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  1. I'm sure I read that the Queen was patron of the SFA. I presume it is in that capacity that they are requesting a minute's silence/applause ...
  2. Would doubt they would play in Diyarbakir. It is the capital of the Kurdish region and currently a lot of political tensions there....
  3. Maybe if they are not expecting a full house, it will be pay at the gate...old school!! 😄
  4. Apparently the away end accommodates 1057 fans with a separate entrance...
  5. Every time I see a new reply on this topic, I get excited that we have finally got a confirmed venue.....
  6. Someone should sit McTominay down and show him videos of Rodri and Fabinho, and watch and learn. He has all the attributes to play that sole CDM role, and then have the likes of Gilmour, McGinn and MacGregor ahead of him creating the play....
  7. We do not play any wingers. We play a very narrow 5-3-2 with the only width coming from the WBs. We have 3 CMs and two forwards. We have no option for Forrest, Middleton, Fraser, Gauld, Christie and others playing in their natural wide positions. It is why we have to try and incorporate Fraser and Christie into support players behind a CF.....
  8. When Tierney is unavailable, could Robbo play in the LCB role, and play Hickey at LWB? He could fulfill the same attacking role that KT does. Walker for England, and Ben Davies for Wales are both full backs who play in back threes...
  9. Patterson included, but not Tierney. He must be closer to fitness.
  10. We've already booked hotels in Lodz for the September canx obvs.
  11. I doubt McKenna will start as he has the play off final on the Sunday. All other CH's will have been with the squad for a couple of weeks..
  12. Thanks for that....i now have 21 points, and got my Armenia ticket!!
  13. Home end tickets on sale 20th May....
  14. are an absolute shower of charlatans. I still haven't had any refunds from them for Wizz Air cancelling my Moldova flights last year....despite stupidly paying £16 to expedite the claim.
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