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  1. That doesn’t look anything like the type of legitimate source that you should be sharing.
  2. I think that I’ve realised recently that it’s spelt incorrectly, which is a farce. Is that what you mean?
  3. Really? You were taught to write like that in school?
  4. I think it’s odd when people try to write in an accent, like that. ’Niver’ instead of ‘never.’ ’Naebody’ instead of ‘nobody.’ ’Deein’ instead of ‘doing.’ An accent when we speak is usually natural or subconscious, and for many of us, learned at an early age, so not something that we have much control over. Going to the trouble of trying to write (made up) words in an accent is strange though.
  5. I’m not sure why Sturgeon needs to be making statements with regards to specific rules, as that just leads to further confusion, if as in this case, there is some slight discrepancy between what she says and what the U.K. guidelines say.
  6. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that there’s any reason for timber merchants to be working under the current guidelines?
  7. The thread is asking for performances from the last 10 years.
  8. No, I’m pretty sure that an online message board doesn’t count as social media. I could be wrong though. Also, I don’t think that social media is the correct place to get valuable information. It’s a bit of a ‘Boy who cried wolf’ scenario, as you don’t know what’s genuine or what isn’t. Surely any necessary information can just as easily be found elsewhere, than on social media?
  9. Does the U.K. Government and Nicola Sturgeon’s advice look to be significantly different here? The U.K. government advice seems to say that people can still go to work if it’s not possible to work from home. Nicola Sturgeon appeared to say ‘essential work only.’ (Which seems a far more sensible approach, in line with the severity of the rest of the guidelines.) Have the U.K. government published that part of the advice incorrectly? I’m sure that a lot of people will be a bit confused by that. Sadly, from what we’ve seen over the past week, a lot of people need to be enforced by law to act responsibly, rather than being able to make sensible decisions for themselves. I would assume that it won’t be long before a list of jobs/sectors which are allowed to continue working is published.
  10. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, but I’d have thought that in the vast majority of cases, it would be obvious what work counts as essential and what doesn’t. And also, in many cases, people will need to use their own judgement and defy any bosses who are thinking of their own financial gain, rather than the health of the nation.
  11. Most of the time I’m glad that I’m not on social media. In times like these, I would change it to extremely glad/extremely fortunate not to be on social media. The amount of nonsense and incorrect information that must be being spread on Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp at the moment, is beyond frightening.
  12. I’m not sure what my stance on this is. I’m someone who’s self-employed, and over the past few days several people - mostly self-employed themselves, or with close family members who are self-employed - have sent me links to a petition about self-employed pay. (A petition started by someone who doesn’t know the difference between the word ‘accept’ and the word ‘except’ by the way, which is a worrying indication of their intelligence levels. If you’re going to start a petition which you think is important enough to gain hundreds of thousands of signatures, at least take the care and time to check the spelling.) I’m not sure where this demand for or belief of entitlement to close to normal pay comes from. This is an emergency situation. The government only has limited resources. The offer of support equivalent to Universal Credit, if that’s the correct term, seemed fair enough to me. If that’s enough to pay bills and buy food, that seems enough in these extreme times. I don’t expect the government to pay me 80% of my normal wage, to sit at home and do nothing. Some people have to live on Universal Credit for much of their lives. Am I missing something here? I don’t really get this entitlement to a normal monthly wage in these emergency times. As long as we have enough to buy food, and pay bills, surely that’s all we need? Just to repeat, I say that as someone in exactly that boat, rather than someone looking in from the outside. It all looks a bit greedy to me, to be demanding any more than what is required to live on, in these emergency times.
  13. No worries. Rare to see someone apologise/admit a mistake on here! Respect to you for that!
  14. What’s the ‘six counties’? Northern Ireland? Is that some name for it based on which half of the Old Firm you support?
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