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  1. I've suffered in the past. Listening to the radio works for me. Preferably a talk station like 5 Live or Talksport on low volume helps me drift off. Over the counter Nytol worked as well but made me feel like crap the next day. Easier said than done, but half the battle is not to get too stressed or anxious prior to bedtime. If she gets a half decent sleep soon, repeat the same pre bed routine for a while so she does it without thinking. It's a horrible thing to suffer, but it will get better. 👍
  2. Went to see the gentleman in the cinema and thought it was brilliant. Watched Snatch last week and it was ok. Both far superior to the Tarantino hollywood pish I lost 3 hours watching at the Odeon.
  3. Cocu didnt fancy him at the start of the season and basically froze him out. He got his chance as injuries took their toll and played really well. 1st player on the teamsheet for those 7 games until he did his hamstring about a month ago. Shame really, he'd won over the fans and the management team but he faces another month out.
  4. Hi Davy, I'm on the Limmasol bus to the game. Any chance I can jump on a Larnaca bus after the game? Cheers
  5. Paid this afternoon, Scott M. Cheers
  6. Brilliant, Ill pay via paypal tomorrow if thats ok. Ill probobly need a ticket as well depending how far down the points ladder the allocation goes. Can you provisionally add me to the +300 extra allocation you are hoping to get via the Cypriot FA?
  7. Hi Davy, Room for 1 more on the bus? Cheers
  8. Ice bar in Lindos shows football. I managed to get them to scan the channels to find an Aberdeen game in Europe a few years ago.
  9. Taking out the Celtic full back with a fully fledged lunge / kick. Silly boy, Gerrard didnt look impressed. Madden had a good game. TV replays showed that Jack got away with a potential red in the 1st half.
  10. The truth is the majority of fans in the EPL and EFL dont really care about other clubs in trouble. All they are concerned about is their own club and who the next big signing is so that they can mock their rivals and dream about becoming a mid table EPL club. Take Derby for instance. Losing the best part of £30m over the past 2 seasons but the fans praise the owner because he circumvents the FFP rules. They dont see the big picture that the club doesnt live within their means. If you look at the yearly accounts they have been structured to ensure as much smoke and mirrors as possi
  11. Hope for your sake he's fit. Arrived at Derby in January, played a few games (pretty anonymous) and got injured never to be seen again.
  12. Ive been ok for the Europa league games this season via BBC sounds. I searched for Sportsound and it took me to https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_scotland_mw Not sure if it will work for midweek league games though.
  13. I see Charlie Gilmour has been released by Arsenal and joined Norwich on a 2 year deal.
  14. He had to bring Marriott on for Bennett and got lucky with the keeper making a mess of it. I sat through the 1st leg bored to tears at the ineptitude of the tactics. Again, in the final, he keeps Marriott on the bench and lets Villa dictate play until its too late.
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