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  1. Good to see Griffith's get a goal, hopefully he gets some more goals before the play offs.
  2. Despite his miss he actually played quite well when he came on. He was winning knock-downs and was doing well as a big target man. Shame he remembered for his miss and never got much of a chance after that.
  3. Tbh I was only joking with my comments, mcburnie has been poor for Scotland but so has many others and we don't exactly have many great strikers playing at a high level so I will support his inclusion in the squad although I feel that Naismith played quite well in the last games and I would probably prefer him or shankland starting up front for us atm.
  4. That's it get him to fuck. We should have no queen loving, monarchy loving cunts in our squad.
  5. It is a poor standard but the guy is clearly a level above it. It's worth keeping him in the squad and hopefully we get to see how he does at a higher level next season.
  6. I reckon Christie upfront with mcburnie might work.
  7. It's a shame because he's doing reasonably well for west ham and is only 32. If we could get him to play well in a Scotland shirt again then he would be a real asset.
  8. Snodgrass scores as well and still ppl think we don't have decent players to choose from. We have some good players playing well in the epl and for Celtic in Europe. Clarke Should be able to get a decent team together for march and give us a good chance of going through.
  9. He's been pish anytime he's played for us but give him his dues he's scoring goals and doing well for Sheffield United. He's going to be in our squads for a long time so I wish him all the best and hopefully he can fire us towards the euros.
  10. From the clips I have seen of him he looks quite good, obviously that's not a very accurate way of telling if he will do well in his career. He probably won't make it at man u as he's 21 now but he can still have a decent career in the English championship which is where I think he will eventually settle. Bolton sounds like a tough place to have to go as they are destined for relegation.
  11. Not that it matters but a couple of ppl on here insisted he was too good for loan moves, they probably don't understand the modern game and how Chelsea work. It's clear Chelsea were hampered by that transfer ban but even still it's still a silly notion that gilmour is too good for any lower level of football.
  12. There's was a few on here who thought he was too good til go out on loan til the championship based on 6 mins in the epl. He needs to play football and not be made out to be the next Messiah by ppl on here. It was obvious he was only going to get a few mins here and there,if even that.
  13. I basically predicted this gilmour situation a few months ago, ppl got excited because of a few Chelsea first team appearances and suddenly he's too good til go out on loan to a championship side according to some on here. He's played very little first team football for Chelsea and would benefit greatly by going out on loan to a decent championship side. Hes very weak physically for the epl and needs to bulk up and become stronger. Still he's a brilliant talent and should make it eventually.
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