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  1. Cheers - well done.
  2. Anyone care to inform us of the score?
  3. Kay Burley's rant when Germany got put out was unprofessional - England weren't even playing that day. Enda Brady doesn't have much choice because he's been embedded in Russia for the tournament. Tonight's performances from Diana Magnay, David Bowden and Dermot Murnaghan have been unacceptably jingoistic.It's a fucking news channel FFS. As I said last week, do these cretins not realise that Sky News UK is broadcast to the rest of the world as Sky News International? Fair Play to both Tom McLeod and Niall Paterson on Sunday for talking about the papers through visibly gritted teeth.
  4. Sky News is intolerable tonight.
  5. Barney Rubble

    Russia 2018

    If guff is reaching a World Cup semi-final, then we'd all be happy for Scotland to be guff. Meantime stop talking guff.
  6. Barney Rubble

    Croatia support thread

    What's your day job bonny78? To be clear - Not that I am in any way disagreeing with the premise of your thread.
  7. Thanks - the rest of your post was superfluous.
  8. Barney Rubble

    Alan Gilzean

    Sorry folks - Alan's son who played for Dundee was Ian Gilzean, not Alan as I said upstairs.
  9. Barney Rubble

    Alan Gilzean

    Retired in 1974. Remember his son (also Alan) playing for Dundee in the 90s.
  10. Barney Rubble

    Alan Gilzean

    Very sorry to hear that. Was a star when I was growing up and remember seeing him playing in the first few Scotland games I was taken to in the late 60s. And of course, scored a winning goal v England in 1964. Thanks for the memories Alan. RIP.
  11. Vote of confidence or vote of no confidence??
  12. Barney Rubble

    Russia 2018

    I saw what you did there!
  13. Barney Rubble

    Russia 2018

    If Croatia didn't have Mandzukic in such poor confidence they would be the most complete team remaining in the tournament. They do have Rakitic and Modric though, who should boss the English midfield and then some. So here's hoping.....
  14. Barney Rubble

    Russia 2018

    That'll be against England who have only looked good in one game?