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  1. Yeh it's decent money and bologna have been good with Hickey, would be great to have two scottish youngsters playing serie a.
  2. 4.8m with some decent add ons would be a good deal imo. Maybe stick a 10 percent sell on clause in the deal.
  3. Lol you can bring this up when he scores the winner in the final of the Qatar World Cup.
  4. So hes an attacking midfielder/playmaker. I hope he does well the rest of this season and gets more games for Rangers. I still think its going to be tough to get in the squad over the next couple of years. Hes going to need to play very well in the games he gets to push ahead of gauld or Turnbull. If he's playing as a second striker he could still find himself competing against our forward players for a place n the squad. That means outperforming Adams, fraser, dykes, Christie, Stewart,nisbet,burke.
  5. Yes I agree but Lowry has only played a couple of times for Rangers. Getting in the senior squad in the next 2 years will only happen if hes playing well every week for the rangers first team. I ain't ruling it out but its going to be tough for him to get in the squad given the options we have in midfield these days. Also liam Henderson is not a million miles away from a call up. We get a couple of injuries to our midfielders and he would easily be in contention for a call up.
  6. Lol steady on, hes only played a couple of times for Rangers first team. Is this guy an attacking midfielder or more a deep lying midfielder? Either way he has quite a bit of competition for those places. For example we have a midfielder playing serie a who probably won't get in our next squad. Even ryan Jack will struggle to get back in the squad.
  7. He will have to do pretty well to get in our squad in the next two years. Our midfield options are very good these days and some decent players don't make the squad.
  8. Yeh they might still go down, I would like him to stay at least another season at bologna as hes making great progress there.
  9. Yeh it's maybe a slightly backward step but I wouldn't say theres much in it. The lower half epl teams are quite strong these days due to the cash they get compared with your lower half serie a teams. Brentford look like staying up so they will be willing to spend cash knowing they are in the prem for another season at least.
  10. Sounds like a bit of a sideways move tbh but the financial power of teams in the epl means even the likes of Brentford can probably outmuscle bologna these days. I would prefer he stayed at bologna, he seems to be doing well and is gaining first team experience in a top league.
  11. Lets hope he turns into a star, we desperately need an upcoming goalie. A loan move to maybe the spl/league would be good. See how he does at that level, very unlikely he gets a run of games at City but you never know.
  12. His corner for the first assist was excellent. Guys a class act and hes starting to look good for Scotland as well. Good weekend for our epl based players. None were on a losing side. I doubt that happens very often.
  13. We don't really have an abundance of great young keepers coming through so I reckon we could easily have to rely on him for a few years yet if he gets back to playing regularly at championship level. Hes a decent keeper who only lost his place in the squad due to inactivity at club level. I really hope he can get himself back playing and regain his place in the squad as I think he could still serve us well for another 2/3 years until we get an upcoming keeper to replace Gordon.
  14. Ok then, this is the last time I will bother responding to you because I have better things to do with my time. As I keep saying no one is forcing you to read my posts. I will probably use the phrase "should of" in the future so from now on don't read anything I have written, instead you can go and bother the hundreds of other members on here for poor grammar and spelling etc.
  15. It's bizarre that it's pissed you off so much. As I said just don't read my posts. I don't whine and moan at other ppls grammar and spelling mistakes. Time to grow up buddy.
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