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  1. Aye he definetly needs to move. We need an in form griffiths. The longer hes going not playin regular football the less and less chance there is of him gettin to the level he was at a couple years ago.
  2. That would be. They 2 are the players that give us a bit of spark.
  3. Is billy gilmour injured? No seen him in a chelsea squad for a bit, a know he was only gettin a wee sniff here and there but he was making plenty matchday squads but no seen him in any lately.
  4. Armstrong and fraser both on bench for todays games, fraser came on for last 30mins.
  5. Hopefully mcginn be back in time for play offs, he would be a major miss. Its been great havin someone scoring consistently for us.
  6. 👍 Good read I love a gid stat
  7. Tempt him? We shouldnt need to If he didnt fancy the qualifiers, fuck him for the play offs
  8. Hes had a strange career for scotland. Never know whats happening with him! Hes still good enough for a place in the squad but whether he wants it, its a different matter. Id start naismith ahead of him if it was a choice between the 2.
  9. Burke on for last half hour against real madrid. They are down 2-1. Wee equaliser against them would be nice ha
  10. Mikey Johnstone grabbing a goal now aswell
  11. Forrest. Right now i'd have christie as a first pick. I think fraser is a better player than forrest and creates more so it would be forrest dropped for me.
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