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  1. That comes with its own challenges, but I think you are right. Folk going on about the spfl this and the spfl that. It's the clubs themselves that are the problem. We need to save them from themselves by taking them out of the equation. A truly independent board committed to the long term success of Scottish football would be worth a shot. Then you can actually think about doing something about sectarianism, make real efforts to enforce financial fair play and all the rest of the stuff that doesn't get done when you have the perpratators helping set the rules.
  2. You've just ruined my day. Please don't mention this again.
  3. Fuck football behind closed doors. Just mothball the clubs until we get back to being comfortable hosting with fans. Within a few months folk will be fine with the increased risk from covid now the peak has past and folk in England are getting punted back to work. We live with the increased risk that comes with a few pints, a bovril and half cooked pie as it is. Personally I would have just held off on calling the season and made a decision once we knew when football was back on the cards. But looks like all the clubs agreed, for whatever (probably financial) reason so doesn't really matter what I ir anybody else thinks Did burst out laughing to see hearts relegated in such circumstances tbf.
  4. Zero chance anybody, with a brain, is going to listen to anything rangers have to say to be honest. They are a shower of idiots, with malicious intent.
  5. A belter to be fair. Highlights, if nothing else, how desperate rangers fans are to believe the conspiracy and shite that comes out of their club - rather than critically assess the situation - when they can be so easily mugged off.
  6. Not made a statement calling for resignations without offering supporting evidence? And probably advised the whistle blower to contact the SPFL, SFA, UEFA, the media, the police or the most sensible body depending on exactly what he was concerned about - if I was not comfortable releasing the information to the public myself (e.g. if I thought doing so was unlawful).
  7. Thanks for the run down. I would imagine the SPFL would struggle to establish the remit of an independent investigation without knowing what the charge is to be fair. Whether Doncastor is a bully or not seems far too vague and subjective. I certainly question the intelligence of this so called whistle blower's decision to choose Rangers as their preferred whistle blowing outlet. They are almost the last people in the world I'd trust to handle something like this for me! If there is one organisation capable of outperforming the SPFL in terms of incompetentence, lack of professionalism, bullying and idiocy it's those guys! Bizarre choice to say the least. Safe to say both the SPFL and Rangers look like total diddies at this point. Scottish football - the never ending comedy!
  8. Ha, what a drama. If it's as Rangers say then an enquiry wont be needed. They should put the evidence in the public domain and that will compel the resignations they desire. Its definitely the opposite of serious 😂
  9. Big Dundee on the wind up 😂😂😂 So were rangers just full of shite or do they have something to present that justifies their Trumpion drama?
  10. Rangers statement reminds me of the shit you see from the worst cunts you know on Facebook. Dafty 1 - "pure shocking so it is!! Absolutley ranging so I am!!!!!" Dafty 2 "what's up hun" Dafty 1 "I'll DM you"
  11. It is the only solution. Finish the season no matter what, otherwise rangers fans will be marching about claiming they weren't roundly pumped. And I cant be fucked listening to their moronic pish.
  12. I thought it was the winners of the group who got promoted up a division, how come Israel have followed us up?
  13. The reality I'm basing it on is (1) history. It often repeats itself (2) the club and management's level of professionalism and general competence (3) ongoing financial losses funding by uncertain investments/debt (4) increasing operating expenses and capital investments (e.g. Kent), funded through debt + hit and hope European adventures. I'm speculating that after celtic got 10 in a row investor appetite to fund ongoing losses will wane. This would be compounded should rangers fail to reach the latter stages of Europe in any season in the near future. It's obviously a prediction, but not a particularly bold one given the precarious business plan being executed, poor results on the park and the general management incompetence on display. Obviously rangers might continue to outperform in europe for the next 5 years, luck box a domestic title and win their way back to financial stability. But I think that is the less likely scenario. I don't see how child abuse at celtic has anything to do with whether rangers become insolvent again in the near future.
  14. Gerrard is a weird guy. Sounds like he wants to hang the club out to dry and head off - after, it has to be said, an almost a reckless level of support. I would be shocked if rangers still existed as a club in 18mths time. They look doomed. Can't see them continuing to piss against the wind in a post 10 in-a-row world.
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