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  1. We haven't got enough quality in Gaulds position in our squad for him to be ignored . Hope Clarke isn't going down the stubborn stick with what I know Strachan route
  2. You asked the Englishman if he rated Che Adam's. Why would he unless he supports Southampton which is unlikely with a name like roverboy
  3. I agree with most of what you have said although think Maguire and Stones are prone to mistakes . You do have a very strong squad but Scotland are better as underdogs No animosity felt and may the best team win
  4. Foden is a dangerous player as is Sterling. although the latter is inconsistent. Our midfield is a match for theirs and if pickford is in goal we have a chance . Prone to mistakes . We would have to watch Kane and / or Rashford as would cause us problems .
  5. Good to see . Everyone fighting for a place in the Euro Squad
  6. Dykes scored again . 5 in last 5 games
  7. Armstrong ,fraser and Christie all better in that position IMO
  8. Coopers tackle was bad but so was Raheem Sterlings in the first half and he didnt even get a yellow. Never mind at least we won
  9. He probably will get 20 + , watching him today he works his socks off but something is missing
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