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  1. Agreed... I'd rather fail to qualify with guys who are committed to the national team, than fail to qualify with cunts that are too big for their boots
  2. We haven't had a midfielder capable of dominating and dictating a match since Barry Ferguson
  3. That's as random as fuck mate... Well done
  4. Whether Brown wants to come back or not, there are people on this forum who are suggesting that we should ask him back... That's who I was responding too
  5. Is this the same big shot that consistently failed as a Scotland player? The same shite bag that's well aware of his own limitations, that aware, that he's never had the baws to move to a decent league? Thhe same guy that has turned his back on Scotland twice, you can say retired if you want, but I'd rather call a spade, a spade... He walked out. Is this the same guy who is and always has been an utter bam? Is this the same guy thats now 35? And some folk want him back in the squad... Get him tae fuck
  6. Get me 3 tickets mate #gloryhunting
  7. We did have a captain with a set of balls exactly like Scott Brown... But they weren't actually that big a set of balls, because he walked out on us twice because he didnt like getting beat. He's a fanny... Every bit as much of a fanny as Fletcher, Snodgrass, Mcgregor and Tierney
  8. Scott Brown can take a fuck to himself
  9. I don't agree that McKenna was a 'calamity'... One or two moments where he rushed what he was doing but he hardly had a nightmare
  10. The manager could change formation... He could play Tierney as a sweeper behind two of our lumbering centre backs for example. The manager has a huge part to play... Deciding tactics and formation is every bit as important as the individual players involved
  11. I worry about the lack of height on the left side of that defence... Tierney playing in a back 3, I'd be comfortable with, not sure as a back 2 though
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