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  1. Come on now. Lets not talk about empty seats here. The bit was bare in some sections.
  2. Tartan_McCole

    Russian visa

  3. Tartan_McCole

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Yup, it's become quite frequent this season. Took me about 15 minutes to realise how he had the team set up. Whole thing was horrendously disjointed and had no real rhythm or shape.
  4. Tartan_McCole

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Aye, in games we're dominating procession and trying to actually play football then he's a waste of space. Him and Ntcham being in the same team is absolutely horrendous to watch at times. One of them needs dropped and McGregor dropped deeper. Rodgers made an absolute mess of the team yesterday trying to be too clever.
  5. Tartan_McCole

    Europa league

    Given what I've seen from Villareal so far this season then that's as good a shot as we'll get to progress. Fingers crossed there not quite as good as Hibs.. Nevermind what I've said above. I thought we got bloody Villareal!
  6. Tartan_McCole

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Aye, exactly what I meant. Solid interpreting.
  7. Tartan_McCole

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Don't rate him much as a goalie nowadays, and a few camera saves doesn't change my mind. We're a much more fluid team when Bain plays.
  8. Tartan_McCole

    The Mighty Rangers

    Not going to lie, I buggered off back to the car after the second went in. Caught the end of the Leipzig game on my phone and was home 30 minutes quicker than usual. Good decision all round!
  9. Fingers crossed Celtic get drawn to Villareal. Good relationship between the two sets of fans, and they seem to be absolutely pants these days.
  10. Tartan_McCole

    Andew Robertson

    Was suggesting that he'd get more likes from Rangers fans for any Nazi related posts. I suppose if you have to explain a joke then it's not overly funny to begin with!
  11. Tartan_McCole

    Andew Robertson

    He'd probably have a lot more than 22 likes if he was. There's Rangers fans here, right?
  12. Tartan_McCole

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    From brilliant to buffoon in 30 seconds. Really hope that's him done with us and he sticks it out with Bain from now on.
  13. Tartan_McCole

    The Mighty Celtic...

    We had it a few years back in the Champions League when Barcelona played a reserve side v Benfica and we were at home to Spartak. A goal for either Spartak v us, or a Benfica goal would have had us on our arses.
  14. They were comfortably outclassed.
  15. Tartan_McCole

    Andew Robertson

    Rep points Oh, you got him good there!