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  1. as a follow up ; ideas on team in white ? dundee/rangers - beach end seems to full for dundee , but not enough for rangers ? mid 80s ?
  2. maybe too easy for older Dons fans - but from L to R ? is for sure 2 lesser known squad players there and few famous ones ; from Garthdee to Kashmir......
  3. you like Broome ? had a bit of an end of the earth type feel when i was there for a month in 94 ; but loved the place - was in Darwin & Kununnura before that , before doing road trip to Perth
  4. thought the reporting of the 'Swedish experiment' was a bit low key ; in Canada anyway .....
  5. if i may inject some bitterness here ; Porto v Dons (ECWC semi) away leg - 2nd half live (may have joined transmission with 5mins or so left in 1st half) 1984 rangirs away to inter milan - early round of uefa - think was 3-0 to inter ; entire game live - similar vintage celtic - notts forest - ditto ;
  6. is it typically household/letterboxes in your part of TO , or communal mailboxes - as we have in our cul de sac ? - the one down the road had its entire front ripped off few weeks back - word on the street was teens ; but is a federal offence turns out
  7. cheers Scotty luckily we had John Collins as extra goalie in the Dutch game...... = we only conceded 3 goals in italy 90, 3 in Euro 92, .... our problem is usually at the other end
  8. thanks for that - even tho d we scored that pen , and momentum had swung in our favour ; whos to say it wouldnt of wound down to 1-1 at best ..... we were hardly prolific back then ; 1 goal in whole tournament.......
  9. agreed ; but my point was only relevant in entire context of original post - we do like to play the 'what if' scenario out quite often , and somehow claimed we wiz robbed , or game closer than reality - eg if only Dailly had,nt headed straight at Seaman '99 to suggest Gorams only action was to pick the ball out of the net twice is likely far fetched going back to previous euros, we had loads of possession and shot around box v holland and germany at euro 92 , but difference in quality /finishing was telling - we got it together for the lesser ranked CIS in last game , effectively a friendly by then we are happy to take the wins (1-0) v France (Caldwell) and Holland (McFadden) where in reality both games could of easily been 3-0 defeats ; without appreciating the balance of play
  10. ah sorry ; thought was your list ; weird tho no belgians,yugoslavs,romanians ....and that the Germans never made it thru to final
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