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  1. er yir macaroon

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    He looks like a physically strong player. I don’t think he has Fraser’s pace. Promising all the same. I saw a fair bit of the second half and thought the football was rotten.
  2. er yir macaroon

    U19's v Spain

    I don’t think the clip is about Aitchison. It’s aboot keep baw against Spain.
  3. er yir macaroon

    U19's v Spain

  4. er yir macaroon

    U17 squad

    Rangers win the tournament and Kai Kennedy gets player of the tournament. Lowry scored an audacious penalty. Seriously, that lad looks a real prospect, as do many in that team.
  5. er yir macaroon

    An experiment in optimism

    Good squad. I’d still keep Naismith in, though.
  6. er yir macaroon

    U19's v Spain

    A journalist should at least ask the question.
  7. er yir macaroon

    Oliver Burke

    Yes, will be very interesting. Edouard might start though.
  8. er yir macaroon

    U17 squad

    No, the whole set up has changed beyond recognition. I’d imagine they’ll be a selling club. From a Scotland perspective it is extremely encouraging seeing the talent being produced. This tournament they’re in is quite a big deal it seems. Rangers play Roma in the final on Friday. McRorie and Middleton are doing well in the first team as well to be fair, as is Allan McGregor!
  9. er yir macaroon

    U17 squad

    and a very good finish from the lad in the semi final. They beat a Japanese team 5-1 (they’d just knocked out Real Madrid). The Scottish players have been different class - Kai Kennedy another to look out for.
  10. er yir macaroon

    Oliver Burke

    Forrest and Fraser.
  11. er yir macaroon

    Oliver Burke

    Totally agree. There seems to be a lot of lazy stereotypes about Burke. He showed awareness, timing, pace and pin point delivery for his second assist. Hardly a headless chicken. I’d start with Fletcher as central striker with Forrest and Fraser outside as before. Burke to come on as impact sub for now - although there’s a fair chance one of the front three will be injured in which case I’d probably start him.
  12. er yir macaroon

    In praise of Brendan Rogers

    He’s been great, but hope he doesn’t blot his copy book by burning out Tierney.
  13. er yir macaroon

    U17 squad

    Just stumbled across Rangers playing in a tournament against a team from Qatar or the like. They won 7-0 (although their opponents beat Bayern in an earlier match). A scrawny lad by the name of Alex Lowry came on and looked superb. Great touch and weight of pass. He’s played for our u16s. Bookmark.
  14. er yir macaroon

    Jack Harper

    Fletcher was outstanding in the last two games. I see Hornby as his natural successor in terms of playing style. Harper seems more direct to me although I’ve not seen that much of him, as yet. It’s encouraging that his career seems to be taking off.
  15. er yir macaroon

    Jack Harper

    He’s built like a tank nowadays.