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  1. I’ll go for Chairman Mao. Maybe getting slaughtering tips in preparation for Wednesday night.
  2. 💬 Derek - I had a good chat with the Chairman and I reiterate what he said, this is purely driven by elements of the media. I see my future here. @macy37
  3. It’s the most “Rangers” article I’ve ever read. Hilarious in the delusions of grandeur that Mr Ferguson still retains about his team.
  4. NFL Thread 2016/17

    Yup. Really struggling without Tyrone Smith. He’s expected to play tonight and boy is he needed. Probably a win or done game tonight. Yup. In one. Currently sitting at 7-4. Despite having no high scoring running backs. Really need to try and recruit one prior to the play offs. How’s yours going?
  5. Scottish Labour

    Looking forward to seeing Kezia make her entrance. Might have a few quid on her to win @ 40/1.
  6. What 2 players did they spend £300 on? Mbappe is only on loan. Celtic are closer to PSG in relative terms than Hamilton are to Celtic. Celtic just can’t take it when they’re the ones on the wrong end of the financial disparity.
  7. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    We've had 9 games in the last 12 months (and 11 days). 2 of which were home friendlies, one of which was a home game to Malta. He couldn't have been involved in these games? He couldn't have been involved in the squads for the other games (bear in mind our defence is filled with donkeys...)? Of course he could and should have. It's only Scotland who go through this nonsense of making promising players play 150 games and move clubs before we give them a chance. Laughable attitude. Hiya, Gordon. Hiya, pal. How'd all those super-duper English Championship players serve us last time, or the time before, or the time before?
  8. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Yup, should've been included long before now, particularly given the dearth of options we have in that position.
  9. Scottish Labour

  10. Scottish Labour

    From an expert in dummy spitting, like yourself, that’s quite the comment.
  11. Scottish Labour

    Is that meant to illicit debate?
  12. It'll be Celtic vs Brechin, Broch vs Rangers and Hearts vs Hibs. No doubts about it.
  13. Scottish Labour

    I quite like Dugdale. Away from politics she seems a thoroughly decent woman. Can see this shine through when she's talking on issues where parties are less staunch in their stances. Good luck to her.
  14. What's the options? Peterhead? Hopefully it's nowhere near Pittodrie.
  15. Scottish Labour

    This. It's not particularly derogatory to use someone's sexuality in order to have a go at them?