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  1. Are there more young Scots being scouted to bigger teams than ever before? Or are they just being publicised more? I think the former, though very difficult to tell. It is about time that Rangers started producing young talent. Even if they don't end up in the first team
  2. Players too good to be benched: Robertson, Tierney, McTominay, Christie, McGinn You may or may not agree, but I believe these are the players to fit the team around. If we can find a system to incorporate all of them effectively, then that is a fantastic core. Fraser and Forrest would be included if they weren't fighting it out for the same position. But that's a good problem to have. Also, a fully fit Griffiths would be the first name on the team sheet. I'd like to see him go out on loan for the second half of the season if he isn't going to play much for Celtic. We badly need a striker of his calibre match sharp. Marshall Tierney McKenna Mulgrew Robertson McTominay McGregor Christie McGinn Fraser Griffiths Centre back is still a very big worry. Mulgrew edges it based on his experience, passion and occasional attacking threat. McKenna gets in based on his potential and physicality, though I wouldn't be averse to dropping either of them if a seemingly better option arises. I'd also not be overly fussed if Jack or McLean were to replace McGregor.
  3. If we are limited to exactly 23 players, at a tournament, then yes, you make a good point. I'd not pick him (at the moment) But in pretty much any other match, you can take as many players as you want. We could literally drop no one, and still bring him along for the experience. It could also push our midfield starters to up their game, knowing their place is in jeopardy to this up and coming lad. Competition is very healthy.
  4. Gomez was only an example off the top of my head. But I'm sure Southgate took players to the World Cup that weren't regular starters. Maybe someone else can remember. Anyway, that wasn't my point. I didn't say Gilmour or Johnstone should be in the first 11. No way. But they could easily fit into a 23+ man squad. Train with their future colleagues and familiarise themselves with styles and tactics. There is no downside to it, other than reducing the strength of the U21s.
  5. It's a bizarre culture we seem to have adopted. Bertie was the exception (obviously because he's not Scottish). If I remember correctly, he made Fletcher our captain before he was even a regular at Man U. McFadden was still at Motherwell when he became our talisman. Northern Ireland have had a lot of success in recent years playing guys that can't get off the bench for their clubs. Not getting into the Chelsea starting 11 every week, doesn't necessarily mean he's not good enough to be involved with Scotland. I guarantee both Irelands and Wales would have capped him by now.
  6. I don't think there is any harm in picking youngsters for the squad. We don't have to play them. One of the great things Gordon Strachan did was bring along some potential stars of the future to integrate them. One such example is our Captain. Ireland just called up Celtic's 4th choice RB, (O'Connell, I believe) who has never played a single game. Even England play guys who aren't regular starters for their clubs e.g Gomez. I think Gilmour, who is regularly involved with the Chelsea first team, in a vastly superior league, deserves to be called up. Johnstone, when fit, should absolutely be involved.
  7. That's a very good point. I've talked before about psychological advantages. It can make a big difference. It's the reason the big teams will generally win against unfamiliar opposition, because they have the big name players and on paper look better, regardless of form. It's also why I think when we can say we have a Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal player starting, it gives us the upper hand, psychologically. For Israel, I've changed my mind, I'd play Forrest, absolutely. But, depending on how he does in that game, I'd switch to Fraser for Norway/Serbia. Even if Forrest doesn't play well, he'll still be the main focus of attention, and will free up space on the other side of the pitch for Christie, McGinn et al to exploit.
  8. I think the question assumes McGinn will be playing in an attacking role. He's been that good that we don't even question his inclusion in the starting 11. And based on this poll, it seems like Christie is one of the first names on the team sheet, too. So it's between Forrest and Fraser. I'd drop Forrest due to the fact we never know which version of him will play. Even when he's on top form for Celtic, he sometimes looks a shell of the same man just days later. A lot of people (rightfully) praising Forrest for his Albania/Israel performances. But let's not forget the other stand out performer in those games - Fraser. He was slightly overshadowed by Forrest's goals. But I'd argue Fraser was the best player over both games.
  9. Do I really have to answer that? Most of our regulars have received plaudits this year
  10. Again, i wasn't talking about form. But if you want to talk about it, I'd say looking at individual player's form is the best we've had in a decade. I can't remember a time where we had so many players excelling in the EPL and at Celtic. 3 wins for Scotland against mediocre teams wouldn't scare anyone, but some of our players could be absolutely flying at club level if they continue on their trajectory.
  11. Couldn't agree more. I think being unlucky with injuries is the only way we will get significantly weaker between now and the playoffs.
  12. My point had nothing to do with our form, it was about our players. As the original poster mentioned, Serbia have a stronger squad than their form suggests. I would say Serbia would say the same thing about us. Of course they will be looking to exploit our weaknesses in defence, and, if you are right, they will underestimate us, which may work to our advantage.
  13. Great post. Good point about some of our lads making Norway's team. We should be sensibly cautious about their wonderkids. But Johansen(ex-celt), Ajer, and Elyanoussi will be well known to the team, and we can exploit that. Think about them doing a profile on us. I think our team looks much more daunting on paper than any of those 3: Players at Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, Alaves, and EPL standouts(Fraser and McGinn), *fingers crossed* some Scots playing in the latter stages of the Europa at Celtic and Rangers as well. I think we are more menacing than we give ourselves credit for. None of those teams will want to play us
  14. I think this is probably the most reasonable compromise. As you said, he's well renowned for being a leader in the dressing room and training ground. It wouldn't be fair to have him in the first 11 ahead of the guys that got us there. But that will be Clarke's decision to make. And if he is still the best option, then I wouldn't judge the manager for picking him. An injury crisis would be a very good justification for Clarke to approach the old guard, and I think even the most reluctant on here would concede that we should go to Brown, and others, in an emergency.
  15. Agreed. It would definitely be fairer, and I was just as gutted as everyone else when he retired. As I said earlier, an element of swallowing our pride may be needed. Anyway, that'll be Clarke's decision, and I seriously doubt he'd turn him away if he did come out of retirement.
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