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  1. Can’t mind the exact details but a guy on here arranged travel for the Wales/Belgium double header a few years ago. Ended up falling through and folk were chasing him for refunds for years! Anyone know if everything got settled in the end?
  2. McTeeko

    Aaron Hickey

    Aye, I originally only had Robertson and Tierney in there but I edited it to mention Taylor as he played the last two games. Should’ve said ‘younger’ too.
  3. McTeeko

    Aaron Hickey

    What, you mean like Robertson, Tierney and Taylor who are miles better than someone who doesn’t even get in the squad anyway?
  4. The last game I’d be attending would be a pishy friendly between two losers. Couldn’t think of a worst game to go to 😩
  5. I hope that was a typing error and no a booking error?! 🙈
  6. Booked outgoing flights to Oslo on 30th March. £70. If it’s Serbia we end up playing I can (currently) get flights to Belgrade from Oslo for £43 (that may change nearer the time obviously). I’ll worry about return flights later..... Booked hotels through Booking.com. No pre-payment required and free cancellation 👍🏼
  7. It’s a decent team 👍🏼. I’m no fan of McKenna but all other alternatives are bang average too.
  8. McGinn needs to be further forward, just off Naisy. Other than that, I like that team too.
  9. A draw would’ve been good enough for us had Ukraine beat France that midweek. Think France won 2-0 anyway.
  10. He’s fuckin guff. I was always willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but a chance last night around 75 mins when he was played though and he didn’t have the pace to leave the closing defender, he slowed up and played a shite cross/pass behind Burke coming in on the other side. Pish. If that was Griffiths in that situation he’d have taken a touch to get it out his feet, create a bit space and get a shot away. He’s had multiple chances and shown nothing. Oot please.
  11. FFS. His name is Halkett. Craig Halkett.
  12. Maybe, although I’m inclined to think they’re a lot more passive with Scotland as it’s bred into them. Gilmour is the Performance Schools pin up but he’s no excited me (yet).
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