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  1. I am very pleased that the Scottish government have changed their policy and re-permitted Scottish football. Another part of me wishes that they had persisted for a little longer, just to prove to a certainty that it was worthless and stupid. Unfortunately they have been shitebags and quickly deferred instead to English policies. So it will be more difficult to prove that they were stupid ideas all along. However hopefully we have clever enough analysts to distill the obvious.
  2. It’s not just me. The Scottish government have already reversed their position! Before the ink is dry on their initial position! Do you disagree? Show me your science and then I will show you mine.
  3. For no reason. Don’t forget that. The meagre sacrifice made by the Scottish football fan has been for no benefit whatsoever. That is clear. These people have been elected and entrusted to make good decisions.And they have made many bad ones recently. And it is easy to excuse them all, because in the ultimate analysis nothing matters - least of all football. However, we have very little time on this earth. We shouldn’t spend it inside for no reason. The Scottish government should never have banned footballs crowds. It has been a terribly stupid decision which alas has been of no use.
  4. Too generous. The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon post some amount of shite on social media. And nobody is making them.
  5. Totally, it’s embarrassing either way. I’ve seen loads of this from both the SNP and unionists. We should be less concerned about tiny variations in death rates from week to week and more concerned about overall death rates and health outcomes in Scotland compared to everywhere else in Europe. We should focus COVID comparisons on learning from each other and tolerate (encourage even) variations in policy (and experimentation). Instead we pillory anybody that doesn’t conform (remember Norway). I’m glad England are taking a different approach. We will learn something if their NHS is overwhelmed and we will learn something if it is not. If they get good results then it is good for us all.
  6. Yeah so the difference in Dec is not typical (or at least we're just zooming in too much!) and can see you don't lose much in practice, at the moment, if you look at either covid deaths or excess deaths. The total deaths are important too (but for different reasons). I don't think a lot of folk appreciate that current death rates are only as bad as 2015. And even 2020 I think was only as bad as 1999. The reason, to some extent at least, is that folk (experts and laymen alike) love the drama of quoting the excess deaths being "worse on record in peacetime". Another example, in my opinion, of a touch of covid tunnel vision. Excess deaths are good for telling us pressure caused by unplanned deaths. Whereas total death rates add perspective and should give us confidence (optimisim?) that we can comfortably adapt to post-covid mortality risk (in time).
  7. I wasn't implicitly making the argument that we are in fact seeing excess deaths as a result of over-doing covid response - rather making a more generalised point. Although by definition, being overly covid focused would cause worse excess deaths overall. Maybe there is a wide margin for error (maybe there isn't), but certainly taken too far then you'll get worse results. The way you've framed it - it's like all the measures or zero measures = same result i.e. the bodies pile up just as high either way. Which obviously isn't the case (at least if viewed over a reasonably short timeline) otherwise what are we all worried about (we're all going to die anyway!) What is too little, too much or just right is the thing we don't know and are obviously all trying to judge. And it's my opinion that basing those judgement on a wide pool of data and insights is better than a narrow pool. In that respect, when assessing which health initiatives to prioritise then total deaths matter imo. I wasn't making the argument BTW that we are necessarily too strict (I personally think we were too late with 27Dec restrictions to make a meaningful difference and wouldn't have bothered myself - although the earlier Dec guidance prob made a difference to behaviors). I was more making the argument that I've seen us get very narrow in our public discourse which I believe risks us making sub-optimal choices from time to time (e.g. vaccine passports).
  8. Simply stunning. Should plaster that chart everywhere. Also emphasises how obsessing over getting younger people vaccinated (through vaccine passports or whatever) is playing around the edges (and in my opinion mainly about blame, prejudice and division). When vaccination drives should be focusing on the last 1% in 50+ who are healthy enough to benefit from a vaccine. That being said, how you get old stubborn cunts to do anything though is beyond me.
  9. Awesome, thank you! Highlights to me the importance of having a wider perspective on society and avoiding a hyper-focus on Covid. Given we (Scotland) are showing covid deaths going down at the end of the year, while excess mortality overall spiked up (albeit I'm not sure what they've done with the delayed registration point) - in contrast to other UK nations. If you're deed your deed.
  10. Is there overall death rates for the nations presented in as easy a format to digest? Be interested to see non-covid deaths + covid deaths as Exile has above?
  11. We need a workable wealth tax. The amount of money that needs to be invested in our health and care system (to meet reasonable expectations) must be astronomical.
  12. I’ve got to say that I am very much encouraged by this (eg icu experience being close to a normal year in London) if it holds. That is not what I expected with those case numbers I have to say. It also clearly underlines that we need more NHS capacity generally, and as quickly as we can build it, even if COVID magics itself away.
  13. Have done that myself. A bittersweet experience!
  14. We will be flying in about this diddy league wae the claw end of a hammer noo. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Also we will pump Aberdeen next season. One way or another. I can feel it in my water.
  15. Of course if you do decide to have a go, you run the risk of phart rightfully calling you out on your bullshit! But of course…that’s an essential part of the process too… Trust the process 😁
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