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  1. Hickey can play right back as he’s genuinely two footed. He just plays left back at Hearts because Smith is on the right. Levein says he’s more likely to be a DM and I agree.
  2. There are no guarantees - with the exception of Morrison! Best young centre half I’ve ever seen for us by a distance. Anyway, enough of my hyperbole, time will tell.
  3. At least the best ones are committed, giving Tierney the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Yes, Fletcher would still get a game for us if fully fit. Could see us through the play-offs.
  5. A lot of misinterpretation here! Release a youth player, not a first team player. I’m not saying going to a big league club is a guarantee of anything but in the case of Hickey this time next year he’d be a better player with a year at Bayern youths under his belt than a season in the Championship given he already has first team experience. He would then be more able to play top team football somewhere (including at Hearts). Have you seen Morrison play btw?
  6. Many of the players you mention may not have made it elsewhere anyway. There are no guarantees. That said, if big clubs are actively trying to recruit an 18 year old with first team experience, it’s a good sign. It will also mean there’s a good chance someone will be released to make room for said player. Swings and roundabouts.
  7. That’s true, certainly, his passes were superb. Gauld is also master of the defence splitting pass , at least at SPL level. Burke is very good at one v ones with a keeper.
  8. Hopefully he can stay in Spain, if he’s doing ok. I just hope he can learn to be a striker. He can definitely finish, it’s the movement part that he struggles with. Not sure why - he can afford to stay on side and still skin just about anyone for pace. Gauld would get the best out of him!
  9. If Hickey signed for Bayern tomorrow (which I highly doubt) and played in their youth set up, he’d be a better player this time next year than if he stayed at Hearts on the Championship. He’s two footed which is a good start, but I’m not sure about him yet - probably not a full back.
  10. Tierney can could play right back but he would be compromised. Playing left midfield allows Robertson to overlap him, so he in fact would be playing left back for much of the game. He’s more capable of beating a man with a drop of the shoulder than Robertson which is why it wouldn’t be the other way about. I think he’s too wee to play centre half in a back four. We often have Fraser play left midfield and when he’s not on form (which is often) he offers zero.
  11. If there was a game imminently, and everyone fit, I’d probably go with this, although maybe Christie for McGregor with Armstrong moving to the middle from the right.. Marshall Palmer Hanley McKenna Robertson McTominay McGregor Armstrong McGinn Burke Tierney
  12. Yeah, he was at Liverpool. A right big lad now, and he made some pretty impressive saves. 5 goals in the end but it could have been 10. I’ll wager he’ll make Hamilton a fair few quid if they’ve got him on a long contract.
  13. I don’t see why he couldn’t play left midfield.
  14. Currently Ryan Fulton has conceded 4 goals, yet has been Hamilton’s best player. I say this as he used to be our u21 keeper and I think he looks very capable..
  15. Do they? I’m fairly sure the Scottish Cup is the oldest in world football.
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