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  1. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Stop looking at ratings systems and watch the game, Brown was woeful absolutely terrible. His pass completion was probably so high as after successful screwing a couple of long passes out the park and underhitting one back to the keeper he stuck to 5 yard square passes for the rest of the game. Btw McGregor wasn't much better but at least for him this was a one off and he still tried to make things happen.
  2. bazmidd

    An experiment in optimism

    I like the thoughts behind that squad as well. Would be good to see Johnston integrated into the squad just unfortunate he's not seen as much game time since the start of the year. McCrorie has been outstanding recently and has nailed the holding midfield role as his own for Rangers. Since we are short of holding Midfielders I would have him or McTominay with us but McCrories game time puts him ahead
  3. bazmidd

    An experiment in optimism

    Tierney will be playing right back, O'Donnell is cover. Douglas is cover for Robertson
  4. bazmidd

    U19's v Spain

    Yeah I really hope so, the only thing that worries me is he may lack a yard of pace for the top level, but his close control, movement, anticipation and finishing are fantastic. I suppose he is still small for his age so perhaps that has held him back for now. He didn't pull up an trees at his recent loan clubs either but that doesn't really mean he's not a player as different players thrive in different environments recent eg Scott McKenna or Olly Burke
  5. bazmidd

    An experiment in optimism

    My Squad for forthcoming games would be.. Scotland Squad Goalkeepers Alan McGregor David Marshall Scott Bain Defenders Stephen O'Donnell Kieren Tierney Andy Robertson Barry Douglas David Bates John Souttar Scott McKenna Charlie Mulgrew Midfielders Calum McGregor Stuart Armstrong John Fleck John McGinn Ross McCrorie Ryan Christie Attackers James Forrest Ryan Fraser Oliver Burke Robert Snodgrass Steven Fletcher Oliver McBurnie Jack Harper
  6. bazmidd

    U19's v Spain

    I don't know what's going on with this lad because his goalscoring record at youth level for Scotland and Celtic is fantastic. I know all players develop at different stages but Celtic are crying out for a proper goalscorer up top just now to replace Griffiths does this lad not deserve a chance.
  7. bazmidd

    Oliver Burke

    That is very harsh to keep panning him with that. His assists on Sunday and his general movement and positional play proved he has got a bit of understanding of what he's meant to do on the pitch. He also seems to be getting better with each game. I don't think I'd throw him into the starting 11 but is a good option from the bench for us
  8. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I see Chripper is on a one man mission to ruin every thread on here
  9. bazmidd


    Alright mate just booked up for this trip and looking for 3 seats on the bus if possible
  10. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Atchison is a right good player, but I think he maybe lacks a yard of pace for the top level.
  11. bazmidd

    Jack Harper

    Ah well hopefully that is the case and Harper continues to get plenty of minutes under his belt. He must be on the cusp of a call up, if anything just due to the complete lack of depth and quality of strikers we have available. The boy does appear to be talented though
  12. bazmidd

    Jack Harper

    Only slight concern is Malaga changed formation last week after being beaten the week before to 1 up front and Harper was dropped. They then went on to win. They have also just signed a Ukrainian international striker, but hey if he is going to progress and become the player we hope he will be he will have to overcome those obstacles. By all accounts he is thought very highly of by staff and the fans at Malaga so hopefully his good season continues. He actually looks like he would fit in very well to our system as well with Fraser and Forrest running of him. He has a fantastic touch and awareness and can pick a pass, could be a good option.
  13. bazmidd

    Scottish player transfers

    They both played for Hutchison Vale, that is where their similarities end. Cummings had a talent for putting the ball in the back of the net in the Scottish Championship and that is it. He is an extremely poor footballer. His touch and hold up play are non existent. He may score goals in the Scottish Premiership playing for a half decent side but then again he's already had that chance at Rangers and failed. I don't know why this boy was built up because he wasn't even half as good as say Kris Boyd or Stevie Naismith were at that age. I'd rather forget him and focus on someone like Jack Harper who is at least showing some progression. If Cummings can get a cap then Harper should certainly be in with a shout.
  14. bazmidd

    Karamoko Dembele

    Well when you put it like that.... Lol I think I may have just changed my opinion on it, never really thought about it as deeply as that before. Suppose there could potentially be a time when that situation arises. I would say probably more often than not though that is not the case, and it is the case that players are either a) just not good enough to play for their first choice country so play to the rules to pick another country or b) make an un educated decision after being brought up in the narrow minded world of the Glasgow old firm goldfish bowl and pick Ireland coz I'm a Celtic fan n my grandads Irish, which I genuinely believe to be the case with McGeady certainly
  15. bazmidd

    Karamoko Dembele

    Tbh young Dembele has a genuine affiliation with all 3 of his options. At the end of the day he was born in England whether we like it or not so will forever have a connection to that country. Out of the 3 options though I would say that should be the one he has least feelings for. All options are genuine though. Unlike the two Mcs who only played for Ireland through their Grandparents. That rule should be abolished, joke off a rule. Lineage should end at Parents.