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  1. Going through Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan just now and it’s very good
  2. Good post and healthy for the game that your team are on the up both in the pitch and in the stands
  3. Mitre


    Through the straits be broad and narrow... 🙊
  4. Mitre

    Archie McPhersons book

    Always enjoyed McPherson's books. Will have to pick this one up.
  5. Mitre

    SFA cut yer losses

    I'm no fan of McLeish, most certainly yesterday's man. But some folk on here calling him a c*nt, bastard, fool, alkie etc need to get a grip. As Auld Reekie puts it eloquently above - its the blazers that should be getting the ire of the fans before the manager/players.
  6. After really enjoying the first 3 series of Better Call Saul, this last one is a bit disappointing. Not saying its shite or that but I think I'm finding it rambling too much. Not much cohesion between the sub-plots. It will have to be a humdinger of a final series episode next week to pull everything together.
  7. either that or you are all pumping each other
  8. Rangers utter pish today Hopefully the wank that flung the coin gets caught and a life ban
  9. ScotRail ‏Verified account @ScotRail 57m57 minutes ago A number of customers have been in touch with us about the Scottish League Cup semi-final between Aberdeen and Rangers at Hampden Park on Sunday, 28 October. ScotRail ‏Verified account @ScotRail 57m57 minutes ago The @SPFL is well aware from previous events of the logistical challenges an early kick-off presents, particularly for Sunday morning services from Aberdeen. ScotRail‏ Verified account @ScotRail 57m57 minutes ago Our events team wasn't consulted by the @SPFL in advance of its announcement, which is disappointing. The SPFL has only now been in touch after the announcement. ScotRail Verified account @ScotRail 57m57 minutes ago We'll assess all options to see what, if anything, is possible in relation to additional services. But the logistical challenges this presents shouldn't be underestimated. Even Scotrail taking the pish ffs
  10. I'm not even shocked at the incompetence of the authorities anymore An astounding decision made by utter balloons
  11. Grams no longer the unit of measure in leith pal?