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  1. Christie is not good enough - or disciplined enough - for international football right now. Just like two years ago he was not good enough to be trusted for Celtic. Ryan Christie has the potential - if he is properly managed - to be as good as Kernny Dalglish for Scotland.
  2. 20,000 at Hampden for a Scotland qualifier is seriously unacceptable. Irrespective of whether it is San Marino, Belgium or Russia the attendances this last month have been atrocious.
  3. A first Dundee United scorer since Talking Heads were a functioning band?
  4. Fair play to you - wasn't watching on Sky. No harm done!
  5. What on earth provoked that comment? GTF - I've had you down as one of the better posters on this tired forum?? I watched the game on an American channel tonight, so I've no idea - or indeed any interest - in what Provan had to offer. Play the ball and not the man please.
  6. I'd have Chris Martin in the team before McBurnie - he actually got goals and assists for Scotland. That's one call that Strachan got right.
  7. Good movement from Shankland all through the game tonight. A couple of excellent balls across the box in the first half. Docked one star because of the quality of the opposition. but certainly worthy of further consideration despite the provocative nature of the OP.
  8. Armstrong's a much more disciplined player than Christie, who in my opinion is still liable to total brain fucks (see Livingston last Sunday). At International level Armstrong is the more reliable player for a disciplined formation. Christie - at this stage of his development - is good for the last 15 if you need to go for broke. There's a reason he was sent out on loan to Aberdeen for a couple of seasons. Some rough edges are still evident in his game.
  9. McGregor's been absolutely rank for Scotland in his appearances so far. Armstrong's the much better option.
  10. Stuart Armstrong should not be sitting on a bench for anyone. And certainly not for Scotland.
  11. Conditions are deteriorating rapidly. Bless the Glasgow weather.
  12. Are you referring to Shankland or Palmer? Shankland's movement and awareness has been encouraging, although everything needs to be tempered given the standard of the opposition. Using the same measures, Palmer doesn't cut it. He didn't v Kazakhstan or Russia and he's even less disciplined tonight.
  13. Liam Palmer is absolutely honking. Doesn't support his winger and thank fuck he isn't being put under pressure defensively. Game's won now, I'm just hoping that Shankland can get one - even a sclaff - just to get that Scotland striker monkey off his back.
  14. 2011 lost to Argentina in the groups. 2019 out to Japan in the groups. There's a decisive case in mitigation in the 2015 QF thanks to that c*nt Joubert. But no - certainly not always.
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