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  1. Apparently big announcement coming out shortly. Press were at Hampden at 4pm...
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/international/qatar-world-cup-2022-qualifying-b1768149.html
  3. I think this would have had more impact if this was announced after the qualifiers, especially if Denmark qualify. The ironic thing is, if Denmark pull out, Qatar will probably replace them in our group for those friendlies Fifa were touting.
  4. Well since you've trawled my stats, I've had a look at yours and I see you only joined TAMB in Dec 2018, so you'll be unaware of all the good guys that have left in the last 17 years, so no point referencing them. And anyway, these folk are not going to come back - unlike some trolls that re-spawn on a constant basis.
  5. TAMB's hope of a post-closedown threat resurgence was scuppered when the admins failed to quickly clampdown on the reoccurring and obvious twats that drove all the good guys away. TAMB deserves to die. I never thought I'd say that, but I dont give a damn about it anymore.
  6. The only place I'd guess might be Moldova. I'm not confident the Faroes would want fans, especially unvaccinated ones.
  7. If Rashford and other rich footballers stopped all their tax avoidance antics and paid the taxes us and all these underprivileged folk have to, then there would be enough coffers in the Treasury to pay for all these free meals, etc., without the need for all these hollow, psuedo-saviour gestures from media attention whores.
  8. Apart from the 2 free kicks against England, Griffiths was hardly an effective and worthy striker for Scotland in the past. I'd be wary pining Scotland hopes on his shoulders. Although I'd still have Griffiths before McBurnie!!
  9. I want less politics in football, not more. And also less minutes of silence/applause.
  10. Good on the glory hunters. I joined just before we qualified for Euro 96, and never looked back since.
  11. I thought McKenna was injured as well.
  12. Dunno if it's been previosuly posted, but reports that Christie, Armstrong and Tierney are now all self-isolating.
  13. The rumours that he was very gravely ill have been doing the rounds for a while, but it's still a surprise. I find it interesting that the blame for his initial tongue cancer was because of holding a metal pick in his mouth while doing his trademark tapping. Tomorrow will be a Van Halen day, starting with 5150 - a number I use a lot in security passwords.
  14. Gutted. Was a hero for me when I started playing guitar.
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