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  1. Fair enough, he’d struggle to get a game for the u23s.
  2. It would be good to see McPake make some progress, u19s is probably about right. He is somewhat reminiscent of Brian Laudrup in the way he ghosts past players. Physically they are quite alike too. No pressure then.
  3. “McTominay is a bit part player at best”. Where have you been?
  4. Mclean has started the last two games and done well...
  5. I’ve thought for a while his only chance at a god level is at right back. Not sure his natural a defender he will be, but he’s not got enough ability for a genuine attacking role.
  6. He’s not a swap for Brown, very different players, but he’s easily good enough for our squad.
  7. Modric springs to mind. Gilmour can change direction in an instant and ping it to a team mate without a problem. He has touch of the Barry Fergusons in that he’ll get wired in as well as dictate play without ever looking in trouble but he has more of a goal threat in the final third.
  8. Physically he’s got a bit to go but he’s clearly very talented. Get him in now, as it will make him better.
  9. I think these fears are overblown. A few months in the EPL will sort him out as regards unforced errors.
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