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  1. Unbelievably in 2013 Wigan had Maloney and McArthur in the starting line-up, and Caldwell and Fyvie as non-playing subs. The other ex-Hamilton player that day doesn't count as Scottish.
  2. Did you miss the memo some weeks ago about the SPFL calling the 19-20 season????
  3. Thanks for confirming - I clean forgot about Anya. Told you my memory was unreliable.
  4. Flat back four that day If memory serves correctly - which is not a given. He did play well that day - apart from his brain fart needless touch on a ball that was going through to Craig Gordon anyway which led to the concession of the throw from which Oxlade-Chamberlain scored. Seriously though, he was sound that day.
  5. The one time Tierney played LCB with Robertson LWB was in Haifa and it was a disaster. McLeish tried a back five that night that was composed entirely of players who played in a back four for their clubs. Two years on, I've more faith in Clarke implementing a system that could accommodate them both in a back five.
  6. Twat. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-53365557
  7. Would love the chance to be able to see us win a game at a finals again before the inevitable call from the office upstairs.
  8. Was at the game - the best game/atmosphere of my adult life. Didn't think it was a penalty then, and having just watched it after 30 years it was never, ever a penalty. Leaving that aside, what a performance. Maurice Malpas was one great reader of a game. Thought Robert Flack (!) ran his guts out and did a power of dirty work. And Mo Johnston could fair hold a ball up well. The Italia 90 Scotland top to this day is the one to beat.
  9. Thanks sbcmfc - reckon we could draw up a comprehensive table as a result of this thread. Not as if we're doing anything else football-wise is it??
  10. I thought you were a Jambo?? If I got that wrong please accept my apologies!!
  11. FTFY. He clearly never attended Vladimir Putin's tutorials on how to ensure you get the votes you need.
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