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  1. He would put mctominay in goal if that was the only way of getting him in the side. is shankland getting a game for beerschot he has only had 3 games I see.
  2. Being a seed is probably all about avoiding the one maybe more than one big name that has fallen into the play offs . Italy/Spain/Portugal . However we could be a seed and end up with Czech Republic again. We could be non- seeded and end up with Serbia away again we would live with that but they would be difficult with a full house behind them this time
  3. Think this is where our tv contract is a fail in that a top of the table clash with rangers and hearts isn’t live nor was Hibs
  4. Not sure if I would fancy playing Wales but would certainly take it
  5. We could get them again in the play off first game as it’s two from three from Wales , Czech Republic and Austria via nations league
  6. I see your point we could get Czech Republic at home as a seed , we know how well that went last time
  7. Still possible Portugal , Spain and Italy could end up in the play offs, i am assuming there will be some kind of seeding of the seeds. they won’t risk 2 of these 3 meeting each other in a play off final
  8. Been saying that for about two years on here
  9. What is mctominay midfield “role” supposed to be tonight so far he gives the ball away frequently , no where near their players or maybe free kick maestro
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