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  1. Not saying i'm a professional but i have been trained in suicide prevention due to my job working with people who are struggling with addictions (drug and /or alcohol) and homelessness, some with a history of suicidal tendencies. If i can help you in any way pm me but as others have said seek help/support.
  2. Phillip Cocu. Available, top player and a decent record as a manager. Has experience of working with young players. Also, don't think he would break the SFA bank.
  3. And your post was sensible when you blamed the referee for ruining the game.
  4. With all the negativity i thought i would post this from a certain website. Won't mention the name but a hint is 'Yogi Bear' might stay here. This should put a smile on some peoples faces, best wind up i've seen in a long time. Sell Morelos £20 mil Tavernier £7 mil Buy Kent £10 mil Centre back £4 mil Replacement striker £5mil Second striker £2 mil Attacking midfielder £5 mil Full back £1-2 mil
  5. Kris Boyd thinks Morelos should be player of the year. Constantly lets himself down, his club down, he is a fuckin embarrassment. What a dickhead and so is Morelos.
  6. Would be great to see the reaction of some of the players from the 70's when you modern day players do things like this.
  7. Cant wait for post match interview, should be a laugh.
  8. 40 years+ watching Scotland and i have never been so disillusioned and disinterested. Hard for me to admit.
  9. San Marino 50/1 to win tomorrow. Bookies might be confident i'm concerned.
  10. Yes. I have been worried about every game since McLeish got the job.
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