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  1. Yeh I also thought it was a bit harsh to drop him. He really plays well for Scotland. It's a bit strange that he plays in the second tier of England because his Scotland performances suggest he's good enough to play a higher level.
  2. Not sure he was a bit part player. He went through plenty of spells where he was a first team regular. Not sure he's into the twilight of his career. Probably has a good 4 or 5 years left, maybe more. If he chooses to keep turning up for squads even though he's not a starter then he should get credit for that. A few injuries and we might need him. He is a decent player on his day. It's really just his age and the fact he dropped down to the championship which is why ppl are keen on ditching him.
  3. Well Armstrong has done well in the epl for a few seasons now. We have strength in midfield but a guy who does well in the epl will pretty much always get game time for us regardless of position. He's also had some decent games for us, pretty sure he pulled us out of a hole against Armenia or someone like that. Overall he's good back up to have but Ferguson is the future and I would like him to get some more chances.
  4. They are different types of midfielder. Also McGregors been excellent for Scotland since Clarke took charge. Saying that I think fergie deserves a chance for sure. Disappointed that he's not been given a chance as he turns up every time and he's gunna be needed in the next few years.
  5. So what I am saying is right enough. They have yet to properly step up to international level. 1 goal each isn't much and one of those was v San Marino. Both of them have alot to prove in terms of international football or being able to cut it at a high level. I think Hardie is easily staking a claim to be considered alongside shankland and nisbet. But saying that truthfully our striking options are pretty woeful in general. Thankfully Clarke manages to get the best out of dykes and to lesser extent Adams. Until a top level striker comes along we just need to try and get the best out of our current options. I know alot of ppl feel we have a much stronger pool of talent compared with the previous 20 odd years but personally I feel that it's only marginally better and our main reason for recent success has come from good management. We often line up with 3 guys who play in the second tier of England. Our main striker scored 8 goals last season in 40 games in the English championship. Basically Clarke is squeezing the best out of what most ppl would consider average players and is also getting the best out of our more gifted players like robbo and mctominay.
  6. Still wouldn't say they have stepped up to international standard. The very fact that they can't get a game for us ahead of dykes and adams probably says alot about our striking options and the level nisbet and shankland are at as well. Saying that it's just the reality of where we are in regards striking options and I am happy for Hardie to be given a chance if he keeps up this kind of form.
  7. In what way have nisbet and shankland stepped up to international level? Both have hardly played and neither have exactly done amazing things when they did.
  8. He's having a cracking season so far. Must be in with a shout for the next squad.
  9. Ryan Hardie must have a chance of making the next squad, especially if nisbet is unavailable.
  10. We probably only need to win in Georgia and draw against Norway to win this group. A pretty realistic chance that happens. Actually after having another look at the table Spain can still go top if they win their remaining games. They might drop points against us or Norway though.
  11. That was a bit of a reality check last night. Hopefully our players learn from it and we go and finish the job that needs to be done in our final group games.
  12. It's a case of mixing it up and thinking about the morale of the squad and fans. As i said i ain't massively complaining but it will slightly disappointing if we lose three in a row after the run we are on right now. It is what it is and we will just have to battle on and hopefully get a result in one of the games. I dont care as long as we get a result in georgia.
  13. We already play england and spain in a row plus we will have a tough run of games in the next nations league. Ppl are getting a bit carried away, we are still a long way off the elite nations and the idea of getting beat three times consecutively after going on a such a great run recently is a bit of bummer. It's not that i am hugely bothered but if i had the choice I would swap the France game for an easier game but its done now so we will just have to battle through.
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