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  1. Ross Jack for me. Especially now since he's available after parting company with Turriff United.
  2. Shot in the head. Police treating the incident as suspicious Aye well in Taggart
  3. Durrant was a smashing player before his injury. A fantastic box-to-box midfielder who likely would have moved on to bigger things than Rangers if he wanted. He kind of reinvented himself in a different role afterwards - more of a central midfield anchor rather than the energetic style beforehand. He gained 75% of his Scotland caps after the injury so he was still pretty good. In his later career with Rangers then Killie he still shone. It's still a case of "what if" for me though as he was certainly something special 1986-1988.
  4. Hopefully you allow the laddies to go out courting by the time they are 30
  5. I was in Merida last year visiting a factory. Stayed at the Fiesta Americana which was not bad. The town itself was quite nice. Pretty safe down that area compared to the North & Centre of the country.
  6. Rangers will have had 3pm Saturday kick offs only 5 times the whole season. That's just wrong.
  7. Kazakhstan 1 Scotland 2 San Marino 1 Scotland 3
  8. Some effort sorting the logistics for so many folk. Fair play to you.
  9. Bologna train station was a bit dodgy when I was last there for San Marino in 2000. Loads of smack heads about so be on guard.
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