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  1. I remember not bothering to go to Paris to watch us play Brazil because I had an exam on the Monday. Same story with the other two games - it would come round again. We qualified for everything, right? 23 years of mostly pish later and I have seen the national team become a bit (more) of a joke. Somewhere many players didn’t really want to be, but they picked up money and it was better to go through the motions and not get injured rather than deal with the shit you’d get if you didn’t play. However, a major plus of all this Euros stuff is seeing people, particularly people who were t
  2. Those that are in the plan to get subbed should try and pick up a yellow. There. That’s my tactical analysis.
  3. Don’t think so. if B and C are out, it means 1B v 3E 1C v 3F 1E v 3D (Hampden) 1F v 3A A further advantage of playing our next match at Hampden would be that if we get through, Gilmour would, I think, just be available for the QF in Rome (possibly against England again!) on 3/7. Not that I’m getting ahead of myself or anything! Please let’s just pull it out the bag tomorrow.
  4. I just logged on to post this. I think Denmark would need to put a few on Russia to make sure, as they’d need to finish above anyone else who finishes third on 3 points.
  5. Right. It’s happened and we deal with it. We can still do this. No excuses.
  6. Wish I knew how to post photos, but there was a plane flying above Rockcliffe today with a banner which said “80% of England’s goals are from set pieces”! Maybe this link will work… https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1760333240838407&id=368477173357361&__tn__=*s*s-R
  7. So ideal for us, assuming Belgium beat Finland, is Denmark to batter Russia? Would leave Russia with 3 points but goal difference of minus a lot if we did manage to finish tied in a third-placed spot with them on 3 points.
  8. Haha. Just a wee warm up for tomorrow!
  9. could happen, yes. However - and someone please correct me if I’m wrong - if Denmark beat Russia and Belgium beat Finland, it leaves 3 teams on 3 points, so it goes back to goal difference. if that does happen, we’d want Belgium to pump Finland and Denmark to pump Russia so their goal difference is terrible. I think. I’ve been playing golf in the sun and had a pint, so I may be inaccurate.
  10. Presumably we want a 0-0 in this Turkey game and Italy to pump Switzerland. if Italy go on to beat wales and someone wins the Turkey - Switzerland fixture, third place in this group will have 2 points. I think!
  11. That’s why I’d probably find a place for Gilmour on Friday, particularly if he doesn’t start tomorrow and we don’t get the job done. How negative of me! That Kalvin Phillips looks decent, but so do some of our lads. Come on, Scotland!
  12. Phew. but I’m not an alky or anything.
  13. Just got news of a ticket so all a bit last minute. We get into Watford about mid-day, but Elton hasn’t returned my voicemail, and after that the only place I can find to book is the Walkabout which I have provisionally taken up (with a welcome drink of 6 Jägerbombs between 2 of us!). However, I am willing to forego this Hertfordshire tourist hotspot if anyone has an idea about somewhere better on the tube between Watford and Wembley? Ideally with grub and a tv for the Sweden game.
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