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  1. Grand Master of the Orange Lodge Jim McHarg spoke out after six processions set to take place this weekend were cancelled following recent ugly scenes in the city centre. Speaking from Glasgow Green, where hundreds gathered to protest the march ban, he said: "We’re being condemned because of Republican parades that happened for two weekends. "But I don’t see the condemnation of TRNSMT for instance in this city where there was a lot more violence went on – drug dealing, a sex attack, and court cases. "That doesn’t happen at Orange parades. Why’s that not being banned? Greatest whataboutery in history................ Think it was George Sq
  2. The union didn't vote for Theresa May or Boris Johnson to be PM so we should just accept the balls up they have/are making of brexit.
  3. I'm expecting him to come back under a different name. I said when the bet was made this wasn't to happen but i'm not convinced. A few new posters have appeared since.
  4. I'm the guilty party who offered him the bet, he took it on and lost. However, the night his exile began i told him that i didn't care if he continued to post or not. He said that he was a man of his word and would respect the bet, fair play to him. He gambled, he lost.
  5. Sorry, didn't realise it was a fake.
  6. https://www.dwsports.com/scotland-1986-world-cup-shirt-mens-059783501250.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_5v4g4vH5AIVx7HtCh1HVgRTEAQYAiABEgLP8vD_BwE&utm_source=PHG&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=redbrain
  7. I made the bet with Chripper or dark knight that is keeping him of the board (or is it) because he was doing my head in. Since he has stopped posting i've seen a few comments from other people that are similar to what he has suggested. Maybe the guy wasn't far away with his posts but my issue with him was how repetitive he was. However, his desire to have McTominay's babies has come back to bite him in the arse.........so far.
  8. Just got back from the game. After 40 years following Scotland this has got to be the lowest point i can remember. I stayed until the end of the game not through loyalty but just to watch the Belgium team, they are an impressive outfit. I think it's time to give the young boy's a game, Gilmour, Hornby etc in the next few games. Not calling for the manager to be sacked, i think he will resign soon (not what i want). Never thought i would say this but i've had enough. Feel sorry for the younger generation, at least i've seen Scotland be competitive the younger generation will have a long wait to see a competitive Scotland team.
  9. I've lost track of what's going on and given up on the possible outcomes. Every day something happens. i'm 52 years old and never known anything like this brexit carry on. It's going to continue for a long time yet, more twists and turns, people resigning, threats and allegations. I know it will affect my family, grandchildren but i'm beginning to not give a shit any more about brexit and hope independence will come sooner or later but not naive to think that will be a smooth journey either.
  10. Seen the shirt in Glasgow last year. Hopefully be in Edinburgh as well.
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