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  1. Yep - Stitched up by the Tories & our fellow countrymen who voted for the bastards.
  2. I'm at the point now that I don't think it's going to happen within the next twenty years (I'll be in my early 70's then).........there are none so blind as those who will not see (which is a pure c**t, but maybe someday)
  3. Aye same age group - my best mate is Leeds daft (think he has lots of Scottish relatives down there) - he's also Celtic daft, his mates that go to the Celtic games with him all hate Leeds for some reason - his retort is always They are my English team always have and always will. I don't have an English team as such, but have always kept an eye out for Preston N.E. don't know why - the only reason I can think of is I was born in Preston Street, and I also liked the Liverpool team of the 80's - probably because of the amount of cracking Scot's in their team at the time.
  4. Someone mentioned the Bayern Munich v Leeds European cup final of 1975 - was that game marred by lots of fighting in the terracing / stands ?? Seems to ring a bell - I was only 10 so could be mistaken.
  5. Hamilton Wanderer must be an auld git like me, as I still refer to both stands as the Celtic & Rangers ends, and I'm certainly no fan of either club. When i started going to Scotland games as a teenager the Rangers end was THE place to go for the big matches - great memories !! Probably should refer to them as the East & West - bad habbit
  6. Remember it well - surprised he is still around, thought at the time "fuck me don't hold back mate"
  7. Ha Ha - This reminds me of a night me and my wife where drinking in a bar in New York, we got talking to a couple from New Jersey and they where saying how much most folk "hate the Brits" - when I tried explaining that "the Brits" part is only a land mass, that there are 4 countries on said land mass & that he was probably referring to England - well let me just say we manged to get through roughly 4 rounds of drinks before they understood (I think)
  8. Just got three tickets for North Stand - ticket sales look dreadful !!!
  9. Hey you ya fud - don't think all us Glaswegian's sound like that
  10. "A've never telt emdy who tae vote fur" ........... but Honestly I know some of these folk only too well, and if you took all their brains out, stuffed them in an empty can and gave it a right good shake, the silence would be deafening !!!
  11. Just think then - if that is true, then even if complex and intelligent life only evolves once in every million star systems, the Universe should be teaming with life - right ? (as stated above i'm shite at the Maths ha ha)
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