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  1. Aberdeen hanging on. Santa Claus will be pleased with his local teams performance.
  2. No need for thank you. Thank you for this topic, really interesting and good to hear others experiences.
  3. Not really sure what i believe in but would like to share this. When i was 12 years old (i'm 52 now) my mum died of cancer, she was only 33. Not long after her death i was woken during the night with the house phone ringing, (before mobiles). I answered the phone and on the other end of the phone it was my mum. We had a brief conversation, she asked how my dad, brother and me were doing then i went back to bed. I woke in the morning thinking it was a dream i had. I knew it wasn't a dream because my dad asked me who i was talking told to on the phone. I told my dad what i believed happened but he said i must of been dreaming, i'm still to this day positive i wasn't dreaming. Another thing also happened to me. My dad passed away on my 21st Birthday. He wasn't ill but told me 2 hours before he collapsed that if anything happened to him there was money put aside for me and my brother. On my 22nd birthday i was tidying the house we shared. I got a cold feeling turned round a watched all my birthday cards fall down, it was a calm day and no windows were open in the house. I'm convinced it was my dad. The things that happened to me didn't scare me but make me think there could be life after death.
  4. Peter Schmeichel and his boy Kasper. His boy has a bit to go yet.
  5. Basic salary for an MP £80k a year and they claim for a TV licence, they are taking the piss.
  6. Jeremy Hunt justifying that MP's should get a free TV licence. https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/iain-dale/jeremy-hunt-free-tv-license-mps/ BBC going to make pensioners pay next year, that's just wrong.
  7. The referee has fucked both sets of teams.
  8. Erin Cuthbert is a cracking player, full of heart and a grafter.
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