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  1. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Mighty Celtic...

    The most successful team in the world has a 'thug' like Brown, Sergio Ramos. So it is still part of the modern game. Personally i would prefer to watch a player who gets stuck in to the opposition than a 'modern' day player who rolls about like a pussy. Too many of Neymars type for my liking in modern day football. Just my opinion though.
  2. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Maybe he is a wank in your opinion but what does that say for the managers at the time who asked him back? I believe the current manager walked out on his country for money so i take it he's a wanker too?
  3. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    The Mighty Celtic...

    You would think Scott Brown was the only player who put himself about a football field. Some people on here think he's the devil in a hooped shirt. If referees or the SFA don't punish him it's not his fault. I was always delighted to see him playing for Scotland, we were a better team with him playing. Not saying he is an angel but the grief he gets on here is way over the top. Most clubs in Scotland would of loved to have him in their team.
  4. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    On Line betting.

    Kicked up a fuss but as Ally bongo said not a chance. Got an email from them saying basically tough shit the rules are.........Wasn't a lot of money but i spat the dummy out and said i won't be using them again. Probably all bookies have the same process. Hey ho, as i said lesson learned.
  5. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    On Line betting.

    Cheers, lesson learned.
  6. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    On Line betting.

    Who the fuck are you, the grammar police? If you can't answer the question asked then don't get involved in the thread.
  7. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    On Line betting.

    Found this answer for my own question. FPTP rules mean that the immediate result will get paid out on as will the official result, which is announced after the weigh-in and any steward’s enquiries have been taken into account. Should a winner be disqualified in the aftermath of the announcement of the official result then it won’t affect your ability to claim your bet as a winner. There are some exceptions to this. If the horse takes the wrong course, for example, carries the wrong weight or the jockey fails to weigh-in altogether. Also, if a horse is called the winner in error then you won’t get paid on that, either.
  8. Backed a horse today and it won at 8/1. William Hill paid me my winnings. 10 mins later after using some of the winnings for other bets my account went in to a minus, 2 mins later money back in my account, 2 mins later minus again. Checked the race result and noticed my horse was disqualified. Looked on line and discovered that William Hill pay first past the post. Contacted them and was told because my horse was carrying the wrong weight the first past the post guarantee was void. Think this is pish, should of at least got my original bet returned IMO. Does anyone know if this is usual practice?
  9. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    This Board Needs Tunes

    Might of posted this before.
  10. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Europa league qualifiers

    2-1 Rangers