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  1. I don't think gauld or burke should of turned down their big moves. They both went abroad knowing they would be in around the first team squads. Especially burke. My point regarding those 2 was that we got excited over them too early and they have struggled to reach the levels we hoped for. Let's wait til Gilmour becomes a first team regular before we start the hype train.
  2. I actually mostly agree with you but building him up as our messiah is not a good idea. He looks a real talent but so do many young players who then end up playing lower league football. Burke looked great when he first went to rb leipzig but then faded badly after that. Gauld looked excellent and was billed as mini Messi by idiots in Scotland. Just try and not build Gilmour into a superstar before he actually becomes a Chelsea first team regular. He's played 11 times and I am pretty sure most of those appearances have been as a sub so let's not get carried away quite yet.
  3. In most cases I would prefer our young players play spl football than go to big European clubs and play in their youth teams. I don't understand the excitement over young Scottish players moving to big clubs. Our young players never make it at big clubs. Only 1 in about 15 years has broken through properly at a big club(mctominay). In the case of Gilmour if he starts getting gametime regularly then he should stay at chelsea but if he's only playing a handful of games between now and the end of season then a loan move would be far more beneficial. We seem to be getting over excited by Gil
  4. Just depends on whether hes going to play much this season. Hes got stiff competition and if Chelsea look like they might challenge for the title then they won't be risking games by playing an inexperienced 19 year old. A lower epl club or even a decent championship club where he will play every week would be beneficial to his development rather than sitting on the Chelsea bench every week. Of course there will be some on here who think he's too good for that or that he will learn more training with Chelseas stars but imo the best development for a young player is to play first team foot
  5. Maybe a loan move would be best if he isn't going to get much gametime.
  6. Yeh just noticed he's 6ft 6 and he's also got a decent build on him. Looks like a big strong unit.
  7. Just from looking at google/wiki it doesn't look great. Guys 31 and not been particulary very prolific at championship level. Not sure if he's any good but maybe some ppl on here know more about him. If he's just wanting a place in the squad because we have qualified then no thanks. Another Millwall player who might deserve a chance is Murray Wallace. 27 year old centre back who has played most of his career at league 1 and championship. If gallagher and Cooper can both make an impact at 28/29 then maybe this guy could do the same.
  8. Hickey should be in upcoming squads. He can cover for robertson or be played at rwb if he's comfortable there. The rest of the guys playing on the continent shouldn't be in the squad. Johnston has barely played games for Feyenoord. Same with Hornby. Gauld needs to continue on his good form and maybe then he might be considered but let's be fair he's playing for a relegation battler and his form would have to be very good to warrant him being called up. Hendry is playing for a mid table team in a relatively poor league so I doubt he should be called up. Hickeys the only one wo
  9. Bologna currently 1 nil up with Hickey playing left back.
  10. Guy has an excellent scoring record at youth level from what I can see on transfer market.
  11. Where's o donnell and Palmer. Whos going to play rwb
  12. Tbf it wasn't nostalgia regarding Scotland and I wasn't actually old enough to watch the guys I listed. I was just stating that on paper we had talented strikers but you are right in saying that they weren't particulary good for Scotland barring maybe mccoist who scored 1 in 3 which is decent.
  13. Liam Cooper clean sheet for Leeds. Leeds looking reasonably solid at the back so far this season.
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