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  1. Because he failed to pick Patterson who is miles better than O’Donnell. It would have improved us no end.
  2. I agree Kelly was excellent. I think he’ll be a first team player this season. Patterson was also very good. I hope Steve Clarke was watching and squirming in his seat.
  3. Marc Leonard starting for Brighton today, Patterson, Wright and Kelly for Rangers.
  4. Yes, Scotland career finished. 9 hour flight minimum, no way he’ll be picked.
  5. I’ve actually not seen the highlights. Will check them out.
  6. I would have Tierney as your B2B LCM and Gilmour as the CDM to dictate play and move us up the pitch.
  7. Fair enough. The rule came in 1st January 2021. It seems to apply to EU players, but it is a bit easier for them to sign non-EU players.
  8. I don’t think it has anything to do with Brexit, we’ve just got a better crop of youth players.
  9. Robertson is very highly rated. Hopefully a spell in Scotland will be favourable for us.
  10. I didn’t say right now.
  11. £10M for an almost 30 Tavernier? Rangers won’t sell Patterson for less than £15M. They know how good he will be and so will the bidders.
  12. A team will come in for Patterson in the next 12 months, Tavernier won’t be sold. It will be more cost effective to keep him since he’s nearly 30.
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