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  1. That shambles of a club are in the semi finals of the Champions League....
  2. I don't get why as a Scotland fan you would seem to revel in this.... I for one would much rather they were both starring in the EPL
  3. It is very frustrating as a Scotland fan and even more so for Billy Gilmour. He was on the cusp of starting games in the Premier League under Lampard. There is an argument though he is now learning from a better manager, and if he was to eventually get a proper chance under Tuchel it would be arguably a bigger statement playing under a proven Champions League standard manager. He still isn't far away, he is 4th choice Midfielder as it stands and all he needs is one chance
  4. No dropped from Champions League squad
  5. I actually think, certainly in some games, that Gilmour, Patterson and Gauld or Turnbull should all be starters. The amount of creativity in those players there is something we are crying out for
  6. Number 10 behind Dykes or Adams is his position. He should essentially be vying with Ryan Christie or Ryan Fraser for that position. He is a number 10 all day long.
  7. https://youtu.be/ubTRSpC1TPc Highlights from the match last night, Gauld looked lively, one chance he created second half was outstanding, we don't have many if any players that can pick out crosses like that one
  8. According to the Scots Abroad podcast he didn't want to leave Farense mid way through a relegation battle, he is their captain and does owe them a bit for helping him get his career back on track. His contracts up in the summer anyway so he will get his move then. If he played that well against Braga last night they may be first in line again
  9. Deary me Firstly, I take both your points if you actually take the time to read my post you will read I acknowledge both points and agree with one not the other. Secondly, and again just to reiterate, the fact we had the ball either side of the park instead of the middle, and wait for this one because it will genuinely blow your mind... Is a thing called tactics. So just to explain tactics are something that exist in football and other sports to exploit vulnerabilities in the opposition.. It was Clarke's plan to play down the flanks and exploit the opposition down there all along.. g
  10. Why do you pick and choose your quotes, everyone has read the full opening post, you don't need to cut and paste parts of it to suit an argument. The post was aimed primarily at your worry surrounding all our creativity coming from wide and centre halves stepping out from the back and a lack of creativity from Midfield. To me that just lacks a basic understanding of football. The basic understanding that playing through Midfield is not the tactics we deployed, making it impossible to criticise the Midfield for a lack of creativity. The tactics v the Faroes were not to play through Midfield it
  11. I thought your point was the Midfield wasn't creative....
  12. You and I were both specifically talking about the tactics for the Faroes game last night. So don't jump around your idiotic post
  13. And also by Adams and Dykes being in the box it occupies defenders allowing space for others. I honestly don't know how you can't see what we were doing last night and that what we were doing worked! What a ridiculous post regarding the midfield not being creative and getting on the ball last night, it wasn't their job to thread balls through to Adams and Dykes so they could score, that was never the plan
  14. This is actually laughable. You do know the reason the ball went down the flanks and not through the middle is because that is exactly the tactics Steve Clarke used. It was by design to play this way. We adopted these tactics and we won 4 nil!! Have you ever seen Sheffield United play? We have basically adopted their tactics on our left hand side. We create overloads on that side to create chances. The role of the two central midfielders wasn't to create, it was to protect and recycle possession. They were there, McLean mainly as defensive cover to allow Tierney to bomb on. The other two, McGr
  15. Little bit harsh on Hendry because he is good with the ball at his feet but McTominay is another level up which is why he plays for Man Utd and not Oostende. Hendry has also been playing in the middle of the back three at Oostende and I think this is actually his best position. In time I would like to try a back 3 of Tierney Hendry and McTominay as they all have great pace which would allow us to play higher up the pitch
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