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  1. Indeed, our best chance to win this tie might have been at pittodrie! Regardless, I reckon we are in for a great game - both teams are going to be bang up for it and playing like their season depends on it...because well their seasons might depend on it!
  2. A player is more than just his current club though. That is far too one dimensional an analysis of a players worth. Naismith brings a wealth of experience and success from a much higher level than hearts. And I see him carry that into the games he plays for Scotland.
  3. From casually watching him play, I've got to say I agree. Every time I see highlights of him his movement is atrocious...he seems to more often than not move into the least dangerous / helpful positions. And unable really to control the ball. He must be able to do something right, but I've never seen it. He is also a tool.
  4. Perfectly good goal my hoop. He's got two hands on findlays back and pushes him to the ground. What planet is Gerrard on when he thinks that is allowed. In any case, Morellas was lucky to still be on the park the horrible cheating cunt that he is.
  5. I wonder if they have any conclusive videos of Rangers fans singing about hating fenions.
  6. Football is just a microcosm of society as a whole, ergo the world is fucked. You could easily change a couple of words in the paragraph I've copied below and it would be an accurate commentary around the exponentially increasing concentration of wealth and power into the hands of the super elite around the world. The good news might be that if we can save football then maybe we will have discovered a way to save the world too "As this investigation will reveal, football’s embrace of unregulated hyper-capitalism has created a growing financial disparity that is now destroying the inherent unpredictability of the sport. This is not just the big clubs often winning, as has been the case since time immemorial. It is that a small group of super-wealthy clubs are now so financially insulated that they are winning more games than ever before, by more goals than ever before, to break more records than ever before. They are stretching the game in a way that has caused the entire sport to transform and shift."
  7. Taylor also played well vs Belgium. I probably would bench Robertson tbh...mostly so we could have a decent captain on the field. I think that might make a bigger difference than having a world class left back who is usually pish vs a good left back who is always good. I'm also a bitter cunt and hate weak-cunt no show captains, so that might be influencing my view too.
  8. He also chose not to turn up even when he was fit.
  9. Findlay is an outstanding centre back.
  10. Indeed and the players (like Robertson and terney) need to take as much responsibility for the situation as management. We need a much stronger captain for a starter (not before the euros though - unfortunately) who will give these cunts a boot up the arse and inspire some patriotism, rather than encourage the optional culture.
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