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  1. 2-0 Hibs so far. Boyle with both goals. It's tragic that Scotland let him go play for Australia instead. Can somebody tell me what the Hearts score is - I can't seem to get any score updates for them anywhere.
  2. pssst.....can I tell you something? I'M F*CKING LOVIN' IT!!!
  3. I am absolutely bloody loving this. No....seriously I am. REALLY F*CKING LOVIN' IT!! Now hopefully the costs are huge and the SFA fine the hell out of Hearts. F*CKING LOVIN' IT!!!
  4. According to Jambos Kickback, many Jambos are giving up with Scottish football, including the national side. Good!
  5. Indeed. They are relegated again for about the dozenth time for the 19/20 season. No word yet on whether they get compensation or not.
  6. Like your glorious esteemed leader, your facts are fabricated and the only shitshow on display is what is coming out of Hearts and Thistle. Last 20 matches bertween Hibs and Hearts: 03‑Mar‑20 Hibernian 1‑3 Hearts 26‑Dec‑19 Hearts 0‑2 Hibernian 22‑Sep‑19 Hibernian 1‑2 Hearts 28‑Apr‑19 Hibernian 1‑1 Hearts 06‑Apr‑19 Hearts 1‑2 Hibernian 29‑Dec‑18 Hibernian 0‑1 Hearts 31‑Oct‑18 Hearts 0‑0 Hibernian 09‑May‑18 Hearts 2‑1 Hibernian 09‑Mar‑18 Hibernian 2‑0 Hearts 21‑Jan‑18 Hearts 1‑0 Hibernian 27‑Dec‑17 Hearts 0‑0 Hibernian 24‑Oct‑17 Hibernian 1‑0 Hearts 22‑Feb‑17 Hibernian 3‑1 Hearts 12‑Feb‑17 Hearts 0‑0 Hibernian 16‑Feb‑16 Hibernian 1‑0 Hearts 07‑Feb‑16 Hearts 2‑2 Hibernian 12‑Apr‑15 Hibernian 2‑0 Hearts 03‑Jan‑15 Hearts 1‑1 Hibernian 26‑Oct‑14 Hibernian 1‑1 Hearts 17‑Aug‑14 Hearts 2‑1 Hibernian HIBS WINS: 7 HEARTS WINS: 6 DRAWS: 7
  7. Hearts and Thistle charged by SFA over court action https://news.stv.tv/sport/hearts-and-thistle-charged-by-sfa-over-court-action?top&amp&__twitter_impression=true Kick both teams out.
  8. I'm sure the CCS and YLT will gladly offer any protection services required. Anyway, Jambos 'hardmen' only want to glass old grannies and punch women.
  9. This one is for Vera and Dr Mrs Queen Ann Budge 'we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...'
  10. The best day ever during these bleak times. The Jambos deserve every single bit of it.
  11. Leaked copy of dossier apparently. Only 19 pages. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_JAFXxXWrNxSKMllzx25T0KuLjUcKnkX/view
  12. Brummie Hibs


    Phone. I did it around 2.30/3pm.
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