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    Bee keeping, pre WW1 Austro-Hungarian romantic poetry, tie-dying ties, sniffing bus seats, epillating, licking roadkill animals, and used to be ranked 15th in Great Britain at skeleton bobsleigh.

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  1. Hi Davy, Payment sent for 2 bus tickets from Paphos. Cheers Neilypiece!
  2. Ditto! Bringing the girlfriend and she wants to go to the game as well. Think she doesn't trust me........😇
  3. 2 more from Paffos pleese!
  4. I've got a weeks All Inc at the Nereus Hotel in Paphos. Is anybody else going to be near us???
  5. Anyone in the 'know' have any idea when the tickets will be up for grabs???
  6. I looked at that but thought the timings were too tight seeing as it's a change of planes in Vienna! Opted for the 0600 flight out of Heathrow with a beer stop in Vienna. All going well (if you make it on time and I make it out of the bar in Vienna) I'll see you on the flight to Tirana!
  7. My taxi driver is obviously a very talented guy. He's going to be "holdong a sing" with my name when I arrive at the airport! I wonder if he knows "Ally's Tartan Army" as well? Merr taxis are doing an offer on their website for airport transfers at the mo.
  8. Well done DavyP for sorting all this out! By my reckonings you've taken about 1300 bookings for this trip. Just hope we all get tickets for the match now! 😅
  9. Which flight out are you on? I'm on the 0600 one.
  10. Hi Davy, Can I get one seat on your bus please. Ta! Neily
  11. Staying at the Senator. But Trump will probably have sacked and replaced it by the time I get there......
  12. Just booked - out Friday and back Monday flying with Austrian Airlines from LHR via Vienna. £355 with 3 nights B&B in a decent central hotel.
  13. Off to Lanzarote in April - can anyone recommend a decent (cheap!) taxi/airport transfer company? Just the 2 of us and luggage so a small taxi or something?
  14. I'm up a wee bit in Glawster. On the 1051 choo choo from Glos - Padd via Swindon. Anyone ever thought about a Brsitol TA??? The South West of England TA? The SWETA's!
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