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  1. Aye he had a belter of a combover - he really should (& could) have played at a much higher level
  2. Have seen some cracking players playing for The Clyde, (At their best, not at the end of their careers) Stevie Archibald, Dom Sullivan & Pat Nevin. However the best player to ever pull on a Clyde shirt was Brian Ahern, cracking player and should have played at a much higher level.
  3. I'm way behind all you lads & lassies - the wife and I have just binged on Breaking Bad, really enjoyed it and had some great actors in the show. I have noted it always get nominated in the top 3 TV series of all time, in my opinion that's a bit generous, doesn't come close to Soprano's, The Wire, Twin Peaks etc etc ??
  4. He sure did - also the song I posted above is from one of the greatest albums of all time (IMO of course)
  5. Apparently the inspiration for the 1983 worldwide smash hit "The Crown" by Gary Byrd Fucking Belter Of A Tune
  6. We surely cant' lose Scott Banks - lad has lots of potential.
  7. Great result for the Bully Wee - now on to the Tory loving town of Ayr
  8. Fuck me there are one or two, repetitive boring cunts on this thread.
  9. Absolutely love all this stuff, we as a species have done some pretty amazing things (as well as abhorrent) since we evolved from the plains of Africa. My take on non-Earth life, is that there must be millions of planets in our Galaxy (Billions in our Universe) that are teaming with biological life, however Intelligent life might be quite rare, although when i say rare there could be tens of thousands in our Galaxy and many millions throughout our Universe - the bad / sad news is that due to the scale of the cosmos we will probably never find out. just my non-educated take on it !!
  10. Probably - but by fuck, what a singer and songwriter that "young gun" turned out to be !!
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