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  1. glasgow jock

    Membership card

  2. glasgow jock

    Membership card

    Got mine ages ago - and I must admit the photo makes me look like a right handsome bastard
  3. Wow !! What a riddy (the statement not the fan) 😱
  4. glasgow jock

    2001 A Space Odyssey ?

    You did & I did thanks Scotty 👍
  5. C'mon tae fuck George, Kraftwerk Aye, Human League Perhaps, but Deacon Blue FFS, you're real gone kid
  6. glasgow jock

    2001 A Space Odyssey ?

    Jesus Christ I mean fuck me - I started the thread and have since backed away, that went weird and didn't go as expected apologise
  7. I was at school with their original lead guitarist (Robert Young) - he was a Mount Florida lad, believe he has sadly passed.
  8. glasgow jock

    2001 A Space Odyssey ?

    Cheers TP - will have a read !!
  9. Okay - Just watched this movie for the first time - I understand the beginning, basically the dawn of man adapting to our environment and finding bones & stone to use as tools / weapons, the said early humans (ape like) wake up one morning and find this monolith standing in front of them - the film jumps forward to present day and the space age, then the film goes weird (totally weird) now I understand the movie was made in the late 60's - but could someone try explain in pretty simple terms the story / meaning to this bizzare movie ?? Thanks in advance
  10. glasgow jock

    John Fleck

    Sorry got to disagree - Collins couldn't lace McStay's boots - McStay was one of the most naturally gifted midfielders in Europe at his peak - stayed way too loyal to Celtic for his own good, Collins was a cracking player though.
  11. glasgow jock

    Lifted Over The Turnstiles

    Got a lift over the turnstiles at Hampden, Shawfield & Wembley - happy days
  12. Are any of the European ties on TV this week (Sky / BT / Premier) ??