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  1. Another tweet posted last night that's been deleted now. This time its about the lassie trying to get into the country. "So the wee terrorist is getting let back into the UK after all! Even after joining ISIS & admitting having no regrets for it. Not surprised actually, Our government is pathetic. What a sorry state of affairs this country is in! #NannyState #SnowflakeNation #Spineless"
  2. 2 left backs at Derby out injured, Forsyth and Olson, for most of the season which leaves 1 fit one, Scott Malone. There's rumours Ashley Cole might join in January, but if he doesn't theres a chance Max's loan wont be extended.
  3. I should clarify, its not a witch hunt, I was just shocked, and probobly more disappointed that someone I admired for his undoubted ability had such a different viewpoint as myself over this issue.
  4. It was definitely there this afternoon when I replied to Mickey. I followed him on twitter and it came through my timeline last night. Its been taken off now, no trace of the retweet. It was the same video as Lee McGregor tweeted. If thats his personal views, then so be it.
  5. I went up for the semi and was still on a high waiting at Kings park planning my trip up for the final, when the realisation hit me that Id booked a weekend away with the Mrs on the 1st and 2nd of December.......schoolboy error. Im sure it will be on in the pub in deepest Gloucestershire up against the Merseyside amd North London derbies. Its time for a Paul Mason moment and stop the rot of losing cup finals to the Old firm at 2.
  6. Its still on his timeline from last night. Its a retweet regarding a white boy getting a hiding from an asian lad and comparing it to the Huddersfield episode.
  7. Disappointed to see Josh retweet a post from "Proactive Patriots" tonight which is fanning the flames of racial tension in England.
  8. We had the pleasure of a train to Mt Florida full of Rangers fans before ko. The songbook was out in full force, and dont try to tell me its a minority. The whole carriage was at it, and then the vast majority on the concourse. The arrogance and hatred is something to behold. Mind you, Hampden is becoming a bit of a hoodoo ground for them, they were no doubt nervous.
  9. Matt Phillips playing right wing back tonight. Perhaps not the best night to judge him, taken off early in the 2nd half.
  10. Cheers. I watched the McGregor fight afterwards and he put on a performance. I think its Anthony Yarde on Saturday, BT sport. There seems to be a few cards going around the country at the moment, and if Id known about the one in Leicester a few weeks ago I would of gone. Im maybe on the wrong websites, but they dont seem to be well advertised. The first I knew about it was when I switched on Box nation.
  11. Just watched Bakole v Hunter. Good fight. Must admit Ive never heard of Bakole even though he's from Airdrie via Congo. Listening to Ch5, they were dying to slag off Bakole at every opportunity. Hunters trainer Rahmin's a blast from the past. We could do with more boxing on free to air tv.
  12. Good piece of writing. Cant help but think Tyson might have eventually bitten off more than he can chew with Wilder. Ive no doubt he can box and move, but Wilder will surely catch him with one decent shot and Tysons chin has been vulnerable before. One thing I will say however, every time Tyson has made a promise, he has delivered.
  13. Im now getting a Sky Witness tv ad popping up at the bottom of the page every time I move between screens. Its a Gum Gum ad. Cant get a screen shot, but if fairly slows down my phone.
  14. The Leeds away lads are no shrinking violets. Should be a good day especially if they keep up the good form.
  15. Im meeting a pal in an hour for a rake round borough market and weve got tickets for the main stand, so not quite the normal away game experience for me. Im looking forward to Lampard and Morris warm welcome from the home fans.
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