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  1. There are no women on the ATP.
  2. Just wow. I’m not someone who frequents Facebook, Twitter, social media, etc, so when I hear mention of how vitriolic and sexist it is, and how women are abused on there, I can’t really picture what that looks like. Now I’m starting to see. If this is what someone on a football message board would write, where there is no need for any of us to be showing any kind of prejudice, I hate to think what anonymous trolls on social media can say. As a tennis fan, if I can try and justify. The money that men and women receive is PRIZE MONEY, for reaching a certain stage of the tournament. It’s not an hourly wage, based on how long they have spent on court. The amount of time spent training, practicing, doing media commitments, etc off the court, is presumably similar for men and women. The fact that women’s bodies are physically not able to play the same length of matches as men, does not mean that they should be penalized and receive less prize money. That would be the very definition of inequality. And ‘birds doing Ghostbusters.’ You’re not in a pub with your mates in the 1950s. You’re speaking publicly, on an Internet forum in 2020. If those are seriously your views then shame on you, but at least keep them to yourself, where they won’t cause any hurt to other people.
  3. Please be careful. There’s no need to be aggressive about it. I’m not enjoying this. 🙁
  4. They get paid the same and the same amount of coverage was what I mean. They play less sets due to physical differences, but they receive equal standing to the men in terms of prize money etc.
  5. Here was me thinking it was 2020...... Come on people.
  6. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Because you can’t always judge a person’s tone from a message, it’s sometimes easy to get the wrong end of the stick!
  7. I don’t see that as the same logic, especially as someone who hates rugby with an absolute passion - especially living in Edinburgh at this time of year (Six Nations time.) I think that not liking a particular sport is fine. I don’t think that choosing to not support a team based on their gender, is acceptable though. I used to be guilty of doing that, but then I thought of sports like tennis and athletics, where men and women compete on an equal standing, and thought that it’s crazy/not good that football isn’t the same.
  8. Sorry, I know it’s difficult to convey sarcasm or a joking tone on an Internet forum. I genuinely thought you were trying to claim that Haaland was nothing to worry about, because he hadn’t scored in his two international appearances. 😂
  9. They’re both the Scotland senior teams though, so I like the idea that they’re promoting/normalising the fact that we should be supporting both teams equally - which I hold my hands up and admit I was guilty of not doing in the past, but I try to do better at now.
  10. Sorry, should have been clearer. I was just asking what you were implying by stating that Haaland and McBurnie have scored the same amount of international goals.
  11. That sounds like a really positive thing they’ve done in terms of equality though, I don’t see why you’d think of it as a negative thing?
  12. Doherty. Unless you’re talking about Tommy’s cousin or something.
  13. I’m scared that he could ruin a few international careers in one match, the amount of goals he’s been scoring recently. You’re right though. Although it’s the most likely final at this stage, out of the four possible match-ups, it’s still more likely that Scotland and Norway won’t end up facing each other.
  14. Not sure it’s a debate for this forum but, go on then, I’ll take the bait. Why should they have separate posters for the men’s and women’s teams?
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