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  1. True - however rolled over Iceland at Hampden and basically played Spain (Yes Spain) off the park, I have mentioned on another thread that our performance that night would probably have taken care of most teams in the world (WCQF Scotland v Spain Nov'1984)
  2. Again I agree - although the year prior to this game (Scotland v Spain WCQF Nov 1984) Mo Johnstone had already been capped and scored twice that night against Spain - oh to have that depth of talent again eh ??
  3. I'm away from school 37 years, but i/m sure the answer is the Moon ??
  4. Used to be Country over Club, get much more enjoyment watching my club team nowadays (Clyde), didn't even go on Monday night (and I have bought the season book), also find a good few of the fans that go to the Scotland games are more interested in the "party" than the actual fitbaw !!
  5. Aye he was indeed - think our better forwards at the time must have been injured, Charlie Nicholas (who should have been an all time great for us), Mo Johnstone, Frank McAvenie etc, who where way better than Sharp & Speedie
  6. Tragically passed away 34 years ago today - here is our team that played against Wales that night - got me thinking if any of our current lot would even get into that squad - I can't think of anyone (perhaps Andy Robertson on the bench) ???? Scotland GK 1 Jim Leighton (Aberdeen) 46' DF 2 Richard Gough (Dundee United) DF 3 Maurice Malpas (Dundee United) DF 4 Roy Aitken (Celtic) DF 5 Alex McLeish (Aberdeen) 3' DF 6 Willie Miller (c) (Aberdeen) MF 7 Steve Nicol (Liverpool) MF 8 Gordon Strachan (Manchester United) 61' MF 10 Jim Bett (Aberdeen) CF 9 Graeme Sharp (Everton) CF 11 David Speedie (Chelsea) Substitutes: GK 12 Alan Rough (Hibernian) 46' DF 14 Paul McStay (Celtic) MF 16 Davie Cooper (Rangers) 61' CF 15 Andy Gray (Aston Villa) Manager: Jock Stein
  7. Plenty boozers in the merchant city (though avoid O'Neils as it's pish)
  8. Ian Ferguson doesn't like the Scotland support (he has stated that in the public domain), he believes (just like a large vocal minority within the Rangers support) that "The Tartan Trannies" are anti-Rangers and sing songs against the club and their players. . . . . . In all my years of going to Scotland games I can honestly say it's a load of made up paranoid pish. FFS when i started going (late 70's) it was Celtic players that sometimes got it tight from some in the Rangers End (West Stand).
  9. I would be surprised and happy with a 35k crowd - changed days though, this is the type of fixture not so long ago would be close on a sell out.
  10. So !! The unelected prime minister is going to ask the unelected head of state to shut down the elected parliment ? Where do you start with that ?
  11. The starting 11 that beat Spain 3-1 at Hampden November 1984 in a world cup qualifier Would probably have beaten any team in the world that night - outstanding !!
  12. Thought best do a UK one as there a few posters from "Doon South" Only picking 5 as there have been countless others over the years. Charlie Nicholas Andy Ritchie (The Morton One) Stan Collymore George Connelly (My Old Man Raved About Him & He Was A Rangers Fan) Lee Sharpe
  13. Glaswegians who support The Famous Bully Wee, Thistle & Queens Park, had a lot of torment & ridicule during our formative years (believe me )
  14. Notice a rather pale, gormless looking fud top right wearing an England top - what a twat
  15. Thought he was superb in Nighthawks with Sylvester Stallone - great and underrated movie.
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