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  1. Tonight will be a chance to see Rory Wilson playing along with the rest of the u17s versus Portugal in the Euro finals (on BBC). He may be an answer for us. I must say I’ve been impressed with his Rangers teammate Robbie Ure, also. A 6ft 4 in striker with a good touch and acceptable pace. Prolific at B team and youth level. There’s also the lad Laidlaw at Hibs. Hopefully one of these players will develop into a good striker.
  2. I like McKenna lot, but I don’t see him displacing Tierney. I suppose he could also compete with Hanley for the central spot of the three centre halves.
  3. Doak does look very promising. I don’t think there’s any doubt we’re clear favourites for the 2026 World Cup…
  4. I’m not touting Morrison for a call up, just saying what he’s doing. He actually currently plays for Bayern 2. I’d certainly have Lowry in the squad if we have a tournament in October. I don’t think you realise quite how good he is.
  5. I’m fairly sure he’s doing very well in the Bayern u23s. He’ll make it somewhere at a high level, I’ve no doubt of that.
  6. Cole McKinnon has been impressive too and just scored a beauty. It’s good to see young Scottish players making a mark and I think there is a progressive management in place to give them game time.
  7. He won’t be too far off. There’s no one in the squad with that level of raw skill, but of course he still has to fill out and get match experience. A summer can make a big difference for the former.
  8. Absolute peach the way he took it so early after dropping his shoulder. Very Messi-esque.
  9. They have the former Ajax youth coach at Ibrox and Van Bronckurst has played youth so I wouldn’t be too sure. They would need to spend a very large amount of money to get someone as good as Lowry.
  10. He barely broke sweat the whole game. He’s 18 and I just hope he grows another couple of inches to make his life even easier. I think he’s about 6ft 1in at the moment. Calm and composed on the ball. Lowry had some sublime moments when he came on, what a player he is going to be. His vision, weight of pass, and technique is different level.
  11. I would be very disappointed. If your Dad plays for Scotland, you’re a Scotland fan.
  12. He does seem good and did well in the EPL IIRC. I think Cooper or McKenna more likely for the play off, though - if Tierney not there. I would also expect Hickey to be in the squad to be back up for just about anywhere in a back five, and a real challenger for RWB.
  13. I think you’re on safe ground with this.
  14. He does have a good shot and touch on him, but I’m not too convinced in the athleticism department. Still youngish, I guess.
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