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  1. Sober version of that was in directors box at pittodrie v livingston ( red tops) v dons ( white kits ) early 2000s ; one of the guys ( obviously not a fitba man ) was bemoaning the fact the the “Reds” were not attacking that much ; “come on you Reds” he would say ; without really clueing in for a good bit if time - think the first goal clarified - steve tosh was playing then directors box still term used for corporate hospitality boxes i hope
  2. May well have done ; but i was on a bit of a ‘sabbatical’ mid 90s and might only catch a game on sky or whatever that was his second spell with the dons ; suppose i was thinking the iceland save really stood out as i had never seen him making a penalty save to date lucky he had his contacts in that day....
  3. had the misfortune to take the wife to see "the lighthouse" last week got loads of sideways dirty looks as it was so bad
  4. massively significant save at the time ; really dire game , we had to win to stay in contention to qualify for wc86 jim bett scored near the end dont think i ever saw Leighton save a pen for Dons/Scotland aside from that one ? and that nasty yellow kit / short combo
  5. bought my last top wc 98 little did i know then.........
  6. fairly certain that Bayern, Hamburg and R Madrid had top notch facilities when dons were training on the beach etc but the game has changed so much.... designer toilet bags & slides
  7. thought this may have been a Neil Simpson anniversary post
  8. any Livvy players in contention these days ? i heard some time back that Ricky Foster was being touted for a call up , or was that a joke ? hardly see any SPL games these days (youtube 2 mins highlights sometimes) is SODonnell really that bad i hope Shankland gets a go soon ; i felt if Strachan had selected Griffiths earlier , he would still be in a job, and we would have qualified - i recall he had issues with his height? tbh i havent seen Shankland play since i had RedTv and used to watch the u21/reserve highlights where he was on fire - unfortunately he never continued the form in Dons first team, and rest is history..... i would chuck McBurnie in the same bunch of rejects as Mackail Smith,Iwulemo,Martin etc ; utter mince
  9. know it was last weekend (the end of it) but flying visit to gatwick ; train to Leeds anyone else ? we only saw the mens final day ; start at Leeds then train to Harrogate - fan zone closed - chucking it down all day - so a fair amount of pub time = my highlight of trip though was visit to Bootham Crescent for York City game ; proper old style ground - pint in city centre before hand , then discovered short cut on way back over bridge to station-good boozer at the station too - train back fro sat night out in Leeds; loved Yorkshire
  10. iceland at the time were very poor indeed ; not a hope of making any tournament spain at home , was a good perfomance (was my first game at hampden incidentally) but it has to be remembered a/ again the Spain of back then were light years away from the modern version - yes they did get to the finals of the euros in 84 (which was taken that seriously in any case compared to what is happening now / sometimes quality there eclipses world cup) b/ Spain were notorious bad in away games/didnt travel well - it was a different perfomance in the home game - Wales beat them 3-0 in Wrexham i recall with a famous mark hughes scissor kick ;but yet demolished them at home too
  11. valid point ; but some younger punters may need a crash course on the standing of man utd in the english league in that era - better than chelsea and man city for sure... but a few trips to wembley aside
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