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  1. Your point is valid re Leigh Griffiths. However let's not pretend there isn't a single on of us on this board and beyond who wouldn't dine out on two goals against England. Particularly those two goals. That's a level of mediocrity I'd be very happy to achieve.
  2. Sadly, a 'Scottish players inaction' thread would be more appropriate for young Nathan.
  3. Newcastle United. The amusement never ends.
  4. Fully agree with this, The double standards displayed around the Patterson/O'Donnell and Patterson/Tavernier questions are illuminating.
  5. Merry Christmas Everyone - may each of you, and your families, enjoy the very best of health, happiness and banter in the coming year and beyond!!
  6. Seriously, what went wrong with Wright? It isn't as though Killie aren't in the mix for the play-offs. So what gave?
  7. Could have been better, could have been worse. At least there's the novelty of Armenia whom we have never played before. Ukraine are the new Israel who were the new Lithuania who were the new Estonia.
  8. Appreciate you playing the ball and not the man, thanks. There's a clear level of frustration because Covid has necessarily placed any move towards IndyRef2 on hold. There's also a major worry that NS has shot her bolt as leader - her brand has been damaged, possibly irretrievably, by Covid, the Salmond issue, the lack of credible accountability for the famous 600k. Not to mention the governance issue regarding her husband, which admittedly falls on the party executive rather than her personally. Either way, the IndyRef2 movement has no credible momentum at present, and is unlikely to have while Covid is around.
  9. Just can the shite that has nothing to do with IndyRef. Stay on topic please. And for some of you - show your maturity instead of being perpetual arseholes. Said in the hope of returning this thread to what it used to be.
  10. Anyone else recall when this thread used to be pleasantly informative?
  11. It is true Ersatz. Joe scored three in Serie A (two for AC Milan, one for Verona) He scored ten in Serie B for AC Milan.
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