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  1. The actual draw for Euro 2020 is end of November. So we’ll have 4 months sitting on the draw still not actually sure if we’ll qualify or not. We’ll be entered into the draw as ‘Play-off Winner’. That’s pretty brutal. 4 months ffs 😩
  2. I got knocked doon last week on my bike. Cammo in Edinburgh, wee country roads. Coming over the hill and slowed down as I approached the bend but the lassie in her car coming the other way who was turning right into the car park didn’t look or see me. Knocked me flying, somersault over the bonnet and stuff. Cuts and bruises, bike was fucked. First thing everyone said was “You got your claim in yet??. Never even crossed my mind. The lassie took the blame, was apologetic and is paying for the £200 damage to my bike. That’s it done as far as I’m concerned. Nice lassie. Polish ironically!
  3. Think it was a lot later than that tbh. Late 80s I would guess. Googled - 1997 it was changed that a keeper could move his feet on the line.
  4. You’ve mentioned that about three times now yet folk are STILL going on about not being able to move! 🙈 You’re absolutely right though. Keepers ARE allowed to move, as long as they stay on the line. They can run and touch each post if they want providing they don’t move off the line. I have no idea why some are finding it so hard to grasp. It’s always been a rule, nothing has changed except it’s now being enforced a lot more strictly.
  5. Thought that myself. Took forever to decide. 100% penalty that was obvious without ANY replay.
  6. There are other ways of getting your kicks from still kicking a ball though.....! 😉👍🏼
  7. Aye, it’s a brutal feeling. 43 now and still fit, but that wee burst of pace has long gone. On my way to 5s I still get that wee bit excitement before the game, on the way home I feel sad. Still have it in my heid and try to play like I did 20 years ago, wee bit trickery and skin the opponent unfortunately the legs just don’t work like they used to. Never get that back. Shan times 😔
  8. Maybe, but they need an extra two teams to make a workable structure to the competition.
  9. Great win for Colombia, beating Argentina 2-0! 👍🏼🇨🇴
  10. Wouldn’t know where to begin with this one! The main one though, was John Collins penalty v Brazil at France 98. My grandpa died the week before and we considered cancelling the trip as his funeral was the day before the game, until my mum said “Don’t you dare cancel - your grandpa would kick your arse if you missed that game!”. Obviously got a wee bit emotional when Collins scored 🙂
  11. Last time for the double header last year while training at the Oriam they were staying in the Marriott on Glasgow Road in Edinburgh (5 mins from the airport, opposite the Maybury Casino). I took the wee man along and the players were all sitting about the lounge and were happy to chat away and get pics, sign autographs etc. If I find out they’re staying there again I’ll let you know on here 👍🏼
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