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  1. Jeezus, the wheels haven't half fallen off the McIness trolley this week.
  2. You need to get a life Chripper: Here's a suggestion Cannot believe I am desecrating the name of Freddie King by posting this on here.
  3. Does anyone else remember 1500 today when Kenny Miller was absolutely useless????
  4. Enjoy. I'll limit myself to this. Please bear in mind that in 1971 information channels were not what they are today, so it was 4 hours after the game ended and over 3 hours after news of the incident broke that my father (oblivious to any incident, as many were who attended that game) arrived home. The intervening three or so hours were not pleasant knowing that a major incident had taken place. The post which provoked my response was needless and very insensitive, particularly coming from where it did.
  5. I know fine well who the prick comment was aimed at. And it wasn't Kenny Miller. Hence the rest of my post. Enjoy the Glenlivet.
  6. You need a therapist, your need for attention is thoroughly abnormal,. Sorry to you and everyone else for having to post something as sharp as that on a football fans' message board.
  7. So Kenny Miller's a prick now by your judgement? I'd be keeping a very low profile if I were you after your high and mighty attitude about Ormond the other week. Someone like you has to tread carefully where abusive terminology is concerned.
  8. It isn't that simple with you though, is it? If you really are as polite as you claim to be, then take the honest and respectful advice that has been give to you by a number of posters on this thread and give it a rest. You've overcooked this subject by some considerable margin, and without any credible basis to do so.
  9. You're like a dog with a bone that never had any meat on it in the first place. Give it - and us - a rest please.
  10. You haven't seen him taking a wage from Thistle though. Let's just say the strongest part of his game nowadays is fingerpointing.
  11. Kenny Miller. A poacher he isn't. That aside, his chance to conversion rate for club and country doesn't do him favours.
  12. What's the story with Sinclair getting so little game time lately?
  13. Julien and Boli Basilboli were benched for some reason. And Sinclair didn't even make the bench. Crazy selection from Lennon.
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