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  1. I've seemingly got the fud on ignore yet can still see all his posts. I must have been a murderer in a past life or something.
  2. I don't know if there's 2, but you definitely need to get a passport photo taken and attached so I'd follow the same one as yer nephew.
  3. Perhaps something to do with yon Mark Allen chap leaving?
  4. Be interesting to hear the side of Clarke/The SFA regarding this. You could probably walk 11km in a few hours so hearing how it was set up would be good.
  5. "While actual rebuild costs were not disclosed, local media reported that the club had pledged 33 million euros to the project, with the local government and city hall contributing a further 14 million." Take from that what you will.
  6. Not for me. The worst part of Tierneys game for Celtic was his reluctance to try and turn on his right foot under pressure to play inward. Would always resort to the safe passes back/up the line, or use his pace to take a man on. That would be heightened in central midfield. The boys a full back.
  7. It takes about 40 minutes so even if they're shite you wont notice. Unless it crashes, of course.
  8. It's all very well and good until the ball gets played to the edge of the box and there's somebody there with no Scotland player within 10 yards of him. A solid benefit of man to man is the ability to pinpoint who isn't doing their job right (or who is matched up poorly). Of all the things to blame O'Donnell for, this isn't one of them.
  9. He was also a patrionising arsehole, if truth be told. I don't doubt that more would be happy to engage with him if he had any decent ability to interact with people.
  10. He's been needing an extended period out for a wee while now. Easy to do it against the lower SPL teams, but it's quite apparent when we're (Scotland and Celtic) are playing better teams.
  11. I suppose Scottys bonkers nonsense is a welcome relief from the football aspect of things. God bless ye.
  12. Up for debate. If Cooper done his job then it would have been him covering Robertsons error. In case it sounds like I'm making a case for him, I am not. Believe me
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