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  1. Aye right enough. I’m pretty sure there was some shagging involved.....😣
  2. Mind the thread after the 4-6-0 game in Prague and there was apparently a Czech guy hanging about the Charles Bridges asking if some Scotland fans wanted to kick a midget into a swimming pool? 🤔
  3. Miodrag Krivokapic - what a fuckin player! 🙌🏼
  4. Have to agree. Clarke doing well at Killie equates to Levein doing well at United. It’s nowhere near enough to draw excitement. The rumoured list above is already leaving me deflated.
  5. That’s no a bad shout actually. Vastly experienced international manager with a good record, although he did admit to fucking up a bit at last year’s WC after changing Poland’s style of play that had them flying through the qualifiers.
  6. Aye fair do’s. Someone said to me recently VAR is like every Apple update. At first you’re like “FFS this is shite, why change it?!?” but after a few months it just becomes the norm and actually IS better. We’ll just need to wait and see.....
  7. I take all you points, however the bold part I have to argue with as it’s a totally different scenario. When players are brandishing fake yellow cards it’s because the ref has already stopped play due to a foul being committed. The players are then looking for further punishment by looking for the booking/red card. In a VAR situation ie. penalty shout/handball that the ref doesn’t award the play rages on therefore there is no time to surround the ref making VAR signs as the other side may be breaking. You don’t like VAR, I think it works. Despite the shitey wait after a contentious decision I feel getting the right decision is more important.
  8. That wasn’t his initial point though. He said teams will provoke VAR reviews in order to slow the game down and break up play if they were enduring an onslaught. Players can make the tv screen thing with their hands all they want - unless the head referee in the stands concludes that VAR is to be reviewed over a certain incident then players asking for reviews is a complete waste of time.
  9. You don’t agree that two play-off matches against similar ranked teams then two games at Hampden at Euro 2020 gives us the best chance we’ve ever had of progressing? Nae bother then 👍🏼
  10. It could be more than just money for Bilic though. The next manager has an amazing chance of coming in, shaping the team, getting us through the play-offs against similar ranked teams and then into Euro 2020 where we’d have two games at Hampden. The best chance EVER for someone to eventually take us through to the second round, for the first time ever. He’d be a Tartan Army legend within 15 months. And IF he does all that, give him a £1m bonus. The SFA will make millions through being co-hosts anyway. Pocketing £1m and walking away a legend after 15 months work is attractive to any manager 👍🏼
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