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  1. Credibility with whom? 😉 😉 😂 every developed country in the world try to play the political games through a variety of gain political dominance. The Saudis are just not that good at it.... good documentary for you.... seven sisters. Watch come back to me.... I'll be in the ferry for pre match drinks... You can buy me a beer to say thanks for opening your mind.
  2. Awwwwww the uneducated..... gotta love them... like a poor wee dog... just pity them and tap them a top thier small vacant head. Get your faces out the red top newspapers.... there is more than page 3 or Jordan's latest sexual escapade to read about.... how does Scotland's striker worries get on to Jimmy saville and warcrimes?😂😂😂😂 Us Scots!! Could have been a great nation if we didn't bicker so much.... you do make me chuckle though
  3. The slave trade was going for a couple if hundred years? 😂😂😂😂 the slave trade was on the go since the homosapien became the dominant species on the planet..... it was the brits who industrialised it...... silly sausage
  4. Some uneducated mis informed forgetful people on here. You need to stop reading the sun newspaper or swallowing the socialist stuff that they are feeding you. Do the Americans not kill people that have never been convicted or tryed in a court of law using drones? Do they not fight proxy wars? Did they not ruin Iraq and Libya? Do we not do exactly the same? Do the Israelis not constantly commit crimes against humanity in Palestine? Did the brits not conqure 1/3 of the world then start the slave trade? Saudi is trying to move forward and change its ways. Mohammad bin Salman is trying to open the country up and bring it in line with international laws. You ever been saudi? I have... go educate your selves you silly sausage.... America and Britton are way worse than saudi!
  5. My thoughts, Frazer was a flop at rwb. Should have been pulled at half time. This ment we went left or central and thus became too predictable and couldn't break down the compact well drilled faroes. .. who may i add are no whipping boys any more. We needed the 3 points and got them! 3 more boys 😉😉
  6. Mate, I'm working in Wrexham Wales til 06:00 then gotta go Crewe to pick up my missus, Drop my car into BMW, then driving up.... Smash a couple o tenants on the way up grab a hours kip if im no too excited to sleep then going to the Ferry for pre match perty.... Rock and Roll!!!
  7. im sure she'll love it, my wee man used to love it...nowadays he is to into gaming to come watch the footy with his old man
  8. i managed to get some the other day. was sold out previously but just phoned on the off chance had a wee flirt we the old wifey who answered the phone and bosh... got me 2 tickets
  9. get in tae thum and overwhelm them. they wont know whats hit them
  10. Yeah we need to capitalize on those situations. We are not blessed with goals either so The fact that we can have an opportunity to get the big lads up and ping one in to them must be utilized better. When was the last time we scored from a corner???
  11. Moldova game was QR and there was one stuard who was about 20yards from the turnstyle... they had 4 turnstyles to watch over but they were also dealing with the fans query's and people who had problems gaining access. TBF the stewards are prob on less than minimum wage so couldn't give a toss who does what and that compiled with the fact that they will be checking covid passports i should imagine that they wont be watching the gates to see who is doing what.
  12. im coming up fae Crewe... No to far behind you
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