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  1. Second vote for Barmy Flags. Used them for our World Cup flag two years ago (they even bent the rules a bit by stitching my excess kilt material onto the flag so the lettering was in our family tartan, which they shouldn’t have done as the lettering wasn’t fire retardant) 👍🏼
  2. Hi Ramy, thanks for your concern but I’ve been in contact with John Ikonompoulos at Phase III who is dealing with this ongoing situation. My daughter has been taken off her life-support machine and is now conscious however her “jobbies are awfy green” (her words). Fingers crossed she’s back up and running soon and the perpetrator is identified shortly. John hopes to be in touch with me early next week 👍🏼
  3. Great fact! No as good as the only player to have been capped over four separate decades though 😉 Name him......
  4. By the way, I honestly couldn’t care less about the drink-driving, Royalist loving, shite dancing staunch Hun providing he was banging the goals for Scotland. But he’s no. So he’s a prick.
  5. Aye saw that on Twitter too! A cracking comparison 😆
  6. Clobber. Dance moves. His mates 😩
  7. The official line from the environmental health is that it is operator error. Something to do with a very old hydrant that no-one has the skill to repair these days.
  8. Fingers crossed that the obvious rookie mistake is corrected soon. She’s now saying the next seven blocks from her are all affected too.
  9. My daughter is taking a year out of uni. She’s currently touring Canada and has been to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and now in Ottowa. She’s just called me in a panic saying the tap water had turned a horrible brown, stinking colour. She called environmental health for the region and apparently they said the only operator who was booked for the repairs had to cancel due to a family emergency so the had to rope in the balloon who has apparently made a complete arse of the job 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s costing her a fuckin fortune running up and down the stairs to her apartment buying bottled water so she can stay alive. Probably the cockwomble who made an arse of it was a midget who couldn’t reach the valve or something 😡
  10. We were due to play Belarus in ‘97 at Pittodrie in a qualifier on the Saturday. Those three mentioned above refused to play on the day of her funeral 😏 We played them on the Sunday instead. Beat them 4-1.
  11. I was daft/pished enough to actually answer 😩
  12. Aye but I think he was wearing his Scotland strip the day 😐
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