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  1. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Mighty Rangers

    Ah well. Rangers could show the Theresa May on how to get out of Europe.
  2. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Brexit Thread

    Theresa May making a speech.
  3. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Brexit Thread

    It will be an interesting few day's. Opposition parties need to make a move or will they wait for a tory implosion?
  4. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Brexit Thread

    Doesn't look good. How is she supposed to get any policies through if they all vote against her?
  5. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Brexit Thread

    Not a good result for her. According to Rees Mogg out of 167 mp's who are not directly on May's payroll 117 voted against her.
  6. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    French Protests

    Yes, understand what you are saying. I wonder if the Brexiteers will go down the French route if it doesn't happen the way they expected? Wouldn't surprise me if it got nasty.
  7. Been watching the protests in France over the past couple of weeks. Got me wondering why the French react to tax rises etc the way they do and we (UK) just sit and accept 10 years of austerity without the scenes we see in Paris (not condoning the violence). Personally i think we have suffered more under this Tory government.
  8. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Mighty Rangers

    Ah well, made up for the one that Morellos got away with last week. 2 wrongs don't make it right tho.
  9. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Get Kenny Miller back

    So does ma dug.
  10. It has never gone away and unfortunately it never will.
  11. Think that's a question only BR can answer. Don't think he should replace any of the players Rogers will pick in European games. SPL maybe. He was only ever going to be a squad player at best.
  12. Thought his contract was up and he was free agent when he signed for Celtic. Not with any rival? If i'm wrong i apologise.
  13. What rival did Celtic sign him from?
  14. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Good to watch 2 of Scotland's best up against each other, Robertson and Fraser.