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  1. Harrison Ashby has probably seen the talent England have at right back and thought his best chance is with us. As long as he gives it his all and plays well then I will support him. Let's hope he gets some more game time this season.
  2. ??? Bardsley Cooper tierney Robertson Burke mctominay fleck fraser Armstrong/mcginn Mcburnie An epl team that played this weekend apart from Tierney who was injured in the warm up of the arsenal game. Not the worst of teams imo, ain't much a fan of mcburnie so maybe pop dykes, shankland or even nesbitt up top and I would be happy with that line up.
  3. Ok cool, lol I thought it was just a loan deal. That's excellent as Wilder will give him chances to impress by the looks of it.
  4. I have always said theres a player in there, if he could just get himself more involved in the play as most of the times I have watched him he just chases lost causes and never sees much of the ball.
  5. Yeh was a nice bit of play from him. I seen him play some nice stuff at alaves but it wasnt often enough to justify a team forking out 10m or whatever wba would want for him. It would be good if he does well at Sheffield United and they bought him.
  6. He stated he wasn't bothered but it seemed like he was more pissed off he wasn't selected and was claiming he wasn't bothered as a form of bravado. I think it's worth asking him even though he's 35 he would be a decent stop gap til we get a young right back who is good enough.
  7. We'll Tbf we don't know but I think it's likely that he hasn't asked him.
  8. The next squad should include him. Hes not going to be at Hibs next season imo.
  9. If he's good enough to start in the epl then surely age shouldn't be a factor. Let him play a year or 2 then hopefully by then we have a young player to come in and replace him.
  10. Would it not be best for Clarke to ask him and get a clear answer. Guys got years of epl experience at right back so he would be an upgrade on our current choices.
  11. Hes done because he doesn't get called up. Why the hostility towards him?
  12. Why would anyone be confused by my above post unless they are retarded. Bardsley is a right back who has played in the epl for years, given our lack of options there would anyone be happy to see Clarke call him up for future squads?
  13. Phil Bardsley starts for Burnley, would anyone be happy for him to called back up by Clarke?
  14. 3m for 23 year old established international player who will at worst be good at English championship level is undervaluing him. Sam Cosgrove could probably score goals at English championship level and those guys go for over 10m. 2.7m is stupid for a guy who's scored 1 in 2games for Aberdeen. Aberdeen have helped mould Cosgrove into a decent striker since he moved there and should be looking to make serious coin out of guys like him. There's plenty of daft English clubs with more money than sense. Ivan toney got sold for 5m that rises to 10m with add ons. That's a league 1 striker.
  15. Then why sell for 3m, Aberdeen should be holding out for much more considering the amount that average players go for in England. Same goes for Cosgrove, did Aberdeen not accept 2.7m for him? I don't understand Scottish clubs setting such low valuations on their players when guys like mcginn and McLean have done relatively well down there.
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