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  1. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Champions League Qualifiers

    Celtic 1-0 up and down to 10 men after 10mins, Simunovic sent off.........2-0 now
  2. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Russia 2018

    Don't pay attention to the media, especially english...
  3. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Russia 2018

    My world cup thoughts: VAR: jury still out. Messi and Ronaldo: International careers over. So called 'big teams' not 'big teams' anymore. Russia: excellent hosts by all accounts. England: not over hyped for a change but not good enough, lucky to reach semi's. Neymar, Sterling and because of today Griezman an embarrassment to themselves and their country due to their simulation (diving) antics, not the only ones but high profile players. Overall enjoyable tournament. One thing could've made it better........Us.
  4. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Russia 2018

    William Hill: France to score a goal 11/10. Easy money........hopefully.
  5. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Brexit Thread

    Watching Andrew Marr interviewing Theresa May. My god the woman is a wreck. She can't answer a question and is so flustered it is embarrassing, i'm squirming listening to her. How she can lead a country and try to negotiate a brexit deal is laughable. She needs to chuck it but christ knows who will take her place? Watching this makes me question the mentality of the people who voted for her and the tory party.
  6. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Russia 2018

    Not sure if Belgium were up for it more or England just couldn't be arsed being there.
  7. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Russia 2018

    Great start for Belgium. Can see England getting a pumping.
  8. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    This Board Needs Tunes

    Last one of the night.......a bit of Dusty
  9. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    This Board Needs Tunes

    Listening to the tunes being posted has made me down a few beers. Excellent taste in music.
  10. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    This Board Needs Tunes