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  1. McTeeko

    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    Agree with the above. I keep reading on here that this is ‘or best group of players for years’. No idea why people think that.
  2. McTeeko

    Back McLeish

    Good article that 👍🏼
  3. McTeeko

    SFA Official Laughing

    So no really ‘giving it big licks’, ‘cupping his ears’, ‘laughing and clapping with glee’ then? McRae may be an auld fud, but he’s no 13 years old.
  4. McTeeko

    SFA Official Laughing

    Cannae quite see that being true to be honest 😏
  5. McTeeko

    SFA cut yer losses

    Aye, heard him saying that in his post-match press conference. Couldnae quite believe that myself.
  6. McTeeko

    Back McLeish

    You’re being generous there. I’d say we were out after 3 games - two home draws v Serbia and Macedonia and the defeat in Cardiff.
  7. McTeeko

    FAO The Boycott Israel Brigade

    Corroboration I believe that’s called? It was a decent wee flash of cheek for an auld bird. I was quite impressed in all honesty! 😉
  8. McTeeko

    FAO The Boycott Israel Brigade

    Nothing wrong with your view, I really disliked Kiev but know lots of people who loved it. I love it here, always have but agree it’s a chaotic place. Running late for last night out (so decided to be even later by coming on here.) and all I can hear are car horns and shouting. It’s a bit dearer than some places but not that expensive. Sitting on balcony finishing last of my Drambuie** and soaking in last of the heat before I return to stormy Scotland. Be back for a wedding next year and looking forward to it already. But understand if it wasn’t for you, be a boring old world if we all liked and disliked the same things. Who the feck sips shots? Remember round of applause when Tidy remembered her hotel code JaegerBombs arenae really shorts though, are they? (Unless of course you have a big Weegie mooth that is all consuming 🙈). I mind that wee applause now. Just after she tried to flash her ass as she semi-skipped over the road! 😆 (No idea why that’s quoted so many posts there 🤷🏼‍♂️)
  9. McTeeko

    SFA cut yer losses

    You’ve lost me sorry....🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. McTeeko

    Time for Eck to go already!

    Aye. I thought you were comparing the two performances under McLeish - Georgia in 07 and last Thursday. Georgia under Strachan gets filed in the same category right enough.
  11. McTeeko

    Time for Eck to go already!

    Sorry, misread. Thought you meant Georgia in 2007 👍🏼
  12. McTeeko

    Time for Eck to go already!

    There were no play-offs that year. Top two qualified.
  13. McTeeko

    SFA cut yer losses

    Have to agree Davey. Worst performance ever in my eyes too. Completely clueless from beginning to end.
  14. McTeeko

    Time for Eck to go already!

    Aye, I know. I just liked his thoughts views and insight as a pundit during the WC and his record (if I remember right) was good as Croatia manager. I just think he’d be a good fit for us somehow.
  15. McTeeko

    Time for Eck to go already!

    I still have this wee thing in my heid that Slaven Bilic would be a total cult hero for the TA......