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  1. Firstly Mcdonald isn't even playing in the most overhyped league in the world he is a bench warmer at best. Secondly it isnt even matter of fact that it is the best league in the world... Don't believe the hype Lastly I just explained why I think McGregor is a good player as I have watched him perform brilliantly against the likes of Bayern Munich and Zenit none of which were made up of free transfers. If you want to make points fine but don't make comments which are made out to be a matter of fact when they are not
  2. We would all love a team full of top players, I'd love 11 Top Internationals in our starting line up all playing for the top clubs in Europe but the fact is you don't need 11 Top Internationals to qualify for a World Cup or Euros. Your comparison of Kevin Mcdonald and Calum McGregor though is nonsense as McGregor is a better player than him. Mcdonald is a mediocre player
  3. I don't believe any hype and I don't choose to believe something just because you say so either. I believe what I see with my own eyes and for me Calum McGregor is a good player. I have watched him play well for Celtic on numerous occasions in Europe notably against bayern Munich and zenit St Peters burg where he scored an absolutely class goal
  4. Very unfair on Calum McGregor who has produced Man of the Match performances and big goals in Europe for Celtic.
  5. bazmidd


    I don't want to say... But I want to say I know, n I'm no telling yez... Jog on
  6. Cooper should be in the squad to be fair and potentially starting. He has odd bombscare moments but in general he is good and his leadership qualities are something we sorely miss at the back
  7. Carney is a very strange one to be honest said in a few interviews about his pride at playing for Scotland at youth level as well. Tbf he just hasn't been playing well enough this season anyway to warrant a place ahead of some others
  8. Oh and btw McTominay won 100 percent of his tackles last night, 100 percent of his Aerial Duals and had a pass completion of 80 percent. Boy has everything in the middle of the park
  9. What's the thoughts on Ross McCrorie as the potential anchorman. Always seems to be picked for the bigger games against better sides by Gerrard and has a cracking win ratio with him in the side. Against lesser sides it is understandable there may not be a need for him but against more difficult opponents he seems to break up the play and win the ball back very well. Any Rangers fans have any thoughts on him?
  10. That will be him in ahead of McTominay v Cyprus
  11. And yes McTominay Fraser and Robertson could all potentially play for a top 6 side but 2 got their move, Fraser being one of those hopefully, to those sides on the back of their performances in their NATURAL positions. I'm sorry and I agree with you on a lot of things but this 352 fascination is getting out of hand. As I explained before it may be useful in certain games, but playing a formation the players aren't used to in positions they aren't used to is mad. Anyway agree to disagree on this one
  12. I thought your midfield 3 was McGregor Robertson and Mctominay now Fraser is in there. That is 3 central Midfielders with only one a natural central midfielder. And who exactly is to play right wing back since we have no one at all capable of the role. And please don't even mention that duffer O'Donnell
  13. He is probably our best maybe even our only option as anchor man though unfortunately. Wherever he plays in midfield though I believe he will be our best midfielder
  14. Fred appears to be the anchor man in this game with McTominay got a little licence to press higher up the pitch
  15. The power of the press is what's required here. Someone on our wavelength who understands what the fans are going through and why we want change. Bill Leckie is the man to get the ball rolling, anyone got his number
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