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  1. Shankland really is something else. That finish was excellent.
  2. So would I, if he fits the system we play. McBurnie doesn't do so as eloquently explained by others on the McBurnie thread. I do not believe Steve Clarke will alter the current system to accommodate a second striker to play to McBurnie's strengths. Do you think he should?
  3. And then is put on the bench..........even that would be too good for him.
  4. Not having that. It was against Partick Thistle................ehm.......maybe you have a point.
  5. And Zlatan announces his return to Europe with a tidy finish v Cagliari.
  6. Tennents will close on 2nd February for a so-called 'upgrade'. Fearful of it as it will change the character of the pub, and not necessarily for the better. I expect we'll see a few more strays than usual in the Byres Road area during February.
  7. Says it all really. Glad to have that conclusively sorted.
  8. I have no idea what you are talking about. Feeding trolls? Who are they then? Your fascination with my posts over the last couple of years is becoming creepy. I've no interest in having a go at you or your friend Rossy or anyone else. I can accept a different viewpoint, but when it becomes personal, as it has done in this case, then everyone needs to take a step back. It's a football fans' message board not the Tablets of Stone that Moses brought from the mountain.
  9. Excellent deflection - you of all people to accuse anyone of using profane language. You can start a flame war by keeping this going, or you can show a modicum of humility and dignity by arriving at a truce. Your choice. Which is it to be?
  10. Very much so when it comes to dealing with idiots. I notice you didn't find your way to meeting me in Glasgow before the Belgium game. Any reason why?
  11. My post didn't mention football. It mentioned Sir Rod's stated political persuasion and the sales of his latest product.
  12. Being an utter Brexit supporting piece of scum isn't even his worst sin. Keeping The Who's wonderful new album off number 1 with his orchestrated mush quite certainly is.
  13. Wrong site mate. Why don't you fuck off to Sevco Media where that kind of statement is applauded with glee. This site is for decent football fans only.
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