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  1. Great post! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I read people slating the quality of our squad. This is probably the first time in years that we actually have a few players that would likely be called up for England. And I'll bet NI, Ireland and a Bale-less Wales would gladly swap squads with us, if they are being honest with themselves. I've not seen much of McGinn for Villa but I do know he has put in MOTM performances for Scotland. If he doesn't get 50+ caps for Scotland, I'll be shocked. As you say, we are a bit threadbare at the back (while we wait for the youngsters to develop), but Strachan actually handled that well by focusing more on ball retention and attack. This squad absolutely can compete in tournaments. We just need a leader at the helm that commands respect
  2. Nornally, I'd agree. But if we do qualify, I'd want to be choosing from the best players, regardless of their past. A clean slate for all, so we can actually compete at a tournament. If Brown is still the best Scottish CM at that point, I'd gladly take him back.
  3. With a potential tournament to play in next summer, I'd expect/hope players would come out of retirement, not drop into it. Our eligible players should be fighting over a squad place next summer. At the very least, it should be all hands on decks for the playoffs. I wonder if Scott Brown or Allan McGregor would come out of retirement if we qualified for the Euros
  4. I see where you're coming from, but can it really get worse than being embarrassed by Kazakhstan? If that doesn't make them stand up and pay attention, I don't think much will. If it got worse, they'd see it as a losing battle and likely invest less effort. I agree regarding McFadden and Fletcher. Add Gordon and Hutton (at his peak) to that. Burley squandered an amazing opportunity after McLeish quit first time round.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree there needs to be a massive overhaul of the entire system. I think most of us agree with that. Whether it was chance or design, I think we are overdue a bit of luck when it comes to players. Wales seem to replace 1 World Class player for another every generation. We deserve someone to idolise. Someone to drag a good group of players up a level. Now we (potentially) have a few. Let's get the right manager in to utilise them properly, whilst reparations are made in the background to fix the long term damage.
  6. That's 4 high class football players, all potentially playing at the very top level within the next year or 2. There are many countries flourishing that would kill to have players thriving at Man Utd and Liverpool. We actually do have a good pool of players. What we've missed is 1 or 2 top class players, which it looks like we may actually have now. What we need now is a manager that commands respect and can get everyone to show up. I'm certainly not defending McLeish, but he only had half the first team squad to work with most games. That is probably a reflection of him more than anything.
  7. McTominay, Robertson and Armstrong starting in the Premier league today. Plus a few Scots playing yesterday as well. I can't recall any time in the past 15ish years that we had so many Scots playing regularly in the top division in England. Definitely a good omen for the future.
  8. Exactly. People are judging him based on a couple of games when he was literally a teenager. All the great players need Mentors and guidance to fulfill their potential. Rodgers seems to cherish getting the best out of young players. Already we can see tiny tweeks being made to turn Burke into the weapon he can be.
  9. It gives us strength in depth. How often do we ever have a fully fit squad? Circa 2007, our first 11 was very strong, but we were always just a few injuries away from being severely weakened. Now, a couple of injuries is a little less terrifying. As previously mentioned, we know players like Fletcher, Snodgrass, Mulgrew can do a job, and can be decent backup. The great thing is we may not need to rely on them now
  10. Totally agree. Our forward line was looking like it was just missing one element. Of course, Griffiths was the missing link. Burke alongside Fraser and Forrest is mouthwatering, if they can all continue their current form. Plus, Armstrong, Christie, McGregor, McGinn etc filling up the middle of the park. It feels like we are finally bearing down on assembling a proper International squad
  11. Agreed. Lets hope he comes back stronger physically and mentally. He really is the most naturally gifted finisher we've had for a long time. The curse of the Scottish Strikers continues.
  12. 1 positive of McLeish is that he, so far, doesn't seem to discriminate based on the team they play for. I know the SPFL isn't the best league, but that doesn't mean to say there aren't some Gems in there outwith the old firm. Which Souttar, McKenna and O'Donnell have proven.
  13. Fraser and Robertson are simply too good to not play. And they have the wing back positions in their grasp. Fraser was probably the biggest shining light against Belgium. But I love that we can now have this debate
  14. McGinn man of the match. If he doesn't break 50 caps I'll be amazed. O'Donnell not far behind. In a 442, he is a dead cert for RB. And a seemingly more than capable back up for Ryan Fraser in RWB. Everyone singing Callum McGregor's praises, but I felt he wasted umpteen chances that didn't even reach the keeper. Heavily involved and eager, which is what you want to see. On another day he'd have had a brace.
  15. They weren't world class opposition, but I seem to remember we were missing over half our first team squad. This was McLeish's real first test. (Albeit, his second stint in charge)
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