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  1. You made a point about 'Inverclyde' being ground zero. Maybe I didn't make my point clear for which I apologise. Maybe the reason for the high death count in Inverclyde was years of deprivation, lifestyle, under lying health conditions, poor housing etc etc. As I said this was started by the Tories and Thatcher. I have never said the SG have done a great job but the shit they got left with pre devolution imo is a contributory factor to what is happening now
  2. I'm still waiting on an answer from him to a simple question. Won't hold my breath.
  3. Inverclyde was run in to the ground well before devolution. I lived through it and still do. It started with Thatcher.
  4. One simple question? What do you believe the tory's have done for Scotland that is positive and would make me vote for them?
  5. I will take a ban with you. Alan can post his opinion like anyone else but like the tory sympathiser he is when questioned he does a boris and fucks of. So like you, fuck off Alan
  6. About time this thread was closed. League season is over, time to move on.
  7. Followed the instructions, no box appeared. Only thing that came up was an advert for a Gucci diamond ring. You on commission?
  8. If that is a 'new' symptom then Jackson Carlaw and the rest of the tories need to isolate.
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