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      Just to provide an update on the future of the Tartan Army Message Board. To be clear the board will not be closing and instead will be staying open and will hopefully go from strength to strength. Who Are We? We are a group of Scotland supporters who have varied skills and expertise, along with experience of  being involved in football and running football message boards. When we heard the TAMB faced closure, we contacted the old team with a detailed plan which involved financing and running the board. After speaking to the old team on a number of occasions they have allowed us to put our plan into action. While speaking to them and going on their experience and that of those before them, we have elected to keep our identity private, however rest assured we have the best intentions for the board and those on it. Our Plans. Our plan will involve a number of stages which we hope will not only keep the board going but help improve and rejuvenate it. Our first step will be to do a bit of a clean-up of the board. This will involve some downtime for a few hours where posting will be disabled. We plan to do this early next week, a full notice will be posted on the board then. Once that is completed we will be upgrading the current board platform, both behind the scenes and hopefully aesthetically too. There will be an ongoing process of board improvements which we hope you, the user will help us with, so you have a board you will enjoy We thank the old board team for all their hard work, dedication and their help during this handover and hope you will all help support our plans going forward.

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  1. Edinburgh Rugby

    Hardie suspended. Sounds serious.
  2. To stay or go?

    I hate to say I told you so, but...
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I’ve not really watched Northern Ireland play, but they seem to be doing the business with a terrible squad, so maybe O’Neill could be worth a look. I don’t think I’d have any real objection to jobs for the boys David Moyes. Anyone after Ferguson was going to have a tough time of it at Man United, and Sunderland is a complete basket case of a club. He should have known better than to take that job. However, I don’t see any real need to rush into things, and would certainly consider a foreigner.
  4. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Going NZ...again. Have seen us beat Australia (who are now up to third in the world). Just a pity we don’t play the boks until next year as they look eminently beatable.
  5. To stay or go?

    I can foresee a Craig Levein style coup and Malky Mackay taking over from Strachan, who will presumably pick up a position as Professor of Eugenics at Trump University. The good news is they can probably both stay in touch and pass on hints and tips for each other.
  6. Draw is enough

    If Greece beat Cyprus, a draw won’t be enough, even if we do manage to finish second. However, a win will still do it, as the most amount of point Greece can get in the second placed table is 13, as their last game is against Gibraltar who will finish bottom of that group. Well, I think so anyway, but im not trawling through all those results again to double check.
  7. Play off table

    WTF Belgium? Pull your fingers out.
  8. Kaliningrad and Russian Visa

    I’m here right now. I think it’s brilliant, as is krakow. Kaliningrad is interesting, but rather grim.
  9. Lets talk about the play offs

    I think a trip to the Netherlands in the play offs will be fun...
  10. Parking Etiquette

    So what happened in the end with the parking? If it were me, I would continue to park in that spot whenever possible.
  11. Gutted! And just before the play-off too! Cheers for all the hard work, folks, and it's been great meeting up with some of the posters from here, particularly in Ukraine! Is there anywhere that we'll all end up? DB
  12. Kaliningrad and Russian Visa

    Cheers for info. VFS look like complete rip-off merchants, deliberately providing half-answers to questions so that you call their premium rate line for what is essentially a paper shuffling exercise for them. There's a bit of a longer story about why we're willing to pay for a visa for such a short stay, but I don't mind just this once! Maybe this thread could act as a reccy for summer next year!
  13. Kaliningrad and Russian Visa

    The good lady and plan on going to Gdansk for a couple of days, then on to Kaliningrad for a couple of days, then back to gdansk and home. Has anyone out there got any experience of doing this? I've got to get a tourist visa for Russia, and there are any number of dodgy companies wanting to charge me a fortune for this, so any way to keep those costs to a minimum would be welcome. Additionally, what's the best way of getting there from gdansk? I've seen a few bus trips advertised, but they're in Cyrillic or Polish, so while I think I know what I want, again, any advice welcome. Finally, any tips on what to do or avoid when I'm in Kaliningrad would be most welcome. cheers!
  14. Scotland vs Malta

    Job done. Brutal to watch - the sort of "entertainment" that makes you think football will die on its arse soon. Just sell all the man uniteds, celtics and barcelonas as franchises to the Chinese and concentrate on the PlayStation or politics or something. Anyway, I digress. The Lithuania result tonight and the table itself probably show you where we are in relation to Slovenia and Slovakia - we're all much of a muchness. If we do the job, it won't be a huge surprise. Similar story if we don't. It will probably come down to who wants it more and whether Strachan picks Forrest. I think I'm getting sick of football.
  15. Team for Malta

    I'd expect Brown to start. However, if the game goes as we hope and we're doing as well after 60 minutes as we were against Lithuania, I'd expect him to be subbed (to a rousing reception). Think positive!