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  1. Brilliant episode, Pauly is a great character (in a mad mental, funny kind of way) greatest ever TV series in my opinion, if only the ending was not black (😉)
  2. Haven't most of us over the years ?
  3. Yeah I knew it was 7.45pm as i'm going - i was meaning if the kick-off was at 3.00pm it would generate a bigger crowd, 7.45pm on a Saturday night is a pish KO time (I probably could have worded it slightly better though)
  4. That's a shame, we should be getting 35,000 + for this kind of game and opponent or an even bigger crowd for a Saturday 3pm kick off.
  5. It's a shame - only a few short years ago we would have sold 35,000 + for this game, resentment towards the SFA is very high amongst many ordinary football fans (not just Celtic / Rangers) IMO
  6. Tremendous read indeed !! Noted they also mentioned Charlie Nicholas, he really, really should have gone down as one of our most prolific & naturally talented footballers of all time, he had absolutely everything (apart from a brain / good advisers) ......and i say this as no Celtic fan.
  7. There really are some cracking series out there, my mistake is I compare them all with the Soprano's and in my opinion nothing will ever come close, it was just compelling from start to finish, a masterpiece with superb acting.
  8. Ally you forgot to add "Useless", "Classless", "Self Serving" C U N T S
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