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  1. N4Footsoldier

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    Albanians haven't had the displeasure of dealing with ScotRail so I reckon we'll be fine
  2. N4Footsoldier

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    Given the seemingly infrequent busses from neighbouring cities to Shkoder apart from Tirana, this seems to have emerged as one of the better shouts in terms of travel for the game. Anyone any access to train schedules Durres to Shkoder? The info I have found seems to be very limited and inconsistent so far. Ferry link used would be appreciated too
  3. N4Footsoldier


    Anyone with internal (or external) sources know the confirmation of the venue yet given that the deadline is supposedly tomorrow?
  4. N4Footsoldier

    Anybody Staying in Haifa...

    Personally I would prefer the prospect of trying to enjoy Haifa a bit after the game than spending the evening travelling on a bus back to Tel Aviv with 535 potentially pissed off folk in kilts with rabbles of opinions of where it all went wrong. Hopefully I'm wrong on that last point. My group seems split on what to do. Plan is to spend Tuesday-Wednesday night taking in Tel Aviv then get back there for return flight either Friday or Saturday (will need to check Sabbath logistics). Anyone any idea on what Haifa would be like? To clarify, me and my mates are definitely the more "nightlife" type so commentary on the bar scene would be preferred. I would imagine Thursday in Israel being their version of our Saturday being the holy day is the next day?
  5. N4Footsoldier


    Some urgency to move the ball in the final 3rd and get some service into the box would be nice
  6. N4Footsoldier


    Anyone who wants to pay Willie Miller to commentate needs their heed looked at
  7. N4Footsoldier


    Time for the cringeworthily poor BBC Scotland coverage. Enjoy folks
  8. N4Footsoldier

    Well that was fun!

    Honestly gutted work couldn't give me time off to go. Hope you had a good one boys and girls. Looked a great atmosphere!
  9. N4Footsoldier

    Regan Gone

    I think we can take the reasonable silence as a positive? The reaction can be described as a bit "meh" but better than pure outrage I suppose. Let's see what comes about...
  10. N4Footsoldier

    David Bates

    Ah well there you go! Hopefully be beneficial for him performance-wise although the 2 debut inclusions at CB in McKenna and Hendry also impressed so if we can get competition there then I;m all for it.
  11. N4Footsoldier

    David Bates

    Great attributes for a defender and when on his game can be outstanding - as referenced the 0-0 old firm game. Consistency is key however, it's clear at Rangers they are keen to go with more experience even though I don't think Alves or Russel Martin have covered themselves in glory since moving to the SPFL. It could be a great move for him if he can get a run of games. As far as I've been aware he's never been mentioned for the Scotland squad, but if he can prove himself god knows we need coverage at CB. Good luck to him.
  12. N4Footsoldier


    Does anyone know if the game has actually been confirmed as being played at Tel Aviv yet?
  13. N4Footsoldier


    Obviously they'll jump on it more aggressively after Ronaldo's goal tonight! Feck me
  14. N4Footsoldier


    Like I said previously it seems a logical contingency for them to financially cover the shortfall of only a 3 team group instead of 4. It will be a good test, as will Belgium, the kind of games that are likely to help raise our standards against the lesser opponents competitively. Should get a reasonable crowd as it's not often we can say we invite the reigning European champions and 5-time Balloon D'Or winner to Hampden
  15. N4Footsoldier


    I love to be proved wrong when it's for the benefit of the team! Well done Philips and glad he got on the score sheet. More competition for places let's welcome it!