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  1. Texas Pete stated the suspicion as a fact, that I was that other poster. It wasn’t an unreasonable suspicion, but once it is shown to be wrong, any incorrect accusations should be apologised for. You don’t incorrectly accuse someone of something and then not apologise for it, that’s ludicrous.
  2. It’s the false accusations that I am taking issue with. Accusing someone of being a troll, means their posts will not be taken seriously by others. That isn’t a fair way to treat another forum member. In my opinion the childish behaviour here is the lack of being able to admit your mistake and apologise for it.
  3. I’m 34. Why is that relevant? I assume you’re an adult too, please can we find some kind of sensible resolution to this?
  4. Sorry, this needs resolved, because I was pretty upset by the strength of those accusations, (not that you were the sole culprit.) I was set up to look like a multiple account owner, by someone with a grudge, a liking for attention-seeking, and a history of extreme trolling! 1. Why do you think DannyOz and that other new account were removed, after appearing on the same day that The Dark Knight was banned? 2. What can I, or the moderators, do to convince you that I am not in any way linked to what happened here, apart from being linked as one of the victims of the attempted trolling/sabotage? I’d rather not have to drag the moderators into this, as I’m sure they’ve had to sort enough issues out this week, but if necessary I will ask them to confirm exactly what happened on here, with regards to the sabotage. 3. Why would you not apologise if you falsely accused someone of something, and they were later shown to be innocent? Please be adult and fair about this.
  5. You accused me of being the same person as ‘DannyOz.’ That’s now been shown to be some kind of hoaxer, presumably the same person who got banned yesterday, as they created two new accounts, to sabotage people who they had previously argued with, before their ban. That wasn’t me. The moderators have dealt with it and moved that person on. I’m not asking you to like me, or be my best friend, but please apologise for what you falsely accused me of!
  6. I would probably have pointed it out, if I had noticed it, but that doesn’t make me the same person as The Dark Knight. (I think you mean ‘you’re,’ not ‘your.’) Thats a joke by the way.
  7. I hope that that’s an attempt at humour, and not a serious accusation!
  8. Now that the dust has settled and - I hope - the moderators have managed to remove however many new accounts that The Dark Knight created....... Please can Texas Pete, ProudScot and killiefaetheferry apologise for the full-on accusations they threw at me, and any that have been thrown at other posters like mrniaboc, that we were using multiple accounts. There's only been one - hopefully - troll on here this week, and nobody deserves to be caught up in the crossfire. I was telling the truth throughout. I don't blame any of you, or hold it against you, for accusing me, as that was, for once, some high-level and very calculating trolling from The Dark Knight, which made it look like I was the same person as at least one other account. It certainly had me baffled as to what was going on, so I can't imagine what it did to the rest of you! I can't begin to tell you how frustrating a 24 hours that was, not knowing how to go about clearing my name, and actually worrying that the moderators would fall for The Dark Knight's ploy, and believe that I was guilty of having multiple accounts. They could probably have succeeded with their ploy if they'd been a bit more patient, but the need for constant attention was their downfall yet again. The amount of sarcastic comments, and people insisting that I was guilty was not easy to counter, but all your anger over this issue should be reserved for The Dark Knight, and not spilling out on to me or anyone else. If I could add anything that I've learned from this: The Dark Knight will probably make many more attempts to create new accounts and sabotage this board. Please give other genuine users the benefit of the doubt, before linking them to The Dark Knight, or assuming they are at fault. I can understand being suspicious of new accounts, but don't jump to conclusions, and drag innocent long-term forum members into it by association. Enjoy your weekends everyone, let's enjoy the time on here without you-know-who, while it lasts. Well done to the moderators on a swift resolution, and not falling for the attempted sabotage!
  9. If you thought the odds were 'astronomical,' why would you not work them out, to help back up your claim? If someone writes something which is incorrect, then surely they'd want and expect to be challenged and corrected? I know I would. I wouldn't want to go about in blissful ignorance, I'd want somebody to point out my mistake. As happened on here the other day. I misunderstood the playoff draw, somebody corrected me, I apologised for my mistake and we move on. Simple 3 posts. Too many people get defensive when somebody points out a mistake! Something like 'the odds must be astronomical' isn't really an opinion, is it? It's more of a straightforward statement with a definite answer, which can be verified either way. Having an opinion is not what makes you a conspiracy theorist, it's the incorrect facts you included with your opinion that were the problem.
  10. Convenient way to avoid answering any of the points raised. Mainly your ‘astronomical odds’ claim which you didn’t check for 15 years. Swearing and having a go at me doesn’t defend you from the accusations of making completely incorrect claims that you didn’t bother to fact check.
  11. I have no recollection of this! If it helps prove my innocence/non-involvement in this week’s shambles, created by one rogue poster, then I’ll take it. Thanks Dave78.
  12. The Dark Knight can find friends and a sense of community in an empty room.
  13. I think the Dark Knight may be in the process of outing themself here. I didn’t think that they’d be able to last without attention seeking for very long. Mrniaboc and I will be due a few apologies from people who tried to claim we were multiple-accounters like The Dark Knight. I’m quite pleased that I put two and two together and spotted what was going on before The Dark Knight managed to wreak too much havoc this time. Bit worrying how quickly and easily they’ve opened at least two new accounts though!
  14. I’m not The Dark Knight. Even for them, that would be next level, sitting up until 3am, switching accounts back and forth, to ‘argue’ with themself until 3am, long after the rest of the forum members have gone to bed! That post is indeed weird. What should I do to get to the bottom of where that came from?! It looks worrying like The Dark Knight is back with a new game plan, given that it’s a new account causing trouble just a few hours after they were banned. I’m sure you feel my frustration as you’ve also been subject to false accusations of multiple accounts this week.
  15. Yes, I am worried it may be The Dark Knight, so I don’t want to feed them with the attention they crave. Are there other examples of duplicate accounts which have been confirmed, or is it that one poster who has everyone looking over their shoulders?
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