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  1. London cyclist are generally khunts. Doesnt matter if the lights are green, amber or red, unless it is a serious junction then it's fair game to race through them not giving a flying fuk, while screaming at anybody who might get in their way.
  2. A few changes top that. Burke is not a penalty box striker - but he can work the wings, cut in and put in a wicked slide rule passes into the 6 yard box (as can Forrest). McNulty is a penalty box striker who would lap that up (which he hasn't been getting at Hibs much in the later part of the season). I don't know much of Brophy, but if he can work the 6 yards, then with Forrest and Burke, we could get goals. So: Marshall Mulgrew. McKenna O'Donnell. Robertson McTominay McGinn. Fraser Forrest. Burke McNulty
  3. Don't think it'll make much difference! 😞
  4. Just look at his username - thoughts tainted by a blinkered point of view.
  5. No-Idea O'Donnell - Mulgrew - McKenna - Robertson Forrest - McGinn - McTominay - Fraser McNulty - Burke
  6. Souttar is a bomb-scare. Mulgrew and McKenna CB's in defensive 4 until Bates is back.
  7. Hey Davy, can I get 1 seat for Paphos please?
  8. I agree it is sick, and you'd think we would have moved on in society. However, today I got sent a repulsive whatsapp - something to do with him being eligible for half-price cremation. What is wrong with people!?
  9. Not sure I 100% agree. It has been largely pish, but did have some classic moments. The two big battles, although full of flaws and improbabilities, were pretty spectacular. If they had only used the earlier episodes better to develop story-lines instead of just being padded out filler, then it might have been better. The big difference with old GoT and the new GoT was typified last evening. As Jon Snow is getting accompanied along the docks, in old GoT he would have got his throat slit by an Unsullied who was disguised as a Black Watch guard. This all being watched on by an vengeful Greyworm. Instead it was a happy family goodbye with the Snows and producers and writers thinking of numerous spin offs with the cast. All TV shows suffer it when they get successful. Jumping the Shark.
  10. Plenty of hooks for spin offs. Not sure what I thought of that. Disappointed I think, but I thought the build up to the stabbing was heartfelt and well done.
  11. No Eurovision thread this year. This place really is at death's door.
  12. Been told it's McInnes. However, I certainly wouldn't be putting money on my source....
  13. It might have improved since the World Cup, but we went before Lithuania Game in 2010, and it was a drab place.
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