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  1. and the Aberdeen player who got booked for diving is? Finish the sentence
  2. Angela Rayner threatening to come and stay in Scotland to help Labour win 2021 Scottish elections. Start worrying if she moves next door to you.
  3. Rangers media "Bears den" is in meltdown. Beaton getting it tight, Gerard being compared to Warburton.
  4. The more I think about it the bet I had with him was because of his constant shite about how bad Scotland are (sounds familiar). If the suspect starts going on about how Scott McTominay is the next best thing or the SFA should follow Iceland's approach to international football development then I will have no doubt it's the return of chripper aka TDK.
  5. He lost the bet to me. It was him of the board for a month or me making a donation to charity, he lost. I think he was true to his word.
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