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  1. Informal discussions of that nature have already taken place.
  2. Not forgetting Di Natale's falsely disallowed goal in the first half.
  3. Bulgaria v Hungary - is that one behind closed doors? Edit - yes it is. That is one bizarre situation - Hungary won't be happy.
  4. All play-offs confirmed for those dates.
  5. Well, can't have every thing I suppose. Happy with the outcome. Probaly easiest draw for the semi-final and 4 months notice that we'll need the spirit of Zagreb 2013 or Oslo 2005 for the final.
  6. The key to this is Steve Clarke. If he thinks Brown can still bring something to the team, and approaches him, then Brown will be back. If he doesn't, then it's a complete non-issue. I'm happy to trust Steve Clarke's judgement.
  7. Israel v Bulgaria isn't possible, is it?
  8. Better be hoping we don't get Hungary or Romania because they'll be right up for it as a host country.
  9. McTominay and McGregor as holding midfielders. Christie, McGinn and Forrest have nailed the 3 (Armstrong/Fraser as back-ups) and Naismith/Shankland up top McKimmie, Hansen, Tierney and Robertson at the back please.
  10. So - Scotland, Ireland, Romania and Hungary are all host nations that are in the play-offs. What are UEFA to do?
  11. Gallagher, Hanley, Mulgrew (I know), Devlin and Liam Lindsay are the way to go. Haven't a clue why Lindsay hasn't warranted at least a call up to the squad so far for a look. McKenna looks overweight to me. If he sorts that out then he can be the first name in the back four. It's up to him.
  12. For sure, as has been pointed out by numerous posters on here earlier. But the first person under examination was he who needlessly gave the ball away trying a pass inside on the half way line. Either way, we got out of it in due course, and Palmer had a fine second half.
  13. Yes he did play very well............after needlessly giving away possession for their goal.
  14. How did they get the opportunity for that wonder strike though, Kevie? A full-back failing with a 10 metre pass inside that you don't ever try unless it's absolutely on.
  15. Interesting. Must be some while since that happened.
  16. 99.99 per cent of the members of this message board are rooting for a Scotland win tonight. So following mature statistical analysis of the consensus of opinion, your hypotheses on this subject aren't worthy of any serious analysis.
  17. Look at it objectively. We are two points ahead and playing a home fixture against them. What is your basis for so fervently wishing Scotland to fail from that position?
  18. They weren't. They took full advantage of our hapless incompetence that night, for sure. All players were culpable but Graeme Shinnie was particularly abject, playing in a position that he hadn't played for his club in about four years. McLeish cardinally at fault for that astute selection.
  19. Wouldn't it be more positive to focus on continuing the impetus of the last two results (even if against 'lesser' teams in the group)? A decent victory from a decent performance tonight would be acceptable. If we do more than that, then it's a bonus,
  20. He's never ever had the plot to be able to lose it.
  21. Kosovo are one tidy outfit. Delighted we are nowhere near them in the play-offs.
  22. Bollocks - Ukraine equalise at the end. Edit - wouldn't have made any difference anyway, as Portugal won.
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