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  1. I don't mate, I don't follow Beaton's social life very closely. I'm not some kind of paranoid weirdo.
  2. He said that Beaton was a 12th man for dunfermline, which is incorrect. It's also hysterical and paranoid.
  3. Pretty hilarious levels of paranoia. You'd here that on only an excuse and acuse them of going too far.
  4. I suspect you are correct and unfortunately can see the ticket allocation trending towards zero, until rangers fans can learn to behave.
  5. Have you been to rugby park? It is impossible for there to be a crush outside the Chadwick stand. That is just a lie from Rangers football.club (shocking I know). The delays have already been attributed to searches and fraudulent tickets. I'm sure next time, the delays will be justifiably longer to accomodate more security measures targeting rangers fans. Compelled? I dont think anybody held a gun to any rangers fans head and demanded they bought a home end ticket. But regardless that wasn't the issue. The issue was sectarian abuse, a pitch invasion and destruction of a disabled shelter. I'm sure there will be a reduced allocation with netting. But may as well take this to the inevitable.conclusion and cage the animals up. Two stands is a moronic suggestion. Sorry. Then you have got twice the problem. See Celtic game at rugby park last year where there was a pitch invasion from both stands that took 5-10 mins to resolve.
  6. I never said you were an old firm fan, I said we were used to the type of pishy arguments constructed by them and the media to distract folk from the root cause of the problems - which is coked up bigots getting away with murder. The type of agument you are making. We will have to just disagree. If you think building a more robust shelter is going to make things better then good luck to you. They will just set fire to it next time. Less cocaine and bigotry amoungst old firm fans is the only thing that will make this better (not building plans which try to predict what the cunts are going to do next)
  7. I'm not trying to give them comfort, i am apportioning blame. And I'm blaming the coked up bigots who decided to jump all over the top of a shelter housing disabled people. That was a very stupid and dangerous thing to do and there should be serious consequences for those involved. If you want to try to blame a shelter that has stood for 25years rather than the scumbags jumping all over the top of disabled people...then fine, we are used to it - completely standard response from old firm fans and the media in response to cunts acting like vile, coked up bigots (again) just because they are at the football. Chairs broken - stadiums fault...Disabled folk crushed - shelters fault...Player/manager assaulted - security's fault. Every cunts fault but the cunts actually doing it.
  8. I wouldn't go that far. The problem is the level of cocaine and bigotry flowing through the blood of rangers fans on any given Saturday/Sunday. Nothing is healthy or safe enough to counter-act the toxic impact coked-up-huns have on folk and disabled shelters up and down Scotland.
  9. Fuck a world where we need to build things with the foresight that coked up bigots might one day trample across a shelter housing disabled people. Fuck folk like you trying to make the world that way. And fuck the disabled-trampling coked up bigots as well.
  10. They have suspended the part of the law that requires a goalkeeper be booked for committing the offence. As they have realised it is impossible for the goalkeeper to comply with the current rules. And therefore applying the rule would result in multiple red cards per penalty shoot out. Such is the ridiculousness of the rule.
  11. You are wrong. May as well have the keeper standing on his head, such is the difficulty of compliance. The rule is as well balanced as me after ten pints. Also a bit weird to suspend such a well balanced rule half way through a tournament... Shat it big time because they know we would have seen a good 3 or 4 red cards for every penalty shoot out. Gutted they weren't as nieve as you. Would have been funny as fuck. The rule should be that the keeper may not unreasonably encroach on the kicker in advance of the ball being struck. The reasonableness of any forward movement to be judged by the referee. Simple.
  12. That was unbelievable composite from cuthbert to cut that back. Top quality.
  13. Also thought mctominay was excellent, despite switching off for the first goal.
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