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  1. What do you mean theres nothing to fear from them? No ones ever said there is. Lol i think the fact you watched them in the world cup while we went out to the team they beat should maybe give you some perspective on where the two teams are at. Wales had a poor world cup but so did plenty of nations, it happens. Doesnt suddenly make them poorer than a team who can hardly qualify for any major tournaments. Jeez we give the english a hard time about arrogance. At least they have a slight reason to be arrogant. Our support suddenly think we are better than a team who actually qualified by directly beating the team that gave us a pumping.
  2. Not sure i would say we are better than them now. Both teams are probably quite equal. Welsh fans could argue that they got to the world cup beating the team that put us out.
  3. Well we struggle to consistently get over 50 percent in the polls so perhaps more devolved powers might sway enough scots(5-10%) into sticking with the union for another generation. If we cant get ppl to stick an x in a box then why should we be getting full independence.
  4. I doubt he will care when he wins the 2026 world cup with scotland.
  5. Would any indy party be able to get a referendum out of westminster? Its over to the scottish ppl to start voting in larger numbers for indy partys and for polling to consistently be above 50 percent. If the scottish ppl cant do that then why should westminster grant a referendum?
  6. You dont need to be a politician to have an opinion on what the next course of action should be for the independence movement. Its important what you and all of us in the indy movement think, if you dont have a plan then you shouldnt expect others to think one up for you. Vague promises? What vague promises is that?
  7. Depends on how the replacements for bale and ramsay do. Wales will still have a decent squad of players who play epl or english championship. Under good management they should get to the euros most years, especially if they produce a few more epl standard players. Saying that its definitely going to be slight downward trajectory for them as bale and ramsey were big players for them, especially bale. I dont think its all doom and gloom for them. They just have to make the best out of limited bunch like most other small nations do.
  8. Yeh maybe i am wrongly assuming they neccessarily want to hold onto power. They maybe see the shitstorm(potential ww3 etc?) thats coming and are just cashing in their chips and leaving. I am guessing most of the tory hierarchy and even mps will be in cahoots with the energy companies and have made a fortune from this massive hikes in prices. Either way i dont think i have ever witnessed the tory party ruin/destroy their lead quite as much as they are doing right now in my lifetime. It makes me think that something big is on the horizon globally.
  9. The tories are basically destroying any chance they have of getting back in with this energy hikes and cost of living crisis. I dont understand why they want to destroy their chances of retaining power. I know they are greedy fucks but surely they understand that they are basically handing the country over to labour. Whats in it for them is what i want to know?
  10. Yeh i forgot about the caldwell brothers lol.
  11. Maybe have them on the bench from now on. Tbf to bale he still scored 5 goals in 11 games for wales this year so maybe he can still contribute to them in games by coming off the bench in the last 20mins.
  12. I think support for indy will see a slight surge this winter. Ppl are struggling to pay bills and heat their homes. Add in the supreme court ruling then you have a fair few undecideds swinging over to the yes side. England winning the world cup might nudge figures up slightly as well lol. Only problem is actually getting westminster to agree to another referendum.
  13. Never watched their matches but perhaps wales might fair better by ditching bale and ramsay and giving some other guys who are in their prime or upcoming youngsters a chance? Wales probably just play those two based on past glories rather than current abilities/fitness etc. Saying that i havent watched any of this world cup so far so my judgement on performances are based on what i have read online.
  14. Yeh sounds like he could be a big loss. Mad to think we could have had two brothers playing centre back together for scotland.
  15. Nah they aint going independent anytime before us. They can barely get over 30 percent consistently in the polls. They have done well to promote their language but thats about it. The welsh independence movement are pinning their hopes that scotland going independent will inspire the welsh ppl to rise up. Thats never a good foundation to build on. Would they even get higher polling if we werent pushing for independence? I never understand why ppl want our youngsters to go to epl youth academies, its proven not to be the best route for both our players or even welsh players. Guys like bale and ramsay came through at southampton and cardiff. Both of which were championship clubs at that time. Most of their best players came through at championship clubs where they got games. Fodens not really proof that the big epl clubs consistently produce top players. Hes a one off. Every top epl club has 1 or 2 guys come through every so often that make it to the first team but mostly they buy in guys who were developed at lesser clubs where they got games which developed their careers much more than any top class coaching ever will. A club like Dinamo zagreb probably produce more top players than most big european clubs and they have a tiny budget. Cardiff and swansea consistently produce epl players and they are mostly championship clubs. For me i would rather that all our most talented young players were playing spl or english championship football at ages 18/19-22. Its a much tougher environment and way better for their development than epl youth football ever will.
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