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  1. Joe Wark is a name always chucked in by 'well fans of the older generation
  2. For a brief period after he left Motherwell
  3. This team would scud the Liverpool one..... Purely because it'd be cheating and playing a 4-5-2 formation
  4. Have the SFA made any announcements regarding this game yet?
  5. It's based on absolutely fuck all... That's what gets me, people just hit out with hyperbole that has no basis. I hope Tierney becomes the best left back in the world (because I love seeing Scots do well)... But to state as fact that he is currently a better defender than Andy Robertson when he is clearly toiling at Arsenal is fucking mental
  6. A Cellic man, nae doubt about it
  7. There are plenty on here who have written him off as being 'shite', despite being our only striker playing at the highest level
  8. What makes you think he's the better defender? Keeping absolutely nobody at bay whilst at celtic or his very limited time on the pitch at Arsenal?
  9. I'm not disputing that McBurnie hasn't been great in his (very limited) time on the park... ... What I'm disputing is the absolute nonsense of writing him off and at the same time inviting absolute nobodies like Lyndon Dykes into the fold.
  10. He was disgracefully bad,... And I'm a guy that likes him as a player
  11. Griffiths was absolutely howling in that match
  12. See, all Tierney-over-Robertson types, fit into the categories outlined
  13. Did you watch the thumb against Belgium at Hampden? Without doubt the worst performance from a centre forward I've seen
  14. If they're not insane, they are either blind, thick or a tim
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