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  1. And rightfully so, guys been immense for Scotland.
  2. Just a shame hes turning 29 in the summer. If he was 23/24 then he would be looking at a much greater career at both club and international level. Either way Clarke has to give him a decent chance soon as we are short of goalscoring players and relying on mcginn and mctominay to score most of our goals is a risky business imo. Can't believe rangers didn't sign him. Not many strikers out there who would score over 30 goals a season who cost 5m or less. Not to mention he's a big rangers fan.
  3. Hardies goal is thing of beauty. Really starting to think this guy could jump up a level. He scores and assists plenty and has been excellent for an average championship side. Must be a strong contender for our 4th striker spot.
  4. Maybe Che Adams should just stay at saints. They are probably going to get 2nd and automatic promotion back to the epl. He could then help them stay up alongside Fraser and Armstrong. Southampton has been a good move for Fraser as well. Should be back in our squads for the upcoming friendlies.
  5. It's a shame he was never tried out in that position earlier in his career. He has the work rate, stamina and ball winning ability to play the position. Sounds like he's really thriving in that position and we should maybe give him a chance there to see what he can do. Certainly would free up a place for a more attacking midfielder like Fraser or Barnes for the final euro squad.
  6. Not sure. Lol gunna be a few meltdowns in here when Barnes does gets selected. Not really bothered either way but I do think countries like ours needs all the help we can get.
  7. I think he's probably going to be included in our euros squad. Good player who would improve our squad and has goals in him which is usually something we lack.
  8. Shanklands goal is brilliant. Beautifully stroked in. Thats 20 for the season, probably going to get over 30 goals for hearts and I don't think theres been many pens which was a criticism of him last season. Not often a non old firm strikers score that kind numbers. Really starting to think this guy could make a proper contribution to Scotland if Clarke gives him gametime.
  9. Robbo has always been pretty steady when it comes to not getting injured and has always made sure he turns up for Scotland. Tierneys the only worry for me, he seems to get injured a fair bit and has been very stop start since leaving Celtic.
  10. Although the spl gets slagged for it's standard I think it can be quite a hard league for strikers at times and it's easily a level above league 2 so this could be a good test for Mellon. If he can do well at Dundee then next season get a loan to the English championship or back to the spl that would be good for his development in the long run.
  11. We were missing Gunn as well for the last 2 games and I am certain that 1 or 2 of those goals are not conceded with him in net instead of Clark. Up until the last 2 games our defence was the best I had seen since the late 90s. Most games we were absolutely watertight and 1 of the goals we conceded was a dodgy pen that shouldn't have been imo. Apart from that we only conceded 2 goals to Spain away from home. If we can go into the euros with most of the guys who formed that defensive line up for the first 5 games of qualifying then I would be very happy and confident that we can keep clean sheets.
  12. I think 5m is possible. Alot of English championship sides would pay that easily. I don't think hearts should sell for anything less. Even 5m is possibly too low when you consider that he will pretty much guarantees them group stages of European football.
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