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  1. Can someone point out in that video where Gordon Jackson says AS is a sex pest because I can't seem to find it?
  2. Going by the polls it appears that the snp are going to win 70 seats giving them a majority. Also there has been a couple of polls in the last six months putting yes ahead so this whole case hasn't affected independence support too much. It may even have increased support with certain ppl believing this to be a stitch up job by the brit establishment. Obviously we have to see what will happen in the next year or so with salmond perhaps looking for revenge and how that affects the snp.
  3. Is there any possibility of the greens getting more list seats if snp voters were to be persuaded to vote for them or is that too much of a risk.
  4. Perhaps you can enlighten me, I was under the impression that the more votes you get in constituency seats then the less you get in the regional seats. I am genuinely interested because I don't know the ins and outs of the system in Scotland.
  5. The indy movement could do with getting a second party organised to run in the regional list as its a waste voting snp in some seats due to the du honte system.
  6. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/alex-salmonds-qc-gordon-jackson-described-him-as-a-sex-pest-thgm9s58l Watched this video and can't find where he calls salmond a sex pest. He does call him a bully and stupidly names some of the accusers. Surely he should know better than to be discussing the case in public on a train.
  7. I have been a big fan of sturgeon but if she has had any part in this fiasco then she would have to resign. I hope she hasn't and has only tried to stand back and let justice take its course. Sounds like there is some snakes in the grass with regards the snp and maybe this trial will help get rid of them.
  8. I think alot of snp/nationalists are a little bit naive when it comes to how far the British establishment will go to bring down the snp, after all as you said the whole point of the snps existence is tear apart the union and destroy the UK as one country. Whether this is a stitch up by them is hard to know imo. Certainly interesting how damaging this could be to the snp if sturgeon is shown to have been involved in any way.
  9. Are you suggesting it's her behind this whole case?
  10. Everybody seems to think she was behind this, is there clear evidence she was involved. I think she was just trying to be fair and be impartial so that justice could be done. Was sturgeon one of the accusers?
  11. I caught the last half hour of the France game and was very surprised at how well we played in that game. It wasn't just a smash and grab that I always remembered. The team looked really up for it and battled for every ball whereas France looked uninterested and a shadow of their former selves. Our team was very limited but had some quality in centre midfield and David weir was an excellent centre half who was underrated.
  12. Do they still count if they come in greasy chips form.
  13. Weegies without a bus fare.
  14. Surely this would be a good chance for Scottish football to move to a summer format. Use the rest of this year to finish of this season, then start a new season in March 2021 that runs through to november. Means we get the best summer months to watch football in this country.
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