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  1. Late to the game but currently going through The Man In The High Castle. First series was superb although the 2nd has started pretty slowly.
  2. That's him (and also Kenny Miller this weekend) scored league goals in 4 different decades now.
  3. My old man is not voting for the first time in his life. He voted Labour in 1966 then SNP in every subsequent election. He is a soft-ish Nationalist but is pissed off with some of the SNP's recent policies. Worried about the path Sturgeon is taking them down. My mum flips between Labour and SNP and is also not voting. Constituency is Hamilton East and Lanark. I think it will be touch and go (<100). Tories were 3/1 last week. Won't be that now. Unionist vote seems to be going blue by all accounts.
  4. Not watched the Beattie one yet but the Grant one was excellent. Obviously very Celtic orientated but it was compelling viewing. Surprised I lasted as I thought he was the antichrist growing up. He was pretty candid overall and as DBTA mentions above he gave a decent insight into the media plus the coaching game. Craig Brown one is shite, as is Davie Weir and Warburton. Would recommend the following episodes: Stuart McCall, Pat Bonner, Mo Ross, Davie Robertson, Owen Coyle, Durrant/Ferguson, Andy McLaren & the 2 McCoist ones.
  5. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth covering New Order - Leave Me Alone. Shouldn't work but it does.
  6. Gerrard's team selection was bamboozling but too many players were just utter pish on the day. The big French guy at the back for the tims stuck out a mile, he strolled it.
  7. Tough draws but I think Rangers slightly more favourable than Celtic
  8. "Brother Beaton" gave the worst performance I've seen since Andrew Waddell in the 80s at Ibrox v Hibs 2 years ago. He's not corrupt or biased, he's just pish like most of the referees in the country.
  9. IPTV Message Mazzie on here and he will sort you out
  10. Jim Baxter - Before my time but past it by 28 then retiring at 30 Charlie Nicholas - If he had joined Liverpool or Man U he would likely have been one of the greats Derek Ferguson - a waster Paul McStay - Should have left Celtic around 1990
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