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  1. Get him capped before he decides he is English
  2. Total and utter fannies...what I also notice while commuting on the M74 before it joins the M8 westbound, after the Kingston Bridge...almost every single car sitting in the 'fast lane', leaving the 'slow lane' completely empty. Motorways are full of folk that haven't a clue how to drive
  3. Tadger96 would have capped this boy 4 year ago if it was up to him
  4. You do realise that the guy advocating it, is nuts?
  5. It's a ridiculous decision to hand them 10k fines for effectively not bothering their arses with covid protocols
  6. He should be mortified if he picks Wales
  7. Have it on good authority that hes a tim...certainly looks far too happy in a tim top for my liking 🤣
  8. It's hard to be anything but negative just now...we are in a real state
  9. He will certainly get plenty practice
  10. Was on the bench ...think that was his 1st game back since having covid
  11. Gallagher has had two world class players on either side of him while playing for scotland...I pretty certain Liam Cooper or big McKenna would be every bit as comfortable in the middle of that back 3
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