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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Pity it couldn't have happened 24 hours ago. It would have spared us that horror show last night.
  2. I was puzzled by that, as I was sure that fixture was today. Why was it called off?
  3. Dearie me. Maybe Christophe Berra was the Messiah all along?
  4. Hamilton are brutal. Two goals conceded from simple throw-ins.
  5. Imagine the fun if that turns out to be Croatia v Serbia..............in Glasgow.
  6. As did Miles bloody Storey........AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH.
  7. If memory serves, they absolutely lost it at Christmas from 2-0 up v Celtic and Steven McManus scoring twice in injury time for a 3-2 win. Hearts collapsed after that.
  8. Thanks.for that. Another one of Celtic's dogshit that scored against Thistle.
  9. I seem to remember that Edouard was thought of in similar terms when he first signed on loan.
  10. Awful conditions, but an entertaining game nonetheless. Goodwillie is way better than that level, though. But I guess given his history he's just happy to be playing football and getting paid for it.
  11. St Johnstone giving away three stands again in the quarters. Will the Jambos do something similar?
  12. Come on man - Ramy's thread is about the Scottish Cup. What's the relevance of this?
  13. Not in my youth, but I always thought The Absolute Game was a great read in the nineties.
  14. So do I. Roy Keane's debut, Du Wei's only brief appearance for Celtic's Chinese audience. He turned out to be more Scheidt than Rafael. Maciej Zurawski scored your consolation. Who was the Clyde player that day who was playing for Kilmarnock on Robbie Keane's debut when Killie won in 2010? Genuine question - I've forgotten.
  15. Scotland 6 England 13 Wind 70. Last year's game was easily one of the greatest international games ever. Tonight's was easily one of the worst.
  16. Possibly the single best live version of this song, and maybe of any song, ever:
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