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  1. Ryan Gauld comes to mind. I would say that he still does have genuine class about him, and I'm not writing him off just yet. Especially seeing how well the likes of Fleck and Fraser have done after spending time in the lower leagues. But, Gilmour is on another level. Looking class for Dundee Utd in a team that actually had a lot of talented players in it at the time, is not the same as being MOTM against the European Champions. All our promising youngsters have more been a "fingers crossed they develop into stars". Gilmour looks like he's been playing for 5 years already. The confidence he has at 18 is insane. I'd be shocked if he doesn't rack up 50+ caps for Scotland.
  2. The Republic of Ireland called up Celtic's 4 choice RB who hasn't even started a game. We actually have a wealth of talent that many other countries would be envious of. We're sadly just a bit heavy round the midrif. 2 decent CBs and we'd look like a fairly formidable opponent
  3. I think a lot of people are missing the point. Calling him up to the senior squad doesn't mean we have to play him at all. And, personally, I probably wouldn't give him more than a few minutes to dip his toe in the water. The massive benefit of calling him up is to familiarise himself with the set up and build a rapport with his teammates. If we qualify for the Euros, and he has been putting in MOTM performances every week for Chelsea, then he will likely be starting for us. So get him in and introduce him to McTominay, McGinn, Christie etc i.e the core of his teammates for the next decade.
  4. More positive results, of course. In terms of "players in action", I doubt it. McTominay, Gilmour, Griffiths, and others, tearing it up right before a playoff. How can it get more positive in this critical juncture? Maybe that'll change this time next week, but I choose to enjoy it, as I hope Clarke does too.
  5. Compare now to any time in the past 20 years. Has there been a more positive time? Barring maybe when Charlie Adam got signed for Liverpool. I'm not sure what would satisfy your expectations. I just hope Clarke is seeing what a lot of the rest of us are seeing.
  6. Please please please stop being so negative. You gain nothing from it. Being a contrarian is one thing, but completely ignoring facts is just absurd. Gilmour, McTominay, Fleck and McGinn have been standouts this year. There is plenty of journalistic proof, if you can't be bothered to watch the games yourself. Add that to the consistency of Robertson, Fraser, Tierney, Christie, McGregor et al. There is sooooo much to be postive about. Please join in.
  7. As little as a few weeks ago I'd have said Brown would walk straight into the starting 11. But with McTominay recovering, the form of Fleck, and the emergence of Gilmour, it is less imperative. Though Brown is still well worthy of a squad place. Fletcher isn't getting much game time of late, otherwise I'd have picked him. But Snodgrass would easily make the squad, as would Allan McGregor. Unpopular opinion, but I think the door should be left open for every player to return. Then it is up to the manager to decide who is worthy. Especially if we make the Euros.
  8. Ah, I see. Yeah, I agree. Our 3 main strikers should be Griffiths, Naismith and McBurnie. Do we really need more than them in a typical squad? Especially since we'll be playing 1 up top and have many attacking mids that could easily play up front in an emergency e.g Christie or Burke. I'd have suggested Shankland if he had been smart and left Dundee Utd in the Winter window.
  9. First of all, Griffiths is a hell of a lot more than just a finisher. His link up play, passing and set piece delivery are all big assets to us. Secondly, we most certainly do need a finisher, more than anything. Our midfield is bursting at the seams with quality. All we need is a man at the top to finish. So, even if that was all Griffiths was good at (it's not) then it would still be worth playing him ahead of everyone else. No disrespect to Naismith, I think his movement is phenomenal, and if Griff isn't available then I'd choose him next.
  10. Extremely harsh on McManus and Caldwell. McManus' career fizzled out early, but he was captain of Celtic and dominated in the air. Caldwell was one of my favourite players. He would put his head on a block to prevent a goal. I'd have a 27 year old Caldwell in my team in a heart beat. If you'd said Lee Wilkie you might have had a point
  11. Excluding Shankland and Naismith. Assume Griffiths is at his best (hypothetical) and Mcburnie is playing regularly in a top 8 EPL team. When did we have a better strikeforce?
  12. Agreed. I didn't say we didn't have good midfielders, just far less to choose from. When McFadden, Maloney et al were injured, we were significantly weakened. Now, it seems we have a lot of strength in depth. Forwards as well? It's maybe too soon to say Griffiths is back to his best. But having an EPL striker (Mcburnie), a proven international player with bags of experience (Naismith), an up and comer (Shankland) as well as Griffiths, is one of the strongests we've been in years. We were heavily reliant on Kenny Miller for many years.
  13. It's a nice problem to have. We can debate over at least 8 different high quality midfielders. So, if someone is not fully fit or off form, it is not as devastating. I don't think we could have said that at any time in the past 2 decades. That is the mark of a good international team. Up front is also far healthier than it was in recent months. Naismith has proven he is a more than adequate back up striker. It's a shame he isn't more prolific, because his movement is phenomenal. Griffiths is by far and away our most natural finisher. McBurnie has his qualities, but with our midfield, we don't want any chances being wasted. Griffiths has to start, in my opinion.
  14. I agree. There are lots of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the way. But I think once we finally do qualify, we'll have made it as hard for ourselves as possible. Which will make it all the sweeter. Ideally, the Serbia/Norway match will be an all out war, going to penalties, with some injuries. Yes, we have a weak defence, and they have a strong forward line. But we also have a lot of strengths in midfield. I doubt we'll be keeping any clean sheets, but I think if we can have a decent portion of possession, and limit their chances, we can maybe out score them. We underestimate ourselves at times. I reckon Norway and Serbia will both have a look at our midfield and be a wee bit frightened as well.
  15. I agree, having a Bale or Haaland in your team is more damaging in terms of goals, and obviously more intimidating. But, if we can utilise Robertson's strengths i.e his marauding runs and crosses, then it can be a huge boost to us. There will be dozens of countries envious of us having a player of his calibre. If we have more posession and a clinical striker to aim at (Griffiths), he'll create goals. As will our other quality midfielders.
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