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  1. N4Footsoldier


    Usual 120 days before the game per UEFA regulations. But we should expect Stade Roi Baudouin (Brussels) We'll probably take public transport from Amsterdam heading there the day after the home game on the Saturday as AMS will be much more accessible. Also gives the chance of stopping off in Antwerp for a wee look as well. Looking forward to this one actually despite the probability of getting our arses handed to us for 90mins.
  2. N4Footsoldier


    SM national home games average a 1-2 thousand attendance - 6000 seater stadium I'm sure there will be enough tickets up for grabs.
  3. N4Footsoldier

    Karamoko Dembele

    Not to stir the pot but Fleck has come onto a game recently :p
  4. N4Footsoldier

    Karamoko Dembele

    End of the day I think we're putting far too much stock into whether or not a 15 year old kid will choose to play for us internationally. If we are so keen to rely on one player in such a lengthy discussion then we are having problems! Of course he will be in the spotlight as he matures into senior football but let's see how things develop. Can't help but consider the Islam Feruz example - now 23 years old with 23 senior loan appearances and 0 goals across 3 years and now relatively unheard of. Can only be left disappointed when we sensationalise young talent.
  5. N4Footsoldier

    Travel from Kazakhstan

    Thanks for the input on this. We're now Astana - Kiev (1 night in Kiev) Kiev - Bologna
  6. N4Footsoldier


    Finally got round to sorting this Flying Heathrow - Warsaw Sunday 17th Warsaw - Astana Night time Monday 18th So a night and a full day in Warsaw to look forward to! Not booked way back yet until we figure out whether or not to go to San Marino
  7. N4Footsoldier


    This is definitely a point worth making given that Astana and Almaty are over 1200km apart. So you're buggered if you go to the wrong place! Looking at Kazakhstan's fixtures it seems they've only played one home game in Almaty since the start of 2016. So if you;ve booked Astana you're probably safe but I'm gonna hold off just in case.
  8. N4Footsoldier

    Travel from Kazakhstan

    Right let's get this talking point out of the way. Any ideas on the best routes back to San Marino from Kazakhstan for that opening double header? From my initial checks the easiest way back into Italy as such would be Astana to Rome (with a stopover) with Rome being over 4 hours from San Marino by car. Would be surprised if too many people were doing both of these games but any ideas feel free to fire them here.
  9. N4Footsoldier

    Iron Horse

    Here Here. While it's not my first choice for a drink on match days I have visited it and we need to hold on to our decreasing establishments that are willing to put on matchday events to get a good buzz about the games. Signed.
  10. I would think it's Conembol's decision to go ahead given it's their competition. But would be surprised if FIFA didn't retrospectively weigh in Beggars belief the whole thing. Bookies seem to have missed a trick too as River Plate even to this moment are around evens to win, not that I'm throwing any tips out there, surely Boca can't put on a winning performance now. Would be heroic if they did.
  11. N4Footsoldier


    We avoided Tirana but would definitely make sure we visit there if we get them again. Shkoder was fine but not much going on by a long stretch. As we've said tho the trip was fantastic. Good to see a successful international double header where our loyalty gets vindicated!
  12. N4Footsoldier

    Bevy in the stadium

    I didn't even know the gov website did pages for specific games and grounds. Thought it was a pisstake at first
  13. N4Footsoldier

    Bevy in the stadium

    Any helpful input for this one?
  14. N4Footsoldier

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    Me and my mate were gonna see if there were any boozers around the ferry port just so it's handy as there seems to be a lot of inconsistency between different sources of info for how early to be. However having no knowledge of Bari I'm hoping someone on here can shed better light on where best to start
  15. N4Footsoldier

    To top the group is a win any better than a draw ?

    I think what it comes down to this weekend is that we can't win the group in the next game with Albania but we can certainly put ourselves out of contention if we lose badly!