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  2. Maybe bologna could take him. They seem to like our players and are doing a pretty decent job in developing them.
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  4. Aye he looked awful the other week at the Rugby, probably for the best sadly.
  5. At least someone gets to enjoy their team being there. Im afraid I'll be wanting wee Leo to crush his dreams in the last group game though 🤣
  6. Get a hearing aid 😂😂 my Mrs mum eventually got one, says it's a game changer
  7. i know exactly who you will be on about, view with a pew maybe... for your information, sandhaven and pitullie held the highest snp sampling of any town or village in scotland in 2011.. the broch is a very nationalist place, maybe not as much as before but it is(especially towards independence) ,, i have leafleted and done sampling there for the snp,, but yet you will tell me differently as you know better
  8. going down that road since you have managed to get the thplinth banned and the whole thread deleted to hide the slander you aimed towards him,, everyone is starting to see right through you now
  9. I’m not going to give the Daily Mail clicks and read it. Judging by the link, I don’t agree with it, but I’m not going to hate someone for expressing it. It’s a view I’ve heard expressed towards other childless female politicians, most notably by Andrea Leadson in respect of Theresa May.
  10. Opinions like this ?
  11. People are entitled to express their opinions, it’s those that lie and dissemble that I’ve no time for. I met Doddie in 1994, in the Leidseplein in Amsterdam at around 2 am in the morning, one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet, an absolute gent. Obviously you knew about his condition but I was shocked at how he looked before the All Blacks game. At least he’s at peace now.
  12. How do you explain David Duguid then or are you blaming all that on Peterhead? Ive an old friend who is from the Broch, actually Pitullie if I’m being accurate. She’s a massive Tory and seems to have loads of like-minded pals?
  13. The point I would make on that is that he is a friend of mine on Facebook and has been for years, in reality he’s more friend of a friend(s) but I did have dealings with him a number of years ago on TA specific matters. In the last year or so, he’s been putting up a lot of references to books about Irish rebellion, not exclusive to 1916 but heavily on that period.
  14. Would Salmond’s message be better accepted if he wasn’t viewed by the vast majority as a sex pest?
  15. I wrote that quickly this morning before I left the house. It was from memory, but that doesn’t mean that any of it is wrong. If I could be bothered, maybe tomorrow, I could write a lot more on all of these people and more.
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  17. I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson films and believe there is no better a collection of soundtracks than the ones he selects, this is just one of many
  18. Ross's refereeing is the one thing I respect him for. (Let's face it, it takes balls to be an official--especially a linesman--at any level in Scottish football). So I feel a wee bit bit sorry for him in this case. Doing a job that few would touch. When he gets slaughtered in Holyrood though? I don't feel any sympathy at all 😀
  19. Blade Runner I’ll miss Vangelis and his perfect soundtracks
  20. brochs always been a nationalist town, some die hard torys,, brexit did change the dynamics a bit though,, i heard he got slaughtered today haha
  21. To be fair, it's the most relevant (or only) example of a UK nation leaving the union.
  22. Agreed, my brother has kindly renewed mine & my sons memberships & is going to pay for our match packages as well.
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