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  1. This thread is going to the dogs. People barking up the wrong tree and need to setter down.
  2. Yeah, yeah ok. I'm guessing this is on Netflix which I don't have and I'm probably about 10-15 years behind the times you sarcy git. ☺️ The first time I din't notice for several months so I gave in and started to use some of the films. Got it in my calendar this time. Cheers. I'll have a closer look and bear that in mind,
  3. It's a free trial for a month (like last time) but unless you do something to contact them (which I missed last time - sucker!) it then assumes you want it and they charge you a monthly/yearly rate. It's a piss take IMO and a classic make sure you read the small print. They've had pelters for it in the past and possibly a legal case but they seem to still be doing it.
  4. I accidentally signed up to Amazon Prime (for the 2nd time in 5 years the cheeky barstards) so I may check it out in my month's free trial.
  5. Maybe because their "traditions" are outdated and photos of the queen or the pope just keep the underlying sectarianism festering whilst making token comments and gestures to eradicate it ? Just a thought.
  6. I've not followed this thread so it's maybe already been mentioned. 2 work colleagues of mine mentioned today that series 2 of The Bridge is starting on Friday. I've never seen it but they both raved about it. Thoughts of the TAMB ?
  7. I didn't phrase that well - I'm not sure which I prefer - the original (Norman G) or the one posted by Lairdy (Dr & The Medics).
  8. Another cracking song IMO. Not sure which is better - the original or this version.
  9. fringo

    Best footballer in the TA?

  10. fringo

    Amber Rudd resigns

  11. fringo

    Best footballer in the TA?

    Your modesty almost matches your brilliance. You could have become an Olympic swimmer in the shark invested waters category too I believe. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜β˜ΊοΈ