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  1. Marshall Palmer Gallagher McKenna Taylor Jack McGregor McGinn Christie Shankland Forrest Ideally we could play this like a 4-3-3 with 3 centre-mids that can keep a hold of the ball to keep us up the park. Hopefully to Christ we don't start McBurnie as imo he's a complete passenger. Don;t mind Naismith as a replacement level striker up top. As long as the midfielders are positionally aware enough to help the back 4 when we lose the ball then we could be ok. Lately we've been far too easy to break away against it's been hard to watch at times. Also wouldn't mind someone like an Armstrong in there who can drive with the ball from deep. If Jack doesn't start given the form he's in then he's never likely to start and no point constantly calling him up.
  2. Aye good point, my eyes must be painted on
  3. You know this came out about 4 years ago
  4. Given our striker shambles at the minute I feel like if Che Adams ever was interested in playing for us it would have happened by now
  5. https://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/data/method5/crank2020.html After last night Scotland up to 16th - Cyprus up to 15th Looking at the link I think this might be right. 13th place currently has 5 teams, and Switzerland and Greece look like they were given 5 teams but now dropping to 20th and 17th, presumably they started the season 14th and 15th. Cyprus are within touching distance and have only 1 team left in Europe. Unfortunately APOEL Nicosia have a very kind group draw and I would expect them to progress. Rangers in a strong position but still not job done for 2 teams in the knockouts - which would be the first time since 2007 we've had 2 teams in Europe past Christmas btw
  6. On the plus side the striped pattern will help hide the various alcohol and sweat stains suffered over the course of an away trip!
  7. If anyone in this day an age thinks players on an EPL or world stage have any say whatsoever in their media and online appearance, then I invite them to watch the screeds of interviews on Match of The Day of dozens of professionals all saying the same thing or at least having the same structured answers to every question. Clubs and corporates have micromanaged the soul out of global football I'm afraid. Not too much to read into the bio. That said, his exclusion is a bitter pill to swallow, exacerbated by the complete certainty that he will play at least 1 of Arsenal's upcoming 2 matches before the break. Mark my words
  8. Do we have an exact pick up point in place for this one yet?
  9. Tierney is officially becoming the Jordan Rossiter of international football.
  10. Looks like Naismith replacing Russell. I don't particularly rate either Russell or Phillips but they do give us something a bit different than Naismith who's a pretty standard centre forward (past his best). Elsewhere in the striker debate, I still struggle to see what McBurnie has done at any juncture whether domestically or internationally to warrant the call ups. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the first striking option always selected. It's going to take some serious bottle to leave out someone playing (off the bench) in the Premier League who cost £20m, but let's be frank the consensus is that he's absolutely woeful.
  11. I wouldn't be against that. The last Russia game in particular showed just how off the pace he is at international level. Unless there's behind the scenes benefits of having him there, I don't see why he should be included.
  12. Based on Ryan Jack's recent form, if fit, I've got no idea why he wouldn't be an absolute shoe-in to start games for us now. Generally I'm not confident in our midfield's ability to protect our back 4. Jack does that and also gives us good quality on the ball and going forward.
  13. I had read somewhere that some people were experiencing issues with viruses on their phones since connecting to wifi in Russia which included symptoms like loss of battery life and so on. Just seeing if anyone on here experienced that and how to get around it? My phone has gotten worse and seems to have less than 4 hours battery life from fully charged and now I receive random Google Chrome ads pop up even when the phone isn't in use.
  14. Personally I think the defensive issue comes from the lack of balance in the midfield. We're quick to pipe up about how strong our individual midfield players are but in actual fact we always end up with now far too much space between the midfield and the back four and we're an absolute canter to hit on the break (both under McLeish AND Clarke I might add). Taking a step back to figure out the pros and cons of each individual midfield player and how they fit together. I feel we've got a bad habit of considering some players undroppable. Not saying I know the answer but there's definitely something to be unearthed in there. I do think we need at least one more defensive minded player in the midfield position just to keep games tight.
  15. Drink driving aside I wouldn't call him up cause he's shite
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