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  1. That was unbelievable composite from cuthbert to cut that back. Top quality.
  2. Also thought mctominay was excellent, despite switching off for the first goal.
  3. I agree. Think we looked organised and comfortable on the ball. Belgium are just much better at football than us. I'm confident we will keep getting better. Would love to see Griffiths's back more than anything. Over the two games I'm happy enough with McKenna and mulgrew. Would like to see them continue to build a partnership across this campaign.
  4. This. Fraser got kicked to fuck vs Cyprus.
  5. Not relevant to the topic or even TA specific. Cunts just going off on tangents driven by personal gripes and general stupidity.
  6. Bacause they are below average males deserately trying to convince themselves that a woman couldnt possibly play professional football, while they can barely tie their own shoes without getting out of breath. So long as they can hold onto the lie that they could probably beat the woman's team, if they really wanted to, they cling onto the illusion of adequacy.
  7. The level of moron in this thread is astronomical. Cunts patting themselves on the back after arriving at the conclusion that a Male amateur team would beat the woman's. Some of the woman in the Scotland squad are amateurs themselves, you fucking idiots. Equal pay...the Scottish girls have already come out to say they are overjoyed with the support from the SFA...whoch probably amounts to 30k over 6mths to let them train full time. Couldnt be further from equal pay and all the girls care about is the opportunity to play for their country. So what is your fucking point caller? And fuck me women on the telly...they should be back in the kitchen. Just focus on the fact that the woman are in the world cup and stop trying to measure your dicks up against them, you bunch of cretins.
  8. So is the Men's. Only consumerist wanks, who miss the full point of football, go on about the 'product'. If you cant get excited about Scotland trying to win the world cup then Scottish football is probably not for you. Best you fuck off and get a season ticket for Anfield or Old Trafford and join the rest of the wannabee tourists enjoying the 'product'.
  9. Weve got grit and passion in abundance and reckon we will come out this group. Never a penalty.
  10. Performance was fine. Lot of pressure tonight. Fraser and Robertson are a huge strength - looked as if they could beat the Cyprus team by themselves. I liked how McKenna played. Marshall solid. Brophy didn't do much and in two minds about whether the racehorse should come in instead vs Belgium. Great run from SOD and he should have finished that chance to get the TA off his back. Fuck me need to sort the set pieces and never concede a goal like that again.
  11. I'll eat my hat if that isn't the team.
  12. Yes. Clarke will get the best out of each and every one of them. Mcleish got sacked because he was utter shite at his job, all the time and in every way. The fact he was appointed in the first place and lasted as long as he did was a disgrace.
  13. I think the difference is that you are assessing strengths and weaknesses based on bias and opinion. Whereas the other guy is basing his assessment on relevant facts. The facts show that central defenders have been more if a weak point for us. Not right back, regardless of your opinion of how good our right back is or not (relative to the rest of the.team). And that rings true in my mind. The central defenders weve been playing are pretty young (McKenna, Soutter, bates) and liable to make mistakes. They also might not be very good, but time will tell. Also, we need a striker before a right back. And a keeper I suspect.
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