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  1. What nonsense is that, burke is 23 and really isn't the player we are hoping he would be. Still hoping he can make it in a top league but he's running out of time.
  2. What logic is that? Burke is 23 and doesn't look like he's going to make it in a top league. He's looked ineffective any time I watched him for alaves. He might still make it big but time is running out.
  3. Whats he got to do with things, I only pointed out that if burke was in the spfl he wouldn't be tipped for big things, I also pointed out that currently no spfl players are tipped for big things which is true. Turnbull isn't tipped for big things, if he was then a bigger club than Stoke would be looking to buy him. Hes a good prospect but the chance of him playing for a top club are slim.
  4. If we are talking about playing first team football for top European clubs then yes none of them are tipped to do that imo. The only Scottish spfl player that has been tipped for that while being in Scotland in recent years was tierney.
  5. None of those guys are tipped for big things, guys like foden, Greenwood, Gilmour are guys tipped for big things. Turnbull is linked with Stoke and other championship clubs. Hickey has been linked with big clubs but he would be instantly chucked into their youth setups if he went to the likes of man City. Imo that isn't being tipped for big things. Johnston is doing quite well for celtic but it's not like big clubs are circling him either, hes likely to be the next James forrest. I like those three mentioned and I have relatively high hopes for them but let's not kid ourselves that they are destined for the big clubs, that is highly unlikely.
  6. Your obviously joking but none of those are tipped for big things.
  7. Would he? He already did play spfl and was pretty average at best, celtic fans think he's garbage and didn't want to bid for him. There isn't any 23 year old spfl players touted for big things. Infact there isn't any spfl young players in general touted for big things. Tierney was the only one before he left for arsenal. As I said he will probably play championship or even at a lower epl club which will probably mean he gets in our squads and he can still play an important role for us but let's not kid ourselves that he's going to be a big star.
  8. Any time I have watched him for alaves he's not really seen much of the ball. He was just chasing and closing down players and didn't get a chance to really make a big impact on the game. He's 23 now and it's clear he's not going to make it at top European club. Good chance he's not going to play at even an average team in a top league. He will probably settle at english championship level or maybe lower epl if he's lucky. His athletic prowess will pretty much be the reason for this imo, otherwise he would be in the lower leagues of England. I reckon wba would bite the hand of an 7/8m offer for burke which I reckon might happen at the end of this season.
  9. Well I said we have had only 1 player to break through at a top club in the last 15 years which strictly speaking is true, fletcher broke into the man utd team in roughly 2004, infact it was actually 2003 that he made his debut I think so he doesn't make it into 15 years. Since 2005 we have had 1 player break through and thats mctominay. In that space of time we have had probably 20 youth players that have been at top European clubs. We are looking at roughly a 1 in 20 chance if you look at it from a purely statistical basis. Very few of our youth players make it at top European clubs. I am not all doom and gloom, I think it's positive that mctominay and potentially Gilmour are making it at top clubs and it's positive that we have so many epl players atm plus I really rate celtics Scottish players as well. Liam morrison might be a talented young player but until he starts playing pro football even at a low level then we will not really know if he will make it. I actually would get more hopeful over someone like porteous or McIntyre because they have made to transition to pro football and could step up a level or two. If McIntyre proves himself at championship level next season then there's a decent chance he could turn into an epl quality centre back. Porteous also looks really good but like alot of our players he seems injury prone. On a positive note its great that Liam morrison is getting the top class training that a club like bayern can provide and I genuinely hope the guy makes it in germany.
  10. That would be good. I wonder how much villa would want for him if they were to go down. I think they might want 25m at least.
  11. Darren fletcher broke through about 2004 so slightly before 15 years but even if we include him then we are looking at 2 players that have made it at a top European club. There's probably about 20 or more young players who have been at top European clubs in that time period. So we are looking at a 1/10 chance at least of this lad making it. Sorry but the odds are against him.
  12. Nah but i think alot are quick to judge young guys who are in the public eye. Young lads and lots of money can quite often result in trouble. Most young lads get to make their life mistakes out of the public eye.
  13. Tbf i was running wild when I was 24 so I ain't gunna judge him, I probably would of been 10x worse had I been earning his kind of money and in the public eye. Must be alot of clean cut Church goers in the TA.
  14. Yeh Tbf I hope he turns out good, gunna be a big ask to break into that bayern team tbh. If he can make it in germany or a top league it would be massive boost for us.
  15. Fair enough but no matter how well a youngster plays at youth level it's a massive leap up to professional at a decent level and there's been plenty of youth players who have looked like stars and then struggled at Pro level.
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