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  1. Let's hope some other big club buys him in the summer. Chelsea have fukked his chances of going to the euros.
  2. Dykes plays for qpr. What's Norwich got til do with things?
  3. Norwich and Sheffield United should do a swap? Sorry I don't understand what you meant there. Swap who?
  4. I take it that means they get better results when he's on the pitch?
  5. Clarke might have a bit of a headache picking our centre backs. Guys like hendry and Hanley deserve a shot plus McKenna might be back from injury soon.
  6. We stick with Dykes, he's never been a prolific goalscorer anyways. He plays well for us and links up well in the formation we play. If Dykes is injured we play Griffiths or Nisbet.
  7. Yeh sounds like they maybe got off lightly although two wrongs don't make a right. I am not really that bothered about these covid rules and strict adherence to them so I either way I hope they are lenient on Patterson.
  8. Yeh I agree, hopefully Gerrard lets this guy of the leash and then clarke will be forced to make a decision. Its a race against time for the lad but Taverniers injury has given him a golden opportunity to go to a major tournament.
  9. Not sure where your getting your info from but Hudson odoi had started for Chelsea and had loads of appearances for them before being capped by England. He also was eligible for Ghana so England probably wanted to tie him down. He's also a huge prospect who has had top European clubs after him. I agree we need to get young players involved quicker but patterson has only played 180 mins of football for rangers this season. From a non rangers point of view it would be mad to call him up based on that. If that was the criteria for a Scotland call up then I could name thirty guys off the top
  10. I thought dubai was given the ok by the government, although celtic should really of pulled the plug on it themselves.
  11. Foden had played 2 seasons worth of football at man city before he was capped. Are you suggesting we just cap some kid because he plays a couple of games for his club. We would be capping thirty or more youngsters every year in that case and our first team would be a joke. Gilmour is being considered for a call up to the squad and rightly so, if he was at any other epl team outside the top 6 he would he a starter. Patterson is no for me, he needs a run of games before calling him up. Playing a few appearances off the bench for rangers is not justification for a call up despite us h
  12. A larger squad than 23 might allow Patterson to get in. What the lad really needs is to get a solid run of games for the remainder of the season then clarke might be tempted to take him instead of palmer. Let's just hope his punishment isn't too severe.
  13. Thats very untested. U21 football is a long way from senior international football. Hes only played a few games for rangers and I would hardly call 1 decent second half performance against antwerp as being comfortable at European level. With the amount of games rangers have in a season then he should of been playing regularly anyways to give Tavernier a rest. Hes only getting a game due to Tavernier being injured. That being said if he could play the rest of the season and put in some great performances then I don't see why he shouldn't be considered. I can understand ran
  14. Maybe this kid could get a few games before the euros and then push for the squad. Would probably have to put in some stellar performances to be considered tbf. Obviously we dont have much talent at rb but taking an untested 19 year old to the euros is a big decision for Clarke.
  15. I think attitudes will change a little once we see the impact of the vaccine. If at this point in april there is next to no deaths then I think we will see the government be more open to letting society go back to normal and fans might be allowed back to events in the summer in limited numbers.
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