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  1. Parsno1


    Are you still travelling to the Final (assuming we beat Israel) if it is behind closed doors? Looks like if it's Norway it will be. I'm in 2 minds about it.
  2. looking at getting an apartment. They are pretty cheap
  3. is there any bars around the train station area? I will have a couple of hours to kill waiting on the rest of my group arriving on a later train. Or best just walk down to the square for a bit?
  4. £29 out on Sunday morning. Tried to book a single and you can't get at that price. Needs to be a return by the looks of it,
  5. what area is everyone booking to stay in?
  6. they have too busy of a schedule to go to the next Toulon tournament. Was mentioned on On the ball this morning.
  7. anyone still looking into flights for the double header? Just got the week off work so trying to do them both. Think I might be too late to get a good deal
  8. I had such an arrangement in Tirana for after the game. Turned up at 3am to be told the hotel was fully booked and to come back at 11am.
  9. This trip was much better than I expected it to be. The fact the bar I was in on the Sunday was just giving away free drinks shows how much money he was taking in. Despite losing my passport (twice) and getting it back it will live long in the memory. The 2 days in Podgorica before the game were just as good.
  10. I don't get why people have an issue waiting in a queue. The issue on matchday tho was different. They were 45 minutes late turning up to hand them out. They left Tirana at 4.30 thinking an hour would have been long enough to get there.
  11. Issue solved bag retried
  12. Left my bag on bus 1 last night. It has my passport in it. Anyone in contact with the company that can help? Can’t get in touch with Davy this morning.
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