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  1. I agree with this sentiment in general. Sometimes you can just tell when a player is going to be a success e.g Robertson, D.Fletcher, Faddy etc. And, yes, any player that fits in that bracket should be included in most squads, for experience at the very least. HOWEVER, I think you are underestimating how small a 23 man squad is. There might be room for 1 wildcard at most. But Clarke will not be choosing any player he has no intention of playing (with the exception of the 3rd goalkeeper). As good a prospect as N.Patterson is, he is quite far down in the pecking order. In terms of youngster
  2. As someone else on here said a while back "we have to relegate our players to 'pish' if we want them replaced". O'Donnell has done a fantastic job in the majority of his recent caps. I'd have no problem with him in our starting 11 in the Euros - form pending. But, if there is someone better, and in finer form, then I'd happily relegate him to the bench. Same goes for every other player. However, Clarke today did allude to the concern we all have that he will be loyal to the players that got us there. He is probably just keeping his cards close to his chest, but it could mean players like
  3. If it was one or the other then, yes, Tierney might get the nod. But these guys are arguably our 2 best players. If it's possible, both should start. I do think Robertson gets too harshly judged for Scotland. He's played well many times, he just sets a very high bar. I also don't think we should completely dismiss the idea of playing 1 of them at RB (if we go 4 at the back, that is).
  4. Woops. I was half asleep when I wrote my comment, so clearly too bleary eyed to read properly! ☺️
  5. I'm surprised no one has mentioned that Tierney scored a beautiful goal in the Europa league. What a talent he is! He will be absolutely vital to us at the Euros!
  6. I didn't say Turnbull would be a direct replacement for McLean. I'm not necessarily following a rigid quota of positions either. In my mind, McGinn and McTominay are CDMs (with flexibility) and are both preferable to McLean, as are Jack and McGregor. Armstrong could also play that position. That's potentially 5 players for 2 positions before including McLean. Turnbull is a seperate dillemma to McLean. I think he is currently too good to leave out and Clarke should find a way to include him. The best way to do that is to bring along players that can play multiple positions in a crisis e.g
  7. Rightly or wrongly, Forrest will be in every Scotland squad when fit. Every manager he's played under loves him, and I doubt Clarke is the exception. Turnbull has some crazy stat right now that he has created more clear cut chances than any other u23 player in Europe this year. He is by miles the most creative in the SPFL as well. That is despite barely kicking a ball until December. There is no way Turnbull won't be included if he keeps it up. As sad as it is, I think McLean will have to make way. Especially if McTominay gets put back into his rightful place in midfield.
  8. With his lack of game time lately (partly due to Covid) and now the sending off, you'd think that would put to bed any outside chance he'd have of making the qualifiers and the Euros. Same goes for Gilmour. (Never say never though) However, both of these guys have incredible careers ahead of them. They will get their chance, even if they miss out this time.
  9. I would argue that that makes his form even more impressive. Looking good in an invincible Celtic team, winning every game, is not hard (I'm looking at you, Callum McGregor) but Turnbull is practically carrying the worst Celtic side in a decade through games. His individual pieces of brilliance are remarkable. Without checking, I'm sure he's scored 7 goals and 6 assists since December, plus creating dozens of clear cut chances. He has the best set piece delivery in the entire squad as well. I'd be shocked if he isn't at the Euros.
  10. I'd love to know how Clarke is thinking right. There are so many permutations that the speculation is endless. After the next round of games we might have a clearer idea of what to expect. I.e will he choose based on sentiment, experience, form, versatility, and so on. Arguments could be made for and against all of those guys you mentioned. Burke being the standout. As you said, we don't need 7 forwards, but Burke can play in other positions and is a fantastic asset when our backs are against the wall and we need to rely on counter attacks. But if he isn't proving it for Sheffield Utd, th
  11. That's actually a very strong squad. Even now, there are very names you'd think don't deserve to be there. Maybe drop McLaughlin for Kelly because he's been playing more. On top of the ones you mentioned (Gauld, Gilmour, Turnbull Nisbet, Hickey) you'd imagine Hendry, Fleck and Forrest will be pushing for a place as well. That would be 35, and I'd struggle to cut any of them.
  12. McGregor, I'll give you, though he probably had his best games for Scotland in the last couple. McTominay, McGinn & Jack > McGregor. Fraser and Christie I disagree with. Both have their flaws, but both offer pieces of magic in every game they play. When they are flying, I'd be hard pushed to pick who is better. The problem at the moment is they are in and out of their respective teams. But I think at least 1 of them should be in the first 11. I wonder if Armstrong has ever played RWB. With the way we play, I think he'd have the attributes to thrive in that role, without havin
  13. I assume you mean squad, rather than team. And, yes, Armstrong should be in everyone's final 23 (as it stands). Maybe I should have said it seems like he is playing for a first 11 spot. Which is not that crazy a notion. Especially considering Fraser has been mostly benched, Christie has been on turbulent form, and Turnbull is far less experienced.
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of if there is an enlarged squad for the Euros. I.e if we are allowed 3 extra players as cover. Guys that are holding onto the 23 man squad with their fingertips. The likes of Paterson and Burke are probably pretty close to being cut, but their versatility might see them included in a 26 man squad, for example. (Again, this is pure speculation. I have no basis for this)
  15. Yeah, I can see that. If you assume an extra player for each area of the park - Defence, Midfield, Forward. So an extra 3 seems about right. I'm excluding an extra goalie since 3 is already excessive. I think Fraser Forster was the only player that didn't get a single minute of game time for England during that world cup. There will be an extra variable to condider - versatility. Paterson is far more flexible than, say, McLean. So that could work in his favour when you have players of equal quality to choose from. Same goes for Burke. He could play in multiple positions, where as Sh
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