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  1. Tierney looks half fit. He has basically jogged through this game, and still looked class. I've no issues with him missing our next two games to allow him to get up to full speed.
  2. I did say it was maybe not the best players... Back in the 1970's my dad got me his autograph from the sports shop he worked in.....hence always had a soft spot for him.
  3. Maybe not the best players for each position but the team, I would like to see... Rough Hutton. Dailly. Hansen. A.Robertson Strachan. Souness.Collins. J.Robertson Dalglish. Jordan.
  4. Rueben Sammut also Scottish under 21 captain, now going backwards...
  5. I have few contacts within Chelsea and Jody Morris is a huge fan of Gilmour. They were very happy with him in pre-season, but may still go out on loan next year. Apparently he has his head well screwed on, and is better than they thought he would be...
  6. I suspect that they will have to install the barcode entry for the Euros. After that it should be easy to work out whose tickets have been scanned and whose haven't.
  7. Enjoying the games in the tournament, but it is not VAR that is spoiling it, it is Jonathan Pearce's terrible commentary!!! He is the worst commentator anywhere He just rattles off dull stats, and squeezes a mention of England in whenever he can...infuriating.
  8. Gatwick to Larnaca Thu - Sun Only £134 return. Via Kiev but good flight times....
  9. Crystal Palace wanting £65m for Wan-Bissaka...ridiculous. From what I've seen he has the same potential as Tierney with less experience. Stupid money in EPL
  10. I've watched the last few women's games and have quite enjoyed them. The standard may obviously be below the men's game, but that isn't the point. We don't say that Laura Muir is rubbish, because she isn't as fast as Mo Farah or refuse to support Hannah Miley because she isn't David Wilkie...... Lets just get behind them for what that are...extremely proud Scots that are trying to put their country on the map on the world stage.
  11. With the EFL now finished, and some of the players above with nothing to do until the Cyprus game, who is guiding them with their training regime? Without a manager, does anyone keep in touch with them, arrange for them to come up to SFA training camps? They should be gathering from now, keeping ticking over, having a few practice games, and as each league finishes, more players arrive. However, without any leadership, they have probably buggered off to Ibiza on the piss for a couple of weeks, and will struggle to regain match sharpness in time for two big games... I seriously worry about our direction at the moment.....
  12. I think we got about 4500 tickets last time. With the general apathy and lack of activity on these threads, there should plenty of tickets to go around..
  13. Just checked my booking for Grand Park Esil, and for the bargain price of £34 a night for the room, i appear to have...... DINNER, bed and breakfast! This place is cheap as chips...
  14. Be nice if they stuck the Kazakhstan ticket in with the San Marino ticket and saved us double postage. I'm not made of money....
  15. Happy to be Steward if required...
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