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  1. His heart may well be in representing both countries so he chooses who asks first
  2. I don't think it can be understated though how much some playersgenuinely feel tied to two countries so it may well be first come first served
  3. Would like to see Armstrong at right wing back
  4. This is spot on, can never understand why some players continually get picked at that sort of age range, where they are perhaps coming to the end of their time at 21 level and have stagnated a bit at club level, but still seem to get picked for their 'experience' at 21 level. If you look through all the countries or clubs throughout Europe, they continually play their best young players with the most potential a level up. And let's be honest the step up from 19s to 21s for the best players isn't a great jump which is what the likes of Gilmour and Patterson have proved. I have followed Scott Ba
  5. I hope it does get shut down, it's a disgrace the lower leagues have been shut down but yet the spl continues. It's far more important to the country on a sporting level and a financial level to have the euros in this country that continue running some two bob league
  6. They should really call all the league's the now and shut everything down properly until end of March then see how the land lies with vaccinations and infection rates etc and make a decision then. Getting the euros on is far more important to everyone in this country rather than some pathetic Scottish football season
  7. My mate just got a video message from Steve Clarke on his birthday dont know how or who done it for him though try contacting SFA
  8. Point of this is? Why the hate for Ryan Fraser?
  9. Harper and Dembele can still play for Scotland
  10. That's great he seems passionate about Scotland but that just reminded me about another player, Scott Banks of Crystal Palace, great talent, apparently considering switching to Wales?
  11. My point was the government need the money the Euros will generate
  12. It is definitely tactics and at times it looks as though he has been over coached to stay disciplined. He started as a striker, for me he naturally would like to go forward, box to box, arriving in the opposition box, scoring goals, I think if they let him of the leash a bit he could be a bit like Steven Gerrard, although I don't think he has Gerrard's passing ability.
  13. I don't know why he is still being touted, he was 1st touted about 2 seasons ago, and he is still playing League 1. Not good enough. McCrorie or Doohan have to progress quickly or we are up shit creek when Marshall retires. McLaughlin and McGilllivray are not the standard required, certainly nowhere near the standard we have had over the last 10 to 15 years
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