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  1. 4-6 weeks is the end of the season , can see arsenal playing hardball if we say he is fit, they will say he needs rested .
  2. Does Bruce not keen on Ryan Fraser or is he injured again.
  3. There is no way they would risk the backlash , remember the backlash with the Diana funeral all those years ago
  4. Surely they can do at 1230 game , a 1730 game and the rest on Sunday .
  5. My concern would be arsenal pulling rank saying they don’t think he is fit enough for euros
  6. Four to six weeks for tierney out not good news
  7. So tomorrow is the day Dublin is probably out now , with games being moved to Manchester
  8. Rumours wolves want to make a bid for him , wolves fans understandably less than ecstatic
  9. Any option for small crowds at the final or is it not something that the Scottish government have on the agenda
  10. The further east you go there seems to be more confidence with fans getting in generally.
  11. This is topical again as UEFA want communication from host cities by this Wednesday 7th April what the plans for fans are. I assume it still means no fans means no games , although appears that we may get 3000 tickets for wembley even in a 10000 limited crowd . I think it’s touch and go whether NS gives the go ahead even for some crowds 2 months before .
  12. I do want gilmour to be eventually in the side but we can’t have players not playing club football to be suddenly playing finals tournaments . perhaps gilmour needs to go out on loan somewhere in the summer as he doesn’t seem to be in Tuchel plans
  13. Better than I thought last night fraser looks a better international player than a club player for me recently. Forwards against better quality opposition will still be a problem unfortunately However last night showed that we gave Austria too much respect they aren’t anything special, Denmark will be too strong for us though. dykes and mcburnie are both a mixture of the same thing and are both pretty useless and we need to find forwards from somwhere . we need to move on from the thoughts of griffiths though his brief moments in the sun were years ago now.
  14. Fraser I feel needs to play as he is one of the few that offers a goal threat . He is unusual in that he is one of our few players who do look comfortable at international level, he looks better at international level that he does at club level .
  15. I feel we will be the ones looking unfit as we have such poor fitness levels and I suspect it’s not something that gets overly looked at during training
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