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  1. Yes, they show the games. I watch Hibs games there as well. Irish boozer with several screens - always sport on. Never been a fan of the Albion. Charmless and expensive place.
  2. I'll be heading to Sheephaven Bay in Camden/Mornington Crescent.
  3. Question to the the current owners of TAMB. Would you be willing to transfer everything - name, domain name, Intellectual property, etc., basically everything, to new owners for a nominal amount? In principal.
  4. Nisbet ain't been given much of a chance yet.
  5. The woke is very strong in this thread. I'll take a moment of reflection before each match for all the poor souls missing out on things they feel they are entitled to have but won't get because miserable, ungrateful khunts like me do get them. It's a cruel, unfair world. Luckily I don't give a #### what folk on the Internet think.
  6. I have to admit that I also stopped getting excited about Christmas about 35 years ago. But I'm sure Santa Claus, like the SSC, won't give a flying one, because that's just the way the world works.
  7. Unfortunately for those thousands of fans, ticket eligibility isn't based on excitement levels - it's based on points gained by spending thousands of pounds travelling around the world.
  8. Got tickets for all 3 games, but just can't say I'm excited in the slightest about it all.
  9. A couple of well kent TA faces at the grave yard.
  10. Talking of Covid, has anybody seen/heard anywhere what the stadium entry protocols will be? I'm talking about test/vaccine certificates type things. I live down south but will be in Scotland a few days before the games and not sure how you go about booking an official test and how many days it needs to be valid for before the game. I'm guessing home tests won't count for anything.
  11. Another rumour...maybe it's fact (I ain't checked)...that you must have UEFA app installed on your phone, which will be used as your tickets. What that means if you don't have a smart phone, then I just don't know..
  12. Oh, and login and go into queue before official sale time. I did 15 mins before.
  13. That is what I did, but I'm not sure if it actually achieved any advantage.
  14. I did all 3 games in one transaction. Click game 1 link Select category Add ticket to basket Click game 2 link You'll see basket contains an item (game 1 ticket) Select game 2 category Add to basket Etc, etc, etc Only risk is if something goes wrong, which did yesterday for some, then you could lose the lot...
  15. Has anybody else done the Seat with friend option? I have a number of different friends with different book numbers. Some have 1 booking number for 3 games, some have 3 individual ones, etc. I booked all 3 tickets in one booking, so have 1 code. Anyway, each time I plug in a friends code, the friends included keeps changing. i.e I enter somebody's England code, then I see other linked mates. Then I add somebody else Croatia code, then those previous names disappear and I get different list of my friends. Basically, this system looks really unreliable.
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