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  1. Draw hopes: Stenhousemuir vs Aberdeen Draw prediction: Motherwell vs Aberdeen
  2. I'm hoping their owners want a bigger name and someone they'll see as a safer bet. You'd have thought they'd have an idea of who they want already though.
  3. Couldn't begrudge McInnes the move to WBA if they decide they want him. Would be very disappointed though.
  4. world cup of losers

    I am indeed Haha spot on.
  5. Tell Chico he talks even more shite now he’s retired.
  6. The smug, self satisfied way you started this and a “Dons next manager” thread means you’ll deserve every bit of stick you get
  7. world cup of losers

    Cool. So not “each to their own” if it’s “unacceptable” then. I do. I’m there to go to the game though, not go on a stag doo with my mates, like half the folk that go are. There was even a thread on here after Slovenia entitled “Great Trip”. Wtf?!? We go pumped out when it was within grasp and these folk had a “great trip”.
  8. world cup of losers

    Didn’t you call people stupid or something (going from memory, so may be wrong) for booing Ryan Jack?
  9. world cup of losers

    Do you disagree that many people that travel care more about having a party than Scotland winning?
  10. world cup of losers

    Because it's meant to be about the football. Too many folk care more about having a party.
  11. world cup of losers

    I couldn't think of anything more apt than a "World Cup of Losers" for half of our fans, to be honest.