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  1. My da hasn't been to see Cellic since Lou Macari was in the dugout... That sums him up
  2. No you didn't... But I still like to point out when necessary
  3. Cellic fans are a strange, strange shower of fannies... Win 3-1, but greet and moan about a bad challenge that wisnae really a bad challenge, and defend their player for being a fucking banger. Weirdos
  4. It sounds like Arsenal realise the Motherwell Tim is made of chocolate and cannae rely on him... And to think there was ever a serious debate over him and Robbo
  5. I've never seen anything like it, a totally embarrassing turnout from Dundee.
  6. A) we've played plenty of clowns over the years b) if he's average, and managing to score a shit load of goals at championship level and even one or two at EPL level, what does that make our other options? C) if he 'clearly' didn't want to play for Scotland, then it's pretty simple... He'd knock back the call
  7. Being reported that he's signing for Fulham... And Joe Bryan is moving to Southampton
  8. The tartan army worthy ☝️
  9. Anyway... Nae luck snoddy 🖕
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