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  1. Great article. Seeing all those names in one place is very encouraging. 13 players sold to England and Germany. 140 professionals produced already. None older than 19. I'm not sure exactly what statistics they were expecting, but surely it couldn't have been much better than that. Re-evaluting when the first class are 25 might be a good idea, then we can do a proper decade on decade comparison. But, even now, most of us will be encouraged by the results.
  2. I was just covering my back, knowing the negativity from some on this forum. I do have every faith in Morrison. They wouldn't have signed him if he wasn't showing the ability to make it to the first team. By the time he does break through, I'd like to think he'll be alongside a more experienced McKenna to create a solid partnership.
  3. We've had plenty of false dawns in the past. But even back then the "promising" youngsters were just being linked with big teams. With the exception of Feruz and Gauld, I don't really think any of our prodigies actually moved to big teams. And Gilmour has already achieved more than Feruz did at Chelsea. Morrison at Bayern is a huge move, even if he does end up going to a "lesser" team it won't exactly be a failure not making it in 1 of the top 10 teams in the world. 3 or 4 years down the line, it'll be interesting to see what happens with those 2, plus seeing how McTominay et al progress
  4. That is my one concern. If he isn't as mobile as he used to be, then fair enough, but I've not noticed that in his game, really. Doesn't McRorie have experience in Defence Mid? Where as Tierney has never played there. It would make more sense to swap them round and play them in positions they are comfortable in. I wouldn't be against playing Souttar right back or Defensive Mid, assuming everyone else is fit.
  5. Personally I think Tierney should be played Right Back. I trust him more than any other player to defend. Yes, it subdues his attacking threat, but if we are resorting to playing Mulgrew in Midfield to shelter the defence, then Tierney needs to be part of the 4 at the back. Plus, Mulgrew can get more involved in the distribution, which I think is an attribute of his which is underrated Marshall Tierney McKenna Hanley(?) Robertson Mulgrew I'd feel a lot more at ease seeing that back 5 and know the rest of our midfield can express themselves
  6. I can understand being cautious with players who are showing potential and are on the verge of breaking through at lower level SPFL teams. However, when you have youngsters with obvious talent, that you know, barring injury, will be international players, then why not? Darren Fletcher was in the Scotland 11 before he was a regular at Man Utd, McFadden was still playing for Motherwell when he started getting game time. (No disrespect to Motherwell, but some would say that is grounds for not playing him) Robertson was called up by Strachan when he was only half way through his first senior season with Dundee Utd. This did not hinder their development. In fact, it probably helped them. So, players like Gilmour, where it is clear he will be a star somewhere, even if that isn't Chelsea, absolutely should be in the Scotland squad. Even more obvious is Mikey Johnstone, who is playing in Europe and a first team regular for Celtic, arguably playing as well as Forrest, and often better. If Chelsea and Celtic think they are ready for big games, why not Scotland?
  7. Fantastic idea and in fact Strachan moving Mulgrew to CM was inspired at the time. I'm hesitant to sacrifice a Midfielder for Mulgrew, but against teams like Belgium it would have been invaluable. Assuming we don't have another CB injury crisis, then I don't see why not.
  8. I wasn't actually blaming O'Donnell. It's definitely McLean's fault for losing his man for this goal. I was more referring to O'Donnell's general propensity to be too far up the pitch, and this was just an example of that. I actually like O'Donnell and, against teams where we will have more of the ball, he could be an asset with his forays forward.
  9. Editted because I misread your post. I can't see what Dendocker is doing out of the picture, but I would say if he is retreating and clearly not involved in the attack, then O'Donnell should be turning back and looking for the next danger. In a man to man situation against Belgium, we really want to be doubling up as much as possible. If I were him I'd have tracked back, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that he was keeping tabs on someone else
  10. It's fair to say McLean lost his man. But, also, look at O'Donnell - the actual defender! Outside the box, marking no one. McLean is basically covering for being a man down in defence. Too often, over both games, O'Donnell got caught too far up the pitch. Which he even admitted to himself. I watched him a few times off the ball and he was always a good 5 or 10 yards further forward than Robertson. You need discipline against Belgium. He was playing more like a winger than a full back. I'd absolutely put Tierney RB. Yes, his attacking threat is subdued a little, but he would defend a hell of a lot better than anyone else, which is sometimes what we need
  11. This is where the small population argument has some weight. Having only 5 million people certainly doesn't mean we can't produce quality players. And in fact we do have a lot of good players right now. The problem is once we get a few injuries, we don't have the depth to cover for them. Last night, we looked like a very accomplished side in the middle of the park, but we were just too weak at the back to defend anything at all. With everyone fit, I actually think we aren't too far behind the team of 2007. But missing Griffiths, Tierney and McKenna really does seem to have a big impact on our ability to score and avoid being scored against. With everyone fit, we have a good team. I genuinely believe that.
  12. It's not hard to guess looking at our team that the left side is strongest. It took them 15mins to nullify that threat. However, that should have given Forrest the incentive to get forward and utilise the extra space he'd be awarded. But it almost felt like they managed to double up on both sides. We missed a player to drive through the middle. Against weaker teams, we could have 3 attacking midfielders and be more of a threat going forward. *fingers crossed*
  13. Christie still has something to prove, at least for Scotland. So he knows he has to make a monumental effort, possibly with the initial criticism Forrest got in mind. Playing well for Celtic no longer guarantees a start or praise from the fans. I'm not saying that Forrest was necrssarily being complacent, but he definitely underperformed. For one reason or another. No one should be undroppable. It was far from Fraser's best game, but he still made a lot of positive contributions. I can't remember any from Forrest apart from a wasted foray into the box where he should have passed earlier. (Disclaimer: I'm a fan of Forrest)
  14. Snodgrass starting is an absolute must. Few players over the past decade put in the effort he does on the pitch for Scotland. Even when he's having a bad game, he is still giving 100%. He can lead by example. I think Forrest needs dropped. On form, he's 1 of the first names on the team sheet. But his confidence looks absolutely shattered. God knows why after the start he's had to the season, but he looked like a shell of a man against Rangers and Russia.
  15. Completely agree regarding Snodgrass. Even when he is having a bad game, he is fighting for everything and giving 100%. We need passion in there. It's a shame Brown isn't available. We lacked leaders, someone to motivate the rest when we have no direction or heart.
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