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  1. He was on loan to my club (Clyde) from Dundee Utd, most of the time he was a standout (albeit was League 2 at the time) looked a real prospect, great feet & has an eye for goal.
  2. Just watched a Sportscene edition i had recorder during the spring lockdown (all about Fergies Aberdeen team (s)) - Fuck me they had some squad over that period, full of talent, pace and a few hard nuts as well. Don't remember the 1986 Scottish cup final being as dirty as it looked from the Sportscene clips - Willie Miller & Walter Kidd going nose to nose ( I know who my money would have been on) Alex McLeish's cup final goal against Rangers Mark McGhee terrorising the Celtic defence Strachan and Aitken having a go at each other Great watch - didn't delete it will
  3. Got banned years ago (I'm not on the board as much these days) fell out with some self righteous prick (Reekie Sporran) - he remains the only poster who I disliked (Imagine disliking someone whom you've never met )
  4. Fuck suck mate that is shocking, was it in the Toryglen / Rutherglen area of the city ??
  5. Without a shadow of doubt Kenny Dalglish - Scotland v Spain at a packed Hampden park 1984 (world cup qualifier) Also over the years seen some amazing goals at both Shawfield & Broadwood but unfortunately no TV footage to confirm
  6. Not sure about Durie, but Hutton & Boyd where both rapid - fastest Scotland player i have seen play in the Dark Blue would be wee bud (Willie Johnston) - Oliver Burke is a flying machine, but i don't regard him as a fitba player (just an athlete)
  7. Just started watching "V" (not watched it since the tv series in 1984) - special effects are magic
  8. Scott Banks was on loan at my club (Clyde) two seasons ago - stood out every time he played, great potential, really down to earth lad !!
  9. Just finished "The Haunting Of Bly Manor" - was very (very) hard work that's all i'll say - going to watch the Sopranos again this weekend - been years since I last watched it !!
  10. Was on loan at my club (Clyde) two seasons ago - stood out every time he played.
  11. Add Ally Dick to that Spurs team - cracking wee player he was.
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