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  1. Tricky to tell as he's not got a Wikipedia entry and it looks like Rangers website hasn't been updated with his first team profile. But he's represented us at various youth levels so I'm not gonna argue
  2. Following the End of Season speech at Rugby Park and Alex Dyer's BBC Interview it's beginning to look now like a badly kept secret rather than just paper talk.
  3. Am I the only one still paranoid that it's only toilet rag newspapers and someone going in to edit Clarke's Wikipedia page that are confirming the news? Not counting any chickens yet
  4. Would be class if they stopped throwing touchline bans at Steve Clarke if they actually wanted him to take the job...
  5. Fully agree. I suppose it's easy to become naïve to the whole situation with all the piss paper talk flying around. I'm more or less resigned to expecting a Moyes appointment that we're going to have to live with.
  6. I see any talk of Bilic has died flat on it's arse seemingly. Would be my first choice. In terms of Moyes v Clarke v Gemmill, I don't see it being Clarke. I'd settle for Moyes and am not totally against Gemmill. But I also said I would settle for McLeish. So probably I'm not the best person to go by. My point being is that disappointingly we seem happier to "settle" for managers rather than go outside the box. Your likes of Burley, Levein, Strachan all seemed like the logical next the queue and I think Moyes fits this category so seems most likely. Credit to them for exploring options if the likes of Advocaat, Wilmots and Arena are actually on the table, as questionable as those may be. It seems like everyone wants a sure-fire but also inspiring appointment which we will never get in equal measure. I think Clarke isn't a universally popular choice but probably the one most likely to please the highest percentage of folk.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48052136 Apologies if this was posted before. But an interesting read from Mark Wotte who was the performance director not so long ago. Interesting to note he mentions that it's half and half people with new ideas vs the old process from his experience. One part resonated with me: "If there is an experienced coach with different insights, that's got to be helpful to qualify for the next rounds. You participate in Europe so you need to have a European standard - not a Scottish standard." This is why I think we would be much better going for a Moyes or Billic or the other random names getting dropped into the hate versus a domestic heavyweight like Clarke or McInnes. As mentioned before there's every chance both of those would pale in comparison to international standards like a Levein or Burley
  8. On the plus side for non-members and newer folk I think that these tickets will be properly priced (e.g not £1 like in Kazakhstan) which should mean it won't be pick up only meaning there will be at least some second hand tickets going about. Having said that given the relative ease of getting to Belgium compared to the rest of the trips this campaign I'd reckon we might have more travelling that our ticket allocation will allow.
  9. Nothing in the news to suggest anything. They hardly need encouragement to start rumours in the press. I would wager that a lot of people are taking a punt on Moyes when he was a longer shot compared to any other candidate hence they might just be protecting themselves by slashing odds. But maybe they know something we don't.
  10. Sven Goran Erickson - I just don't see it happening Think Allardyce would be more likely in all honesty
  11. Are we just going to ignore the "revealed shortlist" spawned from the Daily Record is completely made up? Can't wait to see the headlines of a "Shock new candidate" (hopefully Billic) come out in the next few weeks
  12. BBC reporting that the SFA are working on a shortlist today before making contact with each candidate. No mention of whether or not the same panel of persons are involved in the appointment. I am in agreement with Tom English's remarks that the same people appointing McLeish are discredited and shouldn't be pulling the strings on the next selection, but I don't see it. I await the next announcements with baited breath
  13. It was only a matter of time before someone soured the tone of this topic. I suppose this is another topic due for closure since as a collective group we are unable to productively discuss anything that involves Rangers like adults.
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