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  1. I'm sure Celtic received around £9million for Rodgers and his extensive backroom staff when he went down south.
  2. It's no really spare time though. Folk are paying to read the guys gibberish. He's better off ignored.
  3. Aye, with the great transfer relationship Celtic has with Hibs..
  4. I presume he actually meant the poster rather than that moron John James
  5. Twitter has been absolutely glorious today. From the level headed explanations (see above) to Rangers fans demanding HMRC send them upwards of £200million for the inconvenience. Today will be entertaining.
  6. Travelling to Kazakhstan with the squad is the very definition of turning up to a squad. That he was injured and had to be papped off back home is an irrelevance. If he made himself unavailable from the start and stayed in Glasgow then I'd accept your point. You wanting him to tell the physio and his medical expertise to bolt?
  7. Not trying to let him off the hook at all. Merely pointing out that what you posted was false.
  8. You didn't mention when he played last. You said he hadn't joined up with the squad in the last year, which is incorrect.
  9. He was across with the squad in Kazakhstan in March.
  10. So, you're idea to stop players pulling out of games is to just ban them permanently? I don't think that is quite going to have the desired outcome you were after.
  11. Ryan Kent seems like the type of chav who would have Only God Can Judge Me tattood on his neck, back or chest.
  12. Now they've got to come on internet forums and talk to strangers to prove they're interesting..
  13. You're not wrong. I've got a half dozen, but I really doubt I'd venture down the football tattoo route.
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