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  1. Hope for your sake he's fit. Arrived at Derby in January, played a few games (pretty anonymous) and got injured never to be seen again.
  2. Ive been ok for the Europa league games this season via BBC sounds. I searched for Sportsound and it took me to https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_scotland_mw Not sure if it will work for midweek league games though.
  3. I see Charlie Gilmour has been released by Arsenal and joined Norwich on a 2 year deal.
  4. He had to bring Marriott on for Bennett and got lucky with the keeper making a mess of it. I sat through the 1st leg bored to tears at the ineptitude of the tactics. Again, in the final, he keeps Marriott on the bench and lets Villa dictate play until its too late.
  5. The media love in with Lampard managed to gloss over the fact he did no worse or better than Rowett. He basically lived off that 4 2 win over Leeds where he got lucky with injuries in the game and it forced his hand. When things are going well he's a media dream, but mid season when they struggled and he came under scrutiny he was nowhere to be seen. He's got some serious PR people behind him.
  6. All managers are now "at the wheel".......
  7. Easy Villa win if they score 1st and early. The 2 league games were a mismatch. Derby have been poor this season in possibly the poorest champiinship in years. Saying that, im disappointed not to be going today, but with my Wembley record of being there 4 times and seeing 4 losses Derby are probobly glad im not there... Dwrby will have to hope Villa freeze, or Wilson hits a few free kick screamers to have a chance. I get the feeling McGinn will win the midfield and let Grealish run the show.
  8. He did the same at 90 mins. Some low fist pumps that he did again at 120 mins. Weird.
  9. Dairbee

    PRO12 becomes PRO14

    Had to listen to it on Radio Scotland, and to a man (even Tom English) thought Kearney was a red card. Afterwards, they acknowledged Leinster managed the game better and were worthy winners. I love listening to Peter Wright on the co commentary, but Im sure they said last week he was hanging up his microphone. The Radio Scotland rugby coverage is street's ahead of the football overage. You can listen and learn loads from their analysis, whereas the football coverage is stale.
  10. Didnt see that coming after Saturday. The media will love it, Terry v Lampard. As for Leeds, how on earth have they made such a mess of promotion after being in the top 2 for most of the season? Another season in the championship wont please the owner.
  11. Full house but not a great game. Leeds have some stamina and press all over the park, Derby just sat back and panicked. It looked like a side that finished 3rd v 6th. The way Leeds setup play straight into Derby's weaknesses. Looks like Shinnie will be playing championship football next year. There was also a lot of trouble before, during and after the game. Some boys just cant handle their beer and a 5:15pm kick off.
  12. Another tweet posted last night that's been deleted now. This time its about the lassie trying to get into the country. "So the wee terrorist is getting let back into the UK after all! Even after joining ISIS & admitting having no regrets for it. Not surprised actually, Our government is pathetic. What a sorry state of affairs this country is in! #NannyState #SnowflakeNation #Spineless"
  13. 2 left backs at Derby out injured, Forsyth and Olson, for most of the season which leaves 1 fit one, Scott Malone. There's rumours Ashley Cole might join in January, but if he doesn't theres a chance Max's loan wont be extended.
  14. I should clarify, its not a witch hunt, I was just shocked, and probobly more disappointed that someone I admired for his undoubted ability had such a different viewpoint as myself over this issue.
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