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  1. Happy with that lineup. That midfield choice says we’re going to take the game to them which is positive. im backing McBurnie to get his first goal today
  2. Taylor is unlucky to be a left back really. He’s definitely good enough to be an international but has two of our best players ahead of him
  3. Kazakhstan 0 - 2 Scotland San Marino 0 - 4 Scotland
  4. "Alex McLeish has been dealt a further blow with Ryan Fraser and Callum Paterson set to sit out of the clash with Kazakhstan. The first of Scotland's European Championship qualifiers will take place on the artificial surface of the Astana Arena next Thursday. And Bournemouth and Cardiff want their key men to sit out of the game and protect themselves after both suffering serious knee injuries in the past"
  5. Personally I'd pick Findlay over Souttar because he's left sided.
  6. Paterson can't play in the first game because of the pitch. Also, Bates was thrown in for his debut in an important game and did fine so I have no worries about Findlay doing the same
  7. Let's try this again.... Kelly Palmer Bates Findlay Tierney McTominay McGregor Forrest McGinn Burke McBurnie I imagine Eck will probably go with Russell, Bain & Souttar though
  8. Sad to see Fraser being lumped in the can't be arsed pile when he travelled to Scotland for the Albania home game desperate to play only to be told no by our physios
  9. Robertson not definitely out
  10. I agree. I was disappointed Kelly & Findlay weren’t selected originally. Kelly is much better than Archer and I’d probably pick him over McLaughlin too
  11. Did anybody watch the Swansea game? I know McBurnie missed out but I was interested to know how Byers & Fulton played.
  12. There's Souttar who could play as well though that would be 2 right footers
  13. He’s not looked anywhere near his best and just got himself a daft suspension for the next round
  14. Must be saving himself for Scotland....
  15. Apparently Tierney has caught the eye of the Dortmund scouts watching Toljan, who they've got out on loan to Celtic at the minute. If there's truth in this then I'd much rather he go to Germany than to England as I feel he'll become a better player there.
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