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  1. Kosovo are one tidy outfit. Delighted we are nowhere near them in the play-offs.
  2. Bollocks - Ukraine equalise at the end. Edit - wouldn't have made any difference anyway, as Portugal won.
  3. Would be a godsend to avoid Serbia. They're decent anyway, but Mitrovic in his current form would terrorise what passes for our central defence these days.
  4. Haifa at LCB with Robertson at LWB. That did not go well for either party or for the team in general - playing a back five with five who all played in a back four for their clubs to accommodate our two LB superstars was the beginning of the end for McLeish.
  5. It means no such thing of the kind CC. Let's not make things up that have no basis in fact or common sense.
  6. Keiran Tierney has nothing to do with the RB position. The issue is why Liam Palmer - at best an ordinary RB as others have pointed out in this thread - is being preferred to another decent Scottish RB. We aren't talking Scott McTominay or James Morrison who are/were certainly additions to the squad. It;'s Liam Palmer.
  7. No - why would I have?
  8. Your first paragraph is spot on TP. However you seem to think Keiran Tierney is Danny McGrain in that he can switch comfortably between left and right. He can't. He's a waste of a better than decent LB when played on the right. As for Tierney terrorising opposition LBs from RB, sorry I disagree. He is a less than ordinary right back who did alright there one night in an emergency.
  9. Don Hutchison was brought up Scottish - no two ways about it. Confirmed by himself in numerous interviews.
  10. Stephen O'Donnell turns up every time he is selected and participates in the goal celebrations with a beaming smile. He is a workmanlike right back - very similar to Liam Palmer. He's also very articulate and comes across very well when interviewed as a Scotland player. He is also Scottish.
  11. The event mentioned in the article is next weekend. What does that have to do with Keiran Tierney being unavailable for this week's games? FFS - Get a life.
  12. Must have been drinking a few Becks before he took that penalty.
  13. The intellectual and statistical debate we can have on another forum Dave. On this forum, I'm a Scotland fan, and since 1968 I've seen enough near misses to know what I am talking about.
  14. This is a football fans forum, not a PhD paper in statistical analysis. But I'll humour you just for a little while Dave: Lewandowski in October 2015 2-2. Kane in June 2017 2-2. If you want an analysis on other teams - you are perfectly capable of doing that yourself.
  15. Why? Scotland normally DO do that. Stop being so precious. Ian Crocker's probably more fed up of watching Scotland fuck-ups then the rest of us. For him it's only a job - for us it's a birthright. When we eventually qualify for a tournament he'll be all over us with what we want to hear.
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