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  1. tartan davie


    as all buses where cheers lads well done
  2. tartan davie

    ill lassie

    how is the wee lassie who was taken ill just before the buses left for the game,hope she has recovered from what she fell ill with and got home ok
  3. tartan davie


    can anyone help i have just went line to try and get match ticket for both games and it is saying no away game tickets on sale ☹️
  4. tartan davie


    where is the game getting played as i am looking to get booked up
  5. tartan davie

    laying a wreath

    is the tartan army to lay a wreath at anytime on the day of the game, as i would like to attend if there is
  6. tartan davie

    The Born Here V Not Born Here 11

    richard gough (south african )i think
  7. tartan davie

    Porta Loos

    are they going to have porta loos on the way to the ground to stop fans getting nicked for having a quick wizz after a few beers
  8. tartan davie

    Scotland V Qatar

    any word of when tickets go on sale and the price for kids
  9. tartan davie

    Scotland V Qatar

    tannadice that way the arabs will think it is a home game plus just over 13,000 full house