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  1. Fraser did himself no favors with what he said in his interview but that reaction is well OTT imo. No one bats an eyelid when clubs dump injured players at the end of their contracts on the scrap heap every close season but we're meant to be outraged when a player does the same to a club?! F***. Right. Off! BTW Fraser isn't exactly my favorite player right now as he essentially downed tools for the national team last season too but the fact is the guy was out of contract and had every right to do right by himself first.
  2. Yeah I agree, Dykes so far has been a pleasant surprise in these two matches! I really hope he has a good run in the Championship this year and carries that over for us! I've no issue with McBurnie but it just doesn't seem to be clicking with him with Scotland for whatever reason and can see Dykes moving above him in the pecking order Nae bother! 👍
  3. Respectfully disagree with most of this. We've shown in the past a team with a lower standard of players can beat world class teams with the right system, Walter Smith and McLeish Mk1 were proof of that. I'm not saying Steve Clarke is a bad manager but I'm just not sure he's up to motivating this squad. Clarke only realistically had top 6 to achieve with Killie, no one expected him to top or separate the old firm, qualification is a total different kettle of fish. Also loads of different coaches have worked under those guys and people like Sir Alex, how many of his assistants have
  4. Even Smith would struggle to make this side hard to beat! The difference between the defenders he had compared to now is stark!
  5. An interesting point, which you could argue gives all 3 the incentive to pick younger players not regularly starting with their EPL or ECL clubs whereas we fill our squad with dross that are clearly not up to international level rather than taking a punt on a younger player like Gilmour for example
  6. All 3 imo have a much better balance of squad whereas we have no decent right back, all our CBs (in this squad) are lefties, no real goal scorer and we're trying to shoehorn in 2 world class left backs into the team to the detriment of both. The main thing I'm clinging onto for the time being is that before he was getting decent results, Michael O'Neill had a horrible record while trying to find the right system for NI, I'm hoping Clarke is going through a similar time and will eventually crack it. Add in some promising youngsters and we could have a future squad to match the like of Wal
  7. 😂 true! But they’ll certainly be concerned if Slavia Prague follow through with their threat of pulling their players out of the squad
  8. There’s absolutely no way after just competing in and winning a game that they couldn’t field a full squad! They’re at it and the game should be forfeited! I have a feeling this is underhand tactics from the Czechs to disrupt our preparations. I’ll not be surprised if the game is forced to go ahead by UEFA and we still lose.
  9. Imo we had better players (especially in 16) many of which were far more creative than anyone we had tonight! Our major problem back then was self sabotage. We had moments of great creativity and often followed that up with defensive catastrophes! Now we’re compact but utterly clueless going forward
  10. Hope any of you who paid for a photo of yourself on a seat tonight get your money back! Just noticed during the post match analysis they’ve been stuck in the bt stand completely out of shot of the tv cameras 🤣🤣 that just sums the SFA up
  11. Only positive was Israel didn’t have the balls to go for the jugular! That was utter pish! Don’t think the formation was the problem it’s just the players were pish on the night, they had no ideas how to break down a stubborn defence If we somehow manage to fluke our way to the finals next year it will be an embarrassment if we come up against a top class side.
  12. Strange you've not got it to work! I've got the app on my iPhone and it connects to a chromecast! Also got the app on my PS4 which works a treat.
  13. Offt! 4 full backs and only 3 CBs? Not seen the press conference but I'm guessing Findlay and Hanley are injured? I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but Hanley and least merits a place in the squad surely?! God only knows how he's going to line up that squad but my guess will be something along the lines of: Marshall Tierney - Cooper - McKenna - Robertson McTominay Forrest Christie McGregor McGinn McBurnie
  14. Seriously look into these Now TV packages before you sign up to Sky Sports, they could save you a packet in the long run depending on how often you watch live football!
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