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  1. Duncan Blackheart

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Wonder if Kinghorn would ever start at 13? Maybe during the WC warm-ups?
  2. Duncan Blackheart

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Not that easy, particularly as there are only 2 home games that year. Your best bet is to join a local rugby club and go into the ballot for tickets. You also need an I.D. with the SRU ticketing site - get one of those and sign up to the ticket alerts. http://www.scottishrugby.org/tickets-events/guinness-six-nations-championship-2019
  3. Duncan Blackheart

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Team is interesting. Line-out maul seems the attacking weapon of the day. Hopeless optimism kicking in now...
  4. Duncan Blackheart


    I seem to remember a “scottish“ bar called the highlander or something. I wanted to see their take on the theme and hopefully watch a Scotland match (can’t remember who we were playing that evening), but they didn’t have the match and the Scottish part seemed to consist of a side room with a Scottish-themed mural. I was pretty battered by that stage though. Still had fun - there are far better bars in Gdansk though. As well as Sopot, also a shout here for the Solidarity museum, particularly if you’re of an age to remember Lech Wałesa in his moustachioed pomp. We also went to Kaliningrad for a couple of nights - was interesting enough in a grimly fascinating sort of way, but we won’t be rushing back there. However, we’d go back to Gdansk like a shot, and may do so again this summer. I’m particularly keen to get back on the train to Sopot and take a stroll on the beach when the sun is high...
  5. Duncan Blackheart

    New Gillette Advert - caution

    Woke capitalism is cringeworthy.
  6. Duncan Blackheart


    Why don’t you try both and report back?
  7. Duncan Blackheart

    Unpopular Opinions

    Pet ownership is indefensible from an environmental point of view, and the idea of maintaining another sentient being for your own entertainment is ethically highly questionable. Right. Am off for a bacon sandwich.
  8. Duncan Blackheart

    European Cup

    Don’t worry - they’ll change the rules again to put a stop to that!
  9. Duncan Blackheart

    Scotland's UEFA coefficient

    I think if Celtic do get through the next round, they win a whole extra point for Scotland on top of whatever they pick up while going through. Belarus have BATE Borisov in next round; Sweden have Malmö. Both in Europa League. Cypriot teams all out.
  10. Duncan Blackheart

    Scotland's UEFA coefficient

    Good point! Was still thinking it was a point for a win and .5 for a draw. Just checking if anyone was reading.
  11. Duncan Blackheart

    Scotland's UEFA coefficient

    A win or two draws on Thursday night sees Scotland into the much fabled 19th position. Serbia papped out of Europe tonight, so we’d definitely finish above them if we pick up those points. Unlikely anyone else will finish above us if we get there, too. Unlikely, but not impossible!
  12. Duncan Blackheart

    Scotland's UEFA coefficient

    After group stage finishes. However, I can’t cite a source for that. Best bet is Bert Kassies’ site.
  13. Duncan Blackheart

    The Mighty Rangers

    Showed a bit of character tonight rangers - enjoyed watching it. Wien will be interesting in a couple of weeks if Rapid are up for it. Am sure both the fans and the Polizei will be if sufficiently goaded.
  14. Duncan Blackheart

    Scotland's UEFA coefficient

    Yup. .250 behind, so if RSB lose their last game, they won’t pick up any more points in Europe this year. If Celtic or Rangers pick up a draw between them, it’s a tie for the fabled 19th place. Not sure what the decider would be if they finish level, but that is how it would stand. If the Scottish teams pick up anything more than that and the Serbs lose at home to PSG, 19th place is pretty much secure. PSG need at least a point to be sure of qualification I think. 18th is Cyprus (just under 2.5 points ahead, both teams going out but have final matches where they could pick up points). May be a bridge too far this season unless someone gets to the QFs which would mean not only points picked up for good results in the round of 32, but also a bonus point for reaching that far. I don’t really like football. I just love the coefficients system.
  15. Duncan Blackheart

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Yeah - part of the reason the centre backs were dodgy was because Bates was usually dragged out of position by covering for Arthur Bostrom (sorry - I just can’t see anyone else now). Does he usually look like that, or is it a Movember thing?