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  1. Maybe, but if I was a frontline health worker who was being denied a test then I would feel further away from the whole in it together shebang. You're in there with positive cases day in day out and fandans like Prince Charlie and BoJo are getting tests for mild to non existent symptoms.
  2. The clapping thing was self congratulatory, back slapping bullshit. Either the people who vote Tory don't give a eff, or they are too stupid to realise.
  3. Find nothing wrong with wanting to scare everybody into self isolation. Fear might be the only thing that does work! Wouldn't no known pre-existing health conditions be a fairer way to word that though?
  4. Or it'll go tits up and start to be privatised further. One of the two..
  5. Wish the cunt had stayed down at his actual residence instead of traipsing up north with his hangers on potentially spreading it.
  6. If we get far enough into the lockdown that the only thing available to eat is that monstrosity then I hope I get the virus. Jesus Christ.
  7. I love reading bollocks like this. The American moon units are absolutely brilliant for a laugh when they dig out their hopes and prayers out for tragic events.
  8. Really wouldn't want to get into a routine for using heavy painkillers for a cough.
  9. Nah, will we buggery. The general public are arseholes and a lot of people will just abuse these 'rules'. It'll have to be full lockdown or nothing in my opinion.
  10. It's like people saying 19:00 pm. It's such a little thing but it doesn't half bug me.
  11. Would be a big shame if that snivelling little creep got out of his jail term the easy way.
  12. Here we go 8+2 in a row? It's a bit out there but I think it'll catch.
  13. The t-shirts I've seen floating about with Corona stopped 9IAR show how small time they are right now.
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