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  1. Exactly. Admittedly, I've not seen much of Harry Souttar, but we have 2 Premier League captains and a Champions League centre half. At least on paper, Souttar is not at their level. You could compare him to McKenna, I guess. Who also might go onto better things.
  2. What 17 and 18 year olds play every week in the EPL? I've not checked, but I doubt there are many 20 year olds that play literally every week either. Even the ones that are regulars will be rotated. I don't think we should panic with Gilmour. I'm not defending his manager, but he is right to not play him in every game. I would be concerned if he didn't play again until Moldova though.
  3. Yeah, I think there was just some confusion over the stats. Regardless of playing time, I think we can all agree it looks like both Patterson and Ramsay are top talents that will be fighting it out for years to come. Imagine having 2 Huttons to choose from! (I also still rate O'Donnell, but he won't last forever)
  4. It was someone else on this forum that stated Patterson played 4 times. But they are also claiming Ramsay only played 8. However, I read an article today that states it is 21 games. Who knows. (I don't have the patience to check) 17 appearances might be accurate, but I assume most aren't starts. Why would you discount conference league games for Ramsay? They surely aren't lower than SPFL standard or the league cup games Patterson played in. Any European exposure is valuable. Anyway, I wasn't suggesting Ramsay should be in ahead of Patterson, my point was that he could be nipping at his heels before long.
  5. Agreed. Patterson did great when he came on, but that doesn't mean Fraser was rubbish. Fraser is far better further up the field. If he's getting decent game time for Newcastle between now and November, I'd start him up top with Adams. Patterson will, most likely, be our first choice rwb. However, as someone else mentioned, he's only played 4 games for Rangers. Compare that with Ramsay's 21 games. Obviously playing for Aberdeen is a different proposition to supplanting Tavernier, but Patterson might find he has stiff competition if Ramsay continues to soar.
  6. You're right, they are indicative of the previous era. We are quickly moving away from these types of players. The type that are squad fillers and are introduced based on a purple patch of form. There are virtually no extra slots available in our squad at present. This is exactly why I don't think Hardie or Stewart will be called up. Rhodes couldn't get a cap in league 1 when he scored 45 goals, so I don't think these 2 will either. If they are scoring in the championship next year, then we can take a closer look. But we're not as desperate as some people think. Saying all that, I would never write anyone off. If Burke can find a team where he is the main man and they build the team around him, I believe he can develop and prosper. Big IF though.
  7. If both of those 2 are fit, I wouldn't worry about it. I'd probably prefer to bring on Turnbull or Fraser if we were really struggling to score a goal. No way is Clarke going to call up any of the names suggested and then chuck them into our most important game. Possibly if McBurnie or Burke suddenly went on a scoring streak, simply because they are already somewhat integrated. But I'd be shocked if that happened. Neither are even certain starters for Sheffield Utd.
  8. Against who? Regardless of the opposition, do you think 4 games by mid-October is enough? To be honest, we do need to remember he's only 19. Most 19 year olds wouldn't be playing 40+ games a season for big teams anyway. But to be a nailed on starter for Scotland, he really needs to play more. We need to be patient.
  9. Don't get me wrong, if it were my choice, I'd probably start Patterson as well. But, from Clarke's point of view, if he sees that Patterson has barely kicked a ball in a month and has 23 cap and 29 year old O'Donnell to turn to, I wouldn't blame him for swapping them.
  10. Correct. And the 2 most likely backups, Cooper and McTominay, are EPL players as well. If we wanted to, we could have all 10 outfield players from the EPL. That is a good problem to have. Imagine offering that to us in, say, 2011. Back then we'd have struggled for more than 2 or 3.
  11. He said the same thing at the start of the season. I hope you're right, but I'll believe it when I see it. Tavernier is arguably Rangers best player, so I don't really blame him. Patterson starting 1 in 5 is not enough. O'Donnell is vastly more experienced than Patterson. That's why. I do think Patterson will go on to be a better player than O'Donnell, but if Patterson doesn't start more than 1 game between now and November (very possible) then I'd expect Clarke to play O'Donnell.
  12. There is a lot of football to be played, but, at least lately, Clarke has shown he's not one to call the flavour of the month up in a knee jerk reaction. Which I kind of agree with. We are trying to create a settled squad, so he won't want to affect group dynamics by picking a couple of randoms just because we are short on numbers. Normally I'd say promote an u19/u21 to the squad for exposure, but I honestly don't know who could justifiably make a claim for inclusion. (Up front, I mean)
  13. Remember we have 2 games in November. Dykes and Christie will only miss Moldova. I wouldn't be surprised if Clarke calls up no new forwards. Although, if, for example, Tony Watt scored another 5 goals in the next month he might be called up just to have a look at. But I really don't see it. Adams and Nisbet deserve a chance to prove themselves against Moldova.
  14. To give Gerrard a bit of credit, most managers aren't going to bench their captain. Gerrard isn't going to play Patterson for Scotland's benefit, and why would he. 2 of our best players this millennium, Hutton and McFadden, went through spells of not playing much for their clubs, but excelled for Scotland. However, saying that, having Patterson as a bench warmer is not sustainable. He is coming up to a crucial stage in his development and needs game time. I'm happy to give him that for Scotland, but I'd be looking to loan him out in January to somewhere we know he'll play every week. I'd still be tempted to play O'Donnell against Denmark, but he is very much in danger of being a back up to Patterson.
  15. You're absolutely right. And once that first goal went in, I think we might have gone on to score more. However, protecting that goal and hanging about the corner flag was absolutely the right thing to do, if not pleasant to watch. I think we're all long enough in the tooth to appreciate a hard thought 1-0 victory. The Israel game was the exciting entertainment. The Faroes game was the points mop up.
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