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  1. Morrisandmoo

    Nations League

    Holy moly. They really should just let everyone in to the euros at this rate. So hard to not qualify.
  2. How can referees have any confidence in their performance. Red card for booting an opponent. No mate you got it massively wrong. You have to have some respect for the decisions made on the park. Appeals need to be reserved for clear errors. Not for reapplying judgement to reasonable decisions that you can reasonably argue either way. Plus you can't incentivise managers to behave like paranoid clowns in the hope that they flip the dial of corruption in their favour. Steven Gerard should have been facing disciplinary procedures. Instead he's already managed to slip the SFA in his pocket. Pretty pleased about it though. Will make the tears even sweeter come Christmas.
  3. Morrisandmoo

    Europa league qualifiers

    Mental. Even more extreme than I thought.
  4. Morrisandmoo

    Europa league qualifiers

    I don't think hibs are likely to go out. They are winning in the tie. It would be disappointing if Aberdeen went out, but so far they have competed very well vs a team with many times their budget. Showing teams like Celtic that it can still be done!
  5. Morrisandmoo

    No shots on target?

    I don't know. Being organised and defensive seems to have taken the irelands pretty far. Its certainly been our downfall. Defence has been shakey for years. Without brown breaking up play we were getting skelped Replacing brown, finding a centre back pairing and a decent right back is the order of the day. If the likes of Morgan or Mcgeouch breakthrough then it's a bonus. Armstrong, McGregor, Robertson and others will all improve forward momentum. Griffiths is our only decent striker. The rest are shite and there is nothing we can do about it.
  6. Indeed and it was evident before he took the job. I really hope we're all wrong and he's just dittery when it comes to media stuff. Still expect celtic fans to outnumber the home end by 2:1 by around the 60 minute mark once the usual pumping' is in full flow.
  7. Morrisandmoo

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    A point well made. The focus is all about making more money (better tv deals basically) as if that is going to save Scottish Football. When experience tells us that money has heehaw to do with it. EPL revenue vs English national team performance is a case in point. The play off semi for the EPL last night is another case in point. Shite. Live within our means. Get fans through the gates with competitive and entertaining games (as we are doing now!). Forget the TV deals and European pish. Put the money we do have in the hands of the coaches and use the passion we have, all over this country, to build a decent national team from the grassroots. Easily said. But it's all about choices. Put the European and Sky crack pipe down and choose life/football.
  8. I think we all mean that we wish Hibs had finished ahead of Aberdeen. They were exciting to watch and full of talent, but ultimately never lived up to their potential. Aberdeen while spending half their time rolling about the ground and being generally uninspiring pests, all the while being supported by a terrible bunch intent on driving MCKINNES OUT, ultimately got the job done. Aberdeen deserve 2nd place. Logan will get booed because he's a bitch and can't take it. Hilarious.Celtic fans win everything and are raging. Hilarious. Aberdeen fans will eventually get their way and force MCKINNES OUT, securing their return to obscurity. Hilarious. Rangers. Hilarious.
  9. What about Steve Clarke? He's spent no money but completely turned the club around. Instant impact. A good enough manager should be capable of doing the same for Rangers, given they have a better calibre of player than killie.
  10. Love the appointment of Gerrard. 4yrs as well! Hilarious times ahead. He's definitely not going to be back down the road in 8mths. To think the media tried to scupper this deal in the same way they did with Pedro. Touting experience and proven success as desirable attributes. Those Rangers hating bastards.
  11. This club should be put to sleep. Anybody who goes anywhere near it is an idiot. Everything they say and do is an embarrassing disgrace. Hopefully Murty gets well clear, far too good for them.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43923485 Enjoyed this interview. Glad that he highlighted the happy clapping vs hibs as something that drove the team forward and gave him a hook in the dressing room. Especially since the fans got such a slagging for it. Another cracking game. Shite killie defending in the 2nd half, but full on entertainment. Would have loved a 4-4, but not overly bothered. Tshibola is a liability. Erwin was out of sorts. Kris Boyd is one fat sexy bastard.
  13. No need for the sweary words. Deary me. Not having a go mate, just dealing out the facts.
  14. Let's get back to fact based argument, rather than throwing insults about. Worst cunts on the TA board on account of their incessant and irrelevant shite patter - Aberdeen fans. Worst cunts on the Scotland trips on account of their incessant and irrelevant shite patter - Aberdeen fans. Worst cunts ever on account of their incessant and irrelevant shite patter - Aberdeen fans. I rest my case. Worst cunts. Which is a nightmare for you considering the Zombie situation.
  15. Typical Aberdeen fan. Frothing at the mouth and throwing out insults after some fair comment. You really are a rotten lot.