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  1. Happy with the draw but very cautious. Ukraine aren't what they were when we last played them . Still a decent side . Wales in Cardiff would be tough but cross that bridge when we get to it
  2. Wow. Forgot all about this man . Not sure what age he is but another option and March is a fair way off
  3. That's not too bad for an injured player
  4. McTominay started the game for Man U today . Obviously recovered after missing our 2 games
  5. A few on here thought he might opt for us
  6. I think its difficult for Clarke to put Dykes straight back in after Adams scoring on Friday. Got a feeling he might play both
  7. Against San Marino too so should get some minutes on the pitch and put to bed who hes committed to
  8. Just want to mention Kieran Tierney . Thought he was superb last night. His commitment has been questioned in the past , he has hardly kicked a ball for his club in the last few weeks but turned up for international duty and played the full 90 plus minutes and put in a great performance
  9. I agree, Armstrong is awful tonight, cant complain if hes hooked
  10. Not a lot of quality to come off the bench if we're struggling. Maybe try Brown last 20 if we're in need of a goal
  11. Stuart Armstrong starting tonight for Southampton.
  12. Tierney not playing for Arsenal again today. Not sure what the injury is but with our games only a couple of weeks away a bit concerned
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