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  1. That is the first time I have seen that Aberdeen away kit this season. It’s honking. Curtis Main looks like he should be in little Britain.
  2. I’m a bit of a traditionalist in that I won’t boo the kicker - I just think it’s a bit naff. However, if they sclaff it wide, I am not averse to cheering.
  3. That was a bit over-egged, but it appears they don’t get on. Anyway, Jim Telfer has come out early this year! https://www.scotsman.com/sport/rugby-union/scottish-rugby-legend-jim-telfer-supports-indyref2-we-should-not-be-tied-to-england-1-5080797
  4. Hi, Could anyone give a recommendation on where to get a banner printed? Not a massive one (what happened to that Jacobite one from a few years back?!), but something between 3 friends that used to be four that might get on the telly during the anthems. With a fireproofing certificate.
  5. And Scotland begins the decade on top of the sporting world. Well done, Peter Wright. Surely such a display of sporting dominance finally puts it beyond all doubt that Scotland can hold its own on the world stage and pretty much seals the case for independence. Inevitably, this will delay Indy Ref 2. Boris won’t have liked watching that. my wife has just told me to stop drinking. Bye.
  6. If I put a Swastika in the labour box tomorrow, will it count as a vote?
  7. Just looking at the list of signatories to the wada code on the wada website. UEFA isn’t on it but FIFA is. It isn’t that short either and contains several world-leading organisations, such as the international federations for both sambo and sepak takraw.
  8. Austria are decent. Am expecting england to get the usual suspects of Narnia, Lilliput and Lapland. And Scotland. Actually, this could work out well for us... ...although Lilliput have drafted in some Brobdingnagians this year to help them out at set pieces, so it won’t be all plain sailing.
  9. If Russia are kicked out, I suspect they will arrange the replacement games at Wembley. Seems to be their go-to place at the moment - I do wonder why. I remember when Russia and Qatar got the World Cup over england and Boris Johnson immediately withdrew his bribe of top quality accommodation at the olympics for the various voting delegates who would have been coming over for the Olympic football in 2012. It was funny to see one of the royals get custard pied in public when that result was announced. Think it was the Junior Overlord of Wales. Anyway, I digress. Let’s get intae these Kazakhs! Revenge indeed!
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