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  1. SSC Renewals

    I think there is a deadline.
  2. Alan Hutton

    Ironically, he's playing at Left Back.
  3. coupon

    Thankfully I did. A rare winning bet for me.
  4. coupon

    Comeback to take the lead.
  5. coupon

    Celtic are 17/10 and Zenith 15/8. We punt on Zenith maybe at those odds ?
  6. Belfast

    There is NO defence for that.
  7. No wonder if you keep using it as fuel.
  8. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Mulgrew scored again.
  9. New manager: Who do you want?

    No Jimmy Calderwood on your list of options ?
  10. Me too. My rather brief and crude stats do show a little how traffic is seasonal and/or triggered by planned and unplanned events. It was unscientific and raw/occasional but does show spikes dependant on events e.g. games/no games, fixture announcements, manager speculation etc in relation to Scotland games as well as other footballs news, political events, sports events.