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  1. The standard is fairly substandard probably league two in England level and that is being kind. it’s over 3 decades since roger milla and co but they have not really developed after pele saying one of them would win the world cup, can’t remember by when but it’s long past anyway . I think the problem is most of the teams have a name or two but the rest of the side is probably junior standard . concern is more of these sides are being shoehorned into World Cup and with a 48 team World Cup the standard will be horrendous till the diddies get eliminated
  2. Think the problem is that he has an excellent game like tonight , but he can then follow that with some horrendous performances
  3. But is crap in whatever position he plays for us unfortunately
  4. I backed smith 25/1 each way before it started
  5. When is our mentality going to change though , when are we going to see ourselves as responsible enough to make our own decisions . indeed when does the your Scottish government knows what is best for you going to change if ever. They have control over our lives and won’t let go and people seem to have accepted it. who is swinney to tell people where they should be travelling to. we survived for generations with making our own decisions , yet so many of the population cannot survive without being told what is best for them now.
  6. Whatever happens he does need to get himself away from there but once the fans turn turn it’s difficult to turn them back. Although the problem he still has is it’s difficult to step up , if an experience at Norwich has been a failure . However the bar was set at an unrealistic level regarding his abilities and what was expected of him at Norwich
  7. His “form” shows one assist and no goals since he got there
  8. He is a good player but he isn’t at the level we put him at though. He is still far too lightweight to be significant at the middle to upper levels of the premier league . Fulham would be very good fit with his style of play , giving him a relative pressure free atmosphere to fully develop and their style would suit him . if Norwich suggest he returns he isn’t going to be going higher
  9. Where would gilmour go next though he is quite lightweight for the premier league thats the main issue. I can see him doing okay at somewhere like Fulham or Bournemouth
  10. Agreed and some bloke in England says the peak may have already passed, so someone is telling lies to suit their own agenda
  11. With leitch saying today that they expected peak of case numbers late January early February , tells you there will be no return to crowds mid January . whilst we focus on case numbers here as opposed to the outcome of them nothing will change here
  12. The whole man united team was dreadful in the first half and not much better in the second . fraser had a good game though
  13. Her different path has not been successful any previous time though , never got rid of masks here yet at times numbers have been even worse here . I do feel the tide is changing though was “queuing” outside Pandora last week to buy a Xmas present , guy in front of me was asked if he would put on a mask , he said he doesn’t do masks and he was allowed to proceed into the shop as of course it is only “guidance “ I did have one on actually but they are completely pointless and prevent nothing.
  14. But didn’t a public panel not sure where they came from support the governments zero Covid strategy , whereas down south it’s we have to learn to live with it. There is another meeting tomorrow , could she close hospitality completely again.
  15. Mrs S saying cases all time high in Scotland means zero unless these are backed up by hospitalisation stats , in relation to this all time high. People need to stop encouraging this with unnecessary testing .
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