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  1. Seen that about the two podcast guys. They only started their page two nights ago! I’m going to follow their progress throughout the walk and hopefully see them arriving at Tynie (I stay only a couple of miles away). I’ll put my United scarf on and the wee man will put his Hearts top on 😆
  2. He wasn’t sacked, Stendel had a clause that he could leave if they were relegated. When that was confirmed, he was out of contract.
  3. Aye, a pumping in Dumfries and defeats to Alloa and East Fife last season too. There are literally NO Arabs greeting about him leaving on the United Twitter page. It’s all talk about who to get in - Levein, Robinson and Wright all seem to be favourites.
  4. Nup, did a decent job, nothing more. We’ve sacked better managers than him in the past.
  5. What the fuck are you slavering about ya rocket?? Never said a thing about where YOU live - even if I did, why would you take it to heart?!?
  6. My neighbours are sound. None of them wear trampy Celtic tops while walking doon the road with their devil dugs as it’s quite a nice area 👍🏼
  7. Aye, we’ll see what pans out. There’s always the garden shed for him to sleep in I suppose 👋🏼
  8. Aye they have been shite, but had started picking up more points since Stendel came in. It would’ve been a great end to the season down there I think! I’m an Arab too (born and bred Edinburgh though) and the wee man is a massive Jambo. Just this week I signed up to pay £10 per month into the Foundation of Hearts in his name. Today it comes out that although Hearts are fighting relegation/compensation they are not disputing titles, payments to clubs or European places. However they have NOT stated anything about promotion/relegation in regards to other clubs. Will they try to fight to void this season completely in this aspect? So, IF they win their case, is there a chance United might stay down? As money comes out my account every month going to Hearts?!? 😰
  9. I can see both sides of the argument. Part of me wants Hearts/Partick to win their case to rip apart the SPFL, part of me wants them to lose as Budge has no-one to blame but herself for her blind loyalty over Levein when he should’ve been emptied at the end of last season. What fucked me off massively this week was Albion Rovers saying they voted against reconstruction as Brora was too far for them to travel. Strachan was right a few weeks ago when he stated some of the wee clubs have absolutely no ambition.
  10. UEFA are meeting to discuss/decide this on Wednesday.
  11. I have my media-hoor reputation to upkeep 😉
  12. Wasn’t going to post this but after all the pish on other threads and the fact it’s brought a wee smile to a lot of people on Twitter here it is.... I’ll take the credit for the fine camera work and editing, the wee man takes the credit for refusing to give up ⚽️ https://twitter.com/meiklejohn21/status/1269326414601424903?s=21
  13. @slasher Finished your book, enjoyed it! As someone who works 12 hour shifts in a factory in EK I recognised a lot of the traits in the characters, particularly when it came to the long weekends off! Well done, I look forward to your next one! 👍🏼
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