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  1. Well thats what happens, it's happened dozens of times in the past, guys like quashie, Ritchie, Adams made a decision they wanted to play for us. It's within the rules of international football. Take your anger up with fifa.
  2. Cant be arsed looking back that far, end of the day if karlan grant decides to play for us he will get picked because we have such poor options upfront. Its not ideal but its reality.
  3. How do you feel about che adams representing us?
  4. Well tierney has played for arsenal at centre back but even if we don't include him then theres Cooper, Hanley and Hendry who are all arguably playing at a better standard. He could go onto bigger things but currently hes not better than our other centre backs.
  5. Same as che adams and many more from past years.
  6. Best? Thats a bit of an exaggeration, he does look promising though. It's a shame he picked Australia.
  7. Karlan grant is a decent striker, just a case of does he want to play for us, he's probably hoped that he would make it in the EPL by now and England would come calling but hes 24 and even he must know thats never happening.
  8. Probably better off chasing karlan grant if we are wanting more strikers.
  9. Robertson has been excellent for us recently imo. Provided assists and generally plays well.
  10. Karlan grant will probably end up playing for us eventually. He's a good striker at championship level which is about our standard these days when it comes to strikers.
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