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  1. Hearts committed suicide in that game. Three absolutely preventable goals handed to Sevco.
  2. Or that Di Natale was falsely called offside for a perfectly valid goal five minutes before half time.
  3. Kyle Lafferty Pat Bonner Andy Halliday Gary Fraser Alex Rae Kris Boyd And the one and only Alfredo Morelos
  4. Cretinous challenge from Lewis Ferguson. I mean WTF doing that when you're already a man down??
  5. Liam McLeoud really is an annoying fud. 'It would be incomprehensible for Caley to get back into this game now'. It might be inconceivable Liam, but if they scored the goals it could never be deemed incomprehensible under any circumstances you fucking illiterate idiot.
  6. Decent article from the Scottish Review. Hits the target re Regan and Doncaster: http://www.scottishreview.net/GerryHassan475a.html
  7. No. Our country doesn't do racial hatred, ever. Unfortunately though, two tribes do religious bigotry.
  8. Thumping semi between Wolves and Watford. Deleufeou's chip was a classic.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ In spades.
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