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  1. Dairbee

    Tyson Fury

    Good piece of writing. Cant help but think Tyson might have eventually bitten off more than he can chew with Wilder. Ive no doubt he can box and move, but Wilder will surely catch him with one decent shot and Tysons chin has been vulnerable before. One thing I will say however, every time Tyson has made a promise, he has delivered.
  2. Dairbee

    Dell gaming popup

    Im now getting a Sky Witness tv ad popping up at the bottom of the page every time I move between screens. Its a Gum Gum ad. Cant get a screen shot, but if fairly slows down my phone.
  3. The Leeds away lads are no shrinking violets. Should be a good day especially if they keep up the good form.
  4. Im meeting a pal in an hour for a rake round borough market and weve got tickets for the main stand, so not quite the normal away game experience for me. Im looking forward to Lampard and Morris warm welcome from the home fans.
  5. Millwall v Derby for me tomorrow. 1st time to the New Den. Only Archer and Bryson of possible Scotland interest for me.
  6. Dairbee

    Scottish player transfers

    And the fans moan about not spending millions on new players every transfer window. The clubs are creating a fan base that want more and more and expect it to be delivered. Try telling anyone down here about the clubs debt and they dont care. I was hoping Villa were going to be a warning to clubs and they would set a precedent, but guess what, someone else steps forward to sign the cheques.
  7. Dairbee

    Dell gaming popup

    Ive started getting a Dell tv screen popup at the bottom of my phone everytime I click on a new page. How do I get rid of it?
  8. Dairbee

    Scottish player transfers

    Have a look at the championship clubs accounts. I reckon every one of them trade massively outwith their means and are only propped up by sugar daddies or dodgy foreign owners. I saw enough crap football last season to cancel my season ticket. The best player I saw last season was James Maddison who ran the game like I never saw at Pittodrie. Even Martyn Waghorn looked a player last season. The main difference in the championship is that they have deep bloated squads, all draining money from the clubs. In Scotland we have young lads on the bench.
  9. Dairbee

    Croatia support thread

    He looked to of tailed off towards the end of the season, and probably didnt fit the mobile / run all day profile Southgate wanted. An injury free season at the Hammers will help.
  10. Dairbee

    Russia 2018

    Good honest assessment 🖒. A fit Jack Wilshire who hadn't been on the treatment table for years might have made a difference. As you say, your future looks bright, assuming the youngsters get game time in the top half of the Premier league.
  11. Dairbee

    Russia 2018

    Same here. I can start listening to the radio again.
  12. Dairbee

    Cricket balls

    Went along to see the start of the T20 season tonight, Derbyshire v Lancashire. Callum McLeod has signed for Derby and made 46 on his debut in a 161 total. He didnt look out of place and fielded well. Hopefully he can have a good T20 season. Lancashire strolled to victory in 14 overs , the opener Livingstone hit 100 in 49 balls, seven 6's.
  13. Dairbee

    Scottish player transfers

    Good deal for all concerned. He gets a shot at the Premier league and Derby probobly got his best years. By all accounts he's not that keen on the move, but he's one of the high earners and the Derby have to sell before buying.
  14. Quite a bit of talk down here about Derby chasing John McGinn for £3m. Normally id think it was agent talk and he's hawking him around England. Would Lampard entice him to the championship?
  15. Dairbee

    Your World Cup memories

    France 98 for me. The train journey from Aberdeen to Paris was brilliant, picking up fans all the way down to London. Got my allocated ticket for Brazil but didnt really enjoy the game. I thought the Brazilian fans were arrogant and unfriendly. Security was pretty tight in Paris the day before for the opening ceremony and we ended up in a bar accross the road from the Auld Alliance at night just after the Collymore incident. Spent a week in Arcachon near Bordeaux for the Norway game and had a blast. I guess my only gripe was constantly looking for tickets in Bordeaux and having to settle for watching it in the fan park. We didn't go to St Ettiene but had a horrendous 1 day train journey from Arcachon to Bordeaux to Paris to London to Edinburgh then a bus rail replacement to Aberdeen........ We'd looked at getting to Marseille if we beat Morocco, but wasnt to be. 10 days of sun / football / beers with your mates, whats not to like. Euro 16 in France would of been fantastic, especially since there wasn't so much pressure on securing tickets.