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  1. No Stuart McKinstry either been class for Leeds youth team
  2. I actually tried my hardest not to go overboard but my reaction to watching him v Liverpool was exactly the same as Roy Keanes, everything he did just had class written all over it. I know he is still very very young, but that just makes his performances all the more impressive. To completely control games in the FA cup and Premier League against real good sides in Liverpool and Everton, bearing in mind his small stature, against seasoned Premier League players is hugely impressive
  3. Watching this lad recently has given me the belief he genuinely has the ability and character to transform the way we as a country currently play football. If ever there was a massive shining example that the performance schools are starting to work then it is this young lad. Everyone knows the Scotland youth sides have slowly but surely began to implement a more creative passing game at at that level playing through the lines, and this kid might just be the one to finally bring that style straight to the full team. I swear this kid must have a Spanish granny or something because he looks like he's come straight from La Masia at Barcelona. Everything he does is pure quality, and it is not just the average fan raving about him here it is some of the best midfielders in recent times to have played the game. Roy Keane, Frank Lampard praisi g him to high heavens. We have had our fingers burned with young lads in the past who have been built up and spectacularly failed but I don't think we have ever seen a kid like this from Scotland certainly not in modern times. He has backed it up in these two games, he is more than ready now and it is going to be exciting watching him play and the way our country starts playing football. I honestly think he has the potential to be that good.
  4. Juventus played for years with no natural width, the formation should suit our best players. A diamond in Midfield would suit us with Gilmour at the base in the Pirlo role, McTominay and Fleck Box to box and McGinn attacking midfield. Griffiths and McBurnie up front
  5. I just don't see how McGregor can get the nod ahead of Fleck after last night's performance. Those are the games you want to see him stand up and take the game by the scruff of the neck but he just floated around the periphery. Fleck is doing everything McGregor is doing at a much higher level, he deserves to start the play off games and going by McTominay’s return last night he should be beside him.
  6. It seems some of our big players are all returning just in time, Tierney back in training today, McTominay in the squad for Man Utd tomorrow, McGinn not far away now.. All coming together perhaps.
  7. I wonder if the old 442 Diamond might get the best out of our squad of players.. Tbh apart from Fraser we don't have top class wingers anyway, a more compact Midfield would allow us the extra men we need in there with the full backs providing width when required. This also would hopefully allow us to get the best out of McBurnie playing beside a partner perhaps Griffiths or using Frasers pace up there away from home. Marshall Palmer. Hanley. Cooper. Robertson McGregor McTominay. Fleck McGinn McBurnie. Fraser/Griffiths
  8. Well I think I'm right in saying that not one of them have qualified us for a tournament playing that way have they... They have all played exactly the same way. The last time we did qualify we did so with two up front... Look I like the 433 I think it is the future for us, all our youth teams currently play that way and if, as you say most of out top flight clubs are now playing that way, then I hope these clubs can help these boys develop into a higher calibre of player than we have now so we can play that system properly in an attack minded way. The problem for us right now is it isn't 433 it is 451 and the 1 we have up front is doing nothing to affect the game and he is getting no support from the midfield against decent sides. We just invite pressure and have nothing for the opposition to worry about. I am only suggesting we do more to occupy the opposition defenders as currently it is far far too easy for the opposition to play against us. I like the examples of Burnley and Sheff Utd who play two up front and show it can still be done in the modern game.
  9. I totally get this I understand the fascination with 3 attacking players in behind a centre forward but only if you have 3 real high quality attacking midfielders who can create and score and an outstanding centre forward who can basically do it all. We don't have that we offer literally nothing against decent sides. We have one striker scurrying about up top chasing lost causes, whilst the midfield 3 behind him offer no support they just sit in to create a five man midfield and protect our defence, we make it so easy for the opposition defenders to play against us its embarrassing. We offer nothing against semi decent sides. Like it or not, and it goes completely against the grain of the modern way of playing the game, but scottish football in the majority still plays with two up front. It is the way we play, the way the majority of our clubs play, the way the majority of our players have been taught to play. The 433 and 4231 are great when we're sitting watching Liverpool or Man City play it but until we have players of that quality playing for us I just don't think we are good enough to get results against good sides playing that way. We will beat San Marino or Cyprus, just, but we need to offer more in attack, occupy their defenders give them something to think about, we are too easy to play against. You can literally see the same old story unravel before it happens playing with 1 up front. If we had Lewandowski or Lukaku or Suarez fine but we don't.
  10. Why not? Why not just give it a go. We basically play with two up front when McGinn plays anyway. In all honesty watching us sit back and offer nothing in attack and just waiting for us to concede and eventually get beaten is a movie we have seen time and time again away from home. I'm actually fed up of us being far to cautious away from home and offering nothing. Why not actually go for it for once. We aren't playing Spain, France or Germany here. We need to give their defenders something to think about as well not just make it an easy night for them. We have one shot at this, I say go for it.
  11. I am leaning towards something like this Marshall Palmer Cooper McKenna Robertson McTominay Fleck McGregor Fraser McBurnie Griffiths Id be looking for the full backs to provide the width with Fraser and especially McGregor drifting inside to create from there. If McGinn doesn't make it which doesn't look likely we need goals from somewhere else and Griffiths and McBurnie have goals in them as a partnership.
  12. Wee bit unfair seeing as he's just scored in a higher standard of League than that
  13. Best player on the pitch for the time he was on according to Lampard today
  14. McBurnie is an interesting option but it is obvious he is far better when he plays with a partner and actually has licence to roam into different areas of the pitch. I think he is more than just a focal point front man, he likes to move wide, likes to find space and makes some good runs. He isn't a target man as such, his lanky frame kind of makes us think this is what he is. He finds space well and takes up good positions when he is given more of a licence to roam from the Centre Forward position. Would like to see him up front beside someone and with Fleck in the Midfield behind him as they link well Eta... Sheff Utd have nailed the 352 formation it really suits them and their players and definitely suits McBurnie playing with a partner up front
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    Purple Heather what an amazing song! Love to see this sang on the terraces! "And we'll all go together!! "
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