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  1. McTeeko

    Racism in football

    That Viv Anderson 1985 ‘Sambo’ clip - ffs 😩
  2. McTeeko


    Welcome back mate! 👍🏼 Have to say though, you’re no getting away so lightly. Like many on here who shorten posters name when quoting (ie Doon the Slope is referred to as DtS), having once again risen, you will now forever be referred to as OtZ. Ormond the Zombie. Fitting, really.
  3. McTeeko


    It was the poorer of the three cities I visited during the WC. Moscow and particularly Kazan were a lot better. Having said that we were only there three nights and one of those days was taken up with a game so didn’t see as much of Volgograd compared to the other two. The hike up to the Mother Russia statue was cracking though, although the 40 degree heat was brutal 🥵
  4. McTeeko

    2020 Draw Thread

    Aw I dunno if that’s happening THIS time, I was just replying generally to the post I quoted.
  5. McTeeko

    2020 Draw Thread

    It’s the 6 team groups who have the results against bottom teams scrubbed, not 5 team groups.
  6. McTeeko

    2020 Draw Thread

    No, we don’t pick the fixtures. They’ve been computer generated for years now 👍🏼
  7. McTeeko


    Yeah me too, thought they were great 👍🏼
  8. McTeeko

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Yup. There was the infamous pics after the 6-0 game in Amsterdam where the still-shots showed him with his eyes shut for each goal at the very crucial moment.
  9. McTeeko

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    It’s all calmed doon. No goals in the last 9 mins of the half....
  10. McTeeko

    Any good printers out there?

    Aye, good at sleeping on the nightshift when the press is battering out cartons 😴
  11. Still the best TAMB thread of all time! 🙌🏼
  12. Aye, you seen some of the pics and vids on Twitter?!? Fuckin mental! 😳
  13. McTeeko


    Aye I’m with you there. Was decent, good pubs, nice people but no really much to do. Pretty dilapidated in parts of Tirana too - I almost fell doon about 3 different uncovered manholes!
  14. McTeeko


    Not only have I NOT signed up to any cheapo red wine pish, I think I’m about to chuck the Rusty Nail thing a’naw. Didn’t realise members were part timers who split early 😴
  15. McTeeko

    First 11

    He did aye, but as a wing-back. Robertson looked just as lost on the left. I’m sure O’Donnell will be a lot more solid in a back four.