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  1. There’s a big difference in their physique.
  2. Probably true but if he’s a genuine first team player that looks exceptional it would do no harm getting him capped.
  3. I don’t think Anderson is. A Newcastle first team player? Months away, more like.
  4. Thanks, I want to see if Hickey is up to it. I’m sure he will be eventually but I’m not sure of his physique yet.
  5. He reminded me slightly of Ross Barkley.
  6. Yes, you’re correct about Jack and McGregor when we’re building from the back. I think it requires wing backs to be quite far up the pitch or it’s ultra defensive, so ideally the wing backs would be able to use it well, and have a bit of pace. If they didn’t and dropped a bit deeper, goals would be hard to come by. I suppose that could be countered using the marauding centre half approach with Tierney and McTominay. If we’re sticking with the current system we’re not really using some of our players to their best advantage, but if it means winning games, fine. On another note, how to see
  7. If we play with three centre backs we don’t need a sitting midfielder. If we play with two, one option would be Tierney or Robertson as the holding midfielder. I could see Tierney doing it well but I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea. We may be stuck with the status quo.
  8. I suppose he could also play RCB.
  9. If you look at the line ups for the anthems, O’Donnell is almost as tall as McTominay. I admit I was quite surprised. Armstrong is also quite a bit shorter than he appears when there is no one next to him.
  10. Getting McGinn, Gilmour and McTominay in the midfield. By the end of the campaign I expect that to be as good a middle three as you’ll find anywhere. I also think if we can get a bit more dynamism in the right wing-back position without weakening the defence, goals will be easier to come by.
  11. I remember suggesting this a while back. A potential downside is losing O’Donnell’s height. It could be compensated for if Hendry came in RCB and McTominay moved into midfield.
  12. I would blame him if he took up Wales’ offer. He’s played for our youth teams and has every possibility of playing for our u21s in due course. Why should he spit the dummy? Middleton has played and scored in the Europa league so his inclusion was justified. I do agree the u21 lineups have been ridiculously negative but that doesn’t justify a 20 year old player jumping ship. It is unclear indeed if this has actually happened.
  13. Until the gate money is shared 50:50 again the league will only be won by the Old Firm.
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