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  1. I find it slightly strange Clarke is massively outraged and outspoken about the sectarian element in Scotland, however I've yet to hear the same disgruntlement about his beloved Chelsea fans.
  2. It generally always comes across as rather sad as opposed to how hilarious everybody thought it would actually be.
  3. Official club twitter just announced it. Sad news indeed.
  4. I've not much against Hayes or Lennon selecting him. He's a hard worker and helps out defensively, which is a bonus when Izaguirre is on the park. He also sticks in a fair few smashing crosses; I'm not going to hold it against him that we don't play in such a way that they get converted to goals.
  5. You know Forrest is literally playing against the exact same players, right? Just seen you put McGregor in the same bracket as McDonald and Shinnie. Not much point in trying to debate with someone who thinks like that.
  6. Personal abuse? He called him a dinosaur, not a cunt. You must be really easy to upset.
  7. Thank buggery. It doesn't change the fact that the idiots who appointed him in the first place will be appointing the next manager.
  8. How exactly do you provoke a VAR review? It's not basketball where you can call a timeout or tennis where you can frivolously challenge any decision you want. You should probably clue yourself up about the system before slagging it off.
  9. I mean, it's banter for a teenager doing that. A guy in his 30s should be getting his balls booted for doing the same.
  10. Multiple facial fractures is the official verdict for Christie. Nasty stuff that.
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