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  1. Anytime I have watched mcburnie he has been really poor but he does seem to score goals and is still relatively young. 15m is just madness but I guess that's the market down in England tbf. Here's a good video of his goals for anyone who wants to see what he's like. Some nice headers in there. He's defo a player who will feature in squads for the next few years at least.
  2. I think that's a bit unfair, Griffith's has a good goal record for Celtic and isn't a long way behind edouard in terms of ability. Edouard will go onto be a better player but there isn't that much between them right now if you take out Griffith's recent mental health problems.
  3. Yeh I would agree with that point tbf.
  4. Don't understand the point your making, I agree the champions from countries such as Greece or romania can match the epl teams outside the top 6, I would happily have players in our squad who played for the champions of those countries. I would also be happy to have players that play for Everton, Leicester or wolves. Those teams have good internationals who play or have played for decent international teams. Imo having as many of our players playing in the epl is good for our national team. Just because there's a gap between the top 6 and the rest in the epl doesn't mean that those teams are shite. Bournemouth for example have loads of good players including our own Ryan Fraser. The spl is not as bad as ppl make out but sadly very few of the Scottish premiership players outside of Celtic could cope in the epl.
  5. Not really sure what the discussion is here, personally I think the epl is a strong league and alot of fellow Scots seem to have a chip on their shoulder and wish to denigrate it by claiming it's rubbish outside the top 6. If a Scottish player is playing regulary in the epl (outwith the top 6)over a few seasons he should nearly always be in our squad and will probably be better than your spl players bar Celtic who are imo the equivalent of a mid to lower epl team. But saying that I think there are some decent spl(outwith Celtic) players who deserve to be in the squad and the standard of the Scottish premiership isn't as bad as some ppl make out. I also don't understand the argument that outwith the top 6 it's just an extended version of the championship. I think the likes of Bournemouth or west ham would comfortably beat the championship teams bar maybe the teams who get promoted.
  6. The TV money would be more plus the potential increase in size of the Irish clubs could make the league even more lucrative to potential sponsors and TV companies. The idea is not one that initially would be profitable but in time the increased size of the Irish clubs could mean a richer league. For example Dublin with its large population base could support a team the size of hearts or hibs.
  7. Was this a friendly and who was it against?
  8. Stevie may is leaving Aberdeen, he's been told he's not needed so I never included him.
  9. The Irish clubs would make more money and be able to attract a better level of player. Potential games against rangers and Celtic not to mention Aberdeen and hearts and hibs would greatly interest Irish clubs imo. As long as policing is done right the crowd trouble could be kept to a minimum although I would expect there to some trouble regarding rangers fans travelling over there. The potential for growth of the Irish teams is where I feel the idea would take off and become a success. Cities like Dublin and cork could produce bigger teams than what we currently have in the bottom half of our top flight which would boost the sponsorship and TV deal allowing for a better league in the long run.
  10. This is true but we don't really call up alot of central midfielders from the spl aside from Celtic who clearly a level above the rest of Scottish football right now. Hes not going to get a call up while playing league 1, if he stayed at rangers and was playing every week he might of got a call up.
  11. He has scored more in his career than all the Aberdeen strikers put together, how's that for a theory. But instead you will want Wilson and hedges, guys who haven't scored goals in their whole careers.
  12. Lol I take it you support Aberdeen, perhaps you can post me the goal record of Cosgrove, Wilson, may or hedges. I can guarantee you those players have not scored more than 60 goals between them in their entire careers. Hedges for example scored 4 goals in 59 appearances for Barnsley. I guess shankland is below Aberdeen with his 60 plus goals in 70 odd games. Better playing guys who cannot hit a banjo door.
  13. Only shite on here is your lack of ability to give a balanced and reasonable argument as to why a irish/Scottish league can't happen. Learn til discuss a topic and you will be able to join in with the grown ups. If you don't like the idea give a reason like a adult or otherwise just stay out.
  14. So you don't like the idea. The adult world is one where you give an opinion based on experience, if you just want to call me a moron then perhaps this is not a place for you. It's a message board, opinions contrary to your own will occasionally happen.
  15. That's a harsh thing to say, perhaps you have never known anyone with mental health problems otherwise you wouldn't say something like that. All it was is a suggestion about the league structure in Scotland, you have then gone and sadly turned it into a mental health issue. Obviously you don't like the idea and wish to belittle me by suggesting I have mental health issues. Learn and grow my friend as mental health issues are real problems that affect many Scots and discussing the Scottish league structure has little to do with mental health.
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