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  1. That's a strange take...one team was shite, the other was good, it's that simple
  2. 1st half Motherwell were excellent all over the park...second half the foot was taken well off the gas. Campbell motm, closely followed by Tony Watt and big Mugabi
  3. There will be some folk on here furious about that
  4. Simon Jordan is a bit of an arsehole
  5. The fact that some of our youngsters are now on the radar of top spanish, English, Italian and German teams, warms my soul and offers a bit of comfort that things might actually start to get better. Best of luck to each and every one of them
  6. We've went from the worst, to one of the worst in just two posts...well done you
  7. He would be an asset to most teams in the division, but not the full scotland side I dont think
  8. He isn't highly skilled enough either
  9. We should trawl the world for anyone that fancies a game...we have a few really good players, another few that are decent and then we are left with folk making up the numbers.
  10. My favourite player for Motherwell over the past few seasons, he leaves everything on the pitch...I'd be amazed if he ever gets a full international cap though
  11. His appointment was Levein-esque in the 1st place
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