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  1. valid point ; but some younger punters may need a crash course on the standing of man utd in the english league in that era - better than chelsea and man city for sure... but a few trips to wembley aside
  2. yes but guy from huddersfield in defence too, think div 2 at least back then , and some other less than household names
  3. Best forward line in europe likely v good keeper nicholas & phillips in midfield but thought had some dodgy defenders from memory; clayton blackmore then ?
  4. Tbh that was a pretty woeful side that struggled badly to Wales ; both games iceland away was shocking/lucky spain away not at the races australia heavy weather v rank team
  5. Was some pretty average players at 90 too- or the actual performances by some of the “quality” players ; notably bett & mojo at costa rica ; suspect brown had a more pro squad by 96 & 98 - i certainly feel our midfield was way better rambo in 90 was crap ; fleck ??? dave mcpherson etc.....
  6. Yeah was at both italy & portugal games on bus from aberdeen ; was a lot of animosity about venue ; but still feel there was a lot of apathy at the time (90s) look at travelling support for euro 92 and 96 games played in birmingham contrast that to advent of stag doo saturdays and wc 98 where boys are planning on tv/big screen viewing only not sure really what my point is ; maybe the social aspect arrested the decline / papered over the cracks ?
  7. There was real negativity after wc 90 ; with a very sparse hampden welcoming rumania & switzerland ( less than 20k i think ) ditto the campaign for wc 94 where we played at ibrox ; was only 20k i think for portugal ; italy closer to 40k but still not full there was a bit of a feeling of the world ending back then ; in comparison but more our ability to compete with the big boys dieing out as opposed to forseeing a dearth of future talent
  8. Moyes would of done a better job only 0-2 by now
  9. It was a nice pass he played into the box for the russian goal
  10. cut n paste from wikipedia . -reference from a book though so not sure of validity The composition of the team has varied over time. All players in the 1908, 1912, 1920 and 1956 squads were English, while in other years players from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales were all included also mention of matt busby as 1948 team manager.........
  11. 1801/1921 if you want to include NI in the equation tho too ? (with respect to olympic terminology)
  12. undercover on netflix - belgian show (think same director from salamander)
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