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  1. Jesus Christ man. Shut the fuck up until you have seen the game at least.
  2. And Madden's fudishness continues after the game has finished.
  3. Utter fudstuff from Madden - this is the cunt who failed to red card Macgregor for the worst foul of the season.
  4. Just wakened up. Why are Killie down to ten?
  5. Kilmarnock v Celtic. Anyone still awake?
  6. Stop being a fud Alan. Indyref2 will be for the Scottish electorate to vote for independence to make our own decisions about what's best for Scotland. Why shouldn't we take charge of that responsibility?
  7. Barney Rubble

    An experiment in optimism

    Shoehorning players into positions they do not play for their club cost us big-time in Israel. For that reason, Tierney should not be considered at right back unless O'Donnell is injured. And even if O'Donnell were injured, a naturally right sided player would be preferable to Tierney.
  8. That was some hit from Scott Brown.
  9. Any streams for the game?
  10. Justice of some kind is done at last. Shame MacGregor didn't get it at the time, though. Madden must have been embarrassed when he saw the replays of what happened straight in front of his eyes on that incident.
  11. Barney Rubble

    game venue

    Dank u wel!!
  12. Hope he never tries that while on Scotland duty.