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  1. It's I.M.D. Foote from Stirling. Along with J.R.P. Gordon from Newport-on-Tay two of the best twelfth men pre-Sevco had in the sixties and seventies. J.R.P. (and two Scottish linesmen) eventually got done for taking a 'gift' (a Rolex or similar) around 1979 from AC Milan before a European fixture.
  2. Keep in mind that the General sale figures relate to those already sold in the two UEFA ballots held in 2019. IIRC there were already something like 15,000 tickets for each of the Hampden games in those ballots. So it's looking likely that some folks allocated tickets in those ballots will have their money refunded in order to meet the 12,000 quota.
  3. The 12,000 will cover tickets already sold in the UEFA public ballot, tickets to the FAs of the competing countries (including the 2,000 you mention) and corporate sponsors for a start.
  4. Stephen O'Donnell's been good enough for three decent SPL sides in his career so far, but I guess that doesn't fit with your agenda.
  5. Slasher - good subject for a thread. Danny McGrain he isn't, but Stephen O'Donnell is solid and dependable - Steve Clarke's worked with him since 2017, so he knows that first hand. The alternatives attempted since he came into the team (Tierney and Palmer) haven't been an improvement. There's the story.
  6. High time you retired your keyboard.
  7. In the game I'm watching he's been as solid as a rock.
  8. Yes - three direct from set plays and the other from the second phase of a set play (Goldson's second last October).
  9. Hmm - doesn't augur well for Mr Crocker if that's your opinion before he's even lifted his mike for any of our three forthcoming games!!!
  10. Neither should be near the first eleven at present, their cases aren't THAT good. Good enough to be under consideration? Yes for sure. Hendrie (sp) unfortunately didn't cope with the expectation at Celtic - with hindsight that was not a good move for him. He could however be a reliable option at centre-back similar to the way Stephen O'Donnell is at right back.
  11. Wales have certainly been anointed this tournament. 2 games against 14 men before playing with 16 tonight. As for Italy, I've still got nightmares about the game at Murrayfield about 15 years ago where they scored three tries in the first 15 minutes and we lost trying to kick numerous penalties to touch without success rather than taking the points and chipping down the deficit.
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