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    Kdy but now Glawster
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    Bee keeping, pre WW1 Austro-Hungarian romantic poetry, tie-dying ties, sniffing bus seats, epillating, licking roadkill animals, and used to be ranked 15th in Great Britain at skeleton bobsleigh.

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  1. Excellent! Just round the corner from the Mon Ami Villa then!
  2. I'm a complete technospazz when it comes to anything IT related. How does a local sim work? Is it just a case of taking the sim out of my phone and putting the local one in??? (Honestly, despite having a degree in engineering I'm useless at IT - my surround sound for my tv is proper Gucci but it's still not connected up to it...11 years now!!!)
  3. I’ve expensive tastes!!!!
  4. Flights booked (Austrian Airlines) ✈️ FP3 face masks for flights sorted 😷 NHS double vax letter and NHS app downloaded 💉 Advance Passenger Information completed ✈️ Moldovan Epidemiological Card for Passengers and Travellers filled out 👮‍♂️ 2 day Lateral Flow Test booked for return 👩‍🔬 400 Euros for conversion into Moldovan Klebbies sorted 🤑 Ticket for game purchased and printed off (thank you Moldova FA!) ⚽ What have I forgotten????
  5. Val are you flying Austrian Airlines? And if so, will you be bringing those masks with you???? Reckon you could make your money back!!!!
  6. Has everyone managed to get a ticket yet? There's a link on another thread to the Moldovan tickets page - you can get your ticket there now!
  7. I just managed to get one through this site!
  8. Sadly not on the list of Boris's mates, sorry, Government approved providers down here in Engerland!
  9. I've just ordered a Lateral Flow Test from one of the 'Government approved providers". The prices started at £8.99 then went all the way up to £39! The £8.99 test was a click and collect from either a place near Heathrow or Cardiff or £23 with postage! Most of the cheaper options upto £15 were already sold out. The cheapest one I could get was £18.99. You need to have ordered one prior to travel as the details are required for your Passenger Locator Form on your return!!!!
  10. A fiver as opposed to £16! Even £16 is cheap for an airport taxi!
  11. Martini - anytime, anyplace, anywhere! My mate used to go out with a girl we nicknamed KitKat as 2 fingers weren't enough!
  12. Flying out Thursday on the 0600 red-eye with a few hours stop in Vienna. Arriving in Chinzano at 1520. Didn't want to chance the 20 minute dash with the earlier connecting flight! Back Sunday on the 1600 flight with another stop in Vienna and connecting at 1015 for the flight back to London village.
  13. Hotel booked, flights booked with Austrian Airlines from Heathrow, currently only on 12 points and have hee-haw hope of getting an official ticket. Who else is heading out there without a ticket?
  14. Pubs and all that are still open. The only restriction being compulsory wearing of face masks in public places and the 50% reduction in capacity for public events. Covid is on the rise with the latest figures showing a seven day average of 1335 new cases a day.
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