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  1. Tartan_McCole

    Europa league qualifiers

    I'm not jumping on any bandwagon. Of course people are always going to remark upon scummy behaviour rather than behaviour that befits an actual human being. I can understand why some of the fans didn't want the hassle of pulling up the guy for acting like an arsehole, but where does that leave us? Cunts like that need pulled up.
  2. Tartan_McCole

    Europa league qualifiers

    What was your main point? The Rangers fan may have been a maniac so the rest of the fans were right to let him continue with his racist nonsense through fear of being shanked? Or that you're getting wound up by somebody calling all Rangers fans arseholes? Neither point seems to hit home.
  3. Tartan_McCole

    Europa league qualifiers

    Tarring all Rangers fans with the same brush on message board ≥ Racially abusing somebody. Gotcha..
  4. Tartan_McCole

    Europa league qualifiers

    It's a pity it's only the fans forums outraged at it. Nobody near him think of giving him a wee slap for being a racist arsehole?
  5. Meh. Take it or leave it offer. We're hardly going to overpay on McGinn when we could potentially sign him in January for eff all, are we?
  6. Tartan_McCole

    New jerseys?

    Are all replica kits nowadays made with recycled polyester, or is it just Adidas? Makes them feel very flimsy and pretty cheap.
  7. Tartan_McCole


    Some effort!
  8. Great news for Kilmarnock, and the league as a whole.
  9. Tartan_McCole


    Aye, hatred will do that to a person. Stupid cow clearly doesn't realise how big Argyll and Bute stretches. Pointscoring on this takes things to a really low level. Horrible story.
  10. Tartan_McCole

    Russia 2018

    I'm talking about incidents that don't involve that walloper Neymar mind.
  11. Tartan_McCole

    New jerseys?

    I got my refund ages ago, but the guy was adamant he had sent it. Safe to say I wasn't waiting around for months to see if he was telling the truth or not.
  12. Tartan_McCole

    New jerseys?

    Still hope for mine then
  13. 1 year. If you discount the fact he was playing at a higher level, has European experience (no matter how negative that experience was), seems to be more valuable to his national team, and was sold to England, then the situation is fairly similar. The above isn't even taking into account that Hibs losing McGinn for nothing would hurt them a hell of a lot more than Celtic losing Armstrong for nothing would have.
  14. Tartan_McCole

    Russia 2018

    I know what you're driving at, however there'll be plenty of times a challenge goes in where a booking is the result and the player on the receiving end might need treatment. To then give a man advantage to the team committing the foul is a bit mad.