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  1. Maybe Dianne Abbot was playing hard ti get....
  2. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Ross Greer vs Pierce Morgan

    Nah not the same i know rgit well too ; did night classes there and played for the amateur team at kepplestone , well before rgu days i get your analogy; but my point was in voting for someone with no real life experience, purely on rhe colour of his tie
  3. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Ross Greer vs Pierce Morgan

    What is like steve jobs ; a liberal arts college he attended
  4. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Ross Greer vs Pierce Morgan

    Just as an aside, there was talk of a new dambusters film few years back with eddie izzard being involved ; the dog was to be renamed digger ( as name was mentioned many times during film) we can look forward to remakes in the future of the great escape as a rehabilitation workshop theatre group and bridge over the river kwai as a bamboo makeover project and rice bake offs
  5. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Ross Greer vs Pierce Morgan

    Id always fancied him as an old fashioned centre forward he was very good in the air
  6. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Ross Greer vs Pierce Morgan

    Let me know when your utopian ideal has been realized Wolfie and ill come back for a visit am sure Guy Gibsons dog was suitably offended by his moniker got to get back to carving my Cecil Rhodes effigy.... Of their time ; may be the clue to how a lot of folk behaved in the past
  7. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Ross Greer vs Pierce Morgan

    Political allegiances aside , find it hard for anyone to take a kid seriously who flunked university the whole revisionist history thing is becoming a bit tiresome
  8. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Ross Greer vs Pierce Morgan

    What about the luftwaffe pilots in battle of britain ; or u boat crews at what point does the hand ringing end
  9. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Cold weather gear

    merino wool underwear ; top / long johns - ive got "icebreaker" 2 layers on top , thin one, thicker one - wicking the sweat, drys quicker, can wear multiple days
  10. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Salmond Arrested

    tin foil helmets all the rage these days....
  11. Thought the original navy blue was per queens park back in the day ; and nothing to do with any flag historical football kits site i recall
  12. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Happy New Year..

    In north america there is more folks wishing you happy new year in the days before than after the event ; in a merry christmas kind of way seems polar opposite to what i grew up with in 70s at home I think by early 80s it had started losing its appeal ; ad hoc first footing being replaced in some cases by invite only parties... lot of folk seem to prefer christmas now / who were traditionally brought up with hogmanay to be more important...
  13. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Outlaw King

    i remember watching the trains with crane dismantling the line ; but never actually on the trains there ; i also mind seeing the fine fare at bridge of dee being built ; deep down in the foundations - never saw the dog track tho i recall reading an article about a potential 2nd Aberdeen team/south end - suggestion was Leggart area but i always suspected the dog track was the plan ,,, think was 50s ? and an ex Aberdeen player who became a dentist was involved - was in an old Dons book, cant see anything online though