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  1. Thought I might do a wee post in praise of this player. She must be one of the best female players in the world. Anytime I’ve watched her play she’s been the best player on the park by an absolute mile. Still only 21. Strangely enough, her playing style is reminiscent of Kenny Dalglish.
  2. He’ll be in lockdown at the moment. Good luck to him.
  3. It has good players but apart from Robertson there is no natural width or pace.
  4. Not sure what the connection is, but it won’t happen.
  5. It was mentioned in his interview with that Grado guy. He said he’d choose Scotland though.
  6. He was certainly the best player on the park. It was notable that he was playing in the centre which is where I can see him playing in future. So more likely a challenger to Aribo and Hagi.
  7. Fraser is too unreliable for a game like this. I’d play Forrest on the left and Armstrong on the right.
  8. He was nowhere near world class. A good player, yes. Struggled to get a game for Rangers though.
  9. I have no recollection of that. Can you provide more detail please.
  10. I see no chance of IndyRef2 being allowed. The Tories have got re-writing the constitution in their manifesto. They’ll start with the judges...
  11. Griffiths has been neat and tidy in the first half.
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