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  1. Hickey hasn't had an international call up for any of the squads since March last year which I find bizarre
  2. Just been reading about Parrott at Spurs. 18 years old, made his debut for Ireland in November and currently has played 6 mins of Premier League football
  3. U21s play the day after the Israel game and the same day as the final
  4. You'd have to have lived under a rock to have missed not only the praise for McGinn before his injury but how much pundits have talked about Villa missing him.
  5. There was a whole thing about Callum McGregor kicking off because McTom ran straight down the tunnel at full time instead of going to the supporters because he needed to get to a toilet.
  6. Israel are looking for a postponement as some of their players would have to be quarantined prior to the match and would miss the start of their training camp.
  7. No I'm wrong, it was Kazahkstan away I was thinking of where he was ill.
  8. Wasn't that when McTominay was ill so wasn't 100%?
  9. McGregor has looked very shaky since the winter break and nothing like his usual self
  10. Was he capped whilst at Rangers or was his first after he left?
  11. He's played every game for their U21 side this season. Seems they're playing the long game with him. Hope he gets a chance as he's looked a standout whenever I've seen him play for our U21s
  12. I think Findlay has the potential to be our best CB but going on form it probably has to be Hanley & Cooper
  13. Kelly isn't the issue, it's their woeful defence making countless mistakes. Good practice for being a Scotland keeper then I guess....
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