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  1. The thing is if players are turning up and giving their all then it's a no brainer you're gonna keep picking them . I'm the same as you and thought Strachan was too loyal to some players but if he felt they would be there no matter what then he will pick them . Loyalty works both ways
  2. If all the players available are as committed as the fans we will be ok . We don't need some pulling out for no reason or early retirement shite . We need our strongest squad every game
  3. I couldn't get the stadium plan up when I booked . Had to have random seats
  4. But Karamoko wants to play for them
  5. Still relatively young is he not ? Hopefully he will fulfil his potential but cheers anyway didn't realise he'd left Fulham
  6. I thought Jack Grimmer was a Fulham player and only on loan to Coventry. Thought he was gonna be half decent to be honest
  7. It won't matter cause we won't have anyone to pick the squad anyway. Hope we hear something soon about a new manager
  8. It's his international management experience apparently. He took USA to 2 world cups
  9. Really? I wouldn't say hopeless. Cooper especially is very important to leeds and is also a lot better than 3/4 of our centre backs and Fleck is also a good player who has proved it the last 2 seasons .
  10. Ahh right you're a Hearts fan ? Fair enough
  11. Make your mind up you wanted Craig Levein earlier or do you want both as the dynamic duo
  12. They didn't renew Strachans contract and he was undefeated in his last year so who knows what the SFA are thinking
  13. Just not a very good football manager
  14. Also McCarthy should have been sent off for elbow on Russell Martin
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