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  1. With the squad i'd go 4-3-2-1 Marshall O'Donnell porteous mckenna taylor Mcgregor jack armstrong Mcginn christie Naismith Or 4-3-3 Same keeper and defence Mcginn jack mcgregor Forrest christie/burke Naismith
  2. Hopefully, i wanted clarke for the job and still think hes the right man for it. Be interesting to see how the next 2 games go.
  3. Aye mcburnie needs a bit of help, think christie or naismith behind him would help. Hes no been great for us but hes no had much help.
  4. Would be happy to see that team start.
  5. Good call up, would rather get him in and around it than some journeyman. Hes looked decent whenever ive seen him, no fiert of gettin stuck in.
  6. 😂😂😂 Always try to be optimistic ha Maybe no 2 clean sheets but ill still go for 2 wins
  7. No loss, never seemed interested.
  8. Might have been a bit optimistic predicting 2 clean sheets! The defence is very poor looking, and a few important players missing. Banana skin all over it!
  9. Cyprus 0 - 2 scotland Scotland 2 - 0 Kazakhstan
  10. Hopefully see a few of them soon. Be good if hornby and gilmour kick on a bit and get more minutes. Porteous, johnstone and hickey look good when ive seen them. Lewis ferguson is a player aswell but hes got tough competition
  11. Like him and always rated him. A bit hit and miss, dont think he will be a major miss now tho, all the best too him.
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