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  1. Add Ally Dick to that Spurs team - cracking wee player he was.
  2. 6am every morning (Mon-Fri) No later than 9am Sat & Sun 🍻
  3. "Gallus" is a cracking word and I always have associated it with Glasgow / WOS, I always used it to describe someone, confident, care free & game as fuck. Other rarely heard words I remember fro 70's/80's (bampot, stoater, "ben next door", pieces (as in sandwiches), bawheid, etc etc
  4. Apologise misread (still the best that i have seen though)
  5. The best performance I have witnessed (I have stated this on the TAMB previously over the years) Scotland v Spain (3-1) world cup qualifier November 1984 - quite simply outstanding and we probably would have beaten any team in the world that night- even Jim Bett played a blinder
  6. Clyde v Dundee Utd (1974) remember it well - Clyde had a player head a rocket shot off the line (Danny McGrain) and his career was just about finished after that, always remember my old man saying "he could have gone on to play for Scotland" he was and still is to this day Clyde's youngest ever captain. I think he was a relative of Celtic's Danny McGrain ??
  7. What a selfish cunt of a person you come across as !!!
  8. Out of the three top English midfielders of his generation (Gerrard, Lampard & Scholes) - I would have Scholes in my team always before the other two.(even allowing for his two goals against us at Hampden )
  9. Cheers Kumnio - couldn't watch any of that shit though, strange country, backwards & yet sometimes brilliant in so many ways & levels.
  10. Good post and interesting - don't know if it's true or not, but do some of the markets skin, and boil dogs / cats alive, although these stories you hear / read could be complete nonsense ??
  11. I got banned once for having a major slagging match with Reeky Sporran (remember him) I'm still angry at myself after all these years for doing so, BUT I couldn't help myself as he always came across (to me anyway) as an arrogant, adamant prick !!
  12. Looking at stadium plan as of today - looks like only seats left are South stand upper - that should make about 45,000 tickets sold so far ???
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