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  1. bazmidd

    John Fleck

    We also aren't as bad as you make out there are still countries like Hungary who are worse than us just now and we should be capable of winning this Nations League group against Albania and Israel. To be honest the Nation's League will be great to judge where we are really at.
  2. bazmidd

    Allan McGregor

    Gordon used to be the superior keeper but recently he doesn't fill you with the same confidence as he once did. Let's be honest Gordon at one time was one of the best young keepers in Europe. He has done amazing to come back from his injury troubles and to play at the standard he has, he has had a few moments in recent season which has seen our confidence in him drop slightly but he and McGregor are both very much neck and neck for the starting spot now, happy enough with either tbh as both are capable of making big saves at big moments in games
  3. bazmidd

    Scotland Retro gear

    I actually see Umbro are making kits again, they are now Everton's kit makers. Would be fantastic to see us go back to Umbro kits tbh
  4. bazmidd

    John Fleck

    I don't really know why you have brought Jack Hendry into this anyway, you seem keen to put the lad down. It's probably between Hanley and Hendry to start tbh
  5. bazmidd

    John Fleck

    He played well on his Scotland debut in a back 3 v Hungary
  6. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I have been a big advocate of putting Tierney on the left of a back 3, but he got switched to that position in Athens the other night when Celtic went chasing the game and didn't look to comfortable at all, positionally got caught out a few times. He did still manage to burst forward though and set up their goal but again does this just highlight where he does his best work. It's a conundrum, a good one, but still a difficult one
  7. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    You are right regarding the stage of development Hendry is at, but every player develops at different rates depending on circumstances. Hendry is nearly the same age as McGinn who has just been bought for over 2 million by Aston Villa. Now obviously I am not comparing the players as they play in different positions but more their career paths which have been very different. McGinn has played regularly from a very young age has played a large number of games and is now ready for the move down south, whereas Hendry showed great potential at a very young age and went down south too early and going by his current level would not have been ready then to start games down south therefore a lack of games has hindered him and his confidence and it's only since coming back up the road and playing games again at Dundee he has started to show his potential again which won him the move to Celtic. In comparison to McGinn though, although roughly the same age he is still well behind him in his development stage as he has simply just not played enough games of football. It is the age old argument about developing players, but to become a better player you have to play football. I hope the experience Hendry has gained from these games and a consistent run of games for Celtic over the next year or two years he will start to put everything together as he has the raw ingredients to be a really good centre back for Scotland. He should be further along in his development but career decisions have put him back. He still has time though and is still very young. He could have over ten years still in the game.
  8. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Jack Hendry has become the new whipping boy already I see. He has potential, but desperately needs an experienced Centre Back in there to help him and learn from, much like Souttar with Berra, who has massively improved his game since Berra arrived. Hendry played very well on his Scotland debut he has pace, height, strengths, good on the ball but needs to be more aggressive needs to improve his concentration and positional play, all things that can be taught or come with experience.
  9. bazmidd

    Berra Out for 6 Months

    John Souttar on the radar according to Eck McLeish
  10. bazmidd

    John Fleck

    I really do not understand where you are coming from with players playing out of position in a 3-5-2! Professional football players are capable of playing in different formations. Brendan Rodgers changes his formation net enough every week between 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 depending on the opposition. Good players are flexible and can play a number of formations. As for Tierney and Robertson. We played 3-5-2 at home v England, Tierney played left sided Centre back and done very well. The 3-5-2 seems to suit the players we have in the squad at the minute as we have no decent right back whereas Ryan Fraser and James Forrest have both played very well as Wing Backs for their clubs. Anyway we don't have to pick a formation and be fixed with it, if things aren't going well we should be able to be flexible and change things at any point during a match.
  11. bazmidd

    John Fleck

    Bang on mate, exactly what I would go with right now. The 3-5-2 allows us to get Robertson and Tierney in the same team. Then the way I see it we have a choice of 3 for the holding role in Midfield, McTominay, McArthur or McDonald. Then a choice of McGinn, Cairney, Armstrong or McGregor for the more offensive Midfield positions. Either 3 offensive Midfielders or 2 Strikers. Would be tempted with two Strikers against teams we are ranked higher than but I think McTominay in the holding role and McGinn, Mcregor and Armstrong ahead of him would be great as every one brings something different with McGinn a great ball winner and can carry it, McGregor very industrious finds little pockets of space agoal threat and Armstrong is dynamic quick and a goal threat also. McTominay lying deep, McGinn and Armstrong box to box and McGregor in the hole behind Griffith's.
  12. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    McTominay really can't win with some people can he. Most are just desperate to see him fail so they can say I told you so, and even if he does become one of the best in the world at what he does, it's not good enough because Scotland fans want him to be something else. Incredible really. We all want a Gareth Bale in our team but good players in other positions should be appreciated just as much, it is a team sport after all.
  13. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Surely any Scotland fan with any real interest and knowledge in our players should know what his position is and what role he plays in the Man Utd team is. It is exactly as you describe and exactly the type of player Darren Fletcher was. Darren Fletcher turned into one of the best ball winning midfielders in Europe for Man Utd before his illness struck and if McTominay can reach those standards we should all be delighted. He is not gona beat 4 men and stick it in the top corner, but if he turns out to be one of the best in his position, as Andy Robertson is in his, it would be fantastic for us.
  14. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    So McTominay is in your view on the same level as Fellaini, a starter for a team in the World Cup semi finals. But you doubt him for Scotland? I do respect your opinion, I am just not entirely sure what it is as it changes every post. I don't know if McTominay will be a great player, but if he is currently the standard of Fellaini he will be first name on our team sheet.
  15. bazmidd

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    You will rip your own face off and eat it if McTominay becomes a starter over Matic. Well that now gives us all two reasons to really hope he does. If only to stop the negative drivel being spouted constantly by you. Again you are confusing reality with foresight. You foresee McTominay becoming a bit part player and moving down the leagues. Your opinion, not the reality of the situation. In reality you, me and know one else has a scooby doo how his career will turn out, but in reality he has broken into the Man Utd first team squad last season and is now a regular in their match day squads, whilst regularly getting minutes from a manager, one of the greatest there has ever been, who rates him. No one knows what the future holds for him but to put him down and say his career is now a downward spiral just as it is beginning in 'reality' is nothing but a negative opinion. Not reality.