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  1. Brummie Hibs

    Berra Out for 6 Months

    Torn Hamstring Our defensive options get even smaller....
  2. Brummie Hibs

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    McGinn with an assist on his debut at Villa
  3. Brummie Hibs

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I've said it before, Porteous, CB is one to watch. Needs a couple of years yet, but he's turning into a very good player. Shaw, FWD I'm still not sure of yet.
  4. Brummie Hibs


    Rumour (on Hibs.net) is that he wants out of Celtic
  5. Brummie Hibs


    Thanks, however I should have added that I dont use Twitter either....
  6. Brummie Hibs


    I'm bumping this as I'm looking for a good IPTV provider. I don't have Facebook, so I can't connect to potential suppliers via that. Any recommendations?
  7. Brummie Hibs

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Southampton's feeder club
  8. Brummie Hibs

    Four Game Ticket Package

    The thing is, the TA Elite, the ones who would buy the 4 game packages, would have all gone to Peru. Fans who went to Peru are entitled to a free Belgium ticket. So it would need to be a 3 game package.
  9. Brummie Hibs

    England to host 2030 world cup.

    Scotland, Wales and NI should only get involved if we agree to be a Team GB....
  10. Brummie Hibs

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Paid - Brummie Hibs x2
  11. Brummie Hibs

    Davy Bus

    Hey Davy, I have one more joining me in Albania. Can you add him to your bus list. p.s. I am no bus #14 if that is doable. Cheers
  12. Brummie Hibs

    Best options for those still to book?

    I'm going Pegasus from Stansted via Istanbul outward. Overnight flight - ideal.
  13. Brummie Hibs

    Match Day Meet Uo

    Been down the Marriot Area today, and there ain't a great lot. There is a waterfront shopping complex with some restraints. I'm in Barranco at the moment (it's mot night) and this place seems and I edgier, more authentic place to drink and visit - bohemian. Miraflores is Westernised and you could be anywhere. I'll try Kennedy Park later. But I expect it'll be like any tourist city centre pub scene. Note - the weather is all over the place. Been cooler and misty all day. But you feel it that haze cleared then it would be lovely. It was hot and humid last night.
  14. Brummie Hibs

    Anybody else on the BA flight from Gatwick on the 25th

    The team are on my BA flight which is about to take off now. Was talking to John McGinn - I'm well chuffed
  15. Brummie Hibs

    Ticket Pick-up Hotel

    That ain't gonna be easy to get to.... Hotel Royal Pedregal