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  1. After steadily going upwards for the last couple of years managed a decent round in the pissing rain yesterday, 38 points in the Stableford with 2 no scorers, good enough for second place. More importantly cut from 10.9 to 10.1
  2. Fletcher off with a bad injury according to Soccer Saturday Fraser with a goal and assist so far
  3. Iceland at Hampden October 1984, won 3 nil, unwisely thought it thought they would all be like that
  4. Gordon out Bates, Bain, Jack and McTominey called up
  5. Where did you see this, think he’s only back playing in the last couple of weeks after being out injured for a couple of months
  6. I’m getting the same on the bottom of the page when using an IPad, starts with an O2 advert and if you close it then another then another then another
  7. Stuart Armstrong scored for Southampton last night
  8. Joint 2nd last week in France as well, two cracking putts on 72nd and play off holes
  9. Looked nervy with the putter towards the end but cracking birdie to finish when realistically he would have been happy with a par
  10. Nailed a monster putt at 18 for 2nd place on his own, could still be caught by Walters
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