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  1. I was really impressed with souttar today, he looks like he could step up a level and hopefully a bigger club can come in for him in the summer as he is still only 22.
  2. We don't have back up players who are international class. We have two very good wingers in Fraser and Forrest and then there is not much else except Ritchie and Matt Phillips and one of those doesn't want called up. We don't have an abundance of international class wingers that we can call on so why not bring a young talent like Johnston.
  3. Regardless I would still like him in the squad based on his ability. Can you name me any wingers that we should have ahead of Johnston barring Fraser and Forrest.
  4. Mccrorie is playing in a position we have lots of strength in depth and he's barely played much recently, I was a fan of his when he first broke through but his performances have been mediocre for a long time now and I don't believe he will definitely make it at a rangers. Hastie looks good but he is starting games due to being in a poor Motherwell team with very little competition. If Hastie carries on his good performances next season then he should be considered for the squad. Johnston has performed well in most games he's played this season and he is in a position we don't have alot of depth in. He also could easily be snatched by Ireland if we don't show interest in capping him, let's get him in and make sure we don't have a mcgeady situation again.
  5. No one's talking about starting him in the upcoming games. He should be involved in squads imo as he is a young up coming winger which we don't have many of. He is also only 20 so he will get more games in the next couple of seasons for Celtic. We should be looking to involve young players in our squad so that they don't end up getting their first international experience when they are 23 or 24.
  6. Their form since he's been out the side has been atrocious and they went from promotion challengers til no promotion at all. There was also a period earlier in the season when Hamburg struggled for results without him in the team. He's also only 22 so I will give him a bit of time as he is in a foreign country and is just finishing his first season at the club. Give him a year or two and then see where he's at then before writing him off.
  7. I would normally agree with you but I think the fact we don't have alot of quality outside of Fraser and Forrest plus we are probably going to lose out on dembele it would be ashame to lose out on Johnston as well when we can easily put the situation to bed and cap him early on.
  8. He's a young and up coming player who could potentially be lost to Ireland. Why take the risk when we could just throw him on in the last ten minutes if we are beating Cyprus comfortably or getting gubbed off Belgium. It's not like we have lots of young wingers to choose from or even lots of quality wingers apart from Fraser and Forrest.
  9. Tbh it would best for him to miss the cup final and the Scotland games, he looks like he's needed a rest for a long time. Played far too many games for a player his age.
  10. I think they would. why should he be a regular starter, can you name me any other wingers worth calling up ahead of him apart from Fraser and Forrest( Ritchie if he wants back). Better to get him involved from a young age as he is clearly a talent and could be huge in a couple of years.
  11. I can't think of many wingers who deserve to be called up over Johnston. We actually don't have many young wingers coming through at all. Burke has been dire recently and Middleton hasn't been playing all that much. It wouldn't harm us to include Johnston as backup to Fraser or Forrest.
  12. Tbf alot of ppl in the west of Scotland have an Irish parent or grandparent and Celtic definitely has a huge Irish diaspora supporting it. Personally I don't really feel like draping myself in an Irish flag despite the surname but then I wasn't brought up in the west of Scotland and my Irish heritage (if you could call it that)is very far back.(great great grandparents I think). Having recently moved to Glasgow about 9 months ago it's defo been a shock to me how much pro IRA and rebel songs are sung by the general population here and it's no surprise to me that McCarthy and mcgeady chose Ireland having been brought up in the west of Scotland. Johnston I think is very committed to Scotland as shown in his performances for the youth sides but I reckon if we don't call him up in the next two years then his agent or other influences may start whispering in his ear to play for Ireland and let's face it they don't fuck about when it comes to offering players a chance.
  13. Tbh if we don't start involving him in the senior squads then you can guarantee Ireland will be quick to call him up. I think he's potentially too good a talent to lose and we should call him up for the next games.
  14. Tbh if he takes us to the euros then leaves for England afterwards then I would be happy with that. Obviously I would prefer him to stay on for longer but he will get big offers if he takes us to the euros and does well there.
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