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  1. Was ‘t actually saying I would find Tirana boring, I just don’t want to be tied to the same place for 3 days. Of course we’ll get our little break to Shkoder for the game, but I’m not expecting to see too much of Albania on that particular bus outing. Like many of the seasoned TA travellers, I like to get as much as I can out of every trip, particularly when it’s a new country for me. I’ve been spoiled rotten this year with a 4 day trip to the Cusco region and Machu Picchu (wonder of the world) before the Peru game, a few days up at Queretaro (great place, was based there for the Germany game in 86) before the Mexico game, visiting the Chichen Itza pyramids the day afterwards (another wonder of the world). In Israel I made the 21 hour return bus trek to Petra in Jordan (yet another wonder of the world), the day before the game. When Scotland get gubbed, it’s nice at least to still have fond memories of your trip - Peru, Mexico and Israel are all a case in point, I really did enjoy these trips. Albania will be my 49th different country in which I’ve seen Scotland play. You’ll perhaps understand why I might struggle a bit, if I was forced to spend a ‘whole’ 3 days in Tirana, with no wonders of the world nearby! (I’ve ruled out a quick dash over to Rome, I’ve already seen the Colosseum)
  2. Berat : Long shot, I know, but ... Don’t want to be confined to Tirana for 3 days so I am going to take one of these day tours to Berat, which has go great reviews for a leisurely day out. I’m wanting to go on Friday 16th, the tours typically cost around £75 per person 9am to 6pm’ish I believe). Only issue is, all the tour companies insist you book a minimum of 2 people, so to travel solo the cost would double. If anybody has either booked already, or is about to and I could tag on my booking with yours, please let me know.
  3. Davy. Left it late, One seat for me please if still available, G Berry
  4. tartanb

    Davy Bus

    Hi, made a PayPal payment to you on August 2nd which I can now see from my statement has “not yet been accepted” by you. Four days after this I can see in your last list my name, tartanb, had moved from bus 13 to bus 20, but not showing PAID (consistent of course with the unaccepted payment) Have I done Something wrong? George B.
  5. tartanb

    Davy Bus

    Davy, Peru and Mexico busses were fantastic, so I would like a single seat please
  6. Thanks, being that I am probably the only person in the world without a mobile phone, in the circumstances i’m happy to regard myself as the guilty party. Looks like someone at the supporters club might find themselves on an unexpected ‘jolly’ to Peru (expensive flight!), although being confined to one meeting place for most of their trip whilst all the TA are enjoying themselves might be seen by some as a punishment, rather than a jolly.
  7. As a matter of interest, where/how was this announced. I assume you phoned them? I certainly haven't had an e-mail, which I would have thought would have been the logical way to communicate with us?
  8. Received in the post this morning my Mexico ticket (post mark - Friday), but no sign yet of my Peru ticket. I’m flying out on Wednesday, so two more postal deliveries still to come, but has anyone got their ticket yet?
  9. Blimey Ormond, you're well organised, you are one step ahead of me. I haven't booked my accommodation yet, but have booked all my flights including into Cusco (arr 25 May 1035) and the return flight to Lima (day of our game, arr 1405). I'm assuming it definitely is an evening kick off! Know I'll be using a mixture of train, bus and taxi whilst in the Cusco region, but haven't even started to plan where/how I'll spend my 4 days. Will of course definitely stay in Cusco itself and Ollantaytambo. Say what you want about the SFA, we might not yet have a manager, the team might be SH*TE, but one of the suits knows how to pick exotic locations for friendlies. I'm definitely more excited about this Peru/Mexico trip than I am my WC trip to Russia later in the month, where I'll be seeing 3 games.
  10. Just had my random collect e-mail 40 mins ago - collections will be from INTERCONTINENTAL in Prague
  11. I'm on 10 points, travelling alone and have to pick up (was also randomly selected for the 2 away games in Poland last year, no big deal)
  12. Keep your eye on the SFA web site, status does occasionally change from SOLD OUT to some available (e.g. right now, Monday 17:47, there are 20 tickets available in South Upper stand)
  13. How come we've received 6 tickets all with the exact same seat number (in my case North Stand section C5) when we will be sat in 3 different stadiums? Am I missing something?
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