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  1. Patterson got 20 min or so at right midfield against Sparta and did well.
  2. That hat is badly designed, especially for a goalkeeper.
  3. I doubt if Johnston is fully match sharp yet. He was injured for a long time. He can’t just slot back in like a centre half would. Too early to judge him, for me. If he plays 20 in a row that will be the time.
  4. Awful defending from Ralston for the two goals I’ve tuned in for.
  5. You can respect a team. If you fear them, you will lose. We were conned out of a win against them when they had peak Bale. If we play to form we’d give them a bit of a doing.
  6. Myocarditis is a symptom of covid, where it occurs with a considerably greater incidence than from vaccination. Pretty sure he tested positive before the Euros. That’s not to say his collapse was necessarily due to either. We’ve no idea.
  7. I’m fairly certain he’ll stay in the side. Other players may well drop out, but not him. He’s almost always their top player in big game (at least pre-Ronaldo). He’s been brought up in the club and won’t down tools like a Pogba. A good manager will get the most out of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s Brendan Rogers.
  8. They’ll be in for a shock when the new manager arrives. He’ll be one of the first names on the team sheet.
  9. Souttar is surely in competition with Hendry and McTominay.
  10. I’m well aware of Dalglish and Souness and watched them many times.
  11. I guess it depends on how it’s defined. For me it should be about Scotland performances, not what was done at their clubs. Not many Scotland players have done better than McGinn, or McFadden for that matter, even if many other have had better club careers.
  12. They were both great players. In terms of the whole squad, I think McGinn has probably eclipsed them at international level and Gilmour will in future. So I would argue that you should replace “undoubtedly “ with “possibly”.
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