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  1. Pretty sure mctominay wasn't very good at CB and man utd gave up on that idea.
  2. You are pretty much spot on with that analysis but I think Texas Pete is right in saying we have some decent players at our disposal granted if we can get them turning up for the squads. We have players that could get into alot of countries teams outside of the elite ones. Serbia have strength in all areas whereas we are very weak in central defence and strikers. Serbia would be easily favourites against us but we could cause an upset especially if we can mould our team into being better than the sum of its parts which is what Iceland and northern Ireland do.
  3. Tbf the teams we could face in the semi are beatable, but there isn't much chance of us beating Serbia or even Norway in the final. That's why I have said we will reach the final. Of course this is probably a more optimistic outlook as we could easily still get beat in the semi going by our recent form.
  4. I agree with what you have said there. Serbia are a strong side on paper and we would have a small chance against them even if we were playing well and looked like a solid unit.
  5. Mcginns turn for our first goal was excellent. The guy defo has passion for Scotland and should be given the captains armband.
  6. I think that's a tad harsh, he's always came across as as a fairly nice down to earth guy whenever I have seen him interviewed. He wouldn't of earned a fortune at Hibs when he was starting out especially if you compare it to young players at big epl clubs who haven't even made a first team appearance. He's an average striker who made a decent living out the game, hardly a massive crime. His attitude has never been that bad either imo.
  7. Sadly these problems are massive ones and they dont look like getting any better. Looking through Serbia's team they have a back line that has Napoli, Roma and fiorentina players. Our back line yesterday had Motherwell, Aberdeen and Sheffield Wednesday players. For that reason alone I say that we will struggle against them. If we could get Griffith's back I would give us a much better chance but overall Serbia are quite strong in all positions. Also we just look like a mentally broken team and our best players tend to avoid turning up for the squads if they can. Yesterday we looked a little better and it was a little more encouraging so there is some hope but we need to build on that with another win v Kazakhstan.
  8. Yeh they are beatable but we would have to start playing like a decent side and our so called talented epl players and Celtic players would need to start performing in a Scotland shirt. We really miss having a good striker who scores at international Level, mitrovic for example has over 30 goals and he's only 25. Sadly I think Serbia beat us due to those reasons plus they have better centre backs.
  9. I can't see us beating Serbia, Norway would be a tough ask as well especially with our lack of confidence and form.
  10. He's utterly terrible, would much prefer Naismith or shankland or even burke up front.
  11. Would be good to see george Johnston get some first team experience at a club. He's looked good for the u21s.
  12. Do you honestly think mctominay is faking an injury.
  13. Tbf just because it didn't work out for burke doesnt mean it wouldnt work out for this kid.
  14. Good result for Celtic tonight, four Scots started. Christie and Forrest have both scored against Lazio and played quite well. Celtic are top of their group and have qualified already. Surely this goes against the theory that they only play well against spl fodder. As I have always maintained we have a decent pool of players but are missing good players in key positions. Hopefully this will change over the next few years but we should still be getting better results in the present.
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