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  1. Dapo Mebude could be every bit as good as Dembele and we won't have to wait as long . Looked good for the under 19s the other night v Germany
  2. Hi Davy. Can I request 2 tickets please . On bus 2 from Paphos . Cheers
  3. Don't think the PS will be binned. Malky Mackay spoke about how positive they've been in his interview last night
  4. Thought he should have caught it
  5. Shankland and Russell to start today for me
  6. Play mctominay as a sweeper . Lot better option than Brown
  7. Darren Fletcher still keeping himself fit too
  8. I can't think of one either but we are actually missing Alan McGregor in goals although I wouldn't say he was a stand out player
  9. We won't get 3 wins . 2 at the most . I don't think Kazakhstan is a given . If we experiment in 3 so called easy games and do well then people will want these players in the team for the play offs . The trouble is as soon as they come up against teams half decent they 'll struggle
  10. Ok we'll play Forrest then cause he's just great
  11. Why? Palmer didn't do anything wrong last night . He was terrible in Kazakhstan but did ok in Russia
  12. At least someone has picked Russell. Flies from the other side of the Atlantic to join up with the squad. Always turns up to mostly warm the bench. I would play him too
  13. Get this prick Crocker away from commentating our games . He's constantly took the piss tonight
  14. Not if we don't beat them we won't
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