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  1. Just checked my booking for Grand Park Esil, and for the bargain price of £34 a night for the room, i appear to have...... DINNER, bed and breakfast! This place is cheap as chips...
  2. Be nice if they stuck the Kazakhstan ticket in with the San Marino ticket and saved us double postage. I'm not made of money....
  3. Happy to be Steward if required...
  4. £12.50 sent to your bank account - PayPal too complicated!! Cheers as always for the effort.
  5. Eurostar tickets up to June 12th now available on the website.
  6. One seat for me please, Davy. Happy to steward if required.
  7. I am on my Jack Jones on that flight and hotel as well. Apparently official airport taxis are 4000 local currency which is about £8.
  8. Looks like there will be a lot of TA on these flights. Be able to share taxis into town at silly o'clock...
  9. Just read on Wiki that Astana is second coldest capital city in the world. River is frozen over from Dec to Apr... Looks like it's a long sleeve t-shirt for the game.
  10. Booking.com £144 for 4 nights tue-fri
  11. Arrive back in LHR at 10am and fly to Bologna at 2.00pm with BA only £94 rtn.
  12. Now booked into Grand Park Esil. Bargain for only £36pn and bang on the main square.
  13. Fly out from LGW on Tuesday morning Back to LHR on Saturday morning
  14. Heathrow to Astana via Istanbul on Turkish - £350 return Then Heathrow to Bologna on BA for £94 return Bargain!!!
  15. Have booked flights and now looking at hotels. Is there a central area where the nightlife is, or another area which would be the more likely meeting spots? They are looking pretty cheap at the moment...
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