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  1. Seems to be one of the few genuinely two-footed players which will definitely be an advantage for him in his career
  2. Clearly doesn't fancy it so leave it to the players who actually want to play
  3. Marshall Palmer Gallacher Findlay Robbo McTominay McGinn Russell Christie Fraser Shankland Been a big fan of Mulgrew over the years but sad to say he's past it. Never really rated Devlin so give the 2 new boys a chance. Not been convinced by McGregor in the past few games.
  4. People on twitter losing their minds over Forrest not starting despite the fact he's only ever had 2 good games in a Scotland shirt and absolutely terrible for the rest.
  5. and that would still be young given our current standards
  6. If he carries on his current form he might end up being our first choice RB at 17
  7. yeah wikipedia's stats always seem to off. transfermarkt seems to be the most up to date site i've found
  8. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/todd-kane/leistungsdaten/spieler/154287 He's played every game except 3
  9. Did alright as a youth player but was never going to be good enough for Chelsea
  10. Suffered from mental health issues and problems with gambling and addiction. I believe he moved to Dundee as he moved in with family who lived nearby.
  11. Just seen McTominay's goal. What a hit
  12. Assuming it's through family as he's from Manchester
  13. Also, noticed Hickey is playing on the right today.
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