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  1. For me, folk aren't just booing Malky McKay, they're booing the SFA for employing him in the first place. At the time of McKay's appointment, no serious football outfit would touch him with a bargepole, particularly to positions of significant influence. So the fact that McKay was given this position is a further example of poor judgement from the SFA as well as a jobs-for-the-boys mentality.
  2. Anybody know which end is the Scotland end for the Argentina game on Wednesday 19 June at Parc de Princes?
  3. Armstrong would run at defences under Strachan, so I wouldn't put it all down to Faddy. That said, McLeish has said during both his tenures that he want his players to be gallus and I can see how having Faddy as assistant coach could be part of that philosophy.
  4. It was an inflated Euros last time around - and we failed to make a play-off place then. This time around we have. That's progress. We're nowhere near the finished article - areas like defensive midfield need to improve and clarity over the right back position would help. But we're going in the right direction.
  5. Logged into my SSC account just now and my point for the Albania home game doesn't seem to be included in my total. Anybody else not had their home match point(s) added to their total?
  6. The Hungary game booted EastEnders off BBC 1, so I don't think your B friendly in the middle of the night stands. BBC Scotland were happy to give a pointless friendly prime billing to muck about with their schedules, then came back for our next two away games. That's kind of my point, we've gone from being part of the "round up" of other matches (meanwhile, in Group D...) on ITV, or being live on somewhat obscure or internet-only channels to being the main event on BBC 1 Scotland. They're even repeating the Mexico game in full at a more sociable hour, even though most folk could watch it on the iPlayer if they wanted to. All we need now is for BBC Scotland to show highlights of our competitive games when they come round and not play second billing to England's games.
  7. Peru and Mexico games both live on BBC1 Scotland! But I'm sure its just a coincidence that Regan leaves then the next 3 away games are live on terrestrial telly. He was such an asset when was in post and only helped, never hindered, the promotion of our national game...
  8. I wouldn't let the SSC escape criticism on this. Customer service of the Club has been dropping for years now and I'd have zero confidence in their ability to negotiate a decent allocation or even have it as a priority to get a decent allocation in the first place.
  9. When was the last time BBC Scotland successfully bidded to show a friendly (apart from this week's match against Hungary)?
  10. Just resurrecting this topic from November. Stewart Regan resigns and the very next away game is live on BBC 1 Scotland. Was Regan a blocker of terrestrial telly showing Scotland games? Should we expect better coverage from either BBC Scotland or STV going forward? Or was the Hungary game just a blip and normal lack of service should resume shortly?
  11. I'd be interested to know who these fundamentalists are that have unquestioning faith in the natural sciences. Even Richard Dawkins gives himself a 7 out of 8 (or equivalent) on the atheist scale.
  12. The Times has a paywall so can't read the full article but the first couple of paragraphs sound like this thread is the source for the story! "According to reports..." "Speculation ..." Happy New Year to all the lazy sport "journalists" reading this!
  13. I can watch Wales' friendly against Panama live tonight on the BBC iPlayer. I'm certain that the SFA have thoroughly investigated their own situation and there's quite literally nothing to be done to gain parity with the Welsh. Keep up the great work SFA!
  14. Let me be clear: 1. Is the current state of affairs crap? Yes 2. Do I think the SFA give a rat's erse? No I don't think they do. 3. Is it the broadcasters' choice what to broadcast? Of course it is. 4. Have the SFA exhausted all possible avenues to positively influence said broadcasters to improve the situation? No, I think they've just been sitting there scratching their erse.
  15. Scottish system priorities maximum coin from the game, mainly via The Old Firm. Short term goals are king, long term development and qualifying for tournaments aren't really part of the "plan".
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