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  1. Has anybody applied for finals tickets like this before? I was thinking of 2 Hampden group games and 2 for the final. In the unlikely event that we don’t make it to the final, how easy is it to punt the tickets? NB - I wouldn’t be making a profit. On the Hampden games anyway! 😊
  2. There are plenty countries with similar populations and weather challenges to us who seem to do well and punch well above their weight. I wonder what the captain of the Viking Sky is doing now. Perhaps it’s time to go Scandinavian?
  3. Didn’t think of that! He was probably throwing his hat in the ring!
  4. Strachan ruling himself out of the Scotland job here... https://mobile.twitter.com/BeardedGenius/status/1114203787336519680?s=08 edit - just seen this is on another thread, but still...
  5. Hard to see the San Marino boss staying in his job after that embarrassment.
  6. Unremitting wall-to-wall shite. SFA are a failure and have been for decades. Scottish Government would do well to withdraw all funding from football and give it to more deserving national sports that don’t foster bigotry and which bring people together in celebration rather than mockery and anger.
  7. In terms of turning down the points, it was very windy at the game yesterday - don’t know if that came across on the tv. Maybe they just didn’t fancy it. Should have won that. Wales were rubbish in the second half. I fear for next week’s result.
  8. Wonder if Kinghorn would ever start at 13? Maybe during the WC warm-ups?
  9. Not that easy, particularly as there are only 2 home games that year. Your best bet is to join a local rugby club and go into the ballot for tickets. You also need an I.D. with the SRU ticketing site - get one of those and sign up to the ticket alerts. http://www.scottishrugby.org/tickets-events/guinness-six-nations-championship-2019
  10. Team is interesting. Line-out maul seems the attacking weapon of the day. Hopeless optimism kicking in now...
  11. I seem to remember a “scottish“ bar called the highlander or something. I wanted to see their take on the theme and hopefully watch a Scotland match (can’t remember who we were playing that evening), but they didn’t have the match and the Scottish part seemed to consist of a side room with a Scottish-themed mural. I was pretty battered by that stage though. Still had fun - there are far better bars in Gdansk though. As well as Sopot, also a shout here for the Solidarity museum, particularly if you’re of an age to remember Lech Wałesa in his moustachioed pomp. We also went to Kaliningrad for a couple of nights - was interesting enough in a grimly fascinating sort of way, but we won’t be rushing back there. However, we’d go back to Gdansk like a shot, and may do so again this summer. I’m particularly keen to get back on the train to Sopot and take a stroll on the beach when the sun is high...
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