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  1. I agree . I don't get it . Now is the time to play him he's scored twice on the bounce .
  2. Ok . He's actually not awful mate . He did have a bad game today but he's allowed that the amount of times he saved us this season . Your allowed your opinion but he's a lot better than a couple of our centre halves I could name . Everyone makes mistakes but I think Cooperwould improve our defence
  3. That wouldn't be a bad call . He's played well what I've seen of him
  4. Watching the Birmingham v Villa game . Mcginn playing well since he came on . That Che Adams is average at best today . Wouldn't say he was any better than what we have IMO
  5. It was Liam Cooper,s 100th game as captain for leeds . He's made almost 140 appearances for them
  6. Agree. Armstrong further forward with these 2 guys behind him would be a good 3
  7. Mctominay starting for Man u again tonight against PSG . He seems to be getting a bit of a run in the team recently
  8. Kenny McLean has scored twice for Norwich today . Thought he was more of a defensive midfielder
  9. It said on tv last night he was ill at the weekend and not 100 per cent. Took his penalty well and played ok when he came on
  10. We're getting the train from bologna central station to rimini on the Saturday and back on the Monday. Probably taxi from airport to station and back in bologna
  11. Read yesterday Burke was going on loan to millwall for the rest of the season
  12. Why not if Stephen Fletcher can be recalled
  13. you can't blame Cooper . The keeper was dog shit
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