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  1. Yet he also has 2x othe LB on the bench and only 1x CM....
  2. Is Gilmour injured? Tuechel has named 2 x GK on the bench and no Gilmour....
  3. It's fucking obvious!!! We need to play two wide payers to occupy their full backs. They are paying as wingers. 4-2-3-1 get Robbo off, Tierney LB and Christie and Fraser wide...
  4. McBurnie's problem is that he plays for two teams that don't have wide players. Both play a version of 3-5-2 He needs crosses into the box that he can attack. He is not suited to intricate build up play through the midfield Even when Scotland have played with two wide players - e.g. Cyprus away - they both cut back inside onto their stronger foot.
  5. Wouldn't say that McTominay was injured, just that he needed a big shit, by the look of things...
  6. According to a guy I know who deals with UEFA, it definitely won't be Russia. Their WC deal was with FIFA and UEFA don't have strong links with Russia. If it has to be one country, Germany would be favourite. England would not host it all without fans, as would be too expensive.
  7. My first Scotland game, 10 years old, and remember everyone raving about him after the game. The whole stadium was chanting.. " Argentina Argentina..." only time I have heard our fans sing for the opposition. I still have the programme..
  8. Denis Law- get some real pride back in the shirt Roberto Rivelino - loved him when I was a kid..proper left foot.
  9. Robertson has been brilliant going forward tonight. What a difference it makes when he has a left winger that drifts inside, and takes the RB out of the way to leave him space to drive into....
  10. Very happy with McGinn's energy and fitness tonight. Still making lung burstin' forward runs in the last few minutes...
  11. Just booked London to Prague today for £65 rtn on shittyjet. 6th - 9th Sept. Worth it for 3 days in Prague watching fitba on the TV.
  12. Listening to the Uefa guy, I'm sure he said the play offs would be the first game of each triple header...therefore other games being moved!!!
  13. The Football Act 1424 was passed by the Parliament of Scotland in the reign of James I. It became law on 26 May 1424, one of a set of statutes passed that day; it is recorded as James I. 1424 (May 26) c.18 in the Record Edition of the statutes, and James I. Parl. 1-1424 c.17 in the Duodecimo Edition. The title of the Act was "Of playing at the fut ball". The Act stated that it is statut and the king forbiddis that na man play at the fut ball under the payne of iiij d[1] - in other words, playing football was forbidden by the King, and punishable by a fine of four pence.
  14. I'm still waiting on any contact from, or a refund from TravelUp who I booked my BA flights to Oslo through. I guess you are on more of a sticky wicket when you use a third party....
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