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  1. Your right, this pic shows what he's after: https://goo.gl/images/o5rs2W
  2. Indeed. It's also really simple to understand some fans buy the deflection tactics. Yet you brand talking about that "desperation" 😂
  3. The Tamb is also the most watched forum on sky sports.
  4. Or that more people would be interested in the latest "developing story" (I'd call it "deflection tactic") Sorry, do some Rangers fans count more than others? No desperation just not cherry picking fans like you Im sure some see through it. Unfortunately loads of people are thickos and this shit is undoubtedly working on them. I mind the fanfare with which the last guy came in. Surely he'd be the guy to take charge... Is it? I'd have thought protests against King, boycotting season tickets/merchandise, etc would be pretty effective.
  5. Funny that, as i listened to a bit of Clyde SS last night and not one Rangers fan phoned up to complain about the running of the club from the fraudster. Loads phoned up praising them for "putting Gers first" though. To try and claim that many fans aren't duped in to accepting a shambolic running of the club by deflection tactics such as this, just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Rangers fans ARE accepting "Dodgy Dave's other nonsense". Hence why he's still in charge and fans all over social media are chugging themselves in to a frenzy regarding Gerrard.
  6. Turns out you can't read... It was the most watched game on Sky Sports Football (one channel). A channel which screened zero EPL games.
  7. Rangers looking after their own fans first and foremost is the right thing to do. Fair play to them. However, as SH says below, it appears to me to be little more than a deflection tactic to stop folk questioning the glib and shameless liar's stewardship of the club. Yup. A large, large majority of Huns are utterly predictable.
  8. Yeah but it'd be a bit hypocritical of me to slate the blinkered Unionist shite and not slate the blinkered pro-Indy shite too. I'd rather inform the debate , not just populate it with blinkered nonsense.
  9. Parklife


    I always tip waiting staff, unless they're really inattentive. Waiting for ages to pay or for them to come and ask if i want a drink really annoys me but i do try and factor in that the restaurant has probably spread the staff too thinly and they're run off their feet. Excellent service 15-20%, good service 10-15%, average service 10% and likely not much if it's been really poor. I do hate when it asks on the card reader if i want to add a tip. Makes you look a tight cunt if you say no, even though i intend on leaving a cash tip on the table. I don't trust restaurants to pass on the full tip if it is going through their banks, so i always prefer to leave cash. Barbers - go to the same woman every time and always give her a tip. Normally up the £8.50 cut to a round £10. Taxi drivers - normally give them up to the next £, or if the fare is something like £6.80, I'll go up to £8.
  10. Folk need to stop using The National as a source. It's akin to using the Daily Record.
  11. So they aren't signing Skrtel? Bad news for the rest of us
  12. Who's the best religious fanatic? Theres only one way to find out, FIIIIGGGHHHHTT!!
  13. Parklife

    Welcome to Scotland

    Yeah, I mind the ban I got for saying I hoped they lose
  14. The latter. A free shirt and a discount off a season book. Makes me feel less guilty about only going to Pittodrie 8 times last season though