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  1. Ally you forgot to add "Useless", "Classless", "Self Serving" C U N T S
  2. Good question - I remember at the time (30 odd years ago) I thought they where both very mysterious & different from the movies that where around at the time, watched them again at Christmas and just felt that they where shite TBH
  3. What kind of allocation have Killie been given SH & have you sold them all ??
  4. The only films I have watched recently - which I thought was totally different from my recollection of them was. . . . .(Both from Mid 80's) The Company Of Wolves & The Hunger Was really looking forward to seeing them (a Christmas present) - nothing but disappointment after viewing them.
  5. My Parents always used to say "ben the room" "ben next door" etc etc, don't here it anymore, don't know it's origins or if it was just a Glasgow / West Of Scotland thing ??
  6. Agree mostly with what Dawkins say's most of the time & he's bang on with this one - disagreed with him on Scottish Independence though.
  7. Someone earlier mentioned the SNP should perhaps pull out of this dreadfull show, the BBC is publicly funded and SHOULD be impartial !! - it's now beyond a joke (they really are a bunch of CUNTS), also can't understand the fear / cowardice of some self loathing Scots
  8. I reckon my team (Clyde) have a real good chance of catching & overtaking Peterhead & Edinburgh to win this league (we've been in it far too long).
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