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  1. I would like to try and treat these games as if we are still trying to qualify and get 9 points and bring Griffith's in so that we are ready for the play offs. Build some momentum and establish a stable team that will be the bedrock of the future.
  2. It is a strange one to send McDonald and Cochrane out on loan, especially Cochrane. You would think they are good enough to contribute alot to hearts over the season.
  3. For all the negativity on here,which tbf is justified,we have good players but they don't perform well for Scotland. My hope is Clarke can improve that aspect
  4. Yeh I agree with that, gilmour and Johnston should be in the next squads. Lets get some more young guns in and see what they can contribute.
  5. Cheers for that, it would be a bit silly to cut it short after this length of time. It would be worth it just to see out a few more years just to see if it has a positive effect on the senior team.
  6. Excuse my ignorance on the subject but where are these schools or are they part of existing high schools. How many of them are there?
  7. While I agree there is some decent players at that age you wouldn't of thought so by the performance, I turned off after 20mins as Scotland were that bad at even the basics. As for players that might or I would like to make it, porteous and Johnston would be obvious choices given our centre back problems. McLennan took his goals well and I have always been Impressed by him. Hard to tell wether he can go up in level from the spl. Time will tell. Hornby has a good record at this age group so hopefully he can make the step up and do well in his loan spell in Belgium. Most will not make the step up, if we get one or two really good players at epl level I would be happy.
  8. mccaughey85

    Liam Cooper

    Yeh tbf to cooper he maybe deserves more of a chance. It's harsh to judge him on those two games as we were only expected to have a chance against Russia. He should be kept in the squad and used as back up when needed and we can see how he gets on against lesser opposition.
  9. So it's been a bit of depressing double header but we should still be optimistic imo. We have to take the positives and look to see what can be done to make us better. GK - Marshall is a decent goalkeeper and wasn't really to blame for the goals we conceded. He should be good for a few years to come Rb- o donnell doesn't look good enough for international football. We should be trying to get Ryan Fredericks of West ham in as he would be a massive upgrade. Cb - McKenna and souttar should be back when fit but are they any better than cooper or mulgrew, personally I would happy keep mulgrew. We really could do with better centre backs, I think when fit Hanley should be given another crack with Scotland. Hopefully Ryan porteous can develop into an international class defender. Sadly though it's a real problem position and unless we see an upcoming centre back break through then we could be fucked for a few years at least. McKenna and souttar are still young but it's hard to judge if they are good enough to step up in class. Lb - we are well stocked there and the possibility of maybe placing Tierney there and putting Robertson at rb or midfield is a possibility. Robertson has taking a bit of slagging recently but I still believe he's a top full back and we are lucky to have him. Rw- Forrest doesn't really pull out enough good performances to warrant being first choice, I suppose that could be said of most Scotland players tbf. It would be good if we could see more of the performances that pretty much single handedly won us our play off. I think it's time to give Johnston or Snodgrass a run on the right wing and see if they improve it while keeping Forrest in the loop with the hope of improvement. Lw - we should persevere with Fraser although we should look to bring in a young winger like Johnston or McLennan for experience. Fraser hasn't exactly been brilliant and I would of hoped for more from him considering how good he's been in the epl. Cm- we have good options here although you wouldn't think so over the last two games or more. I think we look a better side with Christie or Armstrong starting. I would like to see mctominay keeping his place in the team. This position is strong potentially as we have Turnbull and gilmour coming through as well and the fact that Christie,mctominay and mcginn are all relatively young. We should be making this position of strength work for us more but are not, our midfield on paper should be better than most other countries but we don't seem to getting the best out of it. I hoping Clarke can address this and get the best out what should be our strongest asset. St - mcburnie doesn't look good enough tbh, thankfully we will have Griffith's back soon or should do. I think we looked a much better side when Griffith's played so I would like to see him get back the spot up front. We should be looking to tempt karlan grant to Scotland as he could be a long term front man and provide short term cover for Griffith's. If Lawrence shankland could move up a level and start scoring goals there then we might be able to get him involved as well. I wouldn't mind Steven fletcher coming back as well. It's a tough time to be a Scotland fan but I don't think it's all doom and gloom. We need to give Clarke a proper chance to change things. He's got three winnable games to get momentum going for the play offs and that's really what he will be judged on. With Scotland I believe it's a mental problem more than player problem. We have shown glimpses over the years of how well we can play for example away to Albania 4 nil or beating Croatia home and away. Strength in depth is also a problem as when we lose a couple of key players we tend not have a decent back up as shown with the striker position.
  10. A good championship team would be best imo, chance for him to develop some more before being thrown in at the deep end that is the epl.
  11. Yeh I didn't mind his actual points he made, but he would manage to turn every discussion into them which was frustrating.
  12. mccaughey85


    Connor McLennan's goals were well taken, especially the first.
  13. mccaughey85


    Yeh I switched off after 15mins, I was disgusted at how poor we were at even the basics. Croatia looked really good tbf.
  14. Watched him a couple of times and he looks good. Not sure he will make it past spl though. He's a skillful pacy winger with tricks, he's also pretty well built for a 19 year old.
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