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  1. Couple of bars here. 51.128620,71.432755 But this place is scarce.
  2. If this is the direct Air Astana flight, then there is 4 of us. We are going to get to T4 about 3pm, but I might go a bit earlier if there is going to be a crowd of us.
  3. McGinn will definitely be starting in Astana. All those coming up with possible starting lineups, take heed.
  4. McGinn scores a well taken goal. An assist with the first goal as well.
  5. Geez! They were about the only 'dance' band I liked.
  6. I'm more convinced by Bates than I am of Soutar.
  7. Or scan it, get a vector graphics application (CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator) to trace it. This will give you a scalable vector image which will give you a lot more flexibility than a bitmap - which is going to pixellate as soon as you start resizing. Plus you won't have all the interpolation issues (coloured borders around image) when trying to use it on anything but white background. Note: The description of this method is slightly easier than doing it, if not having done it before.
  8. More will be spent on Special Delivery
  9. Russia have announced that first two games will be in: Saransk (versus San Marino) Nizhny Novgorod (versus Cyprus)
  10. Keep it as your postcode.
  11. Right, I've worked it out. I couldn't actually see the links hidden away in the top corner. Unfortunately now, the password reset link in the email doesn't work. I've tried pinging www.scottishfa.talent-sport.co.uk, but there is a DNS problem. Tried it on my work PC and my O2 mobile. Will try again when home.
  12. I don't even get that far. The link sends me to a Supporters Club Membership 2018/2019 page, with options to either buy an Adult, Under 16 or Senior membership. No options to reset password
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