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  1. Got you now 👍🏼 My first away game (well, overseas) was the Sweden game in the Ullevi, that must be the game you refer to as we only lost one game that campaign.
  2. How did our unbeaten run end with a win against Austria?!? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Do you mean we lost our next game?
  3. Quite clearly that’s what Shaundy meant. Geppetto’s laddie blatantly trying to dig himself out of that hole is cringeworthy.
  4. I remember that. It really was brutal wasn’t it? No wonder it gets thrown at Levein even to this day.
  5. Shaundy asked you if you were the guy who wasn’t interested in the play-offs. You answered by saying that you weren’t that guy - the quoted post quite clearly shows you WERE that guy. No really sure why you’d blatantly lie. No idea why you are mentioning dates. They’re completely irrelevant.
  6. Miller and Iwelumo it was on the bench. Fletcher had spat the dummy out by then and was greeting in the stand.
  7. How did the formation change when O’Donnell went off? Did Fraser slip into right wing-back? Can’t mind now, too busy thinking about the upcoming penalties I think....
  8. Agreed, get him in (Clarke said last night he’ll be calling more players up today). Dykes strength, ariel power and hold-up play, Shankland’s finishing instinct (need to supply him though) and Griffiths ability to run the channels and get shots in early gives us a good mix. McBurnie a squad man at most. He doesn’t offer any of the attributes the other three do.
  9. McTeeko


    That was the term Broadfoot used, and he said he was good pals with Bardsley. I’m trying to find Monday’s podcast but for some reason the 5th isn’t available 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. McTeeko


    Darryl Broadfoot was on Sportsound yesterday and they touched on the Bardsley situation. He said Strachan just didn’t fancy him as a player so didn’t pick him. Broadfoot later spoke to Bardsley once Strachan was gone but he felt too much water had passed under the bridge and he just wanted to concentrate on club football. Broadfoot confirmed that Bardsley hadn’t retired from internationals as such, but he felt it was just to late for him now.
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