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  1. Gary Caldwells own goal tally into Celtic would put Boyds stats against Celtic to shame.
  2. Lazy comparison. Sutton has been excellent in talking the game up since he stated and you can tell puts in the work with what he's talking about. If Kris Boyd told me it was April then I'd still check my calendar. Sutton is obviously easily dislikeable for some given the fact he's clearly pro-Celtic, however is still miles more qualified to talk about a game of football compared to Boyd.
  3. Given that Boyd comes across as thick as mince, I'm willing to gamble on made up nonsense.
  4. The old cunt was just being an angry, pissed off fan because his team was getting cuffed. Hardly a scumbag
  5. Aye, his link up play within the opposition half was pretty good in places. Obviously should get better as he gets more game time, but the signs are good. Timing couldn't have been much better for Scotland.
  6. Doubt there will be many disagreements with that. Mask was beginning to slip from that fud.
  7. Is there a convenient time for your manager to be up for assault?
  8. He doesn't. He also doesn't deserve a run. He's contributed the square root of fuck all in about 18 months and is lucky Celtic stuck by him recently with his ongoing issues. Would be better for all concerned if we Griffiths and Celtic each went their own way.
  9. Is the Reykjavik happy hour app still a thing? I used it when I went over for the football and it gives you a break down of a lot of city centre bars that have cheap beers at various times of the day. Gives you a banging pub crawl and saves you a few pound.
  10. Puts into perspective how good Celtics two results versus Lazio were when you see them besting Juventus over the game.
  11. Pretty much. Can see why the referee gave it, especially if he didn't get any guidance from his assistant. He won the ball fairly enough, but went charging in like a lunatic.
  12. Ryan Christie has been trying his hardest this season to be fair.
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