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  1. Leeds don't want him injured for the Christmas period and a yellow card away from suspension
  2. By the way Stewart has scored a double tonight
  3. Not at all . I rate Shankland . I just meant if Shankland is getting called up for his goals then if Stewart is scoring at a higher level he could be worth looking at
  4. Playing at a higher level than Shankland so why not
  5. Going by that we'll piss the group. Beat 2 of the teams and drew with the other the last time we played them
  6. Would have him in the squad also . Not sure what his situation is with Scotland .
  7. This . I think Clarke given more time will get it right. The players are still learning his methods and we saw second half an improvement
  8. Chelsea getting best 4-1 so might be damage limitation. Can't see Gilmour getting game time tonight
  9. Matt Phillips has scored for West Brom tonight .
  10. We don't. Strachan got over 2 full campaigns . Levein wasn't sacked early enough
  11. I agree with what you're saying I was actually replying to somebody about Ryan Jack . The poster said you can't judge a players ability against the likes of St Johnstone or St Mirren . I would rather have players like Shankland who actually want to play for us
  12. Definitely give him time but next campaign I think he should try a couple of youngsters . A lot of players have retired recently from international football so try the likes of Hornby and even Porteous
  13. Going by that thinking then Shankland shouldn't get called up either. He scores against lesser teams than you have mentioned
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