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  1. re signed derek johnstone from chelsea, brought back the black & red socks still got humped by the dons tho
  2. Christ ! what about Rosyth , shutting the mines etc , Poll Tax guinea pigs=how anyone Scottish could ever vote for her is beyond me
  3. watched start of game at 'not so big screen' by fort calgary ; then on to our local boston pizza sports bar for the rest (after dropping kids off) really enjoyable to watch, and exciting all the way to the end - although i got bit confused at 0.9 sec mark after GS missed that last shot - coverage seemed to do a 'scotsport' in missing the part after the time-out to where KL was fouled ? definitely the most basketball ive watched in my life but not really a fan so some i may have missed a lot of the subtleties
  4. i only saw brief highlights (once) v cyprus ; but i thought Robertson looked at fault a couple of times ; defending conceding corner , and marking - not sure it was his man but he seemed closest - was another tackle earlier in game where it broke off him to leave the cypriot player the ball i should likely watch again , but was my initial thoughts - kind of stood out after hearing all the best left back in the world stuff great goal though
  5. id take a 1-0 to get the ball rolling, solid performance the main thing
  6. Heard his radio interview on cbc last week Scotty ; think he was at the new(ish) music centre in Calgary too ; with some of his collection
  7. Update on radio yesterday China now banning cdn livestock imports ; pork & beef etc theyre probably still okay with dogs though....
  8. This may be classed as”whataboutery” but have you read about the muslim “re-education “ camps in china
  9. Well shes got it way better than the 2 Canadians in a Chinese jail for several months on vague charges the timing alone of the arrest of those 2 is laughable
  10. Shes out on bail with a fashionable ankle bracelet ; water boarding is a bit of a leap
  11. You were guessing they were though ?per your previous post i was just trying to understand where you got the info on the cover of a charity organization
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