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  1. I’m the same to be honest. Missing the wee man’s fitba (school and club) like mad, but no really the senior stuff at all.
  2. Naw, he has another line when the team are shown into their dorm and Wark says “I’ll take the top bunk”.
  3. Looking into the Kickback thread that Terry posted, the slavering arsehole actually says he met @sbcmfc in Salou one time? The depths he went to in just this one post in trying to cover his tracks is unreal! 🙈 This will be my first and last post on this subject matter, I am still grieving for the loss of my grandmother and uncle on the same day (I suppose that will require proof as well?) and I have no intention of reliving the grief I went through after the loss of my uncle Creag. The thread in question on another site is http://taboard.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56912 I have to say I have felt a new emotion since I seen the thread - sick with anger. I have to point out at this time that a few people I know outside Kickback have told me that [modedit] has started posting about my uncle in regards to the above thread. I have to ask him now if he had any concerns previously why didn't he come to me? I have never hid who I am, and that I was related to Creag. Secondly I would like to thank "Moderator 2" and the Admin team who have given me their support, and who pointed out the above as well, and have given me the chance to post a thread about it without it being tainted with rumour. Thanks guys/girls. There seems to be two points; One - That I am my uncle. That we're the same person. Two - That my uncle isn't dead. Well, to start with, off the top of my head, shortly after my uncles death Godsajambo sent me a PM indicating that he met my uncle, and met him in a pub up Tynecastle way. I doubt Godsajambo would have set up the charity website if he had any doubts. Well, as plenty of folks on here will be aware, I am the man in the maroon t-shirt and kilt in my avatar. I look nothing like my uncle did, so Godsajambo will be able to confirm that. Or you can speak to Jamboross98, one of the founders of the WoSH, on the first bus of the season who told me in front of a few folks that he spoke with my uncle on the phone (regarding the foundation of the WoSH), he also mentioned it at the race day we had in his honour. My accent is one hundred percent Ayrshire. Creag's wasn't, it was a mixture of Highland with a North American twang. Or Flogel_No_7 whos wife's uncle was dating my mother at the start of the season. During this time my mother attended his sister in laws wedding reception, and my mother told me the next day she had a conversation with Grum (Flogel_No_7) about my uncle Creag and how he used to speak with him on here. Or troonjambo who when first meeting my mother and my grandmother told them he used to talk with my uncle on KB, and who both told him they were still missing him. I also believe me and my uncle met troonjambo on the train home from a game long before the WoSH was founded but he can't remember (anyone who knows troonjambo will know that the states he gets in it's a wonder he can log on here after a game). Or the fact that both of them (Flogel_No_7 and troonjambo) were in my home during the recent Scotland loss to Italy away when me and my brother started reminiscing about my gran, my uncle Creag and my uncle George. Or you can ask Boab from the WoSH bus that every time he met my Gran, my Gran always pointed out that he looked like my uncle Creag before he lost the weight, and that my mum told him she knew his (Boabs) Uncle and used to run about with him (Boabs Uncle), along with my uncle Creag. Or Lee (Boab's brother and fellow WoSH member) who stayed at my pad after the 1-0 Derby win at Easter Road, how my Aunt Sabina's kids were asking him if he supported the same team as their father did. Or if the people on the T A Board want one of their own members, you can speak with sbcmfc (or something along those lines) who met me and a few of my "Scotland Pals" (Kenny, Hippo and Midge) in Salou, my "Scotland pals" are the friends who went to the Scotland games with my uncle and I. While in the pub we started talking about the Scotland/France game (could have been another), which led to a debate on independence, and then a mention of the Tartan Army messageboard. During this I told him and his good lady my uncle was khraeigh and I was IAteAllThePies. This caused my friends (who were also my uncle friends) to start talking about my uncle and saying how much they missed him. Does anyone want any more examples of people who knew him directly or indirectly (through his family) or is that enough to end the rumour that he never existed? I can go on to list the people outside the world of Kickback/Tartan Army Messageboard who knew my uncle. Unless everyone is invoved in what would be a sick hoax? The main reason seems to be that no-one ever met him, well, as above Godsajambo told me he met him, I have no reason to doubt that. Plenty of people have met his family though and have heard the stories fom people outwith myself. I have met many people from here, some as they wanted to meet me, some as I wanted to meet them and some purely by chance, and every time my uncle has came up I have answered their questions about him and his life. Ask them if they think my uncle existed. Regarding point two, as someone who has lost a hell of a lot of family members in the last two years (6), well let's just say I don't treat death as something to make stories up about. Anyone that knows me will know that's something I wouldn't do. It just isn't cricket. Not mentioning the people up above who have met my family and know the grief that still exists today. This seems to be coming from two things - one that no crematoriam had someone of my uncles name in it, and that there was no intimations in the papers - again, check back to the most recent family members deaths - Margaret Bell and George Allan as the boys of the WoSH will confirm. No intimations were posted in the papers for them either, and the funeral director keeps the strictest privacy. Why? Because my family don't like sharing grief as we are a close family and we work through it together, like families do. troonjambo asked to come to the cremation of my grandmother and I asked him not to, as we keep it a family affair. He was wanting to come more to show me moral support. That's nothing to do with my uncle though but it does show you the mentality of my family. If they knew my uncles birth name then they wouldn't have a problem in finding it (the crematoriam). The "galelicization" of his name came after he found that second name in a family letter, he believed this to be the name of our ancestors, I don't think it was ever changed legally, I could be wrong on that score though. I was told to pass a bible onto a member of the TA Messageboard, I did so, I didn't want to answer questions on his private life and one of the posters sent a lot of questions to me at the time, some which bordered on very personal. I didn't feel comfortable answering them at the time and I still wont answer them as it is not my place to, I believe I am in the right on that score. If my uncle had posted details of his life then fair game, but I didn't feel comfortable in answering questions about his life, as I couldn't have been sure it was what my uncle would have wanted. I also take issue with the point that some believe he was a "walter mitty" type character, to my knowledge my uncle never lied, it was against his nature, however I don't know what he posted and didn't know every facet of his life. While some may want to believe that, I wont allow anyones views to sully the memory of my uncle. I registered on here (well, that is a lie, my uncle registered me) so I can keep up to date with the WoSH and I couldn't figure out how to register, I think he had to email Godsajambo at the time, he also registered me on the tartan army messageboard. I offered to meet with the Admin on the TA messageboard when these accusations first came up in January (I believe) but that was declined as I answered their questions. Again, I'll meet anyone that wants to meet me in regards to my uncle, you'll usually find me propping up the bar in the Westfields or in the Gorgie Stand - Section W. This has made me physically sick and the Mods on here have been understanding and have wanted to put this to bed, while I was trying to ignore the comments posted I have decided to post. Why? Because my uncle doesn't deserve to have his memory any less respected, and I have built up a few friendships on here. I also wouldn't want anyone to think I am a liar/conman, especially since I am a banker within HBoS, as this could potentially damage my reputation as what I am being accused can be described as fraud. I was going to rise above it but after discussion with Mod 2 I feel it is better to get this out in the open. [modedit] Finally, I will leave this up to the Administation team, if they feel this is an appropriate response then they can leave it up, if not they can pull it down, but I ask that it is left in it's entirity if possible."
  4. Tremendous!! I had a look for that old thread a few weeks ago but was spewing that it had gone. That’s today’s lockdown reading sorted. Utter mental that whole thing! 😆
  5. She’s still a tart! FFS so he is! I missed his shoes 😏
  6. That’s me oot. Fuckin algerbra and all that pish. I was 23 before I realised algebra wasn’t a language 😏
  7. Aw fuckin hairy fuckwits!! I’ve already edited my answer twice! 😡
  8. McTeeko


    That’s my SAS (to Oslo) and Norwegian (to Belgrade) flights both cancelled. Asked through their website to follow instructions to get a refund. See what happens.
  9. I think she quite clearly has, the fuckin munter. Even Jessica Rabbit didn’t have tits and ass like that, and she was a fuckin cartoon! Grow auld gracefully, ya tart 😏
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