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  1. Was it not something to do with Scotland scoring at Hampden? Pretty sure he said we wouldn’t score against Russia or Belgium in the home double header in September. McGinn scored after 8 mins in the first game 😐
  2. Steady now! I’ll get a sair neck from tilting my heid back drinking beer then forward and down to talk to Wee Ramy!
  3. Cannae be, he’s still alive isn’t he? 🙈 Fair play Ramy, you’ve given us a few laughs and taken things right on the chin here! I really am in Toronto with my daughter in May (aye, she pulled through 😉). I’ll tap you up nearer the time for places to go if you’re up to speed about Toronto 👍🏼
  4. No, not while we currently have Christie, Armstrong and Fleck in the form they’re in. We’d obviously miss his goal threat but we’re looking a wee bit better there with Griffiths and Naisy back and scoring along with Shankland.
  5. Next time you post one of your pics, go and post one where we can see the back of your heid, just so we can all see if it’s a zip or buttons that runs up the back 👍🏼
  6. It appears so after he just admitted the Ottawa Water Distribution was “under his watch”. Screenshotted as evidence as we now have hardcore evidence of negligence and our lawyers will now home in on this. I’m actually now a wee but jealous of my own daughter at the hundreds of thousands of pounds (or Canadian dollars) she will no doubt now win in compensation 💰💷
  7. Hmmm. Wee bit concerned at Midget Ramy’s contradictory stance here. Bringing my daughter into the chat when he threw the toys oot the pram on more than one occasion when DD and Debian have innocently mention his family in throwaway comments? It appears it’s one rule for Canadian midgets and one rule for others. Shan times 😕
  8. Mind those North American’s normally take their ‘soccer’ straight to pens to keep their wee midget brains activated.
  9. McTominay back in full training and Solksjaer hoping to add him to Man Utd’s squad for their game v Chelsea a week on Monday 👍🏼
  10. You could put the names of all our centre halves in a hat, pull two out, and whatever pairing you get would make no difference whether you made that draw once or ten times.
  11. Ali Daei? Nah it’s no him. Modern day player, played for three of the biggest clubs in Europe. Centre forward, capped in the 80s/90s/00s/10s. European. Never played at a WC or Euros. (It’s been answered above by the way, but keep playing along if you want 👍🏼)
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