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  1. Jmcq

    Play off tickets

    Cheers. Im sure be no probs getting tickets today just planning wen I'll get time.
  2. Jmcq

    Play off tickets

    What time they go on sale is it 9 o clock
  3. Watching bardsley tonight and played very well. What actually happened with him. Did he retire or say he didn't want to play. Or just not picked. Could of been on 50+ caps by mow
  4. Marshal Palmer mckenna cooper robertosn Mctominay fleck Mcginn Christie naismith fraser Mctominay and fleck can interchange support the forwards when needed and sit back when needed. Definitely wouldn't want 2 defensive midfielders but both offer so much more than thst Mc
  5. Wen u think they will start selling semi final play off tickets. Would make aense to start sttaight after draw but typical sfa prob wait until 1st of march. Also can imagine the chaos if we win and are at home for final trying to get tickets. Would love to think they have a good plan for that. But more than likely not.
  6. Was watching MOTD last night and was quite refreshing to see so many scots. Nearly every game had atleast one interest. Some of them even 2
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