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  1. In addition, the worst aspect of it was making two unenforced substitutions when defending a free-kick in a dangerous area.
  2. This deserves a separate subject. Never saw that one coming at all. What do the Killie fans think?
  3. Most of the people who have responded on this thread are intelligent enough not to be offended by Malky McKay's existence two years on. They'd never really hold a grudge this far on, would they?
  4. That'll be the same Archie McGobshite that insisted on pronouncing Jean-Claude Darcheville as Jean-Claude Darkyville?"
  5. A thread about nothing. He's a non-entity who's been appointed to a nothing position. Booing a non-entity is ...........counterproductive. Because by definition you are giving attention to a non-entity. The stuff about his texts and whatever was dealt with properly a while ago. Have a think about it and just let it go FFS.
  6. Jesus Christ. What is it with you? You're 56 years of age. Behave yourself.
  7. Horrible to hear that. No it isn't just you. Stay safe and stay strong. Lost two of the missus' parents to Alzheimers in the last couple of years. About to lose my own mother too. It's fucking horrible mate. Please stay strong.
  8. But you're a cunt. At least the spelling was good on this occasion.
  9. Here it is TP: "Players suitable for this game (i.e. Cyprus) might not be the players suitable for the next game". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g64DM-QAKoo My guess? Russell/Brophy will share duties v Cyprus. Burke is a stick-on for Tuesday, unless Joe Jordan gets called up.
  10. The staring line up tomorrow night will give us more of a clue. Kompany, Alderwerield and Vertonghen are all excellent players. However, France got past them last year by sticking Giroud up top which pinned Kompany back. And they needed to get lucky with a dead ball and defend like trojans to make it happen. Our strengths right now are Fraser, Forrest, Armstrong , McGregor coming onto balls where they can put defenders on the back foot by running at them. And what do you need to do that? A physical presence up front to hold defenders off and lay a ball off for the aforementioned group coming forward. Brophy and Ressell have their qualities, but they are not that kind of player. Hence Burke.
  11. No need for that, Oraloon. andD's points are perfectly valid. On topic - I said a week or so ago that I fully expect Burke to start up top v Belgium. SC's recent comments cement that expectation.
  12. Keiran Tierney just turned 22 and his living out his boyhood dream. I expect that by the time he's 25 (Andy Robertson's current age) his career priorities will be different. And that's no different to the progression many of us posting on here made at a similar age.
  13. Was mentioned on P&B. Admittedly, I haven't been able to find official confirmation anywhere.
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