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  1. Thoroughly deserved by Japan. They have been excellent. Ripping Scotland apart. They will give the Springboks a game, wouldn't be surprised if they beat them.
  2. If anyone is interested it will be streamed at 1pm on: https://independencelive.net/
  3. If the boy keeps scoring, championship striker or not, he should be given the chance. Who know's what he can do unless he is given the opportunity.
  4. You know more than i do about rugby. What do Scotland need to do to qualify? I know they need 2 wins. Does it go to points difference (possibly bonus), head to head etc?
  5. If Japan play like they are doing in the first 30 mins against Ireland, against Scotland then Scotland are in trouble. They have caused Ireland more trouble than Scotland did in 80 mins.
  6. Think people are forgetting all this shit going on now is just the start, the withdrawal from the EU. If they can't agree on this what fuckin chance have they got when it comes to the rest of the crap to be negotiated.
  7. Been a member of the SNP for a good few years but have had enough. DD cancelled. Would rather contribute to AUOB. At least they are making themselves heard and seen. Getting on in years and thought indy would be close by now. Hopefully, i'm wrong about the SNP and they have a plan that will surprise me.
  8. Just realised that Scotland will see it's largest sectarian march in Edinburgh next weekend.
  9. Joanna Cherry giving it large 'Johnson's position is untenable and should resign'.
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