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  1. Dons have signed Tommie Hoban on a years loan from Watford and Tomas Cerny on a one year deal.
  2. Stewart_Aberdeen

    Russia 2018

    I remember someone saying the boy that owned the bar ended up basically buying the car after it happened.
  3. Reduced Ian Wright to mocking his accent.
  4. Stewart_Aberdeen

    This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Mate was waiting on a Logan red card for £150 so he's a bit pissed off.
  5. Stewart_Aberdeen

    First job for mcleish....

    BREAKING Scott McTominay, the Manchester United midfielder, has decided to play for Scotland instead of England, reports @JNorthcroft. More details at http://thetimes.co.uk/sport at 6pm #MUFC
  6. Stewart_Aberdeen

    Aberdeen v Celtic

    That was mental. Assumed they'd just take them up the stairs and out the back of Y but seeing them go down the stairs between X&Y it looked though they were heading for the track. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them going back up the stairs again.
  7. Stewart_Aberdeen

    Kingsford Stadium

    32-9 in favour.
  8. https://www.afc.co.uk/2018/01/26/signing-news-devlin-becomes-don/ Devlin confirmed on a 3 year contract. @Barney Rubble was that Sarris? Read yesterday that he's back and they've denied ever punting him.
  9. https://www.afc.co.uk/2018/01/22/kenny-joins-norwich-city-returns-loan/
  10. £301,000, a bag of balls and a set of training bibs I've heard.
  11. Stewart_Aberdeen

    This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    When was the first? Don't remember seeing it and none of the reports had him down as being booked earlier in the game. Crocker even made a comment about it at full time.
  12. Stewart_Aberdeen

    This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Has the Jones red been cleared up? Did he show him a yellow by mistake before the red?
  13. Stewart_Aberdeen

    Huns new gaffer

    Wee Barry says McInnes deserves his chance though. Who are Aberdeen to stand in his way?
  14. Stewart_Aberdeen

    This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Peterhead and Aberdeen both drawn at home so that might change things. Any word on the TV games yet? Saw a couple of folk mention Broch vs The Rangers being one of them but assumed that'd be a load of shite.
  15. Stewart_Aberdeen

    Hampden - stay or go?