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  1. Started off really well as well, a few goals in his first few games (double v Hearts first day of season) but had a couple of bad injuries. Quite a coup at the time.
  2. A very blatant, but excellent point. I grew up watching Dodds/Sturrock. Cole and Yorke were fantastic together (and miles away from the targetman/poacher like most partnerships). Are there ANY old fashioned striking partnerships about just now? Off the top of my head I can’t think of any obvious ones....🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Nah it’s a complete farce. Bohemians called off their game with East Fife in Ireland minutes before ko last season, then couldn’t fulfil the rearranged fixture. Complete waste of time and money for the club and fans of East Fife (even though they got a bye).
  4. What’s a ‘ball recovery’ if it’s no a tackle or interception??
  5. We’re going to see Ed Byrne tomorrow night. 9-10pm. Assembly rooms. Give me a text if you’re nearby and we can maybe meet up before or after 👍🏼
  6. Well before my time (aware of how good they were like, Lato etc) 👍🏼 Poland thing for me only really kicked in when the wee man was born and the opportunity to take him to tournaments came along - been at Euro 2016 and Russia 2018 to see them.
  7. Poland for family reasons (‘support’ is a bit strong though) and now Colombia 👍🏼
  8. There seems to be plenty who have loads of tickets, and plenty who applied that didn’t get any. Not a very even distribution.
  9. FIFA are my pals. I’m still working on UEFA 😆
  10. Successful in Matches 8 and 31 at Hampden for me (2 tickets each game). Match 8 is Cat.1 - €185 each ffs. Match 31 is Cat.3 - €50 each.
  11. Was that the roof of the disabled section they fell through??
  12. I was trying to catch you with a pink T-shirt on so I could tell Ormond 😆
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