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  1. The epl wasn't a thing in those days
  2. I wonder if Andy Robertson was ever tipped for big things... ...I can only tell you what I know about Turnbull, but in my opinion, he can go anywhere he wants in football, given his abilities.
  3. ...and the hopeless fucker has just scored
  4. Our best striker is currently playing against Chelsea at Bramall Lane...his team are 1up
  5. You don't think those players are tipped for big things?
  6. For disagreeing with that particular quote, whoever done it, is most definitely an idiot
  7. I'm sure there will be some dumpling in the junior leagues banging in 40 goals a season...get him called up
  8. I see one of the local idiots has used a 'confused' emoji in response to this comment from yourself...but you are absolutely spot on, the higher the level a player plays at, the better he is, almost unconditionally.
  9. I think that's undoubtedly the case
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