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  1. Yeh I agree, This is one of the key problems, lack of success in reaching tournaments, a successful team will attract players to turn up more often and a feel good factor will start to emerge. It's a shame that we are seeing call offs with this squad as I would of thought there would be a good vibe considering we have the play off as back up after winning our last two games. Hopefully we can get some good results and gather a bit of momentum so that we can create an atmosphere where everyone wants to turn up. Also I think it's a good idea til fill the squad with a few young players to get them into the habit of international senior football plus some of the older players can't be bothered turning up if they know they won't play which is understandable as it could be time spent with their families.
  2. Looks like England have a similar problem, tbh I am not too bothered about bannan, mulgrew and archer as they would likely never of played anyways. Losing Robertson is a loss and not being able to play Fraser and Paterson for the Kazakhstan game is a bit annoying but most of who I would pick for the first team is in the squad so I don't really feel too disappointed.
  3. Personally I reckon Fraser is committed but Bournemouth are the ones reluctant to release him.
  4. With Robertson I would say he probably has a genuine reason as he has always been committed to the cause. I would say we should definitely start invoking the rule and let us see who actually wants to play for Scotland.
  5. It is a bit disappointing but the call offs have been players who wouldn't have played anyways. Robertson can be covered with Tierney so it's not too big a loss imo. Bain Palmer Bates McKenna Tierney Mctominay/mcginn McGregor Forrest Armstrong morgan Burke
  6. Probably someone's knickers filled with keech, that's our normal reaction to success.
  7. I would be happy with that selection. Allows us to fit both Tierney and Robertson in the side.
  8. Those are all valid points but it's also fair to say that vvd doing as well as he has done and guys like wanyama and dembele doing well show that players from Celtic or even the spl in general can cut it at the top level. Also considering that vvd was sold several years ago and the general increase we have seen in the transfer fees then it's not unreasonable to see Tierney go for 20m in the near future.
  9. Fraser can't play the Kazakhstan game, plastic pitch.
  10. Seems like alot of negativity on here regarding the squad. Imo McLeish has called up all the worthy available players. Our first team looks reasonably good and is relatively young as well. We have a first team of good pros who play at a decent level who should be able to beat Kazakhstan and san Marino comfortably. I am looking forward to the games knowing that we have a play off to fall back on.
  11. Morgan is the only choice really, obviously Forrest will be on one wing.
  12. Who plays on the wings then, Forrest and Morgan?
  13. I would be happy with that choice of team. Shame Fraser isn't able to play but Burke could do well there.
  14. The epl might be overrated but most of the players that play there are good enough for international football. Alot of smaller countries would be happy to have a midfielder at Southampton and man utd. We easily have better players than Kazakhstan so we should be looking to beat them. If we can't beat them then we are being badly managed.
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