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  1. Right so surprised this hasn't been brought up simce the place is so spaced out. Got a mate out there now whos encountered som problems finding anything. Wondering if we had an organised pubto gather at? Someone shared that Little Goats pub some time ago but apparently doesnt exist so is it a wind up? O'Hara's on the SFA Official info letter doesn't seem to be open either.
  2. Aye theres no much pub wise in departures. That reminds me I still need to get kilted up in the toilet
  3. Nah i got in from London yesterday otherwise it would have been a 50minute stopover which I was nervous about. See you there then probably. They've got the gate up already
  4. Probably need to put them in different categories now: Injured Christie, Phillips not fit, Is Callum McGregor going to be match fit? Fraser can't play? Why is he there? Recently retired and/or taken the huff Snodgrass, Ritchie, McGregor, McArthur (maybe more?) I'm not including Brown Personal and/or not perhaps declaring for Scotland Griffiths, Cairney, Cooper (maybe more)? Regardless I'm always trying to see the positives, we've got some useful players particularly in midfield and plenty others on form. Just about getting the right balance for a starting 11.
  5. Unfortunately we're missing some players we could have made use off and as usual a couple of surprise inclusions. Being positive though there should be enough quality in that squad to do what we need to do in these games
  6. Strange timing given the squad's about to be announced. Surely not a problem with the relationship with the manager given their Rangers days together. Is it 2 fingers to the SFA over the ban? Maybe Is it having to haul his 37 year old body 4000 miles next week and back? Maybe Is it that at his stage he's not got much left to gain from committing to Scotland while trying to prolong his club career? Quite understandably it could be. End of the day - 16 clean sheets in 42 caps seems a high figure for a Scotland team for me. I don't have the comparison stats off hand. Top class shot-stopper and prone to prone to playing well in the big games. He'll be missed on the pitch and now we have a decision to make on the next No.1
  7. I'm not against a hostile atmosphere at football grounds as I have been to some games within the last couple of years where the atmosphere in the stadium is mind-numbingly sterile. But recently we've had a spate of physical involvement of some supporters with players as there seemed to be a trend of throwing missiles until this weekend the behaviour has descended into 3 high profile physical "confrontations" between fans and players, the worst by far being the Grealish incident on Sunday but the ones involving Smalling and Tavernier also being notably concerning in isolation. Firstly, I'm hoping there's not some kind of underground fans community that's condoning these actions and conspiring to make them happen, given how many similar incidents we've seen recently. Secondly, from a fan's point of view why do you think this behaviour has been on the rise particularly this season? Are fans feeling more alienated from the game and this is the consequence? Thirdly, again from a fan's point of view, what do you think is a suitable punishment for clubs? I know media has discussed ground closures, points deductions etc. Does that punish too many law abiding fans and clubs doing their best within the standard safety procedures or do we need to act strongly now?
  8. Nice wee positive thread this one. 1 - Robbo is ELP champion with Liverpool - less likely now but good experience 2 - McTominay staring regularly for Man Utd - Would it hurt him to move to a mid table EPL side to play every week? 3 - Harper playing in La Liga - Possible but is he on McLeish's radar? 4 - Bates playing in the Bundesliga - Definite 5 - Henderson playing in Serie A - Same answer as No.3 6 - McGinn and McGregor running the midfield at Leicester - Perhaps, especially with the Rodgers appointment 7 - Hornby getting games for Everton first team - Hope so, don't see it 8 - Gilmour senior debut at Chelsea - defo not, U18s to U21s to loanee. 4+ years away if ever 9 - Armstrong starting regularly for Southampton - Yep, he should have been already 10 - Fraser still going strong at Bournemouth, or possibly a bigger EPL team - Likely stays B'Mouth 11 - Tierney playing for a top 6 EPL team - Heard Arsenal might be in for him? 12 - Burke actually getting game time down south - Maybe 13 - Christie, Forrest, McKenna, Souttar staying on form where they are or on to bigger and better things - probably stay put 14 - Young lads getting regular starts in SPL (Middleton, Johnston, Henderson, Hastie, McCrorie etc) - Encouraging already 15 - An actual decent right back has emerged - Here's hoping!
  9. Email came out as of yesterday with tickets being opened to people on 4 points that they've sold 550 tickets - less than half of the allocation still. I'd suggest there will be plenty for everyone wanting a ticket. Might not even sell out. Also noticed the proof of travel is much more simplified if you elect to pick up instead of have delivered.
  10. Maybe I'm in a bit of a new school of thought but I'm just thinking if we're overly focused on expressing negative opinions on the Trans community in terms of the ongoing effort to make them feel included and less discriminated against etc etc then that probably says a lot more about us than it does about them. With regards to gender specific sporting participation that does open up a much larger can of worms though. I wouldn't want to be part of any sports governing bodies in coming years that are tasked with coming up with rules and regulations behind this. Absolute no win situation. This is definitely a worthy topic of the "unpopular opinions" thread.
  11. We just booked today as we were hanging off for our mate who was only on 5 points. I'd be surprised if we sold out this one as the SFA agree our ticket allocation based on the survey they send out for people registering their interest to travel. I'd still say anyone 4 points or less still can hold out hope for tickets.
  12. Another clean sheet for Hamburg last night with Bates playing the full 90mins
  13. Since his first few months breaking into the senior squad with Rangers when he was dodgy he did mature and develop a lot. To the point now I'm not sure why he wouldn't be strongly considered for any Scotland starting line up. He's physical, composed and can play football out from the back. Regarding the whole right-footed right side CB I'd say it's not essential but in this day and age where the trend seems to be passing it out from the back against a high press it is beneficial as the player will naturally be opening up towards the channel for an out ball or to clear their lines when under pressure. I've seen instances where CBs can get put under a lot of pressure that way playing on the "inverted" side of central defence.
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