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  1. Shame, he was one of my favorite players over the last 10 years. As many have said he'd have had many more caps if not for a couple of really bad injuries! I'm pretty sure we had to do with out him for the majority of the Euro 16 qualifiers where, at his peak, he could have made the difference in a couple of those games that saw us lose out again.
  2. Aye why not?! We can go one better and not even tell them it's happening! We'll round them up by jumping them and putting a bag over their head SAS style!! Bag comes off and their in an army training camp in the highlands with Clarke in full Gunnery Seargent Hartman mode. Couldn't hurt could it?
  3. In a perfect world aye, but can you imagine how those conversations between Clarke and the club managers (especially Gerrard and Lennon) would go if that was suggested? Not a chance the clubs would be up for that. I also seriously doubt many players would be keen to join up for that given they barely have any time off between the end of the season and the start of pre-season these days either. There's an international break in June anyway so that also scuppers that idea
  4. That isn't an option now with the introduction of the nations league and us being in a 6 team group. All international breaks for the foreseeable future require us to play a competitive game. Can't argue much with everything else you've said though
  5. We do have a decent midfield!! On paper at least anyway, 7 of our midfield squad play in one of the top leagues in Europe! So far we've just not been able to find a way to make a decent unit out of them. My only concern so far with Clarke's tactics is that this backs to the wall defending and lumping it up to a lone striker that can't actually hold up the ball (Burke, McBurnie) is completely taking the midfield out of the equation. Clarke obviously needs time to get things right but he also needs to show he's going to use that time wisely! O'Neill spent his initial 3 years working with promising young NI players and eventually it came good. I know he's been hampered by injuries but players like Mulgrew should not be in the side again, he's done! These next 3 games are about getting our promising U21s in the A squad and seeing what they can do. Gilmour especially! If they're good enough it won't do their career prospects any harm. D Fletcher got his debut before he'd kicked a ball for the Man U first team and look how that turned out!
  6. What did Marshall do wrong last night? First 2 Goals were fantastic strikes and his defense were to blame for the next 2! I would keep Palmer in, SOD is chronic! My only complaint was how narrow he was playing at times but I noticed Robertson doing the same quite often so maybe he was instructed to. Agree with Mulgrew being dropped, he's done unfortunately and has been for a while. Can't argue with the rest of your choices.
  7. I might be completely making this up but I seem to remember a couple of games we did ok with Snodgrass up front as a lone striker. I wouldn't be against giving Palmer another shot at RB but BBC don't have him in the squad options
  8. kwhitelaw


    He wasn't bad when he was at Morton last season on loan and I'd have had him back over the 2 roasters we currently have. He definitely has promise, he had a blinder against Dundee a couple of weeks ago in the Friday night live game and earned Queens a decent draw!
  9. Hi all I’ve got a mate on holiday in Chicago hoping to watch the game on Thursday (Christ knows why lol). Can anyone recommend any pubs or supporters clubs that would be showing it? cheers.
  10. He was exactly the kind of manager that we needed at this time. Someone that has a history of being able to organise a team to be hard to beat which he did at WBA and more recently at Killie. He's not going to turn things around overnight unfortunately and he's having (IMO) to also rebuild the confidence of a pool of players that has been utter shattered by the previous manager. Remember 2 of his games have been against Belgium. While I agree that he's no way international class, Stephen O'Donnell was brought in by McLeish and unfortunately there's no better option just now. Palmer may eventually come good but it's not looking great! Tierney is our best option but he won't be ready until the November games Re Devlin, I agree with you but then again he's not going to be an automatic starter, that'll be Mulgrew and Cooper/Hanley I would imagine, so he's only cover. I'm guessing he's ahead of Bates as he's not starting regularly for Sheffield Weds?
  11. 😂 If you had told me 3 seasons ago when on loan at Morton, Lawrence Shankland would be getting called up to the Scotland squad I'd have laughed uncontrollably in your face. Fair play to the lad for turning his career right around! Would have been so easy for him to go the other way!
  12. I hate saying this as a Morton fan but I wouldn't be looking at the fact he got a hat trick as any great feat as by all accounts we were utterly shambolic on Saturday! It's never going to happen anyway 1. Would Clarke even risk it? I know the remaining games are effectively friendlies but imagine chucking him in against San Marino (the only team we could remotely justify playing him against) and we struggle to score again! Clarke would be torn apart for it! 2. Who would we omit from the squad in his place? All our strikers play at a higher level and it would be a kick in the teeth for any of those strikers to be dropped for a Scottish Championship Striker. and 3, would he even fit into the style of play Clarke is trying to impose? I really don't see him fitting in as a lone striker capable of holding up the ball (not that any of our current strikers are doing that to any great effect anyway)
  13. It's not nonsense at all! All those players individually will have no doubt earned their own development cost back in the transfer fees they have generated, but for everyone of them there are countless other players who don't make the grade and are essentially money down the drain! That's why clubs are less interested in producing their own youth these days. These schools have only been going since 2012. Less than 7 years ffs! Were the SFA/clubs/whoever honestly expecting a whole national squad capable of qualifying for a major tournament in that short time?
  14. I'm all for doing this at Hampden! Just not sure how we'd fill the extra 10,000 seats though 😂
  15. Aye I'm sure a while back on another thread I listed all the games Tierney played RB and as you say we never lost! As the OP originally stated McGrain could do it so why can't Tierney? I'm pretty sure a few years back Belgium themselves had the same task of trying to fit in 4 world class defenders and managed it fine
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