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  1. Eh ? Lampard managed Derby not Sheffield United
  2. After watching MOTD I wouldn't be in a hurry to give Hanley a recall to the squad . He totally missed the flight of the ball on one cross almost resulting in a goal for Newcastle . Also it was too easy for the Newcastle player to score his goal with Hanley doing nothing to close him down . Not sure how he is captain of Norwich . I think we have better options in central defence to be honest . Only my opinion mind
  3. Both are better footballers than any of those mentioned but like I said they're an option
  4. Armstrong and Cairney will be an option also
  5. Mcginn doing well against the new £60 million superstar
  6. Hanley is way out his depth in the EPL .
  7. Hanley will be in for a very tough night
  8. Ok if you say so. Captain of Leeds once again tells me somebody knows different
  9. 1983 v England . Souness captain of Scotland . Was Phil Neal Liverpool captain at this time ?
  10. He had a scottish accent so not exactly hard to work out
  11. Leon king is the young defender you're thinking of . Highly rated. Played for Scotland under 17s at 14 years old
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