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  1. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Scotland Under 21s Vs England Under 21s (5:30pm)

    Agree with most of your comments, especially the lack of leadership. Nobody in the current squad stands out, unfortunately.
  2. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Scotland Under 21s Vs England Under 21s (5:30pm)

    Just watched the Ireland v Wales game. Need to give a lot of credit to Ryan Giggs an inexperienced manager who had the balls to give an opportunity to a few young players untested at this level. The boy's he played were excellent, full of enthusiasm and looked liked they wanted to make there mark. Maybe this could be a lesson to our manager. Why not give a few of the under 21's a crack at it. What has he got to lose, apart from his job, but you never know. The enthusiasm of the youngsters may rub off on a team that looks scunnered.
  3. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Spain England

    Watching it and after our performance on Thursday i'm phoning the Samaritans.
  4. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Portugal match thread

    3-0 and we need to remember Portugal had 10 changes at the start.
  5. Lairdyfaeinverclyde


    Sky bet 19/20 for a Portugal win. Never backed against Scotland before but this has got to be worth a few £'s.
  6. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Time for Eck to go already!

    I've made my feelings known about our current manager on other threads, never a personal attack. Decided to have a look at his professional record over the last 10 years. Not exactly a career as a successful manager over the past decade. Left the Scotland job. Birmingham City-relegated from EPL, promoted, then relegated again. (2007/8) Birmingham City-English League cup won, then relegated again. (2008/9) Move to Aston Villa (Controversial) narrowly avoided relegation sacked after 1 season (2011/12) Nottingham Forest-left after 40 day's (mutual consent?) 2012 In the past 6 years Genk (Belgium 2014/15) and Zamalek (Egypt 2016) How the SFA could appoint him with confidence God only knows. If i've missed anything feel free to correct me.
  7. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    SFA cut yer losses

    My view of the current manager has nothing to do with his Rangers past He should of never been offered the job in the first place. I love my country but for you to say he would be more disappointed than the people who spent thousands of their hard earned cash to travel to Israel is bull shit.
  8. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    SFA cut yer losses

    Maybe irrelevant, get your point about wages but shows there is some availability of managers than the usual SFA suspects. Doesn't matter they won't change manager any way.
  9. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    SFA cut yer losses

    Posted this before. Current managers that are available. https://www.transfermarkt.com/trainer/verfuegbaretrainer/statistik
  10. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    SFA cut yer losses

    What comments do you believe are by lunatics?
  11. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Happy Birthday to your grandson, enjoy the birthday cake.
  12. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Cheers not sure about the happy tho.
  13. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Easy Mick. Setting yourself up for the Griffiths haters.