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  1. It’s gone a bit off topic but it is connected. If the right people were running the SFA ridiculous managerial appointments like Alex McLeish wouldn’t have happened and the O’Neill embarrassment may not have occurred so publicly
  2. Steady on, 2 failures. His first was realistically over before he even got started due to Levein. The 2016 Euro’s campaign was a failure as we should have finished 3rd in that group and could have finished 2nd! The 2018 World Cup group was tough but not impossible. I honestly didn’t think we were qualifying from that but after a shakeup start he nearly turned it around so he deserved credit for that! I wanted him sacked after the home draw against Lithuania but he eventually won me round and I couldn’t believe the SFA let him go. I wonder when Henry McLeish is going to just come out and just say he’s the man for the job. He’s obviously been after it ever since he wrote that report
  3. Christ he’s been away that long I’m completely forgetting about Griffiths so aye fair point! I can’t disagree with that in fairness
  4. Fair point about Fraser but Forrest has definitely played wing back for Celtic in the past. You could also deploy Palmer at RWB As for your nonsense point about it being a 90s formation we used it to good effect against England at home in 2017 and it’s currently the formation Celtic have used to go on an unbeaten run since they lost the last OF game. I'm not saying it’ll definitely work but with the right players it could have a chance. Off the top of my head if we had everyone available Hanley, Findlay and Tierney would be my CB choices. Swap Tierney for McKenna for the play offs take your pick from any of our midfielders to fill the 3 spaces Naismith up front with McGinn/Christie in a free roll off him. A winner I’m telling you 😂
  5. 😂 Indeed! Never going to claim I'm an expert. So are you not a fan of a back 3 or just the players I mention for right wing back (which are decidedly dodgy I'll admit but our choices are limited)?
  6. Aye I wouldn't risk it for the play offs either but wondered if it's something that could be experimented on after (whether we qualify or not). I've also seen Robertson swapping over with Arnold during Liverpool games and the thought also crossed my mind of moving Robertson over too, but then you're risking seriously reducing our best players ability to get forward and supply crosses on his stronger foot. The more I think on it the more i'm coming round to to the idea of a back 3 with 2 wing backs (Robertson left and either Forrest or Fraser on the right)
  7. Seeing as we played Tierney as a makeshift right back what are peoples views on trying Taylor there? He has definite quality so could he be an option, but is he good enough to risk replacing Palmer for the playoffs (not that I think Palmer has done much wrong)
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51292636 Craig Gordon could be on his way back to Hearts. This could be good for us if he gets regular game time, I'd much rather have him in goal than any of the other options currently available!
  9. No for me. He's found his level and is far too inconsistent, bit of an attitude problem too if i recall.
  10. Hanley is one that I honestly can't make my mind up on! I think you're being harsh by saying he's always been horrendous but he has had some dodgy moments. He's playing now at a higher level than Cooper against harder opposition and is he honestly any worse a defender than McKenna or Gallacher? Part of me wants him to play due to his experience but the other part doesn't coz it's Hanley lol
  11. I renewed this year after saying I wouldn't be. Basically shat it when I saw that the ticket prices for the Israel game were actually sensible but that looks to have back fired on me seeing how sales have gone. If we're still properly rank after the next qualifiers run their course then thats me. Done. I joined after missing out on the Holland play off game after attending all the previous home qualifiers that year.
  12. Eh aye it is, via the BBC gossip page if you must know. aye I know the source doesn't exactly have a great history of getting every story correct (and just making up wild nonsense) but a story involving a Ross County striker possibly interesting a couple of lower English Championship teams is a bit of a random lie to try and shift a few copies or generate clicks! I wouldn't have even bothered with it if i hadn't remembered this thread! I guess you're one of those guys that are right in with the insider knowledge and don't need to both with the press like the rest of us 😉
  13. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/stoke-city-blackburn-chase-ross-21017692 Blackburn and Stoke now looking at him!
  14. No he wasn’t! I picked up on at least 3 snide comments. I’m utterly sick of the Sky coverage. Its embarrassing the FA make sure England games are always on terrestrial band we’re expected to to pay a subscription for ours! BBC Scotland would provide better and more positive coverage which is embarrassing for a company the size of Sky
  15. Aye a wee bit late lads but cheers all the same 😂😂
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