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  1. saw Willie Millers first game in charge as manager ; Aberdeen v Cove Rangers at Pittodrie in Aberdeenshire Cup early 90s - Theo Ten Caat was in line up -altho mostly a 2nd XI - think was 5-0 aside from that most recent one was Calgary v Edmonton last year ; which they bill as a derby - as both from Alberta (3 hr drive btwn cities) cant decide out of both of these which one was most underwhelming
  2. is english football not littered with 'loveable rogues' wide boys, geezers etc ; el tel , dave basset etc, guy from leyton orient - jimmy greaves probably fits into that category too , although i could never stand the guy
  3. the big white collar and cuffs on the red one is somewhere between a big girls blouse & a christmas jumper like the away one ; bit of 70s east german retro feel ; pity about the sponsors bib thru the middle though is that a sunny day at kingswells ?
  4. going off at a tangent ; think that Greece winning the Euros (early 2000s ?) was more unlikely that Denmark the stuff about them being recalled from the beach is not true in what ive read recently ; they were aware some time before / on standby way better pedigree ; compared with Greeks -altho suspect the Danes had tougher games to get there
  5. Judging by the action shots from tv series ; albeit “the english game” if anywhere near the truth then victorians would be hammered by 50s germans even with the revolutionary passing game ; having a random ‘ nearest the goals’ is the keeper no gloves bearded gent is a sure fire hammering then theres the height/physique thing i know all in fun but prediction 0-36
  6. What price the economy? peoples futures etc mass panic and hysteria
  7. They can always bring the 4000 bed Excel back when required ; barely touched during the ‘peak’
  8. really enjoyed Gomorrah - think is only season 3 am up to - did you ever see the original film ive read theyve knocked down those blocks of flats ; iconic ? from the series - theres a netflix film too i saw last week or so - Ultras - also Naples based - similar(ish) feel - bit less gangster tho
  9. just finished a book called 'the Young Team" set in Airdrie - full on language , very difficult to get a flow for a good few chapters ; hard going , but decent read
  10. Used to listen to these podcasts couple years back ; gangs of the premier league ,and casper the snake etc bob mortimer very wacky ; appealed to me largely , but couldnt listen to it all the time tbh
  11. Ah see thon Hen Broons picked up a fancy new tranny back fae his holidays like
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