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  1. I like this team, but as a keen Sunderland fan I can confirm McLaughlin hasnt been anywhere near his best this season unfortunately so for me Marshall ahead of him and I'd happily go with that team
  2. Fantastic comments, fantastic mentality the boy has. Exactly the type of character we need in the team
  3. Andy Robertson the other fine example of that. I totally agree to be honest it can work both ways, but for the extremely talented youngsters such as Billy Gilmour who genuinely aspire to be one of the best players in the world it makes sense to go and get the best coaching and play against some of the best player sof their age group and prove how good they are. It takes a very strong mentality though at such a young age to believe you can go down to some of the academys down there and stand out. There are many ways for players to develop I suppose but the coaching and standard down south will be far superior to anything our clubs have up here, it is the crucial age of around 18, 19 which Billy Gilmour is at now when they need to start playing competitive games and start to carve out a proper career in men's football. The standard of coaching they receive before that obviously depends on what club they serve their time at.
  4. Let's be honest though if the boy is ever going to make it to the highest reaches of the game it will be through the best coaching he can possibly find and playing against and beside some of the best players he possibly can through his age groups. Unfortunately for any of our top young players to reach the very top of the game now they have to leave Scotland as in Global terms we are quite sub standard. He will learn far more at Man City youths than he will playing against youth teams in Scotland. It is a positive for me that all these massive clubs seem to be pin pointing Scotland as a breeding ground right now for top talent. How much is that down to the performance schools I wonder
  5. bazmidd

    Aaron Hickey

    If true he probably needs the right manager to guide him. He has been really really poor ever since all the transfer speculation
  6. The boy has a talent none of the others have, he can produce something out of nothing. Watched him for a long time in the youths for Scotland and he is now translating it to senior football with ease. I was worried how his recent injury would affect him but there was no need to worry at all. If we need a spark from somewhere he is the man to look to. ETA Also agree with your other choices for youngsters integrating into the squad, all have talent
  7. You have to drop one of them for Mikey Magic Johnston
  8. Well due to Ryan Christies form, and McGinn nailing the central role this has come down to who to drop between Fraser and Forrest... I think the answer is both... And get Mikey Johnston straight in there, this boy is a game changer!
  9. Pretty sure Terry Taylor got called up for a squad gathering not long ago, young boy born in Aberdeen, signed for Wolves from the Don's not long ago. Missed the boat there
  10. bazmidd


    That's because we have some of the best Midfielders in England
  11. Only the best in the business can boss most teams. We can boss a few teams, and compete with most teams. Our Midfielders are performing with quality right now though so here's hoping.
  12. Is that not exactly what we played last time we beat them.... Very lazy bit of trolling here tbh
  13. Agreed, our good choice of strikers then is like our good choice of centre backs now.
  14. bazmidd


    We have the best centre back in the Championship to combat him though...
  15. Agree, very happy to see him back tonight. He just has so much quality on the ball, and for someone so young and just starting his career he impressively seems to make the right decisions in the final 3rd more often than not. He also has that little bit of a gallus streak in him which Scottish wingers of the past were famous for. Hope he can stay injury free now and get a good run in Celtics team. If he is fit and on form he would be a wildcard pick for me in the playoffs
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