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  1. Saw this advert over Christmas. What a wanker O'Leary is.
  2. What Celtic have got themselves into is a bigger own goal than McGregors on Sunday. It wasn't if they needed the break for R and R. They have not exactly worked there arses off this season. Clowns- club, players and management. Deserve all the shit that's coming their way.
  3. Yeh, not 100% sure but i think it's law now and wasn't before, could be wrong though.
  4. She just mentioned that people can't enter or leave Scotland unless essential. Don't think she has the power with flights, up to BJ. He won't do that......
  5. It was a strange match. He didn't realise he averaged 100+. He thought it was 70's/80's. A wins a win.
  6. Hope an Anderson/Price final, bit of history. Price seems to have calmed down a bit, no crowd to play up to?
  7. With the exhaust fumes the cliffs won't be white for long.
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