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  1. Respect your view TL, but his goal return wouldn't carry much weight as a selection criterion to play RB for Scotland.
  2. Stephen O'Donnell and Liam Palmer are both Scottish. Tavernier as a player is inferior to both - so no thanks even if he is eligible.
  3. Football's shite without crowds though. No sectarian songs today made for an antiseptic atmosphere that even the wonderfully astute punditry of Andy Walker and Ally McCoist could not compensate.
  4. Making short work of Inter - 2-0 after 15 minutes.
  5. Three games in which we didn't lose a goal. Sir Steve Clarke will have taken note.
  6. Been saying it for weeks - Celtic are horrific to watch right now. There's been plenty of evidence for that conclusion. Six players unavailable does not excuse a gutless performance.
  7. A few things need tweaking as they are getting too many balls into our box for my liking. Positives are the early goal - obviously - and that you can see the team are growing in confidence in their movement and passing. Fraser looks like he is revelling in that free role off Dykes. O'Donnell's playing well too - a statement which will probably get me banned.
  8. Steven O'Donnell's best game for Scotland tonight. I'm beginning to buy into Steve Clarke's vision. It's bloody awful to watch, but if we continue to get these results then it is worthwhile.
  9. And Steven Naismith - on a break from a first half corner - got to the halfway line and turned back because there was nobody to pass to to keep the move flowing.
  10. Have a look at it from Ian Crocker's point of view. Every Scotland game he has to unearth some other fact that isn't 'Scotland haven't qualified for a tournament this century' and find stuff to talk up players that are generally nearer Mount Florida station than ever they are Lyndon Dykes or whoever is the poor unfortunate who has to play up front is. And after all that he has to sit beside Davie 'Union' Provan. And watch dross like last night. Ian Crocker is a star.
  11. Kazakhstan has a strong case to dispute that. The reference was probably to the last 20 home games.
  12. To be fair, we've hardly given him much to be positive about in his time covering Scotland.
  13. Dear me, that was a painful watch. Praise to Steve Woods for his penalty research, and the players for their penalty practice. Delighted to be through, but fuck me that was even worse than watching Celtic lately, and they've been utterly brutal.
  14. Sky fielding the usual two up front - Crocker and Provan.
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