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  1. mccaughey85

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Jordan archer will probably be our keeper in the future. Wether that's a good or bad thing I don't know, not seen much of him. He is doing ok in the championship from what I hear. Hopefully mccrorie of rangers turns into a good keeper.
  2. mccaughey85

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I am happy for him to stay at Bournemouth but reality is he will be attracting interest with his performances this season. Hopefully wherever he is we can get the best out of him for Scotland. Bournemouth is providing him with regular game time and he is performing well there so it would be good for him to stay there.
  3. mccaughey85

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Fraser won't be at Bournemouth much longer if he keeps up this form. Hopefully him pulling out was honest enough as he did turn up for the squad to start with. Guy needs to start games for us as he's clearly a talent.
  4. mccaughey85

    Scotland u21 squad

    No he hasn't but I think alot of ppl are guessing if he was to continue progressing and started playing for everton first team England might be tempted to ask him to switch. He seems dedicated to Scotland so hopefully he would stick with us but ppl on here are just discussing a hypothetical situation that may become reality.
  5. mccaughey85

    Scotland u21 squad

    Tbf mcgeady and McCarthy decided pretty early on they wanted to play for the ROI. Not that it makes it ok imo as both were born and bred here and should feel Scottish enough that they want to play for us. Mctominay could be labelled Judas by England after all he was born and bred there as well but chose us. Hornby has every right to make his decision and shouldn't be hassled into anything as the guy was born and bred in England and qualifies through the grandparent rule. Hopefully he picks us which I think he will given he is already with our youth set up but I suppose so was Sam Gallagher and he switched. Either way we shouldn't be looking to cap someone just so they don't run off to another country.
  6. mccaughey85

    Scotland u21 squad

    He's played once for the first team. Hopefully he makes it and no one will be happier than me but it is quite tough for young players to establish themselves at EPL clubs and alot of EPL young players end up playing lower league football. These are just the facts. I think we should at least wait until he gets a run of games at either Everton or a loan club before capping him. He's a good talent and if England come calling and that's what he wants then he should choose who he wants to play for not just Scotland because we capped him in a senior game just to tie him down to us.
  7. mccaughey85

    Scotland u21 squad

    Just basic numbers really, how many of Everton's youth players make it to be first team regulars. I would guess it's few and far between. Guys got a decent chance but reality is the odds are against him. Hopefully he does make it at Everton or somewhere similar and we can then cap him based on that rather than cap someone who has played one pro game in his whole career.
  8. mccaughey85

    Scotland u21 squad

    Have to disagree, if he had played a good few first team games for everton, like say 15 or so then yes. But giving him a senior cap because he's scored for the u21s is not a good idea. The u21s is a long way off the senior level. The chances of Hornby making it at Everton are slim. Once he's making a few appearances for everton or playing regularly for a championship team then we should look to be capping him. He's barely played any professional football.
  9. mccaughey85

    Scotland u21 squad

    Bring him on in the last two minutes v Israel. Nah being serious we shouldn't be capping guys on the basis of they might switch. He does look good though but the u21 level is a long way of senior level.
  10. mccaughey85

    Scottish Born Players

    Spot on with that post. Every player should be judged on individual merit. For example mctominay and Burke have chosen us from the start and have always wanted to play for only us. Some players are only there because there not good enough for England but there are guys who are willing to give it there all and are passionate about Scotland. Where you are born should not necessarily determine your nationality or how you feel.
  11. mccaughey85

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    Souttar had a good game and looks like he could be worth keeping in the squad at the very least. Hopefully we can have a back three of Tierney McKenna and souttar with hendry and mulgrew rotated when we need to ie injury and what not. I think big championship teams will be looking at souttar for sure. I was a fan of souttar when he first broke through but thought he didn't progress much after that but this season he's been immense for hearts and he's still only 21.
  12. mccaughey85

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    McGinn played well tonight but hopefully he can cut out those basic errors he makes. Apart from that he looks good and has endless energy.
  13. mccaughey85

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    Surely that is a joke line up, to leave out Griffith's and Armstrong is mental.
  14. Spot on with that post, but sadly ppl want to put the boot in Gordon when he didn't do anything wrong. The Mcginn and Jack goals were ones that were really bad as they were basic errors that each player should have done better with. The goal straight after the interval was just lazy defending, to let hazard get a shot away that close when he should of been closed down quicker is the fault of the defence. I think personally I wouldn't play Mcginn and certainly wouldn't play jack or even have called him up to the squad but I suppose we are not blessed with a huge talent pool and may have to rely on these guys.
  15. mccaughey85

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Well that was my first ever Scotland game and what an introduction. To think ppl spend serious money watching that shite abroad lol. Nah being serious I thought we played well the first half and looked a decent side but the basic errors from mcginn and Jack were embarrassing to say the least. Do these guys not understand that they ain't playing against Motherwell or kilmarnock. Ryan jack's was especially bad. The responsibility for this kind of thing should come down to the manager. Imo mctominay or fleck wouldn't have made those basic errors. I will give mcginn a little bit of slack as he looks like a decent player who could progress but Ryan jack is utterly out of his depth at this level. Anyways hopefully McLeish learns from these friendlies and picks a team that can beat Albania and israel.