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  1. To be honest been busy at work and not paid much attention to the news lately. Not really surprised the 'R' number is up. Expect it to go up and down for a long time yet.
  2. I am still waiting om my 'fuckin' badge Hancock said i was getting.😉
  3. It's a new trend in Scottish Football, stop things too early.😉
  4. Not a big gambler. Going to post a bet I've made every weekend. Might be an acca. might be a single bet. Today's bet: Aberdeen to win and both teams to score @ 11/1.
  5. Went out for dinner on Wednesday night, no social distancing, no members of staff wearing PPE, thankfully we were seated away from the crowd. Me, my Mrs, my son and his wife had masks on when we went in, fuck me, the looks we were getting!!! don't get me started about the people down at the Riverside, absolute disgraceful. Type of people who will moan about lockdown protocols but need to have a good look at themselves.
  6. I've just returned home after 3 day's in Stratford Upon Avon visiting my new born grandson. What an absolute shit show it is down there. Virus what fuckin virus? Couldn't get home quick enough.
  7. Had a couple of beers today. See the newest member thread in TA specific.
  8. Thanks to you all for the congratulations. Great to have some good news instead of the doom and gloom.
  9. Already had that discussion with my son.😀
  10. Cheers. Maybe we could of qualified for a tournament by the time he is my age.😁
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