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  1. I think this should be a good move. Rangers rely on Tavernier getting down the right. Having a left footed inside forward will get them a lot of goals, especially at Ibrox. This should ensure a decent amount of playing time. Middleton will feature even more next season.
  2. If it was put to him in terms of “Your country needs you”, then I think he’d take it.
  3. The same Ollie Burke who was clearly too good for the Championship a couple of years ago. Don’t get me wrong, the Championship has, on average, better players than the SPFL, but singling out Burke is daft.
  4. Killie job till the end of the season. If they don’t ask him in the next 48h they should resign.
  5. His 12 game performance as manager may well have been influenced by ill health, in which case the dinosaur term would be very unfair. I accept your word regarding your intent, however. Others have said far worse than you.
  6. I don’t get the love in for Bilic. He did reasonably well with Croatia but he had world class players. We need a manager to organise reasonable players into a winning unit.
  7. Fair enough, but there was a level of zeal there which, if he does turn out to be ill, you may regret using. This may be irrelevant, but the guy has 77 caps and in my eyes is a Scotland legend. He left at the end of a campaign as a young manager with a chance of financial security for life. He didn’t leave us in the lurch mid-campaign.
  8. I too think it’s the correct decision to relieve him of his duties, but I don’t intend to berate him.
  9. It’s been widely rumoured McLeish may be in ill health. Your post is in poor taste.
  10. I always liked the gag in Only an Excuse (when it was good) - Celtic were due to play Dynamo Batumi in Albania. The question to Jonathan Watson’s Tommy Burns - “Are you aware of the threat of diphtheria?“. “Yes, we know he’s a quality player...”
  11. SFA meeting tomorrow to discuss his future...
  12. The performance of non-Old Firm clubs in Europe is a total embarrassment. Summer football would help to some degree.
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