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  1. I think it's a little unfair to expect our best players to skip the u21s. Everyone develops at different rates. Physically and mentally, they might not be ready, even if they already have the ability. Gemmill can clearly see Doak will be too good for the u21s very soon and is getting him in early. Hopefully the same with Rory Wilson. Saying all that, if we have a 21/22 year old with twenty+ u21 caps, and still hasn't given any impression he's good enough for the senior team, then it is probably worth dropping him for a younger guy with more potential. I'm thinking of the likes of Welsh and Middleton.
  2. Good point. We're establishing partnerships all over the team. But, internationally, it can take years to build. Caldwell and McManus made a great partnership for a while. And it's no coincidence that Strachan's results improved when he finally decided to start playing all of Rodgers' Celtic players.
  3. Yup. And no disrespect to Hearts, but Gordon did say something along the lines of, he went to Hearts partly to prolong his Scotland career. The man has more than proven himself at every level. It's kind of irrelevant who he plays for. As long as he is playing.
  4. If I had to guess, I'd say he'll go with the same 10 plus Hickey. I personally would swap the roles of Armstrong and Fraser. Make Armstrong the impact sub this time. I think Dykes could have a very winnable battle against Duffy. So I'd be tempted to swap out Adams as well. Especially since his confidence will be sky high.
  5. I don't think he is. Tierney, Hendry and McKenna are all starting. Edit: Tierney might be LWB. My mistake.
  6. I think striker is the one position we really can't afford to write anyone off. Most other positions, the odd purple patch will generally not be enough to get a call up. Striker is different because we are so threadbare. It was not long ago that not a single one of us would have even contemplated Ross Stewart being involved. The likes of Burke, Nisbet and Shankland will always have a pathway back into the squad.
  7. Nice to finally see a comprehensive breakdown of what is going on. It's always so difficult to find details like this. Highlight for me is that there are 11 Performance School kids in the English Premier League. Including Gilmour and Patterson. But they also, fairly, acknowledge that Celtic run their own performance school, which shouldn't be ignored. So the likes of Doak and Hepburn benefitted from the same strategy. As did Tierney, Hendry, Hickey and Ralston. So, if you included those 4 to the list, there would be 6 performance school kids all in the senior squad.
  8. He's doing well at the minute. What is it, 5 or 6 goals since the start of the season? But I'm sure at least 3 of those were penalties. I like him but he's not giving me any impression he'd be more prolific than any of our other striking options.
  9. If we had a predatory striker I think we would. There is talent all over the team. Even right back is looking incredibly strong. Over the 3 games I think it'll be a case of us creating lots of chances and only scoring a few. Which will hopefully be enough to win the games. John McGinn is going to have to be at his best, because I'm not overly optimistic our strikers will do the business.
  10. It's great that we have so many wing back options that we are concerned about good players missing out. We also don't have to pin our hopes to Ashby, Doig or Ramsay. They can all quietly develop without us screaming for them to be fast-tracked. On your other point, Tierney is a very effective attacking option from LCB. He'll get forward no matter what position he is in. In fact, he tends to get more space from LCB because the wing back is preoccupying a defender.
  11. 3 Scottish right backs starting today for decent teams. How fast things change.
  12. McKenna is still only 25. Personally I'd already have him as our starting CB. I'd like to see a bit of a partnership built up between him and Tierney. I like Hanley and Cooper, but McKenna has a lot more years ahead of him, and has the potential to be better than both. I'd accept arguments of Christie or Fraser starting ahead of Armstrong, but him being dropped from the squad altogether is not going to happen. And probably not for a few years yet.
  13. McKenna is an EPL centre back that is having to do a lot of defending against elite forwards. Every game will be making him better. He'll be our first choice CB before long. Who would you have in the squad before Armstrong? He was arguably our best performer in the last round of games. He's not lucky to be in the squad. He's there on merit. Clarke is not in the habit of dropping our best players based on dips in form. Nor is he in the habit of picking players based on short purple patches. Hence no McBurnie.
  14. Clarke did say he chooses squads based 95% on ability, and only 5% on character. So, I think Clarke is more forgiving and less stubborn than his predecessors. We lost years of the likes of Steven Fletcher, Allan McGregor, Barry Ferguson over fallouts. I'm sure there are plenty of others that I can't think of off the top of my head.
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