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  1. McBurnie too going by reports. Metatarsal.
  2. Ramy is about the only guy who starts good threads like these nowadays. Used to get them a lot too 😕
  3. Everybody who played with Narey will say the exact same thing. For me though, Paul Sturrock. Socks doon, shirt outside the shorts, No.10 🙌🏼
  4. That’s the thing, no-one knows for sure how many tickets UEFA have sold. I have tickets from the UEFA ballot too (for me and the laddie) for both Hampden games. I also have enough points to guarantee SSC tickets but my laddie will be borderline, so do we risk cancelling our UEFA tickets in the hope that his SSC points will be enough, or do we risk NOT cancelling our UEFA tickets but lose them in the ballot anyway? By then though, the SSC window may be closed. Until we know the timings of the windows etc, everything is up in the air.
  5. I’ve had my tickets since 2019, now there’s a chance I’ll lose them in the ballot (however both me and the wee man have enough points for home tickets through the SSC route if needed). Can’t even begin to look forward to the tournament with all the uncertainty. If they bring in testing to allow fans into stadiums that’ll tip it for me.
  6. No, it’s not. Football without fans is pish. As a fan, memories are made going fuckin mental at last minute winners, cuddling and celebrating with complete strangers next to you, emotions all over the place, rocking stadiums and amazing atmospheres. Now we’re expected to stay sitted on our seat, applaud, socially distance while wearing a mask at a potential last minute winner v Croatia that could put us through into the second round for the first time ever. It will be better watching in the house with a couple of beers and mates.
  7. Quite possibly the worst experience ever for an international fitba tournament 😏
  8. That sound like another name for ‘suffocation’. Which will probably work! 😆
  9. They beat Austria before, with their bobble-hatted keeper. Must be about 25 years ago..... Edit: 1990 - 31 years ago!
  10. The fact we’re discussing what we want to happen in tonight’s match between Austria and Denmark tells you we’ve already blown it.
  11. Steve Clarke and Andy Murray as motivational speakers? I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather not listen to drone on more than those two.
  12. Being an Edinburgh lad, most of my pals are Jambos. You could basically replicate word for word what they’re saying about Neilson compared to what Arabs were saying last season. Coasting to the title but brutal and boring to watch.
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