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  1. Partially agree with the above. McGrory was of Irish parentage on both sides I believe (despite being born in Glasgow) which no doubt the beaks of the time were not too impressed about. He had quite a bit of competition for the position as well (Gallacher, McPhail etc). Other players like Hughie Ferguson and Wullie McFadyen of Motherwell hardly got a look in as well. My old grandpa would say McFadyen was the greatest striker Scotland produced (albeit through his claret and amber tinted specs)
  2. My old man worked there for 26 years until it shut down. He was Steel Making shift manager at the end after stints in the BOS plant. I have passed him on the link.
  3. Went to the three games with my mate. Drove down to the 2 in Birmingham and back due to work and got the train for Wembley. We were staying in Watford and the day of the England game got dropped off at the Tube terminus. Might have been Stanmore. Got a carriage to ourselves as the BTP segregated us for our safety from the other 9 which were rammed full of English nutjobs. Half time at Wembley will live long in the memory. Great time. Rode our luck against the Dutch and were pretty soundly gubbed by the English. We should have beat the Swiss more comprehensively and in typical Scottish style we miss out by the usual bawhair. Some usual dodgy team selections didn't help us. 24 years ago though. Dearie me.
  4. I thought 1917 was basically a Gallipoli remake. Disappointing.
  5. Late to the game but currently going through The Man In The High Castle. First series was superb although the 2nd has started pretty slowly.
  6. That's him (and also Kenny Miller this weekend) scored league goals in 4 different decades now.
  7. My old man is not voting for the first time in his life. He voted Labour in 1966 then SNP in every subsequent election. He is a soft-ish Nationalist but is pissed off with some of the SNP's recent policies. Worried about the path Sturgeon is taking them down. My mum flips between Labour and SNP and is also not voting. Constituency is Hamilton East and Lanark. I think it will be touch and go (<100). Tories were 3/1 last week. Won't be that now. Unionist vote seems to be going blue by all accounts.
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