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  1. I've got one. It has the odd problem/glitch but by and large it's been good. Every sky channel, including BT Sport, Box Office Boxing etc and it also has Iptv which has various add ons such as BBC iplayer, 123 movies, box sets, YouTube, live streams for football etc Can't provide a link as the guy that sells them, does so through word of mouth, for obvious reasons. Can put you both in touch with the guy if you like. £170 he takes for it, which includes your first subscription. Tbh I think you could do it a good bit cheaper, but I'm not really sure where to start with it. Plus any time I have had a problem, this lad has been on hand to sort it out for me. Ps hunchy, do you have a Sky dish/cables in place?
  2. Have to say I agree with him. I followed Newcastle for a season a few years back. Man City were a very good side, but both their home and away supports were crap. Their support harp on about Man Utd, and their fan Base, but from what I've seen, it's their own club that have lost a bit of identity and 'realness'. I don't grudge some of their longer suffering fans a bit of success, but it all seems a bit manufactured to me.
  3. Aye I'm not sure I'm buying this 'Rangers 90's point either'. Some teams have sat in though, but been very well organised, which can be just as effective against us. We have lacked a real cutting edge in the final third this term, and for all our possession, we don't generally create many clear cut chances. As I said earlier mate, I dont think Hill's contribution, on Saturday, should be overlooked either. Ive been pretty scathing of our defence, but I thought he was excellent. We were a lot more organised, than recent weeks.
  4. Haha aye fair enough. As I said earlier in the thread, you did comes out and at us, early on. We defenitely seemed a lot more organised to deal with it, than Wednesday.
  5. Aye I've said it countless times mate. Press us high, and we immediately struggle, due to us being not great in midfield. Very lightweight in there. Hearts ran over us on Wednesday. Tbf Aberdeen started like that on Saturday, but we were much better organised and tightened up. Clint Hill deserves a good bit of credit for that at the weekend imo.
  6. I agree we deserved something out of that, but don't agree that we played particularly well, neither team did imo. Game reminded me a lot of the first 45 minutes on Saturday. We do keep the ball, that's true, but we have been really struggling to create clear cut chances, and when we do have a real knack of not taking them. You boys have been inconsistent, fair enough, but when you have won (Rangers apart) you have done so convincingly. Apart from Killie, and tbf Saturday, that hasnt Been the case for us. Keep in mind 3 of our victories have come from injury time winners. Great that we are fighting to the end, but probably masks pretty inept performances overall.
  7. Given how both sides performed in.their respective games prior to Saturday, I don't think anything could be predicted. I understand us (fans) saying we have been shite, but occupying 2nd place, will rub some of you up the wrong way, but for once I agree with Rossy. Our wage bill is comfortably double that of the teams around us, and so far it hasn't looked like it's been spent wisely. Couple that with the way we have been playing every week, the support are certainly getting impatient.
  8. I just did. We've been very poor for the most part, utterly shambolic at times, and our new signings have added very little, so far. Great day yesterday, and much much more like it in the second half, but we still have a long way to go. When is it you think we have played well out of interest? I'll take Blue Gaz's one about Killie but that apart, I'm struggling.
  9. Bloody hell, this is quite momentous. should we be contacting the papers or something?
  10. I mind going to a reserve Celtic - Rangers game years ago. Ross Wallace ran riot. Possibly scored all 5 goals in a 5-0 win for the baddies. I think O'Neil pitched him in at left back when he broke into the first team though?
  11. Probably because we have been shocking all season, and after the complete capitulation midweek, it was nice to see a bit of heart from a few of them. I don't think too many are getting carried away with it. it was progress, nothing more or less. You obviously get the odd mental case though.......
  12. Ah shite so it was. it was a Champions Hot Dog. which was actually very good. real sausage rather than the cheap imitation pish you get now.
  13. Well there's the Saline Motors Cup for a start. We beat peterhead in last year's final. And dont forget the Championship. Europe's best footballing side, Hibernian, ply their trade in that division. That's got to count for something?
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