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  1. Tartan_McCole

    The Mighty Celtic...

    At this level the short answer is naw. He seems generally unwilling to do so, as opposed to not knowing when to do it though.
  2. Tartan_McCole

    Oliver Burke

    Really looking forward to seeing how Burke copes with tonights game. Has been looking very sharp against SPL teams, but herein lines the real test.
  3. Tartan_McCole

    Emiliano Sala RIP

    Really has the potential to get messy.
  4. Suppose if you only score once every 3 years then you'll may as well make it memorable!
  5. Tartan_McCole

    Oliver Burke

    Another productive afternoon for Burke. His desire and work ethic for the second goal was something else. His physical attributes are excellent.
  6. Quite right too. If I'd been let off with previous nonsense like that then I'd chance my arm again.
  7. Tartan_McCole

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Aye, he wasn't at his best. Grabbed a goal and was generally a nuisance though.
  8. Tartan_McCole

    Oliver Burke

    Wasn't at his best yesterday, but was still a handful. Glad he got his goal as he did stick in a good power of work.
  9. Tartan_McCole

    Emiliano Sala RIP

    That's some conspiracy theory!
  10. Tartan_McCole


    Not to be a dick, but Gerrard didn't write the article.
  11. Tartan_McCole

    World Football Thread....

    Messi as well, of course. I dare say there will be a ton more to come out of the woodwork who won't go to prison either. Barely even worth noting.
  12. Tartan_McCole

    World Football Thread....

    Famous rich guy doesn't go to prison. Hardly groundbreaking stuff.
  13. I don't know if all, none, or only some of this post is parody. Somebody help me out
  14. Tartan_McCole

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Smashing goal from Christie yesterday.
  15. I'd perhaps leave it a few weeks!