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  1. Porteous is not very good. He is just fashionable at the moment. That aside, history tells us that you cant win anything with kids...most of the time... The fact that our best team have very few caps means our chances of getting pumped in every game in Euro2020 is very high. The thing is that this squad don't deserve to qualify anyway. Bar a few committed souls, it's peppered with shite cunts, who have done nothing to warrant the reward of a major championship and done everything to lose the support of the fans.
  2. Cyprus means as much as every other game for the reasons i have said. Having your best team on the park today is the thing that makes you successful tomorrow. It is the fucking thing. I also dont think getting pumped from cyprus will be good fkr morale. Events this week means we are already fucked for the play offs. Arsenal can get fucked as far as i am concerned, but good to know you are looking out for them.
  3. We are not asking for him to play 2-3 times a week. Ae are asking him to turn up for the national team to let Steve Clarke work with him alongside the rest of the squad. Plenty of caps? He has 12. And Scotland management have made it clear that it was not their decision and It has been wholly Aresnal and Tiermey's call. Premier league players are never 100% fit. The approach you are proposing vastly overestimes the risk of catastrophic injury and vastly underestinates the benefit of having your best team play together. Without a doubt i would have all my best players, who are playing for their club, in the national team...every single time. Even if that means catastrophic injury to one player every 50 years. Because that approach at least gives us a chance of qualifying. By imagaining these highly unlikely catastrophic scenarios we give ourselvea zero chance.of.sucess. But crack on we will have a good group of fit failures come march. Briliant outcome. We really are a bunch of losers, completely unprepared to do the hard stuff it takes to win.
  4. Rest a player in November for a game in March...are you serious? The idea that we can throw our best team together every couple of years, when a big game comes around...and expect to win, is hopelessly stupid. To suceed you need to prepare. For international football, especially for teams bereft of superstars, that means lots of caps in your starting 11. Yet here we have scotland fans lining up to say that one of the most important factors in maximising our potential for sucess is not very important. With attitudes like that our support deserve fuck all and that is exactly what we will get come March. And the reason for that is directly related to these cunts not turning up this week. But fuck it at least tierney will turn up fresh and ready for the glorius failure we have set up for ourselves - having been rested 4 months previous. And even if, by some miracle, we fluke two results we will be pumped from pillar to post at the euros with the most inexperienced and least committed team in the competition.
  5. Naismith is the best forward option we have. i expect that will still be the case if we miraculously make the euros.
  6. Absolute bomb scare. This is far from ideal.
  7. Fuck sake, no this shite patter. My perspective or lack thereof is neither here nor there. Whether i am worked up is equally irrelevant. In my book, turning your back on your national team is disgraceful. End of.
  8. Im now even more raging at Tierney. He has let his country down big time. Should be ashamed of himself. Never had him down as a spineless rat...but there you go.
  9. Indeed. The degree to which Celtic fans arses collapsed after a couple of sub-par performances was remarkable. I cannot even begin to imagine the hysteric levels of 'cannae take it' should Rangers actually win the league.
  10. Looking forward to all the shitebag celtic fans coming on to tell us how shite a manager neil lennon is....
  11. Nobody is asking rangers to change society, god forbid if they did. What we are asking is that the club stops providing a platform for people to practice bigotory on mass. I dont give a fuck if somebody is a horroble bigot, so long as they keep it to themselves. Which, by and large, they do. Until Rangers football club welcomes them each week and gives them a platform to engage in criminal behaviour. We need to focus on changing behaviour first, a change of beliefs follow that.
  12. Indeed. I was shocked to discover that Rangers hadnt won the league already - as it certainly seemed that way from observing the frothing media and bed wetting celtic fans. Im pretty sure they won the league a number of times last season too...
  13. Spot on. Unbelievable how quickly we will jump to solve something that is barely an issue, while refusing to do fuck all about the things that matter most. Spineless.
  14. You are missing quite a lot by funelling your thoughts and argument through the narrow prism of what is legal or not. And compounding that by mistakenly thinking that others are (1) ignorant of the law (2) also applying a similarly simplistic thought process. You explain clearly why discrimination in question here (on basis of nationality for the benfit of youth development) is different from racism. Similarly the homegrown rule in england, when viewed in context, means that it does (in fact) discriminate and (in fact) intends to. The context being that the limitations on cross border youth transfers means that a homegrown rule results (necesaarily) in the vast majority of those players being English and that is the full point. It is legal because the law looks at the apparent form rather than looking through to the actual result and intent. The point being that if the SFA wanted to it could put in place a rule that intends to discriminate in favour of Scotftsh players, and results in that favourable treatment, while taking a form that is legal (as in England). Legal argument aside, which is an overly simplistic way to look at these things. Given that law should help rather than hinder positive societal outcomes (and can be changed to ensure that is the case). I dont actually believe that discriminating against forwign players would resultin a better Scottish national team - so no point.
  15. I dont think you have read what ive said properly and instead went on to lecturre me on the blantantly obvious....
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