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  1. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Outlaw King

    i remember watching the trains with crane dismantling the line ; but never actually on the trains there ; i also mind seeing the fine fare at bridge of dee being built ; deep down in the foundations - never saw the dog track tho i recall reading an article about a potential 2nd Aberdeen team/south end - suggestion was Leggart area but i always suspected the dog track was the plan ,,, think was 50s ? and an ex Aberdeen player who became a dentist was involved - was in an old Dons book, cant see anything online though
  2. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Outlaw King

    cheers mate ; you ve been back over then ; sorry i dont get on here much these days so been a while since your post think thats the bottom corner as you leave auchinyell road ? ; the top end of the hill is a stand alone sign on a 'wee dike' where we held jumble sales ; circa 1974 was a great street to grow up from a football perspective ; a large number of staunch AFC and Scotland fans growing up ; remember boy at bottom of street had an ajax top though, that was as exotic as it got , which is fine by me always felt bad for the folk in the house by the bus stop ; quite regularly someone would lose control coming down auchinyell bridge and total their hedge , garden etc pub wise the copper / caledon / dee motel are no more so no pub
  3. Auchinyell Sox Change


    did you try the fava beans ? agree amazing city , tbh i was'nt that keen on going , but ended up booking a flight to catch up with the family circa 2005 i couldnt believe how much ruins/excavations there were in city ; palatine hill?'' i also did a walk to the old chariot racing park ; circus maximus which is close to colloseum ; used to hold 200k ; they used it for u2 concerts etc
  4. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Outlaw King

    hi Scotty Gardens mate ; just over 'the tracks' from your old manor if i recall ? copper beech being in no mans land....
  5. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Outlaw King

    def on the to watch list re the braveheart film (which i happened to watch whilst living in london,,,,) i recall the story doing the rounds was that mel gibson was inspired to make the film after hearing about wallace whilst filming hamlet at dunnotar castle by stonehaven (alas poor Yorick etc...) circa 89 also the "taxi driver verifed" story of him going for a jimmy down the lane next to Mr Gs Aberdeen, but being disturbed by a herd of quines from said establishment we did indeed get a lot of historical teaching at primary , but was typically all robert the bruce , i did have a bunch of old books at home that told of stirling bridge etc so i knew about wallace then , but was never really public domain i dont think until braveheart film ; i also recall a chapter on 'kate bar the door' which stands out after 40 odd years , which i had to google for the reference to castle douglas suppose growing up with 1314 remember bannockburn flags at the games would point to a certain train of thought too ; saltires think rare in the 70s
  6. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Indy Ref 2

    He wasn’t by any chance spending too much time with comrade sheridan....
  7. Auchinyell Sox Change


    I was only at 84 and 85 , both at hampden am sure there were english fans at celtic end in both of these , but way bigger contingent in 85 i recall the rumour of icf doing the rounds, and was certainly a large group of english casuals walking to the game looking ‘proper tasty’ am sure some UJs down at front behind goal where tony woodcock scored in 84
  8. Auchinyell Sox Change

    North America 2026

    cheers Scotty min was looking out for you in mexico city was nt that many punters there though
  9. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Russia 2018

    only just got home , was looking forward to highlights of spain v portugal i must be getting old , as the diving makes me puke and really puts me off these days, especially when seen in slow motion
  10. Auchinyell Sox Change

    North America 2026

    not 100% sure ; but aside from a being a bigger stadium than calgary ; edmonton is the "soccer" hq in alberta (and the provincial capital) womens world cup was played there few years back - imagine the 'astro'turf is newer generation that what they use in calgary at mcmahon stadium - i'd only been there once to see a CFL football game - suspect is quite dated ; stands really only on 2 sides just checked 56,000 edmonton(commonwealth stadium) ; calgary is 36,000 = 46,000 with temporary stands so bottom line for a WC would be capacity Scotland played Canada at rugby at Edmonton last week incidentally , bizarrely at commonwealth stadium..... carpet burns ?
  11. Auchinyell Sox Change

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    after all the talk on 78 recently i re-watched the highlights of peru game ; then iran - it was only in reading the news report i focussed on archie gemmils 'challenge' for iran goal ; as amazing/iconic as his goal v Dutch was ; there seemed little flak over that , recall just a general go at everyone , i was only 12 when i watched the games though
  12. Auchinyell Sox Change

    North America 2026

    i had read yesterday ; almost 2000 miles max between russian stadia ; and 3000 miles for 'united' bid ; edmonton / mexico city ? closest to us here in Calgary will be Edmonton ; there is 2 out east also Toronto & Montreal never thought morocco had a chance with their bid - as a side note is a new Canadian league starting next year ; and new team being formed here / new stadium being built close to my end of city - will be good for local (kids) to have something to aim for , and may well kick start development / interest in national team a la USA thru 90s ; altho standard will likely be non league in comparison to MLS leagues
  13. Auchinyell Sox Change

    holiday places to avoid

    think with/without kids makes a huge difference - and i'd read an article recently talking about the stability for young kids going to same place every year... altho think it was the telegraph my granny had a beach hut down on Aberdeen beach, and rented a caravan at Stonehaven , where we go for day trips and meet our cousins, was 70s so simpler times and for some reason i always mind it being hot (not the sea tho) ended up doing a bunch of travelling / holidaying before kids on scene ; but when young kids on scene , flight times/transfers etc become way more important than cultural exchange - so found myself going back to places that i'd been on lads trips as youngster , but pollensa instead of arenal in majorca etc i went to lindos in late 80s and really liked it , always thought be a place to go back got married in jamaica ; so try to blot that one out.....
  14. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Your World Cup memories

    We had great sides ; players from best clubs in the land who were winning trophies ( and sharp,speedie and nevin....)but couldnt do it when it really mattered; at the finals we also failed at qualifying for euros for a long time Not sure if mgmt was too conservative (especially in away games) or players never really gelled as a unit ; L’Pool guys never really emulated club form on consistent basis ; and pulled a bit of a black holland players type splinter group ; pre mexico 86 did i mention nicols miss....
  15. Auchinyell Sox Change

    Your World Cup memories

    Great post mate some folk will never know that fever