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  1. Had a few nips of Glen Grant 10 at the weekend. A surprisingly smooth dram. It was only 35 notes for a litre in duty free as well. Rated.
  2. TAMB Internet straightener semi finals: Rossy 0-1 Slasher Ormond L-L Rolling Hills
  3. Mitre

    Your first Scotland match

    Scotland 3 Luxembourg 0 November 1986. 35k there. Cooper 2 & Johnston. I was 10.
  4. Mitre

    Should McLeish Be Sacked IF We Lose?

    Wasn't my choice for the position but he deserves a crack at a full campaign
  5. It was the older one who was on here. Didn't realise that was his age
  6. Jim Fairlie got sent to the salt mines as well on here for not towing the party line. Whilst I didn’t agree with everything JF said, he was a good poster and brought up some excellent points.
  7. Stunning scenery Great sookers (as above) Decidedly average movie 5/10
  8. He was spotted recently on a Glasgow bus
  9. Can’t stick that Stevie May fud He looks like one of the guys that spins the waltzers at the fair
  10. Obviously no a council job in North Lanarkshire/Glasgow? Seriously though I get what you are saying but there is more than one reason he's hated. You will always get Loyalist trumpets bumping their gums due to his background but this does not explain why the universal hatred for Lennon in his playing days and management career. I cannot recall any other person in our game over the years who has been roundly booed and abused at all stadia. This is nothing to do with his background more to do with his abrasive style, attitude and distinct lack of class. I've never liked him since that time he headbutted Alan Shearer's boot.