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  1. Discounted rate for Moffat season ticket holders. Same as has been offered for last couple of games.
  2. Lovely stuff. The directors talking about it being driven by safety and feedback from fans, suggests this will set the precedent for how old firm games are managed going forwards rather than being an end of season thing. What a turnaround this club has taken in recent years. I hope the killie fans back the club by turning up in numbers and demonstrate that listening to the fans can help drive change/progress.
  3. It absolutely is. What's not acceptable are Scotland fans on here defending and excusing bigotry. Which is a much bigger problem.
  4. Deny it all you want. Doesn't change the fact that you and your club practice bigotry borne out of religious intolerance and hatred. Whether you recognise it or not, whether you identify as a bigot or not and whether you think it's justified or not. Is all irrelevant. For the record, i think your Rangers brothers are worse offenders. But that too is also irrelevant.
  5. Yes, certainly nothing unlawful about calling someone a paedo. Very offensive if untrue right enough. Same category as sheep shagger. It's true that shouting at someone, unprovoked, could be a crime regardless of the words. But that's about form and manner rather than content. It is legal to sing at the football (form) and it's legal to accuse a football club and their fans of supporting peado (content). On the other hand, calling someone a fenian or an orange bastard is illegal, in and of itself. The point being that Celtic fans are saying things that are illegal because of religious intolerance and hatred. And there is no excuse for that, regardless of what you or anybody else thinks.
  6. Bacuase it's deflecting away from what is criminal behaviour on the part of Celtic fans, on the basis that Celtic are offended by lawful behaviour. They are quite entitled to be offended, in the same way as Aberdeen fans are entitled to be offended at being accused of sheep shagging. But being offended isn't an excuse for crossing the line into criminal behaviour. There is this constant debate about where the line is...it's there...when the words uttered are, in themselves, criminal. Also it's implying some kind of link or causation between the offensive chanting of Aberdeen fans and the criminal chanting of Celtic fans. When the real reason for Celtic fan behaviour is religious intolerance and hatred. Complete shitebag statement and a whole bunch of Celtic fans on here showing themselves up.
  7. I think the first yellow is fine albeit fairly marginal, he's nowhere near the ball and looks like a 'I'll just take the man here in case he knocks the ball past me'. Would have been fine if it was just a foul too. Not sure about the persistent element, maybe he was referring to the Aberdeen team as a whole or some foul play that the ref played on from? But as I say, I don't think it's a shocker even as a standalone yellow. So I guess Aberdeen a bit unlucky it wasn't just a foul, but I can't see too much wrong with it being a yellow card either. 2nd yellow is more than deserved and heading towards a red. It was dangerous. Accept the point that not always given, but this instance looked particularly reckless. And really bad from where the referee was standing.
  8. Yeah, I don't think there were any controversial decisions from the referee if I'm honest. All looked correct to me.
  9. Forget what? Shocked to see a celtic fan excusing sectarionism and engaging in whataboutery.... No shame.
  10. Clearly. The difference I notice is that the Aberdeen fans on here came out and condemned the song. Whereas you've got a line-up of Celtic fans on here excusing it. So I can buy the argument that it was a minority of idiots in the Aberdeen support, whereas most of the Celtic support indulge in sectarianism, including you and a number of others on here.
  11. Poor effort from Aberdeen. Celtic...why celebrate getting to the final when you can celebrate sectarianism instead. Horrible stuff from the bigots.
  12. Cannot believe this is descended into a discussion around what folk can or cannot do at 14/16/18! Regardless of the wider principle around what level of independence teenagers should have, this 14 yr of is clearly a fanny. And either needs looked after (accompanied by somebody sensible like RB said) or he's big enough to take the adult consequences that follow throwing a lighter at somebody with the intention of trying to hurt them - which is bang out of order. Folk on here want it both ways - he's old enough to go to the football himself and RB is a bed-wetter for suggesting otherwise AND he's just a wean and should therefore get off light. Confused as fuck. If this was a Rangers boy, folk would want him strung up.
  13. Dundee and Hamilton on both counts. Rooting for st mirren.
  14. I think the comparison is to dissuade people from throwing Fletcher into the deep end as an international manager tomorrow. And instead make sure he has a an appropriate apprenticeship first...like Southgate. Not sure if you have maybe mis-read or misunderstood the point being made here?
  15. Yes. I'd also consider Shelley Kerr if we tragically kept McCleish until the end of the summer.
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