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  1. Yes, it has been set up like that, but the fact we now have Russia as our penultimate game instead of a significantly stronger team will help us rest our players. How did you get on with wales tickets?
  2. I’m quietly confident. Just worried about our centre half options.
  3. Yes, it’s fine. People are already watching shite on the pitch.
  4. Yeah. Pretty much battered them. We did make mistakes, but they weren’t good enough to capitalise and their try arguably shouldn’t have stood. We were as good as they were bad. Hopefully repeat next week with no injuries and off to Japan we go. Think Huw Jones may not be picked, but we shall see.
  5. You’d be doing very, very well to get ten together! The six nations ticket applications have just gone out to clubs. Not sure if you’re too late, but you could join your local club and apply before their deadline (mid September at my place). You may score a couple that way. More if your mates do the same. As it’s at wales, you may have to register with the WRU to have a ticket account before applying. You need to do that with Scotland for home games. Not sure if you can apply through Scotland for the wales tickets. However, it’s worth setting up an account, as it eats into the time available to you when the launch goes live. Also, a superfast broadband connection when they go live is good. If you multiply this approach across your mates, you’ll probably get a few. Similarly, if your mates are welsh, maybe they can get a few through joining their club (that’s how I’m getting mine this year). No idea about online touts like viagogo. There don’t tend to be that many on the day in Cardiff, although you do see them. You may also get lucky in a pub, etc. Finally, if you do get tickets, get in early. The queues with increased security are particularly bad in Cardiff. I went for our last trip there in the 6N (best forgotten!) and also another game, and the queues were something to behold. The anthems were, as ever, excellent. Good luck! Another finally... if it’s just a Scotland away match in the 6 Nations you fancy, Italy is probably your best bet for 10 tickets together. They tend to be freely available on the Italian website. I think going there takes you through to their version of ticketmaster.
  6. That was a disgrace. Wouldn’t surprise me if Toony gave a broadly similar team the chance to either make amends or play themselves out the reckoning. I think he’ll rest Hogg and Barclay, and I reckon he’ll find room in the forwards for Watson and Blade Thompson off the bench. He should maybe give Hastings another 80 as well.
  7. Dunno if it will be streamed here... https://www.scottishrugby.org/?fbclid=IwAR3Oee0_eKpwsTq2GVYoNa-X32IaXyZL7ezZSdxl9rA3LyVqK_cvRO9x3qg
  8. Agree. The first game v France is on the free view premier channel on Monday morning, if that’s any help.
  9. Yeah - I think SA are my slight favourites. Currently behind NZ and england in the betting. They are in the tougher side of the draw (with us), but have been on an upwards curve since Rassie took over. I can see us beating Ireland and losing to Samoa.
  10. I think this and next seasons are the ones to make progress. We won’t be 15th by the end of this one, so our points next season will still be divisible by 4. If we do get to 15 at the end of next season, we will have an extra team in Europe for the following season which is obviously the end goal, but which might reduce our score by a wee bit if our standard hasn’t improved to beyond getting a team beaten off the likes of crack outfits such as Lokomotiv Llangollen which happened this year.
  11. Have just been reading about the new uefa competition for season 2021-22. My understanding is that from that season onwards, uefa coefficient placings will effectively be frozen for 3 or 4 seasons from the end of next season, thereby meaning that the amount of teams a given country gets in each of the 3 trophies is fixed for a wee while. It’s therefore important to be 15th or higher by the end of next season. This looks do-able, as we’re already 16th in next season’s standings, slightly behind Czechia, and ahead of Serbia, Croatia and Greece. I think! I do love a coefficient discussion. Please could someone who is a bit more clued up tell me if I’m right or hopelessly wrong?!
  12. Has anybody applied for finals tickets like this before? I was thinking of 2 Hampden group games and 2 for the final. In the unlikely event that we don’t make it to the final, how easy is it to punt the tickets? NB - I wouldn’t be making a profit. On the Hampden games anyway! 😊
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