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  1. Or even down there - remember we won't have Gareth Bale running past Charlie Adam (looking like he was towing a fuckn tank)
  2. McCoist is like a breath of fresh air, compared to that miserable cunt Proven.
  3. TBF, Ross County have been playing really well and had some unlucky defeats recently they where due to give someone a doing.
  4. Just binged on 3 series this week. Daredevil - not too bad. Clickbait - started slow, got much, much better. Squid game - really good (brilliant in fact), GREED is a terrible thing. Noted a new series of YOU, need to give that a swatch !!
  5. As a complete neutral in this debate, I agree 100% with the above, and Aberdeen could and should have done better in the recent past (especially during the Rangers liquidation and them climbing the leagues period), Glass needs some more time IMO, although like all managers he'll live or die by his results. third best squad in Scotland i reckon.
  6. Not heard this album in years, has to be one of the greatest albums of all time, stunningly beautiful and probably more relevant today than when he wrote it in 1976 - the man is quite probably a genius. (Tried to post the full album as every song is equally brilliant)
  7. Very true - he can be a dick at times, but he is a massive Scotland fan !!
  8. A hard fought 6 points - think we have seen the best of Israel and they have yet to still see the best of us (hopefully)
  9. I have similar family background (though saved by my Mum πŸ˜‚) Dad was born and bred Bridgeton (big orange area of Glasgow), Mum was born and bred Gorbals (melting pot of many nationalities but certainly not orange) My old man always wanted to take me to Rangers games, my Mum wouldn't allow it, so he settled for second best and started taking me to our nearest team, Clyde (we lived in Govanhill at the time, early 70's), so glad that was one of the few times that he listened to her πŸ˜‚
  10. Never seen so many ugly bastards with wan tooth in my life πŸ˜‚
  11. He always looks like he wants to jump over the table and stick the nut on a few of the journos πŸ˜‚
  12. We lost a Scottish Football legend, remember it well. I went to Cardiff as a fresh faced 19 year old on the Kings Park / Castlemilk supporters bus. RIP Mr Stein !!
  13. Going by reports and stadium seating plan, game is now a complete 52,000 sell out πŸ‘
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