most away tickets based on a defined number of points, but keep aside a certain percentage to be balloted among season ticket holders who would like to go. This gives other regular game goers a chance to up their points. As regards the allocation for Euro 24, hopefully that is, I don’t think it should be based on points alone, although it should be one criteria, but I do think season ticket holders also need to get a shout. Many of us are in the very fortunate position to have the time and funds to attend away games, but there are thousands of great supporters who are not, but for whom Euro 24 will be a lifetime event which I think they deserve to be given at least a chance to attend.
  8. See-you-Jimmy hats? Just why!!!
  9. Suggest you join this. They usually pick a suitable venue and you just sign up. It’s pretty well organized. https://m.facebook.com/groups/125134094198493/
  10. Only on 10 points so unlikely I’ll be successful on Tuesday. Looking for two tickets anywhere in the ground. Cheers.
  11. Hi all and thanks for your replies. The tickets are now sold, Cheers
  12. Ok - ph number 07727212244 and can arrange. Cheers
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