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  1. Aside from selecting him ; guy was a donkey
  2. Didnt realize fans outside OF actually detested national team tbh i dont expect anything to change really from a selfish point of view ; the world cup coming to north america would be great opportunity to travel to games ; have had several failed plans to take the kids to a finals tournament thinking back to that 5-0 loss in portugal “ the night a team died” we ve had other inquests like that ( recently ) but its a repetitive cycle ; young sides show promise - go nowhere ; folk blaming ‘no ball games’ signs , teachers strike , ps3 etc etc
  3. Likely not but was a bit of a fan/club revolt that led to a certain club being in div 3.....as calls were made for dropping one league only unfortunately apathy and club before country have ruled for a number of years now ( my personal belief is post mexico 86 ; souness era rangers - charlton ireland began polarizing of interests - bigger than exclusion of celtic players in 70s)
  4. Is the bigger picture folk keep wanting is a total clear out / re-build from grass roots short term gains/ ie qualifying for a tournament ( we know how that ends ) has usually been our downfall ; re “band aid” appointment
  5. You already mentioned Law and Daglish of course I personally preferred Durie at internatiional level if you want to talk purely goals to games ratio ; i recall john robertson ( hearts ) and scott booth had good scoring records ; altho i would rate them also as bang average
  6. Lot of mccoists goals were v diddy teams ; he looked like a little boy lost against some of the better teams , and had difficulty in holding up the ball for support to bring rest of team in ; he missed 3 one on ones v yugoslavia away in 89 ; switzerland was a great goal and he had a knack of pulling spectacular goals out like that ; i questioned his work rate at international level ; different ball game to 15-20 chances a game whilst at rangers , lots of supply , weaker opposition typically not bad ; average is what id said, just to qualify that ; and not being brainwashed by weegie media
  7. Was chris coleman ever touted at same time as michael o neil for the manager job ?or since
  8. Not sure what the clamour for Bilic is ? Recent saudi job appears dodgy ; and i dont think the mining of Croatian talent is relevant from a national team perspective
  9. SAF was pish as a national manager incidentally , in the short time he had in charge
  10. even the Dutch would have difficulty in playing total football with 8 men of the pitch....
  11. Was that the one we managed one goal in the tournament against a crap switzerland team , and were eliminated
  12. We got less than that after wc 90, romania & switzerland ; and 20k ish i recall v portugal at ibrox for wc 94 qualifier not sure how long punters will keep coming back tho
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