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  1. What tierney right wing and Mctominay left wing? Tierney would be good at left wing if playing a 442
  2. Might of made a difference but I think our lack of ability to take chances is what really cost us.
  3. Ppl are deluding themselves if they think Gilmour would of won us that game tonight, we were up against a quality side who really pulled a big performance out the bag when they needed it. We need a forward or attacking players who can convert the chances we make.
  4. End of the day we qualified for a tournament which is great and it takes the pressure off future squads and managers. Ppl greeting about us qualifying through the back door should remember that every other country could of done the same but didnt and we had to beat a very decent Serbia team to get to this tournament. We also would of got a playoff spot in our qualifying group had the old format of qualifying been around. End of the day progress has been made, might not be massive progress but its a step in the right direction. Also our best players will still be around for the next
  5. Yeh i don't understand why he never started games unless he was unfit. Clarke really underused fraser
  6. We have a squad that is probably on a par with a lot of similar sized countries. Expecting us to produce a lot more better players is unrealistic. Personally I am happy with the standard of player we have, granted I would like a couple more in certain positions but we have a good core of epl players with 4 at top 6 clubs. Under good management we should be able to get 2nd in our wc group.
  7. Mctominay was a bit of disappointment. Also thought dykes was pretty poor. Hopefully Clarke moves dykes to the bench and we can just use him as a target off the bench in the future.
  8. Think that's a bit harsh, it wasn't a sitter and quite a few players missed easier chances including our strikers.
  9. Frightened? what were your tournament expectations? You can check back on the tournament expectations thread, my hopes were just to win a game. We never got that but we did draw with England and were competitive against all three sides 2 of which are top class teams. We need to improve a fair bit but getting to a tournament is success for us. We have got the monkey off our back and now we can make sure we at least go to the euros most years. That to me is signs of improvement and I am happy with that.
  10. It's you that needs to see sense, I didn't think they were out of their depth, they lost to a very good side who got to the wc final. You refuse to answer my question. What did you expect the score or performance to be at half time? 2 nil or 3 nil? If they were out of their depth they would of got thumped by England, Netherlands and Serbia. Just because we lose to a wc finalist doesn't mean we are out of depth at international football. We are a team that can get to the euros and not disgrace themselves and compete. The negative comments coming out are typical of this place when ppl who have c
  11. I would of started Adams and fraser up top. I would of started the same v England as well. I like dykes but I think he's a player we should just be bringing off the bench and using as a target man or as a plan b.
  12. Nah we are a team that is pretty much near our peak level. It depends on what being out of our depth means. To me the team are hardly out of their depth. They are a team that won't get to the latter stages of a tournament but they can play reasonably well against top sides and not disgrace themselves. Being 1-1 with wc finalists at half time is not a bad situation. We had also created plenty of chances at that point. We have competed well against England, Serbia, Netherlands, in the last 10 matches. If we were a team out of our depth we would of lost those three matches heavily.
  13. I think he's an improvement on mcburnie but he was quite poor in the tournament, and why Clarke started him all three games is mental.
  14. So what was that, I can't see your posts where you said what you expected, I would of bitten the hand of a 1-1 with us having created a few chances. Again what would be satisfactory for you. 2 or 3 nil to us at half time?
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