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  1. https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/rangers-announce-new-hummel-kit/ Away top has a sash 3rd top is orange 😁
  2. Mitre

    Rugby World Cup

    I’m working in Vietnam and my hoose is in Philippines so I will just be in and out for the long weekend. You want to be looking at flights into Haneda as opposed to Narita as it’s closer by far to Yokohama.
  3. Mitre

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Were you the wee boy in The Shining? REDRUM
  4. Mitre

    Rugby World Cup

    I have applied for NZ v SA on Saturday 21/9 and SCO v IRE on Sunday 22/9, both in Yokohama. Not sure where I will be but likely Vietnam before so not too far. Should be a good if expensive weekend. 4 tickets were 330 quid. Lowest category for All Blacks game and 2nd lowest category for Scotland game.
  5. I reckon FIFA are trying to make the game more exciting to potential new audiences with all this VAR pish, penalties and 52 minute halfs. I'm old school and they are all corrupt wanks so bah humbug.
  6. All the best to the Lancastrian Brethren
  7. Mitre

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    thought it was excellent apart from cosgrove the pompous fud
  8. Mitre

    Cricket balls

    some final ball there. bosh. morris dancing world championship must be next on the radar for us.
  9. Mitre

    Cricket balls

    feck me lol
  10. Mitre

    Cricket balls

    dearie me
  11. Mitre

    Cricket balls

  12. any links for non UK folk?
  13. According to the Rangers Official site, all away teams will get the wee corner next season. Looks like no more Broomloan for the tims.
  14. Mitre

    David Bates

    McCrorie is never a Centre Half in my opinion. Has the potential to be a very decent holding midfielder though.