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  1. I may have been in there ; south side of main drag used to weekend at a pad ( old council block like the ones on the bill ) closer to stepney tho - we entered via a back door and appeared to be a birthday party for some old folk / karaoke
  2. Another that sprung to mind ; was on a corner , think it was the white hart , bare floorboards and an old dear on the joanna; was very quiet even back mid 90s the pans pipes andes mob would always show up busking looking for cash with no joy used to work at john browns in paddington ; fridays 3pm finish straight to boozer with lads ; some nice mews pubs round town
  3. Yeah just googled location ; know the area well but never inside that pub tbh always thought area was bit of a hole ; but affordable for newcomer and 20 mins on tube to oxford circus was excellent
  4. Blinding must have passed it by ; but certain never inside spent a fair few weekends down whitechapel way too blind beggar etc
  5. Pub still there ; prince of wales near higham hill used to see bianca from eastenders drive past a lot in her pink jeep think this was when she still had nostrils...
  6. Was way later than that ; 95-97 til move to kensal green ; then wimbledon was on blackhorse lane ; was a pub at station ( live music ) but our local was a little place tucked away run by an ex boxer- likely spent more time ‘up west’ than in Walthamstow central - i did like the village tho and windmill pub / dont recall that spurs pub tho
  7. Should of stuck to my original guess then... another bizzare location for olympics ‘48 was green pond in Walthamstow which was my old ‘manor’ in london , had no idea of this at the time ; lived close to the dog track , but never visited there ; altho did the wimbledon one a few years later ; near old plough lane - last i read was wimbledon were planning on relocating to old dog track
  8. Craig Brown is gut feeling ; something to do with crystal palace centre training... ferguson would be my 2nd guess
  9. Sound like am in same vintage too ; and for what its worth growing up then my english team was always leeds ; like many for the Scottish connection ; although only visited the city last year for the first time must admit the modern game leaves me cold and am likely more interested in old stadia trivia and match of the 70s etc; magazine called backpass was heavily into for a while ; which roughly aligns with declining interest - from rabid to ‘meh’ 1948 london olympic football venues ; now theres a topic.....
  10. this may have been the same one i was thinking of - if its same one tho am sure was 2 games on back to back ; and some punters saw both - so the paying bit is not the same as the attendance..... Search Results Featured snippet from the web Some reports suggest that the lowest ever attendance in the Football League came when a meagre 13 people watched Stockport v Leicester City on 7 May 1921 in a Division Two game. Indeed, only 13 people officially paid to watch the game, which was played at Old Trafford because Stockport's ground was closed
  11. check this out ; over the water https://allbluedaze.com/2017/06/17/thames-afc-the-brief-life-a-club-sold-down-the-river/ 120k stadium ; but also lowest league attendance ; 469 (altho i read a game at goodison had lower : recall there were 2 games on same day?) a curious case for sure then theres white city.....
  12. aside from giving up tracking back on Bale in Cardiff when he scored
  13. Half nephew ??? they really love all that stuff over here ; clawing for any trace of history that chewin the fat sketch is on the money
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