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  1. “Wow, just wow”. Sentences starting with “Hell, .... “.
  2. Slow as a week in jail for someone three quarters of the way through a life sentence.
  3. Leon King on the bench for Rangers in the Europa League.
  4. I do fear for John. I think he’s better than his brother. He looks to have the turn of pace and speed of reaction that I’m not convinced Harry has. John is the one obvious player that could excel at right centre half and allow McTominay to return to midfield.
  5. Does the 5 year rule not relate to schooling? Tavernier’s performances in Europe make him easily good enough for us. If he has a grandparent fine, but not 5 years as an adult.
  6. I note that Rangers utterly dismantled a 3-5-2 at the weekend. I don’t necessarily think it was because 3-5-2 is a bad system, just that the players in it weren’t good enough.
  7. In our 3-5-2 I think Gauld would most likely compete for the second striker, or in his case, additional attacking midfielder, role (3-6-1 ish).
  8. You are so negative, Hornby, like Dykes, has just played 3 games in a week. I’m quite sure he’s being rested.
  9. I did mention Burke in my OP as a bit of a wild card. He has the physical attributes, no question. He would pulverise his opponent if it came down to a test of pace and stamina. Whether he has the nous for it, we can’t really know till he is given a try.
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