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  1. Celtic players seem to have a habit of picking other nations over Scotland, so I'm not surprised at this...
  2. There is no comparison between McBurnie and Shankland... Shankland is a Diddy and McBurnie is playing top level fitba
  3. Shankland clearly isnae the answer
  4. I think he has been this season yes
  5. Palmer holds a place down in the Sheffield Wednesday team and has done for a few years... SOD was sent packing from Luton for being dugshite.
  6. I wonder how he feels about playing there
  7. Very interesting the amount of folk that think Tierney is a right back
  8. They are shite managers because their cv's say so
  9. Agreed, Tierney and McKenna should both have been called up.
  10. We keep picking shite managers ... Strachan was shite, McLeish was shite and Clarke is shite
  11. The SFA keep picking arseholes as managers
  12. Play Russell if he's the best available, not because he's had the longest journey ffs
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