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  1. Parsno1

    Seaon ticket sales

    under 12's get a free season ticket. Most clubs included season tickets in match attendances even if they are not all there.
  2. Parsno1

    Seaon ticket sales

    we sold 3587 last season. Think we had the 10th best average attendance in Scotland
  3. Parsno1

    Seaon ticket sales

    Last week 2833 sold at Dunfermline. I would expect that to raise quickly once more signings are made. Bit of discontent from some fans at the players that are leaving.
  4. Parsno1

    Best options for those still to book?

    £370 is the best i'm finding now from Aberdeen
  5. Parsno1

    Toulon Tournament

    his goal against Korea was absolute class for a 16 year old to have that awareness in a pressured situation and side foot it in to the corner.
  6. Parsno1

    Toulon Tournament

    Live on the freesports channel and will be online. The SFA facebook page normally does a link 6.30pm kick off
  7. Parsno1

    Getting there

    At least you got there. My flight from Aberdeen was delayed and I missed my connection in Paris. Now stuck at home miserable and debating if I’m going to watch it on tv or not.
  8. not bought football tickets from them but the only tickets I have bought from them were email paper copies.
  9. Parsno1

    Molly's bar Miraflores TV Crew Fri 25th May

    or Monday when everyone will be there
  10. Parsno1

    Match Day Meet Uo

    I guess Most folk will be around the ticket collection hotel on Monday. Its not a far walk back up to the bars from there.
  11. Parsno1

    Anyone received their Peru ticket yet?

    15 min walk from my hotel.
  12. Parsno1


    cholcana hotel. Right beside all the bars by the looks of it
  13. Parsno1

    Anyone received their Peru ticket yet?

    whats the name of the hotel for collection?
  14. Parsno1

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    I think we should be questioning the attitude of players towards the national team rather than complaining about the games. It does not matter who the friendlies are against there are always call offs. Northern Ireland are doing a similar trip and only had 1 call off. This was a great chance for some fringe/first time call ups to shine. It's a 10 day trip in the sunshine play 2 games then still get a holiday before the season starts. I hope everyone that does go takes over from those who have pulled out. Especially Matt Ritchie. That fud should never get called up again!