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  1. Maybe you can blame social distancing, further away from people.
  2. Use the toaster for bread, pancakes and scones. My Mrs likes them pop tart things, the jam in the middle is always roasting, dangerous.
  3. Home made birthday cake, for me. Made with sprinkles all through it, with chocolate sweets on top. Grand daughter getting tore in.
  4. Make a bet with him (if this is the same person). I did, i won and he allegedly stayed of the board for a month. Might of ended up costing me £20 but the gamble was worth it.
  5. Apologies for being off topic. Talcs down and playing LOUD. Thank god killiefaetheferry is not my neighbour. 😁
  6. My step-son peddles that route, not a Quo fan though. Back to fishing. Is there no fish in the Gryffe, close to B.O.W.
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