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  1. You're right, Clarke will be held in very high regard pre-tournament if he calld up the 3 names you mentioned. It's the one big question mark hanging over Clarke - his squad selections. Everything else I can get on board with. I'd be very (pleasantly) surprised to see Patterson. He still has the 'lack of game time' argument against Gilmour as well. But there really is no excuse to not include Gauld or Turnbull. Especially since set piece delivery is an area we were severely lacking in during the last round of games.
  2. Genuinely gutted for McLean. With Jack out, and McGinn likely to play further forward, he'd probably have been my choice to play defensive mid alongside McTominay. Unfortunately, this all but guarantees McGregor will be in the first 11. Clarke is in a bit of a tricky situation. Before he had the excuse of player loyalty and group dynamics to not call up Gilmour, Turnbull, Gauld etc. Now with a few injuries, he is running out of excuses. I can just imagine the backlash if the likes of Callum Paterson, Graeme Shinnie, Barry Bannan etc get called up first. (No disrespect to those player
  3. Firstly, I disagree that he has no pace or athleticism. But, even if it were true, that is something that is easily remedied with a decent coach. Which you'd hope he'll get at Celtic next year. Celtic have been notoriously unfit under Lennon. Add to the fact that Turnbull came back from a near-career ending injury. It takes time to get to the elite level of fitness. I doubt anyone will question his athleticism a year from now. I didn't see Gilmour today, but if both Jack and McLean are out of the Euros, and we have a 26 man squad, then I'll really start to question Clarke's decision maki
  4. I'm not saying he would. We also probably would have said the same thing about Tierney in his breakout season at Celtic, or Robertson at Dundee Utd. It's impossible to know. If Celtic had even a half decent, on-form, striker this year, Turnbull would have had double the assists. Turnbull played very well in the 2nd last old firm game, and his set piece delivery is always top class. In almost all games he's played, it's his teammates that have let him down.
  5. Regarding Turnbull, I think his career will have a similar trajectory to Tierney's. Another season tearing it up in Scottish football, then a big team will come in for him. Then we'll be wondering why he wasn't in the Scotland squad sooner. Gilmour has the potential to be the best of the lot, but I think we have at least 6 or 7 players that could go on to great things.
  6. There are valid arguments against Gilmour and Patterson due to lack of game time, experience and age. (Though I'd select both in my 26) Turnbull, on the other hand, has already won YPOTY when at Motherwell, has been nominated this year again, has played probably over 100 games, including a masterclass versus Lille, and has some outrageous stats regarding chance creation. The same could be said for Gauld. He's been on fire for 2 years now. Personally, I'd take all 4 of the aforementioned. But I'd be surprised if more than 1 makes it.
  7. I'm not going to hold my breath, but you'd hope that since the training camp (and subsequent match) will be in Portugal, just down the road from where Gauld lives, he'd at least get a chance to join in training and advertise himself that way. I understand not asking Morgan or Russell to fly across the atlantic if they have no chance of being in the final 26, but there is no excuse not to include Gauld.
  8. Aberdeen could have some team next year. If they could get O'Donnell and maybe Griffiths, that would be a team full of quality internationals. Not much long term benefit, but they could get at least a few good years out of them. I'm just desperate for another team outwith Celtic and Rangers to make a realistic challenge for the title. Though I think that chance has come and gone when Rangers were in the wilderness. I am surprised Gallagher agreed a deal before the Euros though (if the story is true) because he might have some more suitors if he plays.
  9. No matter who you are, you're either going to burn out, or pick up injuries playing that many games if you are playing with high intensity. Which he should be. The fact that hasn't happened to McGregor is a pretty clear reflection of the lack of effort he generally puts in. He shies away from tackles and rarely sprints. Maybe he is subconsciously doing this to avoid fatigue/injury. If so, he needs managed better. Patterson looks like the most likely long term replacement for O'Donnell, but he has barely played quarter of a season. And, knowing Clarke, there is no way he'll pick him. Othe
  10. Even back when he was on form, it was part of an invincible Celtic team that dominated every game. He had very little pressure on him to do the defensive side of the game required of every Central Midfielder. Although he did score/assist occasionally, he was never better than Armstrong, Forrest, Roberts, Sinclair et al. His most impressive stat is that he plays 50-60 games a year. Which is completely meaningless. In fact, you could even say that is a negative. If he got dropped for 10 games in a row, it might motivate him to be better. The lack of effort off the ball, and lack of ingenuit
  11. I would go one step further. The games where he played "well" in were generally when he was alongside Brown or Jack, who were doing the work of 2 men. I can't remember which game it was, but I looked up McGregor and Jack's stats in the same game, and Jack was literally double in every department. Not just defensively, but offensively as well. Granted, that's just one game, but I've been watching and saying for years that Scott Brown has been wearing a McGregor shaped backpack. Now that Brown is ageing, it's no coincidence that McGregor's "form" has also dipped. You could (rightly) argue t
  12. Well you could make arguments against both Gordon and McLaughlin. It's not ideal that Gordon has been playing in the championship, and is on the verge of 40. But he has over 50 caps and, at his best, is the best keeper Scotland have had the past 2 decades. I think he has earned his place. I've not watched him lately, but he was still getting plaudits for Hearts in the cup this season. If McLaughlin is genuinely the 3rd most talented keeper we have, then fair enough. But Gilmour might miss out on a squad place for lack of game time. It hardly seems fair.
  13. Clarke should take 30+ before making up his mind. Realistically there will be around 3 or 4 players unlikely to even get off the bench at the tournament. Those players should be with a view to the future. So, if say, Patterson out-performed Palmer in training, then bring him along and prepare him for the next tournament (fingers crossed). Same goes for the 3rd goalkeeper. I really refuse to believe McLaughlin deserves to be there. The likes of Kelly, McRorie and Bain must be sick to their stomach seeing a guy who has played less than 5 times in the past 6 months get picked.
  14. I understand that it happens in club football, where money is involved, and can be written into contracts. But, as far as I know, internationals are still unpaid and voluntary. I'd lose all respect for Clarke if he had made any promises to any player, including the captain. I think Burke just hasn't found his correct position. He's got such useful assets. We just need a manager to get the best out of him. He'd probably benefit from dropping down to the championship for a year to find a team that will build the team around him. But I'd still pick him as my 26th player.
  15. If Clarke has "guaranteed" anyone a starting slot then his integrity really needs to be called into question. I think he is too diplomatic and ambiguous with his comments, in general, to give any kind of assurances behind the scenes. I understand the trepidation, but I wouldn't pick Burke as a striker. He adds much needed width and counter attacking speed. I'm thinking along the lines of if we are being pinned back and need to break, he can get us up the park quickly. Though Clarke may see Forrest as that option.
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